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    • RevOxley_501

      The Art of the Deal - more like the art of losers. Sad. @realDonaldTrump
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    • Shinobi

      It's wet, cold, and cloudy in my part of the matrix.  I'm seriously ready for warmer weather.  Could someone please code that in?
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    • Ellinas

      Had to endure a Christian funeral today - Mrs E's uncle.  As ever, it was used as an opportunity to preach to the (not inconsiderable) gathering.  Somehow, it seems to me to dishonour the dead and cheapen the occasion - despite it being something of which the deceased would have approved.
      · 2 replies
    • Naughtyhamster

      I've searched this site seeing how many time anyone has mentioned George Michael, and most of the instances were in posts by ME! LOL! 
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    • Shinobi

      I just want to say, "thanks," to all of you who have taken the time to read my posts and introduce yourself!  
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    • I think you should change your name to yoda 😂.  But welcome to this is a good place to be. 
    • We never did trust our institutions. That's how we became America in the first place.   Pretty much every major social revolution we've had has been a result of it one way or another.
    •        So far I have not had any huge issues with trump even tho I voted for Gary Johnson. I think it's sad the we can only get two political parties in the main debates. It is obvious that the two main political parties don't want to lose Power. They are using the media just like ancient politicians used religion to advance their own political agendas. It seems like it is almost impossible to truly get an unbiased report on what is going on in American politics anymore.       I don't have an issue with his stricter travel ban proposals as I think as a sovereign nation we should retain the right to make sure people entering our country aren't intent on harming our citizens. The only issue I have with his stance on immigration is that I think he needs to make it easier for immigrants from Mexico to come in legally. But at the same time I agree with a more aggressive stance on illegal immigration.        So far he has proven to be foolish at times. I don't think our politicians need to spout out allegations before they have all the proof needed to back up those allegations. The president should not take to twitter during the heat of anger. And he should have let Congress take the time to come up with a better replacement for the affordable health care act so that it could get pushed through. So far in his haste he hasn't really been able to do much at all. Not from lack of trying but from lack of strategy.      In my opinion our current two party system needs to be abandoned. I believe we could get more done for the people if it were a majority of constitutionalist and libertarians rather than leftist and rightist Democrats and Republicans.    DB
    • Storm,So sorry to hear you are feeling isolated.The basis of friendship is a sense of being equals.Sadly in the eyes of Christians you are no longer at their level of sanctimonious righteousness. For many years I waited to get over the hurt.Rather difficult when the reminders of your "festering evil"never let up.Now after 20 years of being an ex Christian I have found the best way for me is to manage the pain similar to a physical injury.Most days I continue with my rich and happy life.It is ok to feel a bit down as well.I can manage but not fix.All the best and don't rush to make new friends if you don't feel like it.
    • What both sdelsolray and florduh said.   Though I think florduh might have finished the topic with that post - nailed it!