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  1. Dreams and subconscious fear

    Meh, what's the harm in grabbing that cognitively familiar security blanket? Hell, you're asleep when you're calling out to The Diety, so you are neither responsible nor in your right mind for whatever words come to your (dreaming) lips!
  2. I am an academic and researcher. Much of my time is spent writing grant applications--which take up to 100+ hours each, and have a 5% chance of being successful (depending on the granting agency, it can be as low as a 0-.5% chance). All of this grant writing takes away from my teaching, scholarship and research time. I work 70 hours per week (paid for 35). I am exhausted. Funding has almost completely dried up and I have been spending my own money to pay research assistants and as such I subsist hand-to-mouth. All this to say: we already (try to) raise money.
  3. Dreams and subconscious fear

    You may have a sleep disorder, such as sleep apnea, or something else that makes you feel like this. I too have had some weird dreams--mainly of being shot and mortally wounded at close range--and as I am "dying" (in my dream) I call out to Santa the FSM Jesus. I guess old habits die hard!
  4. Came Out Again

    Haha that's awesome!!!!
  5. Ya lost me at "Christian Research1 Institute".... LOL 1Research, in this context, means finding and bending "data" to support their ridiculous notions.
  6. Hi BO and Ficino! I am an academic. I can assure you the peer review system is flawed, if not broken. It is well-intentioned on the ground, but there are many problems with it and with the entire academic publishing industry as a whole. That said, it's the best method we've got at this time to keep un-truths from ending up in circulation and informing patient care. I'd still value peer review over self-publication. I also make sure the article I'm reading wasn't sponsored by a proponent of the topic (such as a drug study being promoted by a pharmaceutical company). There are ways of teasing apart what an article says and critically analyzing its components. Certainly, garbage still gets published... And BO, I too have found conflicting evidence in the academic literature, and I have also been "that" patient who evades the established protocol because the "best evidence" just didn't work for me. These matters make me love science even more!
  7. Anger at Christianity

    Well, clearly, those people either had sin in their lives or they weren't Jesusy enough.
  8. Anger at Christianity

    I am angry at Christianity because of all the things I gave up for it--all the experiences, hopes, dreams, etc. that I "threw into the fire" for god. I made huge life choices based on what I thought a sky-being wanted me to do. It would actually be comical if it wasn't so deeply tragic. I rue the day I stepped into a charismaniac church. I am also angry at believers. Primarily, I am triggered by their certainty. I miss my certainty!
  9. Confirmation Bias from Pentecostals

    So true!!!!! I was saying this even in my last years as a believer. My then in-laws are sooo superstitious, afraid that a word spoken will "speak it into being" so they recant under their breath. Being around them is almost like being on a psych ward. LMAO! I did too! The dude was involved in a small charismaniac church and called himself a prophet. I bought his line for a few months. He was very perceptive and actually did (I believe) heal a flu I had picked up. But he was a charlatan all the way. He duped many people.
  10. Hi James! I'll head over to your site shortly. I just wanted to say that chronic pain played a huge role in my deconversion too. I am relatively pain free now but I endured a decade in which there was no end in sight. I swear it changed my brain. I simply lack the capacity to believe in unicorns etc. Ugh. K. Over to your site now!
  11. Confirmation Bias from Pentecostals

    Hey dirwid Wow, that is some messed up shit. I too have been involved in stuff like that. I used to be a worship leader in a charismaniac church and it was my job to choose the music on days my team was leading. The pastor always got up to preach after the music saying "Wow, god nailed it" or something--basically commenting on how amazing it was that even though the worship leader didn't choose the music based on the message, or even plan the set with the pastor, it was viewed as an amazing alignment. I never thought it was anything more than coincidental and TBH the music and message never "matched" IMHO. I guess we see what we want to see!
  12. Ugh. I too waited, followed and trusted. A long journey down a dead end street. My condolences on your terrible loss.
  13. Research on Extimonies

    Very cool!! As a researcher myself, I'm curious about your methodology for analysis.
  14. Deconversion research

    Sounds like a great topic!!! I hope you get lots of responses. Good luck with your data collection. Maybe share the finished product with us?
  15. Drugs or Jesus?

    I've worked a lot with people who have addictions. The relapse rate for opiates is extremely high, so please don't blame yourself if that happens. I've seen a lot of revolving door Jesus-drugs-Jesus-drugs. I'd be very surprised if she didn't relapse when her honeymoon with Jesus is over. Sad.