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  2. #21.37: Leaving Islam

    Matt Dillahunty with guest Muhammad Syed. Leaving Islam. Muhammad Syed talks about his experience as an ex-Muslim and the challenges for apostates. View the full article
  3. Interesting. My wife follows some of the more fringe authors like Joseph Farrell, but I'm always interested in what links the ancients. I've also seen the entrenched nature of the Egyptologists wanting civilization to start with Egypt and ignore the undecorated earlier structures that predate the Egyptians. I saw a show of a couple of guys doing research on the Sphinx, showing that it was far older than the Egyptians, and that the head they carved was from the remnants of a giant lion statue that shows a lot of water damage. They also demonstrated via echo imaging that there is a room underneath the paws of the Sphinx. Farrell, as I recall, says that the people at the top of power today know a lot more about this stuff than they let on, having discovered things and covered them up for their own power-broking. He has uncovered some odd stuff about the Nazis and experiments with time and energy, especially focusing on torsion as a critical element that he feels is being purposefully excluded from modern science. I'm not educated enough to know if he is on to something or is a nut. He does seem very well educated himself. He also seems to think the Giza pyramid was a weapon of some kind, which doesn't make any sense to me. But the ley lines are an interesting subject and the monolith structures commonality is fascinating.
  4. It's GOT to be all those MALE LESBIANS!......
  5. Goodbye Everybody

    I know I'm late to the party (Was born two weeks late you see) But goodbye Was nice knowing you all. Um.... yeah so this is it... the end..... someone has a weird definition of "the end".
  6. Yesterday
  7. Did Anyone Else Attend a Private Christian School?

    From age 11 to 15 I was home schooled by Christian parents using A Beka as a foundation so I guess that's kind of a private Christian school? Very based on Christian perspective. English and Maths was ok, but history all slated with a Christian perspective and anything in the bible taken as true. Science I don't remember much of until I was 15 and by then we had shifted to the secular material to get me through School Certificate. All in all my education was shit. Trying to make up for it now. By the way I found out the pyramids were not built using Enochs atomic power. Big shock that one (The shit I used to believe and the family still does believe!)
  8. I've read and heard stuff like this. I think they have a point, but one I heard of went off on mathematics and declared that advanced humans 20,000 years ago were writing messages in pyramids to warn us of some catastrophe. I think that the idea that the ancients were more advanced and connected that what we give them credit for is a valid idea.
  9. What's the deprogramming process like for you?

    Yes, I felt like this for quite a while. It did go away eventually though. Keep learning, keep reading, keep researching. The habits will go away in time.
  10. Thought about this video today:
  11. Transgender Mania is a sign of cultural collapse.

    It's all these cell phones... no it might be the people on the benefit.... no no its all the single mothers.. no wait its... whatever you happen not to like or agree with. Meanwhile in North Korea an actual threat is brewing, and muslims are breeding like rats... in western countries. As a smart man from the UK said, when Islam takes over we would have been discussing whether we need more toilets and how to use pronouns while being invaded by a society that allows neither.
  12. Transgender Mania is a sign of cultural collapse.

    My dear mother speaks of the 60's as near paradise compared to today....
  13. Taco Bell Gospel

    See that's using your head! The more you give the more you git according to many preachers. Not sure if that means you order extra Megadon Sooper Scooper Sized "Mah name Is JEEeeEEEBuS" gos-bul at your next sit in meal tho... Yer in trouble tho when hose, cross, knee pads are issued with order.. someone who is pretending to have no clue what kFL is really doing here...
  14. Taco Bell Gospel

    Holy Jizzus. Now the bible says that if you're not 'for' Jesus then you're 'against' him. And the ultimate form of 'worship' in my mind would be oral sex... So it stands to reason that if a Christian is not 'for' oral sex with Jesus, then he would be against Jesus. There is no middle ground here.
  15. Transgender Mania is a sign of cultural collapse.

