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  2. I'm sure they didn't start with a 50 ton rock. It would seem they would have started with much smaller stones and worked their way up. Mining smaller stones. Moving smaller stones. Floating smaller stones. Having greater successes and failures. Learning from both. Working their way up and up until they could cut and move 50 ton rocks. There's very little problem here. If you give us a determined group with a handful of centuries, maybe a millennia, at our disposal I'm sure we'd pick the techniques up again. As it is we've opted to spend our efforts on other things and relegate these things over as mysteries. mwc
  3. Hmmm...A potential Arkanscide!

    Porked and stuffed into all meat tripppppppplllllllle stuffed bun.... kL
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  5. Hmmm...A potential Arkanscide!

    WEINER gets HARD time... Really?!?
  6. Transgender Mania is a sign of cultural collapse.

    Agreed... in fact racism wasn't a part of my sentence... maybe a touch anti religious... but hey Oooohhh right, I forgot Islam was a 'race'... oops my bad.
  7. This is the answer to how the ancients were able to build pyramids and all the other things we currently can't figure out. Had that ancient knowledge been preserved, I think we would discover that there really isn't anything new under the sun.
  8. How to be a literal Nazi in 2017

    Some good points in there Fwee, though I don't agree with all of them unconditionally. Especially that "equality of opportunity" thing is usually used to mean that the state (or whatever other agency) should offer no help at all to anyone. Which is questionable if, for example, we compare poor people who just don't have the fucking money for a decent education with those who are more well-off. What if Billy has the talent to be a new Einstein or Newton, but we'll never know - and never benefit from it - because Billy comes from a poor background and has to flip burgers 16 hours a day just to pay his most essential bills? If he never has a chance to enter an education path that lets him discover his talents... you know. Damn RL just has to be more complicated than we want it to be... In any case, nice list of accusations the pseudo-left loves to hurl at the right.
  9. Non-religious ranting

    God? Are you aware that your ghost is stalking you?
  10. Another failed doomsday 9/23/2017

    FYI on the rapture doctrine as an unbiblical doctrine and why it's not universally accepted among all christians: A history of rapture theology: I've often referred to it as, "The Secret C-rapture."
  11. I want to see how they first picked up & placed a 50 ton rock on a boat & then I want to know why that little boat didn't sink. Then there is also the problem of how they even got it the boat in the first place. The more these procedures are thought through the more problematic the entire scenario becomes at least for me.
  12. The library was destroyed more than once. This guy says it was a single time. One and done. He's wrong. More than one major library existed (and a number of smaller libraries and private libraries too...think Herculaneum for an example of one library they're trying to recover). They all got destroyed more than once (usually by fire because, let's face it, they're flammable and people used oil lamps). Books would also get destroyed through neglect (they didn't get recopied and just fell apart and were eaten by mice and whatnot). So if a library, or a part of one, got destroyed they would go make copies from the other libraries that existed (as they were able due to distance and finances). mwc
  13. It does talk about the work of gathering the parts that make up the pyramid. Getting the stones from the quarries and floating them to the site. It would seem unreasonable that some other technology/methodology suddenly took over from that point on. If the point is why they didn't record anything to show us how it was done, well, I would say they weren't thinking of us when they did any of this. I would also say say that it took this long to find this record so perhaps there is some other document from someone else just sitting out there waiting to be discovered (though it would not be intended for us it would have been for them and would we would benefit from it today since we'd now know how they actually built it). mwc
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  15. Another failed doomsday 9/23/2017

    October the 15th is the new doomsday? Ok we just avoided having Nirbiu crash into us on the 23 September.... now we've got something else lined up Post back here on the 16th October for a good laugh.
  16. A literal rapture is unbiblical? Sorry if I'm asking this, I grew up in a church that taught that it would literally wisk people up into the air.
  17. HOA Bans Halloween Decorations

