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    I have two main hobbies: I love music and love to read. I also like art galleries, drama, and playing with my iPod. Of course, theology and philosophy are big ones, since I'm on here.
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    I quit Christianity on November 22, sometime in the afternoon, when I was 14 years old. I had been having guiltily suppressed doubts for a couple years, but then I read a chapter of the missionary Jack Popjes' book A Kick in the Pants, in which he said Jesus had been sent to save the world
    mainly for God's glory, to make people want to worship him. (If you read
    the Old Testament, particularly Exodus and Job, it gets into God glorifying
    himself quite a bit.) Well, a seasoned Christian like Popjes saying that
    broke my faith in the point of Christianity. Why should I trust Jesus if
    salvation is really about polishing God's pedestal? If you want to read
    about other things that are wrong with it, like the Bible's sexist double
    standards and winking at rapists, comment on my profile. Best wishes to all other infidels. 

    P.S. I should probably clarify that I am not a Satanist. I know Satanists like the number 666, but I think they misuse it. To me, it is a symbol of secularism, of my non-Xian values, because Xians consider that number to be evil. So I like it. I hate killing, I don't want to go to hell, and I enjoy being happy. 

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  1. Freeeeeee willllllllllllllllllllll!!!!!!!
  2. 10 students' acceptances into Harvard were rescinded after they reportedly made offensive posts on Facebook about rape, the Holocaust and referred to a hanged Mexican child as "piñata time." Given the discussion here about how much personal life should affect employment status, was Harvard's decision appropriate? Colleges are entitled to let in only people who will uphold their institutional character, and of course should reject those who pose a safety threat. Since the students had not yet begun their first semester, the college did not have the same obligation to them as it would have otherwise. Assuming the claims about the posts are true, I'm inclined to sympathize with them on this. But then, I would have to see the posts to know whether they were grounds for rejection. The article seems to be skewed in Harvard's favor as it doesn't offer the context or images contained in the students' comments, and terms like the ones that were used in the posts can set off alarm bells that lead to misleading decisions, although the reference to the hanged child sounds inexcusable. And, of course, should colleges and workplaces be subject to the same ethics regarding privacy? Should social media be a factor in acceptance, rejection, or dismissal? This may come down to needing to see the posts to have a clearer answer. How much control should a university have over students' personal lives?
  3. And inappropriate or dangerous behavior. But other than criminal activities, actions outside of work should not affect employment. What comes after firing people for controversial (note: not harmful or dangerous) actions? How much control should an employer and the government have over one's life? Edit: By "inappropriate," I meant behavior that occurs at work.
  4. Griffin's right to express herself should be taken away because she published a crass photo? Are you serious? If you are, and I really hope you're not, what do you think this would look like? She should be barred from having a career forever? She should no longer be allowed to speak in public, to express an opinion, or to wear any sort of logo or advertisement? Freedom of speech encompasses a wide area. How do you see this being implemented?
  5. Why should she? The photo was of her holding up a bloody Trump mask, correct? Did she make an actual threat? Sounds to me like all she did was take a picture. Granted, because of the Trump-hating climate, it can be assumed that her photo was anti-Trump. But what if someone had taken a similar photo and then turned out to be one of his supporters? The photo could also be seen as a statement on the public attitude towards him. Restricting Griffin's freedom will necessarily restrict others as well. I hesitate to declare that freedom of expression should be curbed; it should be given free rein as much as possible - that is, as long as no one's safety or rights are reasonably threatened. You don't support the "SJW's" who claim that words are violence, correct? Punishing Griffin over this would take us down a dangerous road of the assumption that more control means more safety, the same assumption that leads them to believe that restricting speech quashes hatred and violence.
  6. I'm sorry? Meaning and context, please.
  7. Thanks to that lovely story about the woman who gave the last bit of money she owned. (It never said whether Jesus thereafter provided her with miraculous food and clothing.)
  8. Your posts have been quite contradictory and confusing. From this I'm guessing you're a little confused yourself, no disrespect intended. My understanding of what you've said is that you are gay/bisexual yourself but are uncomfortable with it, as you feel it may be unnatural or immoral. What I can tell you is that as long as you don't infringe on others' rights and do look after your health, anything goes. It's no one else's business and nothing for you to feel guilty about. Same goes for other people. We are here for you to talk to when you need an ear.
  9. I'm sorry, I don't understand. Are you saying that gay people punched you because you're straight, and that you feel "different" for being straight?
