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  1. State of flux

    When it comes to religion there is whacky & then there is dangerous. Unfortunately, it sounds like your husband has crossed the line that separates whacky from dangerous. Attempting to have a rational discussion with a fully brainwashed person is pointless, because they are living in a different reality. If you are convinced your children are at risk then your only choice may be to seek legal assistance. I am sorry to learn of your difficult situation.
  2. Non-religious ranting

    You're right God, she's lucky to walk away with just a stubbed toe. And I'm cool with the beer. You got any particular favorite, or do you create your own? Never mind, I remember now you're just into the wine making business, right? So, ah, what brand of beer do you prefer-Good buddy. (Is that okay to call you good buddy?"
  3. Young Priest Gets Creepy- Bounced

    Asking healthy men & woman to obtain from sex is unrealistic & most of them clearly don't. Sexually frustrated people all to often find ways to relieve their needs in unhealthy & sometimes illegal ways. I often wonder why anyone would want to be a Catholic especially the clergy. I assume most lay people are simply unaware of the history of the Catholic Church.
  4. Breastfeeding is not natural.

    Okay I have an ending that involves chocolate syrup, strawberries, whipped cream, a few sex toys and restraints. I would post it here, but I think I'm going to send it to Kindle and get it published under erotica and make a ton of money. Sorry, you guys will just have to imagine what happened. or wait for the book and buy it.
  5. Same Sex Survey Down Under

    Sounds to me like Australia, like the U.S., is headed for apostasy. Be careful God might smite you guys.
  6. Non-religious ranting

    Careful there Daff, the dude has a temper. He tends to be a smiter when the mood strikes him. You know when he loses it he tends to wipe out a lot of folks at one time. I'm just say'n better safe than sorry. Hey God, me and you are tight now, right? So, Daff's had a bad day so why not give her a break, huh? So can you hold off on that smiting thing you tend to do when you get pissed off? We are like humans, so we have good & bad days, and it seems like you kind'a do too and when you have a bad day it seems you tend to take it out on us humans. And you know, you did create us is it really our fault your design was faulty? Don't lose it dude, I'm just asking a question, that's all. Be cool God, okay?
  7. Non-religious ranting

    Hey God, it's like really cool than you finally decided to show up. I was one of your loyal servants for like 47 years, but I lost faith in ya dude, cause like you never appeared to me, spoke to me, no visions, dreams, no communication at all dude., so can you really blame me for coming to the conclusion that you weren't real. I mean, seriously, how could I, like, not give up on ya man, huh, I mean really. You were really chatty with them OT dudes & then they hung ya on a cross & then like total silence dude for the next two thousand years. But hey, I get it. Being crucified on a cross would really piss me off too, but,, you're like over that now, right? So I was wondering if we could, you know, like, hang out & you know maybe grab a beer & like, you know, chill out and stuff. I was just thinking that, you know, you might want to talk about all the shit that happened to ya, and you know, get it off your chest. I am like really glad you didn't lose it and, you know, destroy the world but I for one wouldn't blame ya if ya did. And maybe that Ghosty friend of yours could joint us for a beer too. I don't want to push your button, or anything like that, but what happened to junior? Well, I suppose he was the one who was actually nailed to that cross. So, I suppose he hasn't gotten over that yet, huh. Well, I can certainly understand that, but tell him he's welcome to join us for beer. And ah, you might want to suggest to him it may be time to start the healing process & maybe just think about forgiving those jerks that crucified him. I know that would be a hard thing to do, but that happened like two thousand years ago. So, ya know, maybe it's time. What'ya say God? Are we good, you wanna hang out or what? I assume you know how to get in touch with me.
  8. Breastfeeding is not natural.

    And then what?........tell me more.........okay, she is goanna get spanked and taken to bed...and then ...and then......I'm assuming there is more to his story, right?
  9. Non-religious ranting

    God is just a couple panels above your post. Throwing big rocks at planets isn't a biggy for God. No harm in asking, right? I for one am thrilled God decided to drop by & chat with us. Kind of like Old Testament times all over again. And then the Holy Spirit dropped by too. These are definitely exciting times.
  10. It would seem someone had way too much time on their hands.
  11. I didn't find much value in that clip. I don't recall anyone on the panel discussing anything about the book the church doesn't want anyone to read. The first comments were about ancient alien astronauts & that seemed to derail the advertised purpose of the panel. They never got back to the book. Not worth the time invested to watch it IMO.
  12. Narcissism and Christianity

    A true narcissist will gravitate towards anything that puts them in the spotlight. They absolutely crave authority, attention, and the admiration of others. Kind of like everybody in Hollywood, huh?
  13. Narcissism and Christianity

    Most narcissist don't realize that they are narcissist. I didn't realize until later in life that I was displaying narcissistic tendencies. I knew I wanted to be in charge of pretty much everything all the time. I also recognized I had a my way or the highway attitude too. An incident happened that caused me to lose a lot of friends and no one had to tell me that it was my fault, because I knew it was. That was a watershed moment in my life. I knew something was wrong with me and I decided I had to find out what it was. As it turns out I'm not a full blown narcissist but I do possess narcissistic tendencies. I started putting two and two together and realized my mother was a narcissists. I've come to believe this is a genetic problem that is passed on to offspring. My daughter, daughter in law, and grandson all exhibit narcissistic tendencies. My DIL is the worst. Unfortunately, there is no cure or therapy or anything else to fix this problem.It basically comes down to self awareness and a personal resolve to control those tendencies. If a person cannot accept the reality that they have narcissistic tendencies that is a strong indication they are over the top narcissistic and there isn't much of anything that can be done to fix them. Those folks end up spending a lot of time alone because other people can't stand to be around them. The positive side of narcissism is that narcissist generally make great leaders specifically because of their over abundant self confidence and take charge attitude. I think every president in recent times has been an over the top narcissists especially our current president. If you have a major company you probably want a strong narcissist to run it for you, but you wouldn't want to work for him/her. Most really successful people have strong narcissists traits, and that is a big reason they are so successful. As for religion Ministers and church leaders often display narcissistic traits. A narcissists craves the spot light and does not like to be told they are wrong about much of anything. A really strong narcissist will explode in rage if challenged about their leadership skills or if someone corrects a mistake they make. I'm certain my narcissistic tendencies had a lot to do with me being an Elder in the Church of Christ. That was a big spot light in the c of c. The Elders ran the show, so being asked to be an Elder was a really big deal. Elders in the c of c were like Jesus personal buddies. We were inspired servants of the Lord Jesus don't ya know. The fact the other Elders never gave me the secret handshake should have been a clue. (Just kidding, there was no secret handshake, or at least I don't think there was.) On the positive side for me, I was self employed and ran a successful small business for 38 years. I had several long time employees so I apparently wasn't a monster to work for. In fact, for some reason correcting the mistakes of others was never a problem for me. I could do that will gentleness and an understanding attitude. Something along the lines of....this is a problem but we can fix it was easy for me to do. The reverse of that unfortunately wasn't true. Don't get in my face and tell me I'm wrong because I would likely go off like a bomb. When I became aware of my narcissists traits dealing with my anger issues took center stage. I'm very happy and proud to say I haven't lost it in a very, very, long time now. I've learned to smile and walk away when I'm challenged now. The fact I'm retired now helps too. I definitely do my best to stay out of the spot light in social situations.
  14. Congrats to Mrs Geezer

    Congrats to Mrs Geezer she has been blessed to have been married to "The Geezer" for 52 years today. She is such a lucky gal!
  15. The University of Memphis 48 UCLA 45 Go Tigers Go! 9/16/17 A Big Upset. Who says there is no God?