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  1. How to enjoy life without the joy of the "Lord"

    Be joyful in the Lord!.........but don't piss him off, because he can be one mean SOB. Have you read the OT & what God did to people that made him mad? There is nothing worse than an all powerful narcissistic Deity with human emotions & an attitude. I'm telling ya to steer clear of that dude.
  2. Another reason to disbelieve

    I believe I read that the 10 commandments, or something similar, were found in Egyptian writings long before anyone ever heard of a guy named Moses. I guess, if that is true, God is a copy Cat & is trying to pass off the commands of Egyptian deities as his own idea.
  3. The start of a wasted life?

    Lots of young people feel called to the ministry, & then later realize it was a mistake and leave. Going into ministry isn't forever unless that's what a person wants, & some do. Being a Priest doesn't mean you will never have sex, it just means you will feel guilty about it & have to do a few Hail Mary's until you get horny again, & then just repeat the proces. I think recent headlines confirm Priest & Nuns still have a normal sex drive, but they don't always satisfy it in normal or even legal way's.
  4. My wife is still a believer. I was able to convince her to get away from fundamentalism & join a mainstream more liberal version of Christianity (Methodist) though. I don't feel a need to destroy anyone's faith as long as they don't get in my face about it. Liberal versions of Christianity tend to be pretty benign. They sort of are like religious country clubs in many ways. As as long as they aren't evangelicals I can co-exist with them.
  5. Why do sites like this one exist if religion is so great? I think most of the major religions have specific sites like this one to support those who want to leave that specific religion. I left the Church of Christ in 2005 & accidentally found a site called Ex-Church of Christ. The c of c is an extreme form of Christian fundamentalism. They take bible literalism to absurd extremes. I'm still active on that site, but I'm not very popular, because I'm not a believer anymore. Folks over there want to find a new version of God, but they aren't into atheism. Jesus is still their best buddy, They just want a more loving version of Jesus. There are similar sites for Mormons, Pentecostals, Catholics, & even Muslims. I assume every major denomination has a support sight for people who want out. This site is kind of a one size fits all which I find really helpful because at the center of this issue is the question, "Does God even exist?" This site deals with that question, while other sites restrict their support by addressing specific issues relative to a specific denomination or version of Christianity , Mormomism, etc. Thanks to the creators of this site. You are providing a valuable service for a lot of traumatized folks who often feel like they are all alone.
  6. Guess who's dead now...

    Pun intended?
  7. Okay, this has got to stop.

    This is clearly part of a bigger plot to take over the world. I think the Borg are behind all of this.
  8. Whoever keeps changing & updating the board has got to stop doing that. I'm in my 70's now & I can barely operate my IPhone. So, please stop moving & renaming the buttons on the board. I have to check my watch to see what day it is. If you think I can keep current on these board changes you are seriously over estimating my technical skills & my over taxed brain that appears to be winding down. I'm beginning to think you guys are prejudiced against old farts who are only trying to hang on. Okay, rants over. You may return to you mundane lives now.
  9. So Painful...

    Mich, former Hoosier here. Your story is one of the more tragic I've read. It took me 40 years to figure out, and then confirm, the Bible, and the Christian Faith, were created by humans. The intense indoctrination religion uses to retain their adherents is truly evil because it's so effective. You've figured out that it's all a mind game & the ones doing the indoctrination are themselves indoctrinated, so they believe it as strongly as those they are indoctrinating. It's an evil circle that is enormously difficult to escape. This is is a good place. You will find help, compassion, & understanding here because we all have similar experiences. I'm so glad you found this site. I remember what a relief it was when I discovered it. Just knowing you aren't alone is in itself a huge relieve. Welcome aboard, you will find lots of helpful folks here.
  10. The author's follow up video. Again, believe it or not.
  11. I'm posting this under the heading "Believe it or Not? Does the U.S. Air Force have a flying triangle? (Flying Saucer) There have been numerous reports of people seeing this vehicle in the night sky, There was even a History Channel documentary about it.
  12. UFO's clearly do exist. They have been tracked on radar, military jets have intercepted them & the pilots have eyeballed them. Commercial pilots have eyeballed them too. There are many videos of them that have been authenticated. I don't personally think they are extraterrestrial. Some sightings are probably optical illusions, misidentified known objects or aircraft, but some remain unidentified. As as a pure guess I think some of these unidentified objects have human origins. Our stealth aircraft existed for a long time without the public knowing about it. I think it is quite possible we have developed some really high tech stuff & the government has been successful in keeping it secret up to now. Some of you folks are acting like a UFO is somthing supernatural. If you acknowledge they exist your creditably will be destroyed. You're safe nobody on the board knows who you are. People ask questions to learn things. Has no one ever told you there is no such thing as a stupid question? People who ridicule others are generally arrogant, insecure, a-holes who lack self confidence. Everyone on planet earth is ignorant about something. That's why people ask questions. I noted, based on reading what actual engineers have written, that it would be difficult for modern engineers to duplicate the pyramids. Meaning to rebuild them they way they were originally constructed. Modern construction methods could rebuild them using modern methods & machinery, but, according to the engineer, that wrote the article they couldn't do it without modern building techniques & machinery. I'm not an engineer so I don't know. Vigile posted a video of a man who figured how to manipulate, construct, & place multi-ton slabs by himself. I was impressed by the video. I learned something new & admitted that. I know now it was possible to build the pyramids by hand with simple hand tools. I asked a question. I was given the answer. I learned something & the new information changed my mind. I think that process is called education.
  13. I acknowledged the video Vigile linked proved ancient cultures could have built the Pyramids. Clearly the ancients were more creative than I believed. I stand corrected.
  14. Vigile, I've watched a number of videos where engineers and physicists offer their theories on how the pyramids were build. None of them resonated with me as practical. The video you posted is amazing and I think this guy is on to something. Like I said, the ancients had to be the most clever humans to ever exists and this video says maybe they were. The video answers one question, but now how did the ancients quarry those slabs and then how did they transport them an estimated 500 miles? And then how did they shape them perfectly. The video shows how they could have lifted and placed them. And then how did cultures all over the planet come up with the same idea, methods, and design at approximately the same time? Setting those questions aside, the guy in the video is one clever dude. And I am admittedly impressed.
  15. Aliens theorist, of course, point to the Pyramids that are found all over the world. What we believe about these ancient cultures would make it impossible to build such massive monolithic structures. Modern engineering methods would be hard pressed to duplicate these structures even with computers & power equipment. It would be impossible to build these structures with the tools we believe the ancients had at that time. Manpower alone cannot quarry, precisely shape, lift, & place a 100 ton slab of rock, much less a million of them. Either the ancients were much more advanced than the evidence indicates, or they were the most clever humans to ever have existed, or they had help of some kind from someplace. Take your pick.