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  1. If you want to know what is going to happen no matter what, here is a good video. The healthcare portion starts from the beginning going to about 18:47 point. You don't have to agree with him, but the math does not lie. Medical sector of the economy is 19%. THAT is why nothing will be done until there is the proverbial gun to the head of all involved. If you go free market, prices will be forced to come down. If you go single payer, everybody gets rationed. Just a fact of life.
  2. I will explain so you know what is going on here. A friend of mine told me about this church. They do a question/answer about ANYTHING in the BIBLE PERIOD! This takes place at around 7:00 PM central time USA, and is live streamed on youtube. My friend told me that they make a serious effort to answer questions that come through on the web. They give you a way to ask online. This is video recorded as well and placed on youtube. SO, if you managed get a question asked and answered, you can post the video of it when it is recorded on here. I KNOW there are some goooooood zingers from folks on here who could ask some.. ROFLMAO!!!!! This is just a video but if you catch them on Thursday evenings at 7:00 PM Central time USA, you will be able to get a live stream video:
  3. Not trying to be disruptive...but title of this thread reminds me of a line in this song by ACDC. "In the beginning...back in 1955"......
  4. The thread is here. The argument is here. If it can be answered there, it can be answered here. Seriously, I don't trust that the so-called field is honest. REALLY. I see so many people who are in effect true-believers. They believe anything that the researchers tell them. I got taken in by religion before I left it and I see plenty of the same kind of true-believers of things said in some science fields as I have seen in religion. THAT'S WHY. I take what I see from scientific fields with a grain of salt. REALLY. If it works, say...technology that I see works, then fine. Theories are just that, theories. Theories in science are just like prayers in religion. Some get answered and confirmed, others don't. If you think I am irritating, you should see me when I deal with Christians who want to argue. One who is deeply, sometimes fanatically devoted to a cause, organization, or person: “a band of true believers bonded together against all those who did not agree with them”.
  5. Sounds like a dodge to me. Nothing to stop you from doing it here. There is a wider audience here. The only time I remember you or possibly some others saying about those questions are that is no correct answer. If you cannot answer those questions then how can you be so sure? Unless it is a religion and you are a TRUE BELIEVER?
  6. You can just answer it here and now. What's wrong?
  7. Fine...don't answer. You can't even fully define what you claim to believe in.
  8. You're kind of new. That is a sport around here. It's all fun.
  9. Why should I? You are the one who is claiming a positive. How do you know your sources are any good? If I cited sources, you would poo poo them. Will you ever answer the questions?
  10. It's called google. Now, will you try to answer those questions?
  11. No...I am making fun of your narrative. If you are so sure about your position then why not answer these questions? Instead, you just side step them by saying they can't be anwered. It doesn't matter what I believe. You are claiming an affirmative. 1. Define the “correct” temperature range for the planet. 2. Define the “correct” humidity range for the planet. 3. Define the “correct” mean sea level for the planet. 4. Define the “correct” amount of precipitation for the planet. 5. Define the “correct” makeup of the atmosphere. 6. Define the “correct” amount of sea ice at the North and South poles. 7. Define/explain past glaciation and subsequent warming without any input from humans. 8. Define how much has humans affected the climate.
  12. Daffy, Thank you for that video. I have to say, that guy is perhaps, if nothing, the most fair, reasonable, non dogmatic man of science I have heard. I am not saying I agree or disagree with him. My big problem with the whole area, which that guy at least did, was acknowledge that the whole field has become fraught full of dogma, and political agenda. That is why I get so smart-assed around here and have little respect for the people who are knee-jerk chicken littles who think it is their duty to tell people what to think and that they are the cause of something that cannot even be fully defined.
  13. https://www.puritanboard.com/threads/www-ex-christian-net.8101/ Watch the attitude they have. Very telling.