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An Unexpected Thank You

Posted by TheBluegrassSkeptic , 05 November 2016 · 627 views
Christianity, Terrorism and 8 more...
An Unexpected Thank You I don't know how well this blog is going to go over, and I probably haven't thought this completely through, but I am posting it anyway. I have to get this off my mind, and I am sure just the idea of what I am suggesting will infuriate a few out there, but hopefully if read all the way through, I make sense, just not articulated well. 
This all began...


Burger King And Politics

Posted by TheBluegrassSkeptic , 14 October 2016 · 606 views
HRC, Clinton, Trump, sexual abuse and 6 more...
Burger King And Politics "No truly dedicated human being would stay with someone that sexually abuses others." 
"I wasn't happy about Bill Clinton's sexual harassment charges and affairs in office either." 
"Why would someone wait until an abuser is running for office to come forward? It's fame. S/He wants fifteen minutes of fame." 
I want to address the first stat...


Secular Rage Quit Syndrome

Posted by TheBluegrassSkeptic , 28 May 2016 · 919 views
atheism, rage quit, secular and 7 more...
Secular Rage Quit Syndrome The past few weeks, with the onset of Summer and seemingly aggravated like insects by climate change, many incidents of straight up assholery has permeated all manner of news. It could just be an intensely socially focused political season, but I still think we are animals in our behavior. This has been especially felt by me in the secular community, wher...


Make Bernie Great Again

Posted by TheBluegrassSkeptic , 20 May 2016 · 598 views
POTUS, Bernie Sanders and 7 more...
Make Bernie Great Again Bernie Sanders has said that: "I think the overwhelming majority of the American people know that we have got to stand together, that we're going to grow together, that we're going to survive together, and that if we start splintering, we're not going to succeed in a highly competitive international economy." Bernie supporters, I ask you this ho...


My Favorite Mother's Day Recipe: Two Eggs, A Cup Of Milk, And A Dash Of Codependency

Posted by TheBluegrassSkeptic , 07 May 2016 · 522 views
mother, codependency and 8 more...
My Favorite Mother's Day Recipe: Two Eggs, A Cup Of Milk, And A Dash Of Codependency It's funny how many lessons we learned as children that we like to attribute to mom or dad. The respective holidays for our parents every year tends to make us all reflect a bit on their parenting skills when raising us, and it's nice to look back on thoughtful advice and recipes. You remember those heartfelt talks about life, parenting, education, or mor...


The Bluegrass Skeptic On The Age Of Reason Podcast

Posted by TheBluegrassSkeptic , 28 January 2016 · 893 views
Age of Reason, Alan M. Gold and 8 more...
The Bluegrass Skeptic On The Age Of Reason Podcast Going to be a fun night on political issues. The esteemed Alan M. Gold, funny man Joe Dixon, and my opinionated self will be having a discussion of the 2016 elections, issues surrounding it, and how we see the impact of the years to come with a new president from our current selection of terrible options. Catch it tonight! 


Bible Stories Few Read To The Bitter End, Episode 4: Lot, Biblical Proof Of Ptsd

Posted by TheBluegrassSkeptic , 21 January 2016 · 884 views
PTSD, combat veterans, Lot and 7 more...
Bible Stories Few Read To The Bitter End, Episode 4: Lot, Biblical Proof Of Ptsd Bible Stories Few Read to the Bitter End, Episode 4: Lot, Biblical Proof of PT SD. 
Copeland and Robertson say PTSD is not biblical, but the story of Lot begs to differ. I also bring up Sarah Palin's demonizing of combat vets suffering from PTSD, and share some tips and networks if you or a loved one needs help dealing with PTSD. https://youtu....


Bible Stories Few Read To The Bitter End: Sorry, Babe, You Gotta Take One For The Team

Posted by TheBluegrassSkeptic , 10 January 2016 · 920 views

Newest episode is up! This week we take a look at Abraham and Sarah's open marriage when running from famine. 


Bible Stories Few Read To The Bitter End - Episode 2 - Jacob: Dick For Hire

Posted by TheBluegrassSkeptic , 26 December 2015 · 652 views
jacob and esau, sibling rivalry and 8 more...
Bible Stories Few Read To The Bitter End - Episode 2 - Jacob: Dick For Hire Episode 2

Jacob: Dick for Hire

Genesis Chapter 29:31 through all of 30.

This tale literally plays out like an episode of the Jerry Springer show in telling. If you like HBO soap operas like Spartacus or Borgias, then you will enjoy this pretty juicy tale of love, politics, sex, and man whoring.

Join me, the Bluegrass Skeptic, in enjoying some of...


Dear Cute Guy On The Bus

Posted by TheBluegrassSkeptic , 19 December 2015 · 1,052 views
dating, consent and 8 more...
Dear Cute Guy On The Bus Dear Cute Guy on the bus, 
Today's ride home seemed like it would be the usual fare of crowded seats, faux fur hood linings tickling my shoulders, coughing behind my left ear, a man preaching about this holiday's "real" reason, and a driver frustrated more and more with every time he had to slam on his brakes. And this expectation held true all the w...

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