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  1. #21.28: The Failure of Revelation

    This was a fun episode to watch. I especially enjoyed their discussion with Joe, which was very entertaining.
  2. One Word Game

  3. Wanting To Screw A Christian

    It looked like Jesus was giving him a soulgasm.
  4. Welcome to the site. I'm glad that you were able to free yourself from the teachings of Islam and Christianity. It's good being able to think for yourself isn't it?
  5. Yearly update - short hand version

    It is amazing how well you have done with the martial arts and your channel on Twitch is fun to watch. It seems like it would be a lot of fun to do that. Hopefully you get to earn royalties from streaming soon. Based on the amount of new followers you gained just today, I'd say you will get there soon.
  6. Original Sin

    I took the time to think this topic through a bit more and I do not at all see how the sacrifice of Jesus determines whether Yahweh does what is right because it’s right, or whether he does whatever he wants and then calls it right. Here are my reasons why: Right from the start, Adam and Eve were set up to fail in Eden, with your god ALREADY KNOWING how the situation would turn out. He knew beforehand that they would disobey and eat the forbidden fruit, resulting in death and the sinful nature programming that everyone is allegedly born with, making it impossible to resist the temptation to sin on our own. This means that regardless of our will, we cannot be anything but pieces of trash in the eyes of “God” and we are condemned merely for existing. Yahweh then arbitrarily decides that sin is deserving of death as a punishment. Using Jesus to atone for every sinful act committed by every human as a result of their programming to sin, does not demonstrate that Yahweh is righteous. It instead demonstrates that Jesus was nothing more than a scapegoat, with the sins of everyone else pinned on him to appease Yahweh’s sadism. If Jesus was indeed somehow “God in the flesh”, then the body of Jesus was merely a puppet being controlled by Yahweh and since Yahweh is supposedly a god and cannot die, then he sacrificed NOTHING. When you look at it closely and are actually open to questioning what the Bible is saying, you will see that Yahweh is responsible for his creations having a programming to disobey him. Not only that, but by sacrificing Jesus, he is then offering the cure for the disease he gave everyone (but only if they worship and obey him without question) and then threatening a punishment worse than death for those who either do not accept the cure or do not even believe that it exists. Stranger, I realize that you will likely never see it the way that I do and that is okay, but in the end, your god’s actions in the Bible only make him look more like a malevolent dictator and less like a loving father. You have failed to demonstrate to any of us that your god is actually righteous, let alone that he actually exists. “The Bible says so” and “God said so” are not adequate reasons for any of us to conclude that any of your assertions are correct. The errors in the Bible that Citsonga has pointed out in the “salvation from Hell” thread, such as the contradictions and the dishonesty of the gospels' authors, who took verses out of context and used them to invent prophecies that were never there, only serve to demonstrate that it is highly unlikely that any sort of god inspired the Bible. It is clear that Christianity is a religion of fear with the sole purpose of being used to control other people. It is also clear that it was humans who arbitrarily decided which Christian writings were “God’s Word” and then put them together for their own reasons. If you have evidence that your god played a role in that process, then show it to us, otherwise, you’re wasting your time here.
  7. Original Sin

    When you get back on, I would like to know what it is that you have learned.
  8. Original Sin

    I didn't think it through as well as I should have with that first response, but I think I fixed it. Hopefully what I was thinking has been put into words that make more sense.
  9. Original Sin

    What exactly did he even sacrifice? Dying a painful