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    I have two main hobbies: I love music and love to read. I also like art galleries, drama, and playing with my iPod. Of course, theology and philosophy are big ones, since I'm on here.
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    I quit Christianity on November 22, sometime in the afternoon, when I was 14 years old. I had been having guiltily suppressed doubts for a couple years, but then I read a chapter of the missionary Jack Popjes' book A Kick in the Pants, in which he said Jesus had been sent to save the world
    mainly for God's glory, to make people want to worship him. (If you read
    the Old Testament, particularly Exodus and Job, it gets into God glorifying
    himself quite a bit.) Well, a seasoned Christian like Popjes saying that
    broke my faith in the point of Christianity. Why should I trust Jesus if
    salvation is really about polishing God's pedestal? If you want to read
    about other things that are wrong with it, like the Bible's sexist double
    standards and winking at rapists, comment on my profile. Best wishes to all other infidels. 

    P.S. I should probably clarify that I am not a Satanist. I know Satanists like the number 666, but I think they misuse it. To me, it is a symbol of secularism, of my non-Xian values, because Xians consider that number to be evil. So I like it. I hate killing, I don't want to go to hell, and I enjoy being happy. 

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  1. Suicide Is A Sin...

    In Christianity, suicide isn't a sin because it's harmful to oneself; it's a sin for humans because they are god's property, which they believe literally, and therefore hurting themselves means stealing from god.
  2. What is the most dangerous irrational belief?

    I'm not sure there is one that is the most dangerous. Religion leads people to disregard their own safety, forego medical help because "Jesus will save them," kill others so they can get special status in heaven. Anti-vaccination is harmful for obvious reasons. Social prejudice creates in-group cliques, even violence. At the end of the day, stupidity hurts people. There is no hierarchy of which is worst.
  3. Being weird for Jesus

    They're not so much interested in a conversation as winning you to Christ. Once they find out you aren't saved, you are primarily a lost soul to them, or at least to some Christians. Therefore, having a meaningful conversation about something other than Jesus is unnecessary.
  4. Being weird for Jesus

    Christians are like the grown man who has to ask his mom if he's allowed before he goes out with friends or on a date or anything. Stop asking for permission and make your own decisions, it's pathetic. But of course, "they're not afraid to be pathetic for Jesus." Take that phrase and insert anything - judgmental, uptight, a maniacal murderer - and you could probably apply it to Christians. Of which they would be proud.
  5. Asshole Makes Me Stand Up In Church

    When I go to church as a favor to my parents, I stand up when everyone else does out of respect. I'm an adult and it's ultimately my choice whether I attend, so I don't show up and then blatantly refuse to participate. If someone is blackmailing you into going, such as your parents threatening to take away college tuition support unless you attend church, I understand your not wanting to stand up during worship. It was unnecessary for this person to call you out. Still, I think it's a good idea to stand. If you are attending voluntarily, even though you don't respect the church's message, it's simply courteous to the rest of the congregation to comply with expected behavior. If you are a minor and your parents are making you go, it might be a good idea to play along for the sake of having your parents' financial support in the future if you need it.
  6. Whoa. I actually bought it. Didn't know it was a parody. Thanks for pointing that out XD
  7. Sh** christians have said to you

    Seriously Christians, please stop trying to lead me to Jesus on the phone. Got another evangelist today who wanted to know if I accepted him into my heart. All I really want to do is crack up, so you're getting neither of us anywhere. Except providing me comic relief from the monotony of sitting at a desk, so never mind, carry on
  8. No. Christianity forces de-converts into hiding with its cliquish us-vs.-them attitude and attempts to reel "backsliders" back in. You did what you had to do to protect yourself.
  9. Sh** christians have said to you

    Some guy said on the phone that he'd pray for me and wanted me to find Jesus. I would get fired for saying that, however much fun it would be
  10. Sh** christians have said to you

    It was awkward. It was like he'd suddenly announced he was purple and had three horns - totally unrelated to the application or anything else relevant. I answered with the standard "Thank you, sir" and "I appreciate that." Same as I'd respond to any other well-wishing. In my department we're supposed to be pretty robotic, so I wouldn't be allowed to make any conversation about religion.
  11. Sh** christians have said to you

    I was on the phone at work while I did a guy's credit card application, when out of the blue he gave me a speech about how I sounded nervous and he was going to pray for me and he hoped I found our lord and savior Jesus Christ.
  12. Freeeeeee willllllllllllllllllllll!!!!!!!
  13. 10 students' acceptances into Harvard were rescinded after they reportedly made offensive posts on Facebook about rape, the Holocaust and referred to a hanged Mexican child as "piñata time." Given the discussion here about how much personal life should affect employment status, was Harvard's decision appropriate? Colleges are entitled to let in only people who will uphold their institutional character, and of course should reject those who pose a safety threat. Since the students had not yet begun their first semester, the college did not have the same obligation to them as it would have otherwise. Assuming the claims about the posts are true, I'm inclined to sympathize with them on this. But then, I would have to see the posts to know whether they were grounds for rejection. The article seems to be skewed in Harvard's favor as it doesn't offer the context or images contained in the students' comments, and terms like the ones that were used in the posts can set off alarm bells that lead to misleading decisions, although the reference to the hanged child sounds inexcusable. And, of course, should colleges and workplaces be subject to the same ethics regarding privacy? Should social media be a factor in acceptance, rejection, or dismissal? This may come down to needing to see the posts to have a clearer answer. How much control should a university have over students' personal lives?
  14. And inappropriate or dangerous behavior. But other than criminal activities, actions outside of work should not affect employment. What comes after firing people for controversial (note: not harmful or dangerous) actions? How much control should an employer and the government have over one's life? Edit: By "inappropriate," I meant behavior that occurs at work.
  15. Griffin's right to express herself should be taken away because she published a crass photo? Are you serious? If you are, and I really hope you're not, what do you think this would look like? She should be barred from having a career forever? She should no longer be allowed to speak in public, to express an opinion, or to wear any sort of logo or advertisement? Freedom of speech encompasses a wide area. How do you see this being implemented?