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    • I apologise for not posting my reversal yet. I've been super busy at work and havent had the time. Plus my wife had her surgery so I've been helping her also. Went for our second follow up today and she is healing nicely he said.   DB
    • Religious freedom cited in first US female genital mutilation case
    • Creating an inventory of religious indoctrination events from your childhood is a worthy task.  As you process those memories anger can surface.  Often the anger is directed at the indoctrinators, which are often parents, family members and certain trusted adults.  Keep in mind that most (all?) of these indoctrinators were themselves indoctrinated successfully in their time.  Until your anger has run its course, it may be best to direct it more at the indoctrination process itself (as well as the substantive content of that process) and less on those who indoctrinated you.
    • I promise I'll stop posting things in the "Rant" section, hahaha, I just start thinking about things and get so mad! I have been recently contemplating my childhood and how all that indoctrination worked and I started thinking about all the weird ass stuff my parents did. I wasn't quite in the "deviled eggs are not permitted in this house" category (though my mom DID pray for parking spaces which is pretty out there), but I've only recently started realizing some of their weird rules. Like I still to this day haven't read Harry Potter (out of laziness at this point) but I wasn't allowed to when I was kid because of the sorcery and witchcraft. I still have this odd fondness in my heart for veggie tales, but then again I haven't watched it recently enough to know if it would disturb me now.   I also watched Bible Man as a kid.  I recently saw a commercial for it again (I can't remember where to save my life) and I was absolutely incredulous at the absolute crock of SHIT that comprises the series. Some villains include "the Fibbler," "Gossip Queen," "The Cheater," "The Slacker," "The Shadow of Doubt," and even "Prince of Pride." He dresses up in the "armor of god," uses a "sword of the spirit," and basically quotes bible verses while light saber dueling this ridiculous "villains" that pick a sin topic and act really creepy.     Guys. What in the actual f**k. Like....that's f**king insane. INSANE.
    •   How do you refute Christians who start down the "permissive" and "prescriptive" will bit? Because that is literally exactly what happens to me, it's like how do you argue with such nonsense when rationality isn't the priority?
    • I have moments too, that are borderline nihilistic. What's the point of it all if there isn't something up there that has a purpose for me. Then it's so freeing to know that I don't have to live up to something or someone else, I can do whatever I want and be amazed by who and what is around me.
    • Mods! I keep seeing people on this site that  have an "authentic christian believer" title paired with a cross logo thingie. I do not see such a thing for "authentic pastafarians," some of us take this very seriously. The flying spaghetti monster is real, his holy (meat)balls be praised. May you all be touched by his noodly appendage, in the name of parmesan cheezus, Ramen. 
    • It's not without it's moments.