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  2. #Metoo

    Just out of curiosity. You do realize what you're expressing is basically "holier than thou" attitude, don't you? I mean I don't mean to contest the veracity of it. Maybe you are indeed better and more mature. But can you concede the fact that what you are doing is judging and denouncing people?
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  4. Visions?

    That is one that I have not experienced, though I have had a very clear voice on a very few occasions. The only thing I've seen were the "stars" before my eyes after a particularly moving song. I was sitting and recalling a song about the 9/11 attack on the towers (from the perspective of someone in the towers) called "Falling". I sat there weeping and when I opened my eyes I was surrounded by little white lights moving all around me for about 10 seconds. I could say that these were spirits of those in the crash, or simply low blood pressure since I've seen the lights at other times when I suddenly exert myself. I've also seen the "blue sky sprites" which are white blood cells that we see in the retina when looking at a bright blank area, like the sky or even an overcast sky, or computer monitor. They have a very similar movement to the little white lights, so may be related since pressure on the eye tends to be interpreted by the brain as light. I don't know why that song is so compelling for me, but even now just thinking about it makes me start to cry. It has never been published, but I heard the composer sing it back in voice school. As to what visions are, the mind is capable of dreaming while awake and so seeing something like a movie playing out in front of us isn't that difficult to imagine. And if the subconscious thinks something is particularly important, it can bring those thoughts to the foreground. I had a sleeping dream once where my subconscious created a fascinating and creative story for me, because it was working out part of my deconversion and needed me to react and tell it what was important and what I really thought and felt, and may have been telling me what it felt was important. So when some people have a sudden conclusion that a god-story is compelling for survival/life, I can see how the mind would create a compelling situation for them and generate a vision.
  5. #Metoo

    Yeah I think there might be a few people who are taking "recovery" (or rather, what it means to be recovered) a bit far, or a bit off, when it comes to that. It seems really obvious to me now I've had some heads-up about this area of the forum, but I remember a lot of people, mostly young people deconverting from Christianity, going through this around 2010 - 2013? especially when people like Dawkins and HItchens were very active and huge deals in the atheist movement. A lot of people especially took it way too far when it came to arguing with Christians for example. They argued with Christians like it was their mission in life as atheists to deconvert Christians, laugh at them and their "Sky Daddy", and basically just shit on them verbally until they submitted. Somewhere along the line though, people started to learn that actually, they were just behaving like assholes whether they were right about the existence of god or not, being as they started to learn over time that if they were assholes, Christians would NOT listen to them, and just think of atheists as assholes. I remember a lot of atheists stopped behaving like that once Dawkins himself landed himself in hot water for some drama around this. It was so trendy to love Dawkins - and then it wasn't. Atheists started more to cool the fuck down, and got on with their lives. I find it kind of odd that that behavior is still going on, but many years after a lot of people learned from the past, and going on among people who frankly should know better for how old they are. There seem to be parallels between deconverting, and then deciding that "hey! I'm not a Christian anymore, I don't have to be a good little boy anymore! In fact, I'm going to be a bad boy 'cuz I can! Fuck god, and fuck you all! Freedom of speech bitches! THERE IS NO HELL ANYMORE! FUCK YOU ALL!! You can't censor me! Stop being offended lool!" - It's like some kind of religious hangover. But anyway, yeah, the rest of the forum and its participants seem way, er... healthier? so I'll just leave this bit in future. I'd definitely say though, change the description of this bit to suit its contents.
  6. It was a hit and run. We probably won't hear from him again for like another year and a half.
  7. #Metoo

    I agree with that, I also think that those who have challenged religion find themselves challenging life's other sacred cows. A place to freely do that is as much in support of the mission of this site -- supporting exers -- as anything else. For folks like myself, it was vital in helping me work out the residual kinks I had been carrying around with me for years following my deconversion until I found this place. I can't believe I'm alone in this. The rules we've been forced to adopt over the years by people who can't seem to get over being offended at the littlest things have crushed much of the spirit of this site already. I've always been outspoken against the rule mongers when they come in waves around these parts. I don't think this place can handle any more before it turns into just another vanilla site that leaves a certain segment of deconvertees out in the dark.
  8. #Metoo

    So many people who left religion were repressed by the culture and peer pressure of that religion. Part of recovering is gaining the willingness to say FUCK IT!, and say what is on your mind no matter who it pisses off. This area is famed good for that.
  9. Guess who's dead now...

    Aww, hell no!
  10. Guess who's dead now...

    AC/DC founder and guitarist Malcom Young.
  11. That's right everybody Tom Cruise is back, and finally out, in Top Gun II! mwc
  12. UPDATE ON MR. ag_NO_stic!

    Woo hoo! He chuckled!? Laughter is the best medicine to help cure the god virus.
  13. SECRETS The POLICE Don't Want You To Know

    They are assholes, but with the prevelance of cameras, there is a general tendency to not try something directly. There are also, at least in my state and region of the country, at least a 50% chance at any moment people will be armed, and most legally. They have to keep that in mind. You don't generally find as much overly aggressiveness in my neck of the woods for that fact. Plus, I have taught people how to deal with them in a nice but creatively non cooperative manner. For example, if they ask you a question, you don't answer them, but if you know what you are doing, I for example, may answer them but answer the back with a question. If they ask me how fast I was going, I ask them what the speed limit is. I have even taught some black people how to do that and even turn it around. If they are stopped and not told why, I ask them to point blank ask them if they are profiling them. That immediately gives the cops a bunghole pucker, especially when they know they are being recorded on camera. I also encourage people to get some hidden cameras for their cars. They are not expensive, last I had seen, as little as $10 per camera. You then keep them hidden. On your phone there are some apps that will beam video onto the web so if they cops forcibly take your phone and "accidentally" smash it, the evidence is already there. Plus, know of some lawyers who handle civil rights case and are willing to use the Civil Rights act of 1983. That is a handy little law to bust their ass on. LOL.
  14. #Metoo

    I'm new to this site and was surprised at first with some of the comments. Now I try to ignore the ugly shit that is posted and realize the good comes with the bad and some members really enjoy behaving like dicks.....or maybe just having a bad day? Reading some of your replies Margee helped me a lot and is one of the reasons I didn't give up and leave the ex-christian site in the very beginning.
  15. I often wonder why anyone would want be a police officer? A lot of power mixed in with petty bullshit (ie speeding tickets) would suck. Police officers are human and having a job with mixed messages might be one reason the cops seem (are) rash with the small things. Having to go from a situation with real danger (people with weapons or violent behaviors) to giving speeding tickets, or breaking up a loud party must be confusing. If I had a job where I was taught EVERY situation is a potential threat to my life, I would not be able to handle the stress. The way the police are trained and organized is not working. I'm afraid of the cops when visiting "home" in the States because "they" don't seem to be able to handle the small and petty "crimes" without escalating the small situation into a dangerous one.
  16. #Metoo

    Yeah maybe we could say, ''this section allows anything from cookie recipes to making fun of sexual abuse''...... something like that.....
  17. Wait, I propose another solution: Hey Dude, good to see you again.
  18. #Metoo

    Freedom of speech - it underwrites everything that makes us free. I might not agree with you, you might not agree with me, but we are both free to say what we want.
  19. #Metoo

    "The playas gon' play...them haters gonna hate"....
  20. #Metoo

    This would make an excellent addition to the description!: It could read thusly: Totally off Topic: Almost anything goes including politics. Dipping into ANY places Off Topic section is going to find some deep deep liquid bovine excrement and mankee feces tossed about. Our ToT. Please confine political discussions to this area. Right - that's clearly sign posted. Fair n square. Who's with me!? Skip? Fwee? Dave?
  21. #Metoo

    Feel free to lick my taint any time you want, Kev... Poops! I meant to say paint. My bad.
  22. #Metoo

    Folks, Ex-Christian dot net is an engine designed to be Wide Open Throttle, pedal to metal, rubber burning, gears creaking, scared to whatever deity you will not crash on the roads here. With a few exceptions that we have reserved for folks who are of the kind persuasion and even temperament. Dipping into ANY places Off Topic section is going to find some deep deep liquid bovine excrement and mankee feces tossed about. Our ToT. A few things I refuse to be allowed to be posted. Read these motherfuckers and KNOW them. Sedition as defined by US Code in Chapter 115 Obvious porn, especially pics posted or linked to pedo or hebe-phillia. Evangelizing religious preferences put/posted inappropriate places. From WebmasterDave's vomit cleaner, floor sweeper and generally amiable to Almost Anything Goes, I'd suggest that anyone using TOT know that shit happens. "WE" need more fuckin' rules and regs here like my motorcycle needs another wingnut on handlebars while being ridden. Carry on folks, do mind yer manners and all, but remember that TOT is for we SPesHul St0Odintz. much like Fwee's Shortbus he takes to get here. Pull up a window and lick the paint carefully. k,JustAnotherLoosenedWingnut,FL
  23. #Metoo

    I was thinking of something like that too as an alternative to locking.... but then I thought someone would stumble in and get triggered anyway. But I guess a Warning is less restrictive and requires people make a rational judgement about participating and thus some responsibility for their own reactions to content.
  24. #Metoo

    Maybe a better worded warning for the description? Something about topics being largely uncensored, that it's not a 'safe space', and that avoiding this area might be best for those who are sensitive?
  25. SECRETS The POLICE Don't Want You To Know

    If you have a country in such a state that the majority of cops are arseholes you're fucked as a country! You guys have convinced me to never live in the us land of the free and home of the brave... where carrying firearms in public is touted as nessesary and cops are more bad than good. I'll stick with socialist lil nz.
  26. #Metoo

    Good points and I'm inclined to agree except I'm attempting to take into consideration the primary purpose of this site which is to help and encourge deconverting and ex-christians. Obviously the situation is catch22 because folks like you and I are attracted to these sorts of boards. However... yes there is a however... if I didn't know this part of the forum existed when I first joined I still would have joined because it's the top part that's most important to new members.
  27. SECRETS The POLICE Don't Want You To Know

    As I mentioned above, with the aggressive nature of US cops, these are dangerous tactics these days. But it's the cops who are being the assholes most of the time. They want to go further than their mere duty of keeping people safe and are looking for ways to get you on something, anything. Shutting up and not giving them access to your car, which is your right, is protecting yourself, it's not being an asshole. Making cops miserable with paperwork is a tactic and one of the few ways people can fight back against the police state and the US is absolutely a police state. Again, that makes the cops the assholes.
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