    Wait a minute....HOAs are just a tiny form of government...but then you never get that with city, county, state, or federal government do we....
  18. I wonder how long he will live and I wonder who will be next and I wonder how much less time he got for spilling the beans. The world may never know....
  19. I had missed this new installment of fundie fantasizing: One of the fall outs from the mythicist position and introducing astrotheology into arguments AGAINST christians, has caused some of these idiots to stop denying that it exists, and instead trying to embrace it while trying to make their own sense of it. The above is an example of how absolutely stupid some of these preachers are and how hard they're trying to own biblical astrotheology and make it work to their advantage in some way. In the spirit of Herald Camping, David Meade pushes his rapture date further back: Writing on his website, Meade clarified his belief that the 23rd is the date of a “historical event” in the skies that would signal the oncoming rapture. Doomsday itself, he says, will begin on October 15. Well isn't that special? The fucking idiots, while trying to own astrotheology in the bible, are shooting themselves in the foot left and right. Talk about digging a deeper hole for themselves as they go along. The bottom line, the bible talking about astrological constellations in such books as Revelation doesn't help their literalist causes. It works together with other information to lay bare biblical literalism and has absolutely nothing to do with a literal Jesus, a literal rapture (which has always been unbiblical anyways), nor a literal end of time. The more these guys keep trying to date set and hype the end of the world according the bible, I'd expect the more they'll loose touch with society and ultimately bring closer an end to christian thinking altogether.
  20. Back to Orion, here's a video on the correlation theory: The correspondence's tend to show a conscious effort to build a complex below which mirrored what the astronomer priests observed in the sky. This same type of structuring of society below based on the heavens above filtered down into the Jewish tribal era where the 12 tribes of Israel are numbered according to the 12 constellations of the 12 months. Philo and Josephus both refer to this, as well as the 12 jewels on the breast plate of the high priest representing the 12 constellations of the zodiac. The 12 disciples being 12 in number to represent the 12 tribes of Israel, also points to a representation of the 12 constellations which were always at the base of the structuring of 12 tribes. This trend of trying to always consciously structure society below similar to the observed sky above lasted from who knows when, in deep antiquity, right down the christian era. And a lot of this ancient solar mystery content found it's way into the christian myth making periods. Orion's belt, Sirius, and Virgo being observed the night following the winter solstice being one blatant example. The fascination proceeded Egypt and continued on with a new religion which sought to take of the business of "resurrection" and run with it. I used to wonder what the correspondence was between the Egyptian religion of resurrection and christianity was, because it's very obvious that christianity tried to build upon an already existing idea of resurrection. Murdocks book "Christ in Egypt: The Horus - Jesus Connection" explains those connections very well.
  21. That actually was a catastrophe. Irreplaceable information and knowledge was lost forever. There is no way to calculate the damage that created for scholars and historians.
  22. Just me taking the kids out for a stroll.

    I thought it was a snake at first glance.
  23. Same Sex Survey Down Under

    Please do not let that guy out of your country. We have more than enough of that kind of preaching already.
  24. Same Sex Survey Down Under

    And like always New Zealand is ahead of the curve.... and according to this guy judgement is hitting us
  25. Child Parro.... I mean, Preachers...

    Typical Christian tactic, when you can say anything sensible just scream. Hopefully the screaming will overwhelm the mental faculties of your audience.
  26. Interesting article, but the Papyrus didn't tell us how they actually built the Pyramids, and that is what the world wants to know. The Egyptians kept great records, I wonder why the didn't show us how they actually built the Pyramids? I'm thinking the Aliens forbid them from telling future generations how they did it. The aliens were probably concerned about patent infringements and I can't say that I'd blame them for that.
  27. Child Parro.... I mean, Preachers...

    I too rarely know what I'm talking about. Should I give up my life of leisure and go into preaching? The Prophets may or may not have known what they're saying, but as a modern society we've had thousands of years to interpret and misinterpret them. The kid's parents could have spent a few minute on reading comprehension before letting him embarrass himself. It might have been worse if I could have understood what he actually said; damn you '80s mikes!
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