  10. Sorry whitecloud, I've read your posts in this thread and don't understand what you mean by being skeptical of gayness, or having it pushed in your face. You've said you "don't care," but if you didn't care, you wouldn't have posted the OP. Do you mean you're not sure whether same-sex attraction exists? Or whether it's moral? Have men tried to sexually assault you? More clarification would be better than going back and forth as your posts have been. I base morality on whom a behavior hurts. I wouldn't say I'm comfortable with transgenderism, but if a man identifies as a woman or vice versa, does it really harm anyone? I understand a little bit where you're coming from about having a viewpoint pushed on you. Think of it this way, though: if modern culture promotes anti-male feminism, are you then "skeptical" of all women? Do you decide you don't like black people because some are pushing notions of white privilege and white guilt? People are who they are, regardless of what ideologies come and go. They're not necessarily responsible for which ideology is currently annoying you, or who made unwanted advances toward you. I think the wisest position is, "I may not be comfortable with XXX, but it's not hurting me or anyone else, so I'll learn to live with it." You aren't required to like that some people are attracted to members of their own sex. All you need to do is mind your own business while other people mind theirs.
  11. Sdelsolray has good advice. Because your parents are entrenched in their beliefs by wanting those beliefs to be true, you'll get nowhere by applying logic or morality. This is especially evident because, sadly, they value their beliefs above their own daughter. Your dignity and integrity are more important than their feelings about something they could choose to reject as immoral. I used to argue endlessly with my parents, until it became too tiring to repeat the same arguments over and over and be met with "I know in my heart..." I started to feel a little degraded, too, getting all worked up over stupidity that wasn't going to change. In the end, it doesn't matter if your parents don't accept you. You yourself are free of Christianity's slavery, and being miserable is their own decision. Why would anyone choose to be so abject? "I'll do whatever you want, master! I'm sinful and evil, I deserve to be tortured and so do my evil children! You're more important than anything, master! I'll let you control my whole life so I can go to heaven! Just please save me from death and oblivion, master!"
  12. Often we see ourselves much more negatively than other people do. We live in our own skin 24 hours a day, which makes it much easier to pick out and magnify every fault, to recall so many past events and see them as characteristic of us. I've never met you personally, but I can say that what you claim about being "vile and toxic" simply is not true. I already know that you are willing to listen to people when they need an ear. You've said yourself that you help them work out their problems when you can. People of the type you describe don't know or don't care, or both, that they act the way they do. They certainly don't think of themselves as disgusting pieces of garbage who need to be removed from society. They carry right on tearing others down because it benefits them in some way or because they can. This storm will pass. When you start to feel like this, remember what you have done for others and that there are people who care about you.
  13. At the Mother's Day event, which of course was a maudlin gathering to sniffle about Jesus: People like babies because babies are "fresh from heaven," while adults are tainted with the sin of the world. We all need to become like children, who are Jesus's little sunbeams. More rambling about the wisdom and purity of 3-year-olds. Out of the mouths of babes, etc. Also, the speaker said she had stage 3 cancer, but took medication for it, and the doctor was shocked when the last couple of blood tests were normal. Silly doctor, he doesn't know that gawwwwwd works miracles! Cue smug superiority about special relationship with Jesus.
  14. Various personality types enjoy different styles of socializing. Personally, I would hate going to a bar, with all the noise and crowds and bad lighting; I much prefer one-on-one conversations or doing something together. LF, try out different things and see what appeals to you. I don't know how often you get out or where you go, but you might like to start with something that won't be overwhelming, like going to a café, maybe chat with some of the regulars. Bring a book you enjoy, give someone a chance to ask you about it. I was sitting around (in a cubicle, not a bistro, but anyway) yesterday and asked the guy across from me how he liked his London travel guide book, and it turned out he was pretty interesting to talk to about stuff like where we want to travel and British TV shows. If you end up with a lot of anxiety about social interaction, or feel like there's something you need to work out, consider going to a counselor or support group while continuing to try to broaden your experiences and meet new people.
  15. Of course it is. If nothing happens that is outside of gawd's will, then it follows that rape, since it occurs, is included in his will. I watched the video below the article because it was incredible that anyone would say something so horrible. This Faught character truly is a pile of garbage. Even my very pro-life fundy father, who refused to believe every piece of evidence that the Planned Parenthood "fetal tissue videos" were not about selling tissue, conceded that abortion should be allowed in cases of pregnancies from rape and incest. (Edit: I realize abortion itself wasn't mentioned, but since it is so closely tied to women's rights and Christianity, it's relevant. Also, I wanted to note that he has less respect for women than many fundies do.) It's nauseating that Faught believes rape is the will of his god, and we can infer that he thinks it should be mandatory to continue a pregnancy even if it results from rape, so that he can cling to his delusion of a mansion over the hilltop. I love the fantasy-land Christians live in where women allow themselves to be forced to have children. I don't ever want children. If I were to become pregnant, and especially if I were pregnant from being raped, I would do anything in my power to terminate it. If abortion were illegal or inaccessible, I would resort to other options, such as the stairs or a coat-hanger. Even suicide, if it somehow came to that, would give me more dignity than carrying and giving birth to a child I did not want. I don't know what else to say about this. It's revolting.