    The millenials will be the death of us. And then when the millenials are 70 it will be whatever the younger generation is called that will be the death of us.
  16. Well its over, its officially over. The last place on earth has crossed over to the 24th. It is with great glee that I say BULLSHIT! No doubt Niribu will make a comeback in a few years.
  17. Hey Tyler J ! Good that You wrote this post. I experience the same. For me personally God was like a protector and a parent after my mum's death, so getting rid of the idea of Jesus Christ as a saviour from all troubles was difficult and still is. I'm still in church, but in the closet...hope I will come out in Summer 2018. Anyway, Darwin's evolution is still kind of hard for my brain, I'm fascinated by it, but there are days when my brain, heart and memories go into back to Christianity. I know that in my case, there will be more sadness and struggles in life than happiness or joy, so I guess I will be missing a concept of loving God, especially in terms of my childhood's trauma. I like to develop intelectually and learn new things and question everything, but sometimes when something really hard and illogical happens in our lives it's really difficult to just stay unshakeable in skepticism. During tough times in life it's difficult to just be satisfied with evolution and wonders of nature. Wish You ALL the best in Your journey Tyler J
  18. Did Anyone Else Attend a Private Christian School?

    I was in Christian school for all my school years except three years when I was home-schooled. Most of my memories of school are pretty good. I don't recall any abuse. Other than some Bible classes, creationist teachings, and chapel, the curriculum was alright although most of it was from A Beka Books which is all Christian perspective.
  19. It's that wild African sex music popularized by the likes of Elvis that will bring us down. No, wait, it's the Beatles. Dungeons and Dragons?
  20. I feel pretty certain two things will result from this shooting. 1. The Church will forgive the shooter. 2. The Devil will be blamed for the shooting.
  21. 7 people were shot during the morning worship service @ Burnette Chapel Church of Christ in Antioch TN about 30 Minutes from Nashville. One woman was found dead in the parking lot. All shooting victims were believed to be over 60 years old. The gunman was shot, but apparently pistol whipped a church member before being taken into custody. It appears this was a small church with 100 or less members that were mostly senior citizens. I was a member of the Church of Christ for 27 years. They are an ultra fundamentalists extremists version of Christianity that interprets the Bible wooden literally. They are the perfect example of God said it, we believe it, and that settles it form of Christianity. I am interested to find out the gunman's motive. No other details available at this time.
  22. I have a good friend who was in a virtually sexless marriage. His wife could never hold a job more than 4 months. She was lazy, he had to do all the house cleaning, yard work, cooking. When there is a financial crisis, she whines because she cannot run around and spend money as she likes. She sat around and got fat. After his youngest kid graduated from high school, he told her that if he did not see signifcant improvement in most, if not all those areas, he was going to leave. In the state he lives in, if only one spouse is on the deed to the house, as was his situation, the other spouse cannot get it. He said he would sell the house out from under her, serve her divorce papers and he would leave that part of the country. She is dependent upon her mother for help with money and that woman is almost 82 years old. I have to say, I don't blame him. He stayed with her until her kids were of age simply because he would have to pay alimony and child support which he said he would not mind, but it would make leaving not financially worth it. Now that they are older, and she is able to work but doesn't. I don't blame someone for staying for the kids if it will be too financially costly.
  23. I know, that's how I got to be where I am now. I just thought it was an interesting phenomenon and wondered if other people went through the same thing.
  24. A river of nonstop plastic waste in Guatemala.

    I've been to Guatemala several times. This is what happens when there is widespread poverty, most people live in shanties, there is no real health care, little education, no trash collection, widespread corruption among authorities, and no real policing of most rural areas. Sad, but the people there have no concept nor care for what they are doing to the environment. They are just trying survive.
  25. You're right and one shouldn't presume that. My reasons are actually selfish. 4.3 days a month with the kids isn't good enough for me and I don't trust her or the judge to allow more than that (particularly in light of my mental health file). I can wait 5 more years for sex (I hope). I only have one chance to raise my girls.
  26. A river of nonstop plastic waste in Guatemala.

    Wow that is one hella load of plastic and trash. Tons of trash in oceans added to by lil feeder creeks like that in .gif? Thinking that we may end up having our fish pre-wrapped for retail sales at stores all too soon. kL
  27. Taco Bell Gospel

    Think of that they pull on to get all that gooey extra juicy gos-pull from... kL
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