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Special Announcements

Moderator announcement area for sharing items of interest.

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"dmca" - Welcome To... - last post by Ouroboros

Frequently Asked Questions and Topics

A collection of frequently asked questions and topics that have been already addressed on this site. This section was created with the express intention of assisting newcomers.

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What Is An Ex-christian? - last post by webmdave

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Testimonies of Former Christians

  1. Pinned Testimonials

Help encourage someone else who is trying to deprogram themselves from religion - tell them how you did it or are doing it.

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Kids, Husband & Family... - last post by Human

Rants and Replies

  1. Pinned Rants and Replies

Here is where you may take the opportunity to respond to or comment on any of the articles and rants posted on the Main Blog. Or, just start your own topic.

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Friend Who's "not R... - last post by Human


  1. Pinned Podcasts

Listen to streaming podcasts from a variety of sources.

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Point Of Inquiry Podcast -... - last post by webmdave

Ex-Christian Life

  1. Pinned Ex-Christian Life

A forum to discuss how ex-Christians have dealt with family members, replaced the church as a place of community, reactions of your family, friends, church, acquaintances upon learning of the de-conversion, or anything else relevant to the Ex-Christian Life.

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I Believe God Is Planning T... - last post by DoubtingNate

Ex-Christian Spirituality

  1. Pinned Ex-Christian Spirituality

This area is for those who have left Christianity for another form of theism or spirituality (Deism, Paganism, Wicca, Great Spirit, The Force, Buddhism, etc.).

Entrance to this section is now by permission. To gain permission, please follow the instructions in the posting rules for this section.

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Question For Neo-Pagans And... - last post by Orbit

General Christian Theological Issues

  1. Pinned General Christian Theological Issues

The Bible calls all those who do not believe in its god a fool.

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Richard Carrier: Acts Of Th... - last post by ficino

Science vs. Religion

  1. Pinned Science vs. Religion

The bulk of science does not support belief in a deity, or does it? This is an open discussion area to hone your skills at supporting and understanding the various positions. Feel free to post any links of value in this important topic.

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Ken Ham Calls To End Space... - last post by Fweethawt

News and Current Events

Current news, some of which is supposedly upholding reason and therefore freedom.

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A German Satire: Journalist... - last post by Thurisaz

The Arena

This section is confined to serious and formal debate. New topics will not appear in this section until approved by a moderator. For best results, contact a moderator before attempting to post a new topic in this section.

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Peanut Gallery For To And H... - last post by Antlerman


Or Coliseum, if you prefer. This section is for those members who would like to see and participate in informal, yet serious, debate. All posts are expected to remain "on topic" at all times.

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Our Apostasy: How Does It S... - last post by Citsonga

The Lion's Den

Attention "True Christians" and former Christians.

Before posting in this section, please read the Lion's Den Rules.

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I Was Asked To Share My Sto... - last post by pratt

Creative works

Place to post stories, art, poetry, etc. that is done by members.

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There's Something Fishy... - last post by Deidre32

Totally Off Topic

Almost anything goes.

Try to play nice.

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One Word Game - last post by FreeThinkerNZ

Critic's Corner

This area is for reviewing books, movies, etc.

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America - The Film - last post by Xeneverus

Humor and Satire

Time to laugh!

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Lol! - Funny Video Game Pla... - last post by WaitingInfinity

Know your Bible

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  • webmdave
  • 23 2007


  • You think this stuff is free?

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    I belong to an atheist site. Went into a thread about rape. What a mistake. The majority said it is "normal" but not ideal. Wtf? I posted my sentiments. I find it incredibly sad that adults well out if college, have pack mentality over the Internet. Or do they really think rape is normal? :(

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  • Фото

    Well, It's official.. I had my first "You weren't a TRUE Christian" reply today in response to my changed views. I just had to laugh when they said it. I feel like I just earned a merit badge. I got my "Not a True Christian" patch today... working my way towards a full set of badges! :D

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    I'm feeling very atheist today...

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    Somehow it breaks my heart when I think that I probably never would have become a Christian if I had not a difficult start in life to begin with. Because when I see how I think and how it is how I always have thought I just don't see how I could have become a Christian without a difficult childhood.

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