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    • Avandris

      Back after some time away from the site. Looking forward to interacting with you all again! 
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    • SkipNChurch

      There is no theory of evolution, just a list of creatures Chuck Norris allows to live.
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    • Travi

      Exciting stuff on the way for me. I received my affiliation on Twitch, got my first subscriber, and am doing mt first giveaway to followers on Saturday. 
      Next up for it: A charity stream to help a friend's daughter battle against cancer. All of this, plus a new mindset to set my path forward. 
      I feel great ya'll. 
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    • Travi

      Put my yearly update up in my blog.

      TL;DR version, complete with shameless plug.
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    • Shinobi

      I really think my neighbors are out of their minds... They're at it again. This time they're having a screaming match in the front yard. I wouldn't care so much if I couldn't hear them all the way in my bedroom.  Everyone else in the neighborhood is trying to sleep.. :/
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    • Be joyful in the Lord!.........but don't piss him off, because he can be one mean SOB. Have you read the OT & what God did to people that made him mad? There is nothing worse than an all powerful narcissistic Deity with human emotions & an attitude. I'm telling ya to steer clear of that dude. 
    • I believe I read that the 10 commandments, or something similar, were found in Egyptian writings long before anyone ever heard of a guy named Moses. I guess, if that is true, God is a copy Cat & is trying to pass off the commands of Egyptian deities as his own idea.     
    •   I was reading ancient art history and I came across the Code of Hammurabi a stone tablet of laws by the king.  According to experts at the top of this law tablet is a picture of Hammurabi receiving these laws from one of the Mesopotamian gods.  This was before Moses.  1754 BC.  It shows that the legend and myth of a god giving moses the law tablets is not unique.   Another reason not to believe the miracles of Exodus happened.
    • Did you not read the word independent that I put in my last post....lN DE PEN DENT.  The fact that someone uses the research to give light to explanation is IN DE PEN DENT of the fucking science.  YES!!!!! YES!!!!! YES!!!! I fucking understand that.  God you are thick.
    • Lots of young people feel called to the ministry, & then later realize it was a mistake and leave. Going into ministry isn't forever unless that's what a person wants, & some do.    Being a Priest doesn't mean you will never have sex, it just means you will feel guilty about it & have to do a few Hail Mary's until you get horny again, & then just repeat the proces. I think recent headlines confirm Priest & Nuns still have a normal sex drive, but they don't always satisfy it in normal or even legal way's.
    •   Which experiment are you alluding to, End? Which study are you referring to?   Please specify.     If you take agnostic science and THEN use it to make connections with your religion, to explain reality THEN you are twisting something that is agnostic into something that isn't.   Science has no religious bias when it is being performed and no religious bias when it is published.   But if a Muslim, a Sikh or a Christian THEN sees connections between that science and their particular faith, they are imposing their beliefs on that agnostic science... AFTER THE FACT!   That is what you are doing, End.   Can't you see that?   That is your particular bias you are IMPOSING on the otherwise agnostic science.   Please tell me that you can see how this works!
    • My wife is still a believer. I was able to convince her to get away from fundamentalism & join a mainstream more liberal version of Christianity (Methodist) though. I don't feel a need to destroy anyone's faith as long as they don't get in my face about it. Liberal versions of Christianity tend to be pretty benign. They sort of are like religious country clubs in many ways.    As as long as they aren't evangelicals I can co-exist with them.
    • And this is appropriate? Get over yourself.