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  1. #Metoo

    So many people who left religion were repressed by the culture and peer pressure of that religion. Part of recovering is gaining the willingness to say FUCK IT!, and say what is on your mind no matter who it pisses off. This area is famed good for that.
  2. SECRETS The POLICE Don't Want You To Know

    They are assholes, but with the prevelance of cameras, there is a general tendency to not try something directly. There are also, at least in my state and region of the country, at least a 50% chance at any moment people will be armed, and most legally. They have to keep that in mind. You don't generally find as much overly aggressiveness in my neck of the woods for that fact. Plus, I have taught people how to deal with them in a nice but creatively non cooperative manner. For example, if they ask you a question, you don't answer them, but if you know what you are doing, I for example, may answer them but answer the back with a question. If they ask me how fast I was going, I ask them what the speed limit is. I have even taught some black people how to do that and even turn it around. If they are stopped and not told why, I ask them to point blank ask them if they are profiling them. That immediately gives the cops a bunghole pucker, especially when they know they are being recorded on camera. I also encourage people to get some hidden cameras for their cars. They are not expensive, last I had seen, as little as $10 per camera. You then keep them hidden. On your phone there are some apps that will beam video onto the web so if they cops forcibly take your phone and "accidentally" smash it, the evidence is already there. Plus, know of some lawyers who handle civil rights case and are willing to use the Civil Rights act of 1983. That is a handy little law to bust their ass on. LOL.
  3. SECRETS The POLICE Don't Want You To Know

    I used to know a guy who is a former sheriff's deputy here in FL. He left the force because of many of the things spoken of in the video, plus the corruption, besides the shitty working conditions and narcissism of the leadership of his superiors. He was also honorably discharged from the Marine Corps. He decided to go to schools to become a Physician's Assistant. He said that his superiors had ticket quotas, and arrest quotas, AND there was a good ole boy ass covering mentality of the force and the force as a whole. So YES, I do/did know a cop personally. Oh...almost forgot. He was a staunch member of the Florida Libertarian Party.
  4. Stossel: Who Owns Your Body

    Some want to be apologists for tyranny.
  5. SECRETS The POLICE Don't Want You To Know

    It was not my thread title, I used what was the title on the video. Just copied and pasted it.
  6. There is a good reason for real justice, and I don't mean law enforcement and the courts. The kind that uses blunt istruments and lead make it final.
  7. SECRETS The POLICE Don't Want You To Know

    But it is necessary at times. I won't be pushed around by those who think they are my masters and have no legitimate authority to do so. FUCK'EM!
  8. SECRETS The POLICE Don't Want You To Know

    When it comes to cops in the USA, if they stop you, and they ask you how fast you were going, DO NOT ANSWER. If they ask you if they can search your car, ASK THEM IF THEY HAVE A WARRANT.. if not, simply tell them NO. If they give you a ticket, start making their lives absolute hell but sending certified letters of complaint to the mayor and city council if it is in a city, or every member of the county commission if they are state, send it to the governor, your state rep and state senator and the state attorney general. When you do that, by law, they are required to investigate them. Do it multiple times, say every two weeks, as it is very expensive administratively to do that. Finally, if you take it to traffic court, challenge the standing of the court. You can win every time and they will not want to ticket you in the future because they KNOW you can legally make their lives hell. I have done it and they just would prefer to not deal with someone who is going to be trouble because it is just not worth it.
  9. Stossel: Who Owns Your Body

    So what's your solution? Banning campfires or meat smokers? They produce much smoke. OH...what about restrictions known as regulations on equipment you might use? Your choice to use something deemed unsafe for the environment is then banned. Or some car has to have something that may be "environmentally friendly" but slows my car down. Are you going to say that regulations are not used and it is based on research statistics? Except that the Billions of dollars going into some areas are reason enough. I am not saying all are guilty, but when you are dealing with that kind of money affecting huge areas of study, until it can be straightened out, then they ALL become a person of interest. Kind of like when it has been discoverd money was embezzled from an accounting department. Nobody is saying anyone is guilty, but until they find the guilty party, everyone becomes a person of interest to be questioned.
  10. Stossel: Who Owns Your Body

    How is it any different than if a kid is around burning wood all the time, say in a fire house or where the parents have a smoke house and produce smoke for the meat? If they are around that, they get particulates in their lungs. If the data is contrived or arranged in such a way as to support the agenda of certain politicians, then it is not science, but propaganda wrapped in an appearance of science. So what? Does it make it right? If the whole community is controlled by the ones who want to control my morality, they are all suspect because even the ones who do not are under the funding thumb of the people who do. Follow the money, there is the old saying..."he who holds the gold make the rules".
  11. Stossel: Who Owns Your Body

    Ahh... The so-called "ReaL World". The phrase used to justify screwing people. I say let them, if they are adults, suffer the consequences.
  12. Stossel: Who Owns Your Body

    If someone in my house gets drunk, it is no different than if they went to a party and got drunk and hit somone in a car. It is on them. It is still that way in this country. It is not my responsibility. They can rule their own body, and if they fuck up, they pay the consequences. As for children, it is no different than if you get drunk now, and as long as they don't get harm, not illegal. There are plenty of stone cold sober people who end up harming children. No different. They are responsible for their own actions good or bad. It is not science itself, but rather the data presented by the scientific community that politicians will use to justify infringing on my rights. Additionally, you will find that there are perfectly willing members of the community that will go along with the charade for the notoriety and the money that comes with the grants. No different than some CEO fishing for subsidy money from the government.
  13. Stossel: Who Owns Your Body

    Very simple. If I do those said items inside the walls of my own home, it is nobody's business but myown.
  14. Stossel: Who Owns Your Body

    You don't get it. I don't CARE what the books say or anyone when it comes to my freedom. They try to tell me I cannot do something that harms nobody or that I MUST do something that I don't consent to, then FUCK'EM. I will find a creative way to not comply, and if it gets blatant enough, bad enough, I will use force against them even if it is the end of my life.