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  1. I was in the Navy so I know how difficult it is to become a pilot. That was a really stupid way to end a career & that will follow the pilot into civilian life.
  2. UPDATE ON MR. ag_NO_stic!

    I'm pleased to learn you're making progress. Congrats!
  3. Thoughts About Sin

    You're a hoot, yeah that's what you are Fuego. A hoot. (If you're a fan of Boston Legal you'll understand)
  4. Too Many Doubts, Too Many Questions

    Great testimony there TMD. It sounds like you've got your act together. Welcome aboard, glad you found this site.
  5. Stossel: Who Owns Your Body

    I agree that a person should be able to do whatever they want with their body. Religion wants to force their beliefs & laws on the general public and they have been successfully doing that for thousands of years. It would be nice to see that come to an end. Freedom of religion is also a guarantee of freedom from religion, but religious people don't seem to realize that.
  6. Should guys shave down there?

    I actually watched all the videos in that bunch. I think because of the strong Christian influence in this country and especially the South, men and woman don't discuss all the aspects of sex such a favorite positions, oral, anal, what each partner likes and doesn't like, foreplay, grooming etc. Christianity has had such a negative influence on sex that I think way too many people are too embarrassed to have an adult conversation about their sexual needs and desires with their partner. I noticed in one of the videos that several woman said they liked rough sex. I don't think the average guy would think about asking his partner if she wanted rough sex and if he did he might not know exactly what she wants him to do even after she tells him. I think he might fear that he could be arrested. Maybe, even hopefully, the younger generation is more open to discuss their sexual needs and desires with their partner than my generation was. When I was growing up I never even heard the word sex in my home and my father was an atheists. Sex was a taboo subject back then. It simply wasn't discussed in mixed company. Sex was thought to be sinful, dirty, and vulgar except within marriage. Sex was taboo, vulgar, and disgusting until marriage and then it magically became something wonderful and beautiful. Yeah, well, I'm certain it didn't work that way for millions of couples. And even after marriage everyone knew Jesus was watching you having sex and listening to what you were saying. Lights out, missionary position, under the sheets, no nasty words or weird positions allowed because Jesus is taking notes and everyone knew those kind of things would be brought up again at the final judgement. And that kind of stuff could get you a one way ticket straight to hell. I think Jesus permits newly weds to have sex up to three times a week, but that diminishes over time until older married couples with grown children are only permitted to have sex once or twice a year-and no funny business allowed. At that age you don't want to trade your chance of going to heaven for a quick orgasms because that might upset Jesus. It would be sad, at that stage of your life, to see Jesus tearing up your ticket to heaven and throwing it in the trash just because you exceeded your orgasm limit.
  7. I have not experienced anything like that, but religion is all about emotion so I can see what you're talking about. When I think about extreme displays of emotion in religion I connect that with the Pentecostal faith. I've seen video of their services. Screaming, rolling around on the floor, fainting, and speaking in tongues is an example of extreme emotional indoctrination. I think you're talking about something other than that, but that kind of emotion is what comes to my mind when I think of extreme displays of emotion. When it comes to romance some people are very romantic and affectionate, while others are not. If two outwardly romantic and affectionate people fall in love I imagine the sparks fly and their relationship is very sensual and loving. I have a hard time finding anything bad about being with a romantic and affectionate person. I think having sex without the romance and affection would almost be like a business arrangement.
  8. Thoughts About Sin

    Correct. You are very perceptive.
  9. Thoughts About Sin

    But there is no evidence any of those you've listed are real. They only exist in the minds of believers.
  10. As I said in a previous post, the hidden truth about the Bible & the Christian Faith is easily accessible. Historians have peer reviewed documented evidence that reveal the truth about both the Bible & the Christian Faith. If you don't feel like investing the time or money to read the books they've written condensed versions are available on YouTube. Assuming you investigate what historians have discovered then you will have to decide whether the historians or the apologists are speaking the truth. Yale University school of religion posts all of their professors lectures on YouTube. Each class runs about 48 minutes. Both the OT & NT are covered as well as relevant ancient history and all of that is free. If you check that out you will discover the professors are teaching what folks here are telling you. To see these lectures go to YouTube and search Yale courses religion.
  11. Education is the key. I assume you are aware there are two approaches to religion. One is apologetics aka "defending the faith". Basically an apologist job is to convince people that the group they represent has the right beliefs, they worship God correctly, and their traditions are pleasing to God. Each group of the estimated 40,000 versions of present day Christianity has their own "apologist." I personally refer to apologist as professional liars. They are experts when it comes to parsing words and inventing interpretations of scripture that validates their particular groups beliefs. The other approach to religion is called the historical critical perspective. This is the historical approach to religion and their sacred text. I call historians fact checkers because that is essentially what they do. This option, in my opinion, is the only way to study religion. Historians are very good when it comes to separating fact from fiction and religion is virtually all fiction. Heaven and Hell have human origins and their purpose is obvious. Religion is based on a rewards punishment agenda. The reward (heaven) is the inducement to get new followers and to keep them. The punishment is (hell) and it's purpose is to scare believers and make them easier to control. Do what we say and believe what we tell you or God will burn you alive in hell forever. It's all man made bullshit. There is no heaven or hell. When we die we go to sleep and just never wake up. There isn't anything else. Bart Ehrman is a good scholar to read when it comes to exposing the Bible as a very flawed man made collection of writings. The Bible is a collection of fictional stories with fictional characters. Jesus and Paul were both likely literary figures and the stories about them are fictional. Youtube has a lot of information if you prefer that to reading books. Dr. Bart Ehrman, Dr. Robert M Price, Dr. Richard Carrier are a few historians I'd recommend. They all have a number of videos on youtube. In a nutshell all religions are man made and their stories are pure fiction. Don't sweat it Borticus hell does not exist. You are wise in that you recognize that you've been indoctrinated. Oh yeah, welcome aboard. I'm sure you'll find this site very helpful and informative. Atheists are some of the best informed people on the planet when it comes to the bible and the Christian faith. (That's why they are atheists)
  12. Has God gotten nicer over the years?

    Both heaven & hell are man made concepts. Religion needed a reward to lure people in, thus heaven was created. They also need a way to control people, thus hell was created. Both concepts were necessary & have proven to be very effective.
  13. Has God gotten nicer over the years?

    The Gnostic Marcion, and possible creator of Christianity, believed & taught there are 2 different Gods. Marcion believed the tyrannical God of the OT could not possibly have also been the loving, gracious, forgiving God of the NT. Marcion believed and taught this NT God was a different more powerful God that was superior to the OT God. Marcion referred to this NT God as the unknown God. Marcion Churches were much more numerous than the orthodox Catholic Churches in the 2nd century until the Catholic Church excommunicated Marcion as a heretic for believing & teaching there are 2 Gods.
  14. Yeah, well as I recall the Apostle Paul thought the world was going to end soon too, but he was wrong. Either that or the word soon means something very different to God.