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  1. RT @ChrisMurphyCT: I want to throw up. @POTUS has granted legitimacy to a group that believes Sandy Hook was a hoax carried out by paid act…

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  5. RT @dabeard: Non-scientist. Talk show host. Recruiter of Kremin-tainted Carter Page. #Trump wants to give him top science job…

  6. RT @nicholas_bagley: The AHCA is a big tax cut for the rich financed by withholding coverage from the poor. Everything else is just details.

  7. RT @ChrisMurphyCT: #CBO says 14m immediately lose insurance, rising to 26m. Premiums go up for millions more. My god. Stop this now, @Speak…

  8. RT @campbellsl: Here's more on school choice:

  9. RT @GeorgeTakei: Trump's family has already cost us more in travel and security than the Obamas did in an entire year. It's galling.

  10. I've got a crazy Uncle who posted this stuff on Facebook. He's an extreme fundy Christian Nationalist type. He even got a tattoo that says "In God We Trust" on his arm. He posted all kinds of offensive stuff. I agree that these types of people have a persecution complex. I love the right wingers that want to end government assistance to the poor, but they want government assistance in promoting thier religion.
  11. Lee Strobel seems like a guy who found out that he could make a good living selling nonsense to incredulous Christians, so he plays the "I used to be an atheist" thing, and dumbs down apologist arguments for the dumb masses, and I'm sure his bank account is doing just fine. My mom also gave me A Case For Christ a long time ago when I was still a Christian, and I have to admit it may me feel good about my beliefs for a bit, but I think it also started me on the road to questioning my beliefs further once I started seeing the refutations of apologists, so unknowingly, giving me that book ended up being a bad idea.
  12. I think we are free to celebrate Christmas as we see it. Of course some people will associate their former faith with the holiday and have a negative feeling toward it. For me and my family, we put up a tree, decorate the house, give gifts, make lots of traditional food and treats, and play lots of Christmas music (with mostly secular holiday songs), and have a great time creating family memories with the kids. Now, since I live far away from the rest of my extended family, we don't have to put up with anyone telling us Jesus is the reason for the season, or other nonsense, so we have a good time.
  13. I'm generally pretty willing to ignore ignorant things posted be my fundy friends on Facebook, but some of the stuff posted after the Newtown, CT shootings was so far over the top. A crazy uncle posted a picture of an aborted fetus with various hook tools that said we should ban hooks and not guns. Unfriended both aunt and uncle who constantly post offensive stuff. And old friend from youth group who now works at a bible college in the South blamed the shooting on teaching kids evolution. I wanted to reply that countries where the acceptance of evolution is higher have a lower violent crime and homicide rate. I just unsubscribed to his updates. I generally refrain from talking religion or politics at work or on Facebook, and find that works out pretty well.
  14. Welcome Dazed, I can really relate to your story. My dad died of cancer when I was 20, and I asked the same questions about how could it be God's plan to take the life of a great Christian, caring man who had a positive influence as a teacher on the lives of many young people. It still took me another 20 years of questioning to leave Christianity. One of the final things that put me over the edge was seeing my kids being taught things in Sunday school, and by grandparents that I know I didn't really believe. I came out to my wife about no longer believing almost 2 years ago now (on Valentines Day). Within a few days, her eyes were opened, and she gave up her faith as well. We also still put up a Christmas tree, play Christmas music (more secular and fewer Jesus songs), make traditional Christmas cookies together as a family, and generally do all the things we did before except we read The Night Before Christmas instead of the bible stories of Jesus birth. RQ
  15. It is totally normal to feel a bit embarassed that you thought this mythology was true. If you were like me and had people you trusted tell you all this was true since you were in diapers and keep you from influences that may say differently it is just human to make this error. Welcome