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  2. Out of the Frying Pan...

    Religion as we know it may be on the decline, but that doesn't mean people are becoming more rational. We have a long way to go... "... evidence suggests that the religious mind persists even when we lose faith in traditional religious beliefs and institutions." "The less religious people are, the more likely they are to endorse empirically unsupported ideas about U.F.O.s, intelligent aliens monitoring the lives of humans and related conspiracies about a government cover-up of these phenomena."
  3. The American Scientific Affiliation

    BAA.... my question is.... why is it the "American" scientific association, as opposed to the "Christian Scientific Association" Are all Americans Christians? And are all Scientists Christians? No to both questions. So then what gives them the right to call it the "American Scientific Association" "Question. If science is agnostic and is silent on the issues of religion and religious faith, how can members of the ASA who are scientists reconcile their agnostic work with their religious beliefs?" I don't think they can. Religion most often overrides science for an individual. Thus if something is discovered that contradicts their religious beliefs then they would have to work very hard to follow that conclusion at the expense of their religion. It's the same with Biblical Scholars or Archaeologists who sign statements of faith pre stating what they believe which means you cannot trust any conclusion as they have pre concluded any discovery. And a big issue with this, and Neil DeGrasse Tyson would agree, is that such scientists upon wither coming up to a gap in knowledge, or having a conflict will immediately declare God, initiating an argument of God of the Gaps.
  4. I've Always Known But It's Unacceptable in My Country

    Hi Enlightened, welcome to Ex-C! Glad you found us and can be among like minds as an outlet since it appears you are rather isolated in real life (Like many of us) This is why some of us refer to religion as a virus. As Christopher Hitchens said "Religion poisons everything. It infects us in our most basic integrity" Pretty much. Even the 'historical' events are blown up so much its hard to extract the kernals of reality from it. Proving once again that religion is largely based on your parents and locality. Thanks for sharing!
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  6. The American Scientific Affiliation Science . . . Question. If science is agnostic and is silent on the issues of religion and religious faith, why does this organization even exist? Question. If science is agnostic and is silent on the issues of religion and religious faith, how can members of the ASA who are scientists reconcile their agnostic work with their religious beliefs?
  7. Things Fundies Say On Facebook

    This was in my Facebook feed just now. I wanted to say "maybe you should thank the guys working in the heat and humidity on a Sunday afternoon!". But it was a friend of a friend, so I bit my tongue.
  8. Researchers have discovered that the lungs play a far more complex role in mammalian bodies than we thought, with new evidence revealing that they don't just facilitate respiration - they also play a key role in blood production.
  9. You seem a bit unhinged CB. Sure you're doing ok?
  10. I'm having a panic attack

    Agree with all the above posts. At best, something you say might go through. At worst, your relationship will suffer or they will see how "kooky" your beliefs are according to their own perspective. You just cant win. Let it go, let them believe what they will, and focus on making yourself happy.
  11. I've Always Known But It's Unacceptable in My Country

    Yes exactly. My church culture was a lot more reserved, just the pastor up there telling you how it is and what you should believe, but of course the message is the same or a variation on the same theme. I feel incredibly sorry for those who are still stuck in it and are doing themselves more harm then good psychologically. Nobody deserves to go through life feeling like they're shit at their core and don't deserve anything. If you learn to look at yourself in a new light, that you have an inner child that's been pretty damaged by all that crap, than you can also learn how to heal that inner child and just give it some compassion, because it wasn't your fault. I've been embarrassed my whole life to tell anyone about my religion let alone invite them to church or tell them they should also be believers. Somewhere, deep down, there was a lot of disquiet about it, and the message to just believe it and not use reason (a sin) didn't go completely through. Regret? Hell yes, there is a lot of regret and time wasted, opportunities lost. But it's better not to dwell on them, I can't get it back. If I'm lucky, there's still a good many year to put this behind me and make a good life.
  12. I started a club called The Free Thinking Hippies. gonna be groovy man lol

  13. About Clubs

    There's a green rectangle on the right that says "Start a Club" after you click the Clubs tab at the tob right of all the tabs.
  14. I'm having a panic attack

    My strategy with this, with my mom who believes all kinds of End Times nonsense (and that the Presbyterians are a lost tribe of Israel) is simply to not react. Just an uninterested "uh huh". I just let her say whatever nonsense she wants, because it would be an utter waste of time to try and convince her otherwise. I suggest the same with your dad.
  15. I'm having a panic attack

    I agree. After a certain point, there's nothing you can do to get someone to stop believing what they believe. Any goading on your part may result in damage to a relationship. As hard as it is, you can't live your entire life going mad at how people can believe such obvious bologna. You won't have any time to live for yourself.
  16. Sorry, but I'm not going to waste my day going back and forth with your silly, childish nonsense here. Adios.
  17. Yeah Yeah....Just because I don't go along with your narrative I'm the childish one, then you try to declare "FALLACY", Oh...that is also known as the "Fallacy Fallcy" NEXT!
  18. Haha. You're the childish one here. You're the one who tried to put words in my mouth and twist the point of the thread into something completely different from what it was. Everyone reading the thread can see it, even if you can't grow up and admit it.
  19. No..I'm just not arguing with someone who is being childish.
  20. LMAO! Looks like you're left with nothing after your epic fail.
  21.'re gonna make excuses just because your pissed about the situation. Carry on.
  22. I've Always Known But It's Unacceptable in My Country

    We're pretty much the same. When I go to church now, I just sit there and observe. And I look at the people there in a different light. I somehow feel sorry for them. Before, I can say I notice all the flaws, like if the pastor really cares, if they are just putting a show to get money from people, if who prays the hardest, if I am praying right, if God is pleased with me, with us..etc. You know what, in my church, there's a part within the service when someone would go to the stage and shout, "Are you ready to be blessed? Do you believe that God will multiply what you'll give to His church? Are you ready for the abundance that only Jesus can give? Well then if you are, I want you to raise your envelopes with your tithes and pray with me!" (Drum rolling, choir singing, organ playing in the background) Now I can't even start to think how I'd put up with something like that for years. I felt something was really wrong but I can't pinpoint what it was. They always encourage us to invite friends and family "to save more souls", but even I was embarrassed to invite my friends. Even my son who's a teenager felt it was off. Though he's still a Christian and still very active in church. Do you guys also feel that it's like we've been fooled all our lives and that we wasted too much time and effort into something so outrageously stupid? And it was right there in our face but we didn't see it or more of refused to see it? Now I find it funny. It was like being in a cult. Thanks truthseeker for welcoming me.😊
  23. I saw that Ted Cruz is one of the supporters. Not surprising. I'd like to see the complete list of supporters -- and boycott them!
  24. It's actually pretty easy. If they can't sway the state to continue the subsidies as a religious nonprofit, then they'll probably just reverse the sleight of hand by selling Ark Encounter back to themselves again to reinstate it as a for-profit business. That is, unless it turns out that the subsidies won't be resumed since they've already breached the agreement, which I'm not sure about.
  25. You're the one who diverted from the point by using the strawman. I never once said anything to justify cases where local governments screw people or businesses by rezoning and other methods. The point, the ONLY point this thread was about was how Answers in Genesis employed a sleight of hand in an effort to screw the local community where Ark Encounter is based.
  26. Yup @Lydie... A very sad detail here is that this young minister had already (with much grief) settled with the thought that he wasn't going to have a family, when the woman who later became his wife met him. She felt that God was telling her to marry him. She told him that, he believed her (and thought it was the answer to his "problem" of homosexual desires), and they got married. And now this. The wife appears to have completely disappeared from public websites, I hope she's ok.
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