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  1. Carrier, Dr. Robert M. Price, & David Fitzgerald are 3 of the best sources for solid historical data that exposes Jesus as a mythical biblical character. Earl Doherty could be included in that list too.
  2. The video is linked in the General Christian Theological Issues, in the topic Secret History of the Bible
  3. Scholars I'd recommend would be Bart Ehrman, Robert M. Price, & David Fitzgerald. Their books are on Amazon & come in kindle additions. There are many more but those 3 have written enough to books to keep you busy for quite awhile. And the video I referenced is worth 2 hours of your time.
  4. The simple answer to your original question is that historical evidence validates that God, Jesus, The Bible & Christianity all have human origins. The Bible is a collection of theological myths, Jesus is a fictional character in a fictional story, & the Roman's are responsible for the survival of Christianity. I can refer you to a host of religious scholars & their books or you can watch a 2 hour YouTube video The Secret History of the Bible.
  5. Historians date the writing of the gospels from post 70 AD to as late as the second century. Apologist date them earlier for obvious reasons. In the case of predicting the destruction of Jerusalem it's much easier to predict something that has already happened. The second big problem is that there is significant historical evidence that strongly suggest the Jesus of the gospels wasn't a real person. He was more than likely a fictional character in a fictional story, but I realize believers have to overcome a lot of intense indoctrination in order to accept the findings of historians.
  6. The video noted the biggest difference between Christianity & all the other mystery religions was the creation of a church. The idea of a church was new & unique to Christianity. The church is where the power & authority of Christianity resides. Being baptized into Mithra was done by digging a pit. Mithra believers were placed in the pit & then the blood of a sacrificial bull was poured over them. In Christianity, of course, a believer is baptized into Christ. The waters of baptism being the symbolic blood of Christ. Christian baptism originally required the believer to be completely immersed under the water & many groups still require this method. An example of the similarities between the 2 religions. There are, of course, many more.
  7. Christianity is similar to a number of other ancient religions, so similiar in fact that the early church fathers had to address those similarities. I'm familiar with Mithraism but not all the details of it. I think the videos comparisons with other ancient religions, including Mithras, may have been exaggerated. Similarities certainly exist but the video may have overstated those similiarities. Other ancient religions certainly were not exact replicas of the gospel story but those religions likely were the basis for the gospel story. Aside from this issue I thought the video was pretty accurate.
  8. Lots of posts have been made on this site referencing various religious historians and what their research has exposed about the Bible. This is a long video, but well worth the time invested to watch it. It pretty much condenses all the books I've read about problems with the bible down to a few minutes of video, but none of the content is lost. And for those that still fear hell and the devil it also exposes the origins of Satan. And he wasn't evil in the beginning. If you think the bible is in some way true, then you need to watch this video.
  9. When bad things happen to a Christian it's because God if testing them. Kind of like Job. God is just checking to make sure you're going to trust Him during the bad times too. It's just God's way of making a believer stronger & more dependent. Trust & obey, just trust & obey & everything will be okay.
  10. The crucifixion never happened. It was just one of many fictional events written in the Gospel. David Fitzgerald, among other Bible scholars, shows in his his books Nailed, 10 Christian Myths that prove Jesus never existed & also in another book Jesus, Mything In Action explains why Jesus trial & crucifixion could never have happened the way the gospel tells it. Jesus was not actually guilty of any capital offense, and if he did comment blasphemy, which he didn't according to Jewish law, the punishment required stoning to death not crucifixion. Just more evidence that shows the Gospel is a fictional story with fictional characters & whoever made it up clearly didn't know anything about Judaism.
  11. What you've experienced, both being part of Christianity & leaving it, is pretty typical. Lots of good information on this site. I hope you stay awhile & get to know some of us.
  12. 1. I've leaned in my 70+ years on this planet to never say never. 2. Why are His followers are such judgmental, self-righteous, demonizing hypocrites? ............... Because they believe the Bible is true. Those that believe the Bible is true and read it are almost guaranteed to be come judgmental, self-righteous, demonizing hypocrites? How could they not?
