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  1. How to be saved

    This has been a sticking point for me for years. I keep saying that dead babies go to Hell if the Bible is understood as written. Jesus didn't leave any interpretation when he said that the only way to the Father is through the Son, no exceptions. Even the Catholic Church agreed to this, which is why they have their babies christened. No one I know agrees with me, saying that God is good, but God killed David's baby son to punish him for adultery and murder. How good is that?
  2. Who deconverted you?

    I just read the Bible and slowly deconverted from there. It helped that I read the New Testament first, then saw how much the Old Testament God differed from Jesus' teachings. I don't know if I would have connected those dots if I read it through from beginning to end. Spending hours on the internet and lurking around atheist forums helped too.
  3. Child Parro.... I mean, Preachers...

    I too rarely know what I'm talking about. Should I give up my life of leisure and go into preaching? The Prophets may or may not have known what they're saying, but as a modern society we've had thousands of years to interpret and misinterpret them. The kid's parents could have spent a few minute on reading comprehension before letting him embarrass himself. It might have been worse if I could have understood what he actually said; damn you '80s mikes!
  4. And all this time I thought Scientologists were the crazy ones.
  5. If demons use energy to travel from place to place, then why was Satan walking up and down the Earth in Job? Didn't he get the memo? Maybe he's Old School. Seriously though, this is nothing new. The Southern Baptists have decreed yoga as Satanic last year if I remember correctly.
  6. God Likes Abortion You Should Too!

    Thanks Rounin!
  7. God Likes Abortion You Should Too!

    When it comes to God and abortion I'm always drawn to the verses where the Jews feed poison to women suspected of adultery. Among other effects, it's meant to kill any illicit unborn children so that the husband's line remains pure. Id' quote book chapter and verse, but this morning my Google-fu is weak.
  8. Suicide Is A Sin...

    If I remember correctly, somewhere in the Old Testament it said that people with physical defect couldn't enter the congregation to the LORD. I don't see why mental defect should be treated any differently.
  9. Suicide Is A Sin...

    Technically, Jesus didn't commit suicide. He was kind of murdered. According to the bible the Jews could have commuted his sentence but chose to have him crucified instead. Pilate only went along with the crowd because there would be a riot if he didn't.
  10. Do You Believe In "fate?"

    When I was a teenager, a friend of mine told me that he believed in fate and that everything was predetermined. So I hit him. Hard. Then I shrugged and then told him I was sorry that fate ordained that to happen. He laughed and never brought it up again.
  11. I have. Didn't a rabbi give hepatitis to a bunch of baby boys doing that? Isn't it weird that Jews can't eat blood, but these guys clean circumcisions with their mouths? I feel dirty just typing that. I need a shower.
  12. Supposedly, once a soul enters Hell, it is separated from God forever. That's the point. The merchant is talking to God, who shouldn't be there. Whether or not it's Hell as we know it, well, the whole bible is kind of a clusterfuck, so you can read into it whatever you want. Christians have been doing it for millennia. Like rjn pointed out, Sheol morphed significantly since it's inception at the beginning of Jewish mythology and the end of it. Even so, Jews today believe that Hell, for lack of a better word, is a temporary state for most and only the worst offenders will spend eternity there, like Pharaoh and Hitler.
  13. I'm no expert on these matters, but doesn't the Bible claim that Jesus (well His spirit) preached to those in hell, while his body was on the cross. and didn't the rich man call out from Hell.............. AFAIK, that's a translation error. He was preaching in Sheol/Hades, and the rich man was in Sheol/Hades as well. Quite simply, the abode of the dead. Now, Hell originally means more or less the same thing as Sheol/Hades, but have become synonymous with a place of suffering over time. That was my understanding of it as well, as read from my NIV translation.
  14. I didn't think anyone was in Hell just yet; that shouldn't happen until after the Day of Judgement, which comes after the Second Coming, should my New Testament trivia be correct. Hell, even Satan and his angels shouldn't be there yet as far as I know. Can't corrupt the weak and vulnerable from behind celestial bars, after all.
  15. Jack Van Impe Presents

    I always enjoyed how JVI would talk like a kid who got a big fire truck for Christmas whenever he talked about the Rapture.