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    • Bump, keeping this from getting auto locked.   I am intending to come back to this thread. We are just currently on a massive detour though the lions den at the moment
    •   Yup. And that was us just a few short months, years, decades for all of us. 
    • Believe me I was VERY hesitant to talk about this issue. I've been doing fairly well with the de-conversion process and I didn't want any of my EXC friends or lurking christians think I still had one foot in the door of the church and one out. Because that's just not the case. I am very confident with my deconversion. It would literally take God himself taking the time to actually show up and prove all of us wrong for me to believe again. And even then he would have to fart lightening bolts out of his arse for me to believe it was actually God lol.   When you said this: "All my life I have felt like an overly empathetic person who's always the first to be pointing out unfair treatment and BS, in my mind if nowhere else. We are just highly tuned to the situations around us, and we also have what seems like too much imagination"   it describes me to a T aswell. I'm always pointing out the huge difference in preferential treatment our company gives office workers as opposed to production workers. When I read a good fictional novel it plays out like a movie in my mind. I have a great imagination, (both a blessing and a curse) It also makes me paranoid with my children.... especially my daughter. I lost site of her in a water park one time and about lost my mind. I was imagining all the creeps that could be lurking in the area targeting children.    as a christian it made me a very passionate christian and preacher. I often wondered why when I preached sometimes others weren't affected like I was. It makes more sense now. I didn't realise Highly Sensitive personality was a thing until today. I guess maybe they were just normal. Hearing the story so many times it had gotten old.......    brings a new perspective that I need to study into to understand myself better 😁 which is awesome. I'm glad I decided to share what was going on.    Dark Bishop  
    • What Did The Snake Say?    
    • It gets more depressing daily. The upside is that it is just this kind of demonstration of "faith" that serves to instruct lurkers on what the religion does to people. It rots their brain.
    • *doesn't visit the board for two days*   *comes to visit this thread and sees ten new pages*   Holy shiiiiiit. This is some of the most ignorant, incomprehensible crap I've ever seen. I agree with Florduh's earlier post. This is freaking depressing if this is your true mindset and way of looking at reason, Stranger.
    •   If that's the way you want to put it. You keep believing in a book that's clearly wrong then. The fantasy gives you comfort. Let us not take that from you.     No it's not. If your faith is reliable you would be able to show it. That you can't shows its not reliable. That's demonstrable not an assumption.     You clearly have comprehension problems. My grandfather reminds me of me, but I don't do EVERYTHING he does. But he still reminds me of me, and you remind me of me WHEN I was a Christian. Saying I don't remind you of me is pointless. You could remind me of a pink daisy, and saying "no you don't" is pointless because you do. Understand? Happy now?     I did ignore evidence... for 32 years. Then I found out that ignoring evidence was ignoring reality and dishonest. I value honesty and integrity so I searched for evidence the bible is true and found none. If faith is ignoring everything to believe in a fantasy then I don't want faith, and you just proved that faith not being a reliable path to truth is not an assumption. Its fact.     I would have never guessed... I really thought you were coming round and understanding what we are saying.     *Sigh* Stranger, you need to working on reading comprehension. I just told you I don't trust or expect science as final conclusions. You saying that I do trust science as final shows how arrogant and asinine you are.       *Wall please*  Thank you.   Show me where I said the book is imaginary. Your reading comprehension is shocking! We can't even have a simple conversation.
    • Very creative. I thought you were going back to christianity for a second there. Whew.   christianity really is a charade. In my experiences both the nondenominational-hyper emotional crowd and the orthodox-fundamentalist-biblical literalist crowd are just fucking nuts. There's really no other way to put it. And I've tried sincerely many many times to live the way they do.
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