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The Safety Of The Grave

Posted by TheBluegrassSkeptic , 24 June 2015 · 92 views

The Safety Of The Grave America has an addiction to guns. So much so, we have the largest gun lobby in the world- the NRA -with members serving in our government. This heavily skews gun rights advocacy and regulation, often stunting bipartisan ties during critical legislation opportunities. How did our constitutional right to be armed if our government needs us, or oppresses us,...


Graham, E.w. Jackson Claim Charleston Shooting ‘War On Christianity’

Posted by TheBluegrassSkeptic , 18 June 2015 · 154 views

Graham, E.w. Jackson Claim Charleston Shooting ‘War On Christianity’ June 17th, after about an hour of service, Dylan Storm Roof slaughtered nine unsuspecting church members at Emanual A.M.E. Church in Charleston, South Carolina. There were not any obvious signs of his intentions, nor any reason to suspect him of ill will. The 21 year-old simply decided to kill members of this church for what now appears to be racially mot...


Hey, Jude, Don't Let Me Down

Posted by TheBluegrassSkeptic , 13 June 2015 · 173 views

Hey, Jude, Don't Let Me Down It’s been a rough goddamned week. At least, I imagine if there were such thing as a deity, this week would have been totally damned to the outskirts of non existence. The fact I work for the postal service is reason number one to obliterate this past week from the memory flavored proteins of my brain. Add on to that the ever increasing humidity of the Ohi...


Atheism Isn't Supposed To Be A Luxury

Posted by TheBluegrassSkeptic , 06 June 2015 · 223 views

Atheism Isn't Supposed To Be A Luxury I recently attended a freethinker meet up in my area. I was looking forward to the meeting since we were all bringing food to donate to a local food bank called the Freestore Foodbank . This is a cause I’m always up and ready to contribute my time to since I know pretty often what it’s like to live on a scrap food budget. My cupboard is chock full of disc...


It Isn’T Just Huckabee Who Doesn’T Get The Transgender Community

Posted by TheBluegrassSkeptic , 02 June 2015 · 249 views

It Isn’T Just Huckabee Who Doesn’T Get The Transgender Community Today a February rant caught up with Republican presidential nomination hopeful Mike Huckabee. In this rant , which was held at a Religious Broadcasters Convention earlier this year, the Huckster made some pretty nasty insinuations about the transgender community. Many have pointed out his quote regarding how “He wished he could have identified as female...


It's Hard Living In An Echo Chamber

Posted by TheBluegrassSkeptic , 31 May 2015 · 203 views

It's Hard Living In An Echo Chamber It is really disappointing sometimes when I go to various humanist or atheist events in my area. Mostly because a large majority of the attendees are not from my area. I live in northern Kentucky, right on the Ohio river with the Cincinnati skyline lit up every night to remind me where all the action is in my neighborhood. Basically, across the river. Whe...


Josh Duggar Sex Abuse Scandal

Posted by TheBluegrassSkeptic , 25 May 2015 · 298 views
Duggar, Duggar sex abuse scandal and 8 more...
Josh Duggar Sex Abuse Scandal Once again the poster children of the Quiverfull movement are in the spotlight, this time because of admitted molestation of minors. It should be noted, Josh Duggar molested fellow underage family members and possibly church members, while technically a minor himself. Granted, the victims were well under the age of consent. They were also sleeping. But, t...


There Is A Time And Place To Be A Hero

Posted by TheBluegrassSkeptic , 21 May 2015 · 202 views

There Is A Time And Place To Be A Hero It seems my workplace has a never-ending fount of social no-no’s and religiously related eye rolling. This is something I kind of value about my job in a small Southern federal office in the Bible Belt. That attitude kind of bit me in the ass the other morning, and it took me a few days to process this because I was completely caught off guard by a superv...


You Are The Most Singular Person I Have Ever Met

Posted by TheBluegrassSkeptic , 19 May 2015 · 432 views
Singular Causation and 9 more...
You Are The Most Singular Person I Have Ever Met You ever have one of those conversations with a friend, family member, or coworker, where you are describing your atheism or questioning of religion and you are asked the inevitable,”What/Who/Why did you/are you doubting the existence of God?”
Ignore the entire question except for the who/what/why part. You are about to realize this person is probably one...


Spiritual Eugenics Is Really A Thing

Posted by TheBluegrassSkeptic , 17 May 2015 · 219 views
spiritual eugenics, doctrine and 8 more...
Spiritual Eugenics Is Really A Thing My eldest son and I were making the daily commute to school this past week, and we ended up on the discussion of extending human life to hundreds of years. He’d overheard a news article about slowing down the aging process, which got him thinking. Naturally, I’m somewhat against extending human aging. I think if we don’t die out in a reasonable time frame...

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