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  1. HOA Bans Halloween Decorations

    Wait a minute....HOAs are just a tiny form of government...but then you never get that with city, county, state, or federal government do we....
  2. I wonder how long he will live and I wonder who will be next and I wonder how much less time he got for spilling the beans. The world may never know....
  3. It's GOT to be all those MALE LESBIANS!......
  4. I have a good friend who was in a virtually sexless marriage. His wife could never hold a job more than 4 months. She was lazy, he had to do all the house cleaning, yard work, cooking. When there is a financial crisis, she whines because she cannot run around and spend money as she likes. She sat around and got fat. After his youngest kid graduated from high school, he told her that if he did not see signifcant improvement in most, if not all those areas, he was going to leave. In the state he lives in, if only one spouse is on the deed to the house, as was his situation, the other spouse cannot get it. He said he would sell the house out from under her, serve her divorce papers and he would leave that part of the country. She is dependent upon her mother for help with money and that woman is almost 82 years old. I have to say, I don't blame him. He stayed with her until her kids were of age simply because he would have to pay alimony and child support which he said he would not mind, but it would make leaving not financially worth it. Now that they are older, and she is able to work but doesn't. I don't blame someone for staying for the kids if it will be too financially costly.
  5. My suggestion..... Don't approach everything with the same surity as you did the cult thinking of Christianity. If you do, you will be sorely disappointed. Use your own head, reason it out. Don't just take the word of others, textbooks, and so-called experts, though I am not saying they are bad, just that they are fallible. Never take what you read or are told for granted. That is what Chrisianity did to you and expected of you. Don't just do because somebody says you should just because they have some kind of a title. I would also suggest to expose yourself to as many different points of view and don't avoid any, unless they are toxic and causing you angst. Don't even separate yourself off necessarily from Christians, again, except if they are toxic. Some of my best friends are still Christian believers. Don't be afraid to expose yourself to off beat ideas, off the path experiences. Do what you feel comfortable with, just use some better judgement as to danger and/or could get you in serious trouble. Most of all, know this, you will only know who your friends are when you can disagree with them and still remain friends. I kind of like the readings of late Hunter S. Thompson. He is one who thrived in the insanity we have today.
  6. I am not saying the guy is correct or not, but I do think he is indeed onto something. Too bad the mainstream establishement who has set themselves up as the gatekeepers are afraid of such questions.
  7. Mike, Agreed. And what is even more scary is that many of them are even peer reviewed. REALLY!
  8. Hmmmm.....sounds like a male lesbian to me.