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  1. Yeah Yeah....Just because I don't go along with your narrative I'm the childish one, then you try to declare "FALLACY", Oh...that is also known as the "Fallacy Fallcy" http://www.fallacyfiles.org/fallfall.html NEXT!
  2. No..I'm just not arguing with someone who is being childish.
  3. Ok...you're gonna make excuses just because your pissed about the situation. Carry on.
  4. Intuition

  5. Here comes Donnie: I love it

    Poor Justin, he just can't carry himself around Trump...LOL!
  6. If what they did was legal, then don't blame them. If it was illegal, then fuck'em. Pissing and moaning about it does nothing other than get your blood pressure up. The only people to blame in that case are the people who made the rules. You can call strawman as a diversion from the big point but it does not change the fact.
  7. You called it a straw man. You have contempt for the business that did what it did. Your contempt for the business is ill founded considering they were just using the rules. It may not have been specific but you were definitely incinuating that the government was totally innocent.
  8. It still does not change the FACT that they did not make the rules. They just utilized them. And what I mentioned HAS happened to people I KNOW. Are you saying things like that DON'T happen? As much as I am no fan of religion, I am even less of a fan of government. TOUGH SHIT!
  9. Try using zoning rules to jilt owners of land and forcing property taxes to TRIPPLE. Try arbitrarily raising taxes by arbitrarily changing the classification of the business after they have already got a loan and bought land and started. Try turning them into financial milk cows just because they want to fund some pet project by members of a legislative body. Yeah, the local government is pure as the wind drivens snow.
  10. If the movie is even half as good as the trailer, this ought to be GOOD!
  11. I never said it was ethical, but as a businessman myself, and trying to make a profit in the face of every regulatory and tax thugs trying to fuck you, you do what you have to do. If you didn't make the rules and just utilize them, then don't blame the business for simply utilizing rules that were aleady there. Blame the people who made the rules.