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    •   We Lions won't do that, Thumbelina.   For two reasons. First, we prize honesty, integrity and truthfulness above all else.  So when you dodged Florduh's questions ( So from where do you get your dogma, Thumby? What preachers or authors formed your views? Do you have a denominational affiliation? ) once again you've confirmed to us that we are not dealing with an honest and open person.  Instead we find you to be a secretive and dishonest person.   Secondly, we do not agree to your terms. You would have us accept scripture as true and then reason with you on that basis.  Forcing us to meet you on your terms confirms to us that you are manipulative and controlling.  Since you are confined to the Den, I'll remind you of our little saying about this place.  "Our playground, our rules."  Not yours.   If you want to reason with us about scripture, first be honest with us and openly declare your denominational affiliation.   Then, provide evidence for the truth of scripture so that any discussion about it can take place on the basis of that evidence and not on the basis of faith.   BAA.        
    •   Congress has always been out of touch, but they are living in la la land these days. Yesterday the Senate just passed, nearly unanimously, new sanctions on Russia. This is pretty much par for the course these days, but these sanctions attempt to force Europeans to buy US LNG gas, which is far less efficient than Russian gas, costs far more money and requires massive amounts of refining before it can be used. Instead of buying Russian gas, which is pipelined in, congress is telling Europeans they have to buy liquid gas which comes in on expensive ships. IOW, they sanctioned their European partners and barely even had a debate over it first.    In case there is any question, Germany and the rest of Europe are going to tell the US to get fucked here. The ruble and Russian bonds barely moved yesterday on news of the new sanctions. 
    •   *waves back* Hæ!
    •   It would help if you could establish the existence of said god.... like I have asked twice... . . . All we are getting from you is baseless proselytising. . . . "reason"... "scripture"   Heard of irony?
    • I believe the bible & I'm hoping that some lions would reason with me based on scripture. The questions I posed are some food for thought for those who tend to criticize the bible & the God of said bible.
    •       All God created was good, good & very good. Now, if He only made machines & other objects that had no will then He would not have had rebellion. He chose to create beings who, like Him, has volition. Since creatures with volition cannot decide to create themselves, they were granted a choice, to keep existing or not. Who wants to stay in love relationship where there's no reciprocity? Certainly not God! Maybe needy creations would, but not Him.   Which upstanding teetotaler mother, who raised her son right, & he turned out to be a raging drunk, should be told: why did you give birth to that?!!!!   About the shooting, the law says don't murder ( you didn't specify if he shot someone in self defense; not all killing is murder but all murder is killing). The shooter had a choice, to shoot or not. God exalts His Word/law more than His name/title. His law shows His character.   If you want you can answer some of the questions I asked in my response to Florduh.   "Heathen hugs to you Thumbelina. I expect a snappy response 3 months from now. haha"   Heathen hugs? What's that? Do I have to give it the side eye?
    •   In fact before asserting anything "god" like @Thumbelina has done multiple times in this thread, can she first establish the current existence of HER particular God?   If she cannot do that then all her assertions of what God can and cannot do, any attributes credited to, or actions done by her God are just meaningless unsubstantiated fluff.   She might as well say the "Invisible Pink Unicorn" (IPU) instead of "god"... lets try it and see if the assertions make as much sense:   An innately holy God   IPU cannot sin, Pops.:   Every good & perfect gift comes from God  IPU. Anything that deviates from that is part of the curse; the curse, because of sin/transgressing God's  IPU's moral law, is deserved (Horsing Around 5:23).   "He did. Horsing Tails 3:16. He made the provision for all but not all will choose to accept said provision. God   IPU became a man to identify with us, He suffered too but His physical suffering was momentary compared with eternity. I reckon God's IPU's emotional pain would be worse & longer than any created beings' (the redeemed will forget about pain & suffering but God IPU won't).    
    • Fwee,   There was a literary writer back in the late 1700's and early 1800's in Britain.  Percy Bysshe Shelley.  He wrote a paper called:  "The Necessity of Athiesm"  https://symbiosiscollege.edu.in/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/THE-NECESSITY-OF-ATHEISM.pdf    Might find it interesting.