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Looking For A Quick (Spiritual) Fix? (From Livenotonevil.blogspot.com)

Posted by NEWsong , 08 April 2013 · 941 views


I love to read and learn.  

I have read a library full of books and delved into great thoughts with reckless abandon. That is until I became a christian.  

After I "gave my life to Jesus", since I "was no longer my own" bu...


It's Never Too Late To Wake Up

Posted by NEWsong , 01 March 2013 · 930 views

It's Never Too Late To Wake Up I am glad that I WOKE UP. I am really glad that I no longer live WITHIN the constraints of life according to an unseen "sky friend" and the "doctrine" that the community perpetuated. I don't miss it. I don't miss "him". I began to realize this shortly AFTER my deconversion started June 2011. It was pretty much complete by August and by November I felt com...


No More Fooling Around

Posted by NEWsong , 29 January 2013 · 615 views

http://3.bp.blogspot...QcNZu_b.jpg  As christian, I obviously  "believed what isn't true"  and perpetuated the DELUSION of peace supposedly given to me by religion and I remained "in the christian box". I actually thought it was a "good life". Since I have broken out of that box,...


Real Life (Bit Of A Vent But All True)

Posted by NEWsong , 22 January 2013 · 691 views

Real Life (Bit Of A Vent But All True) Wow, do I have a story for you!!!  (Long but concise and relevant to deconversion from christianity; a tragic but true love story in brief )A story of a young man and woman; first loves at college but 3 years into the passionate bond she becomes a christian and within 4 months TO THE DAY, they separate. She thought that she would NEVER see him again; he h...


Looking At The Past Year

Posted by NEWsong , 04 January 2013 · 631 views

Looking At The Past Year When I look back onto 2012, it will always "be the year" that I lived FULLY as an EX Christian. In 2011, I began the deconversion process in March and found that I was "deconverted" by November. It was a turbulent year with my mom being diagnosed with 4th stage cancer at the age of 87, living several states away from me to where I had not already seen her...


"tis The Season...

Posted by NEWsong , 21 December 2012 · 778 views

"tis The Season... Well it is almost upon us ...my second  Christmas as a EX christian. I am okay with it really. I still enjoy the music and love the lights, candles, scents and sounds. I think that I am NOT annoyed by the "secular" part as much, I actually LIKE the Vintage Santa Clauses and the fun children's "Christmas" programs even more now. I have not had ANY desire t...


Real Life

Posted by NEWsong , 02 August 2012 · 844 views

[background=rgb(195, 179,...


Intellectual Awakening

Posted by NEWsong , 14 July 2012 · 1,099 views

Intellectual Awakening




I love this pic and message that I have found and just wanted to share it with you.

I feel that it profoundly describes the journey that many of us have traveled

and many of us are traveling with family and...


Not In The Dark

Posted by NEWsong , 02 July 2012 · 799 views

We have suffered power loss, downed electrical lines and fallen trees due to storms that recently ravaged our county. There were 25 people trapped in their cars for 4 hours due to 15 power lines that were downed and this was very close to where we live. All in all, we were out of electricity for over 59 hours. Yes, it was inconvenient. No, I didn't pray...


They Really Are Jealous Of Our Freedom

Posted by NEWsong , 24 May 2012 · 1,183 views

They Really Are Jealous Of Our Freedom They really hate it. They may even hate US. We are free and our presence, our joy and our peace, which DOES NOT COME FROM CHRISTIANITY; irks them to NO end!!!

We are a CONSTANT reminder that we are NO LONGER BOUND by the "christian contructs" nor do we have to live within the "christian box". They have learned to...

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