  13. Apologist are academics that are responsible for defending the faith. I like to compare them to defense attorney's. A defense attorney's job is to provide a defense for his client. The attorney doesn't care if the client is guilty or not. It's his job to challenge the evidence against his client, reframe and/or reinterpret it to the clients benefit. A good defense attorney is a master of the English language because that is his best weapon. A defense attorney isn't required to be honest or play fair. It is his job to confuse the jury, parse words, & reinterpret the evidence to offer other theories to prove the strong evidence against the client is false because it means somthing entirely different that what common sense dictates it means. A prosecutors job, on the other hand, is to fact check the defense attorney's theories & correctly identify & interpret the evidence. I like to compare religious historians to prosecutors. It's the historians job to fact check apologist & expose their lies & false assumptions. I would encourage you to read true bible scholars (historians) like Bart Ehrman. He writes to average people, so his books are easy to read. The Bible is simply not literally true much less historically accurate. It has been edited, redacted, & rewritten many times over. The stories in the bible both old & new testaments are fiction as are the characters in them Ehrman's books can be found on Amazon & they come in kindle additions too. I can offer you lots of good historians to read if you're interested. And welcome aboard. You will find lots of like minded folks here.
  14. I'm trying to remember what it was like when I first left Christianity. I suppose it's different for each of us because all of our situations are different. I had already started my study and research into the historical critical bible scholarship before I made the decision to walk away from religion. I'm sure the many years I'd been a member of the Church of Christ (A group that takes biblical literalism to the extreme) was a major factor in the process I used to be convinced Christianity and the Church of Christ were false man made religions. I'd already recognized my "faith" was tied more to the Bible being true than any belief I may have had in God or Jesus. Well, being that it was the Church of Christ, I'd have to add Paul to that list. The Church of Christ in reality worships the Bible first, then God, then Paul, and then Jesus fits in there somewhere. Essentially, even I recognized my faith was tied to the Bible being factually true and accurate. Once I'd been exposed to enough evidence to be convinced the Bible is nothing more than a collection of myths, legends, and folklore that had been edited, redacted, and completely rewritten more times than there are even words in it (and that part of my de-conversion took years of study) then I was done with Christianity and religion in general. And that event was pretty much a light switch epiphany. I was a believer and then pretty much in the next second I wasn't a believer anymore. And I've never regretted my decision or has any second thoughts. I'm sure, after reading so many de-conversion stories, my experience was unusual because I put so much effort and emphasis in studying the bible from a historical critical perspective first. And because I did that all of my questions had been answered by the time I hit the eject button. I see so many new folks, that have or are about to leave their religion, post lots of Biblical text wanting to discuss it's meaning. And of course the continuing fear of hell is common among that group too. Hopefully I'm not being judgmental here, but it seems to me, at least some of them, have decided to leave their faith before they thought that decision out as thoroughly as they probably should have. My unsolicited advice would be, if you have doubts about leaving, then you probably aren't ready to make that decision. And if you do not know exactly why you are no longer a believer then you probably aren't ready to leave either. Leaving your faith, in my opinion, is one of the most important and difficult decisions most believers will ever make in their life. The consequences of walking away from your faith is often much more complex and more painful than many realize until it's too late. And even though your group would probably take you back, don't kid yourself it will never be the same as before you left. They will tell you they "forgive" you but they really won't. Once you leave your only hope of going back to your faith will require a completely new start in another church and probably in another community. Therefore, when you make the decision to leave your faith make sure you've thought that through and you know exactly why you're leaving and you're committed to shutting that door behind you and locking it forever. Once you pull the trigger you can't get that bullet back.
  15. I am a strong advocate for education. Indoctrination is an essential element in religion & indoctrination is a trait associated with cults. And that is why many religious scholars refer to Christianity as a cult. I don't think it's sufficient to say the Bible & hell isn't true. There is plenty of scholarly evidence that confirms it isn't true. I think it's essential to know for certain it isn't true or it's going to be difficult to walk away & stay away. And that seems to be especially true for those who continue to believe hell is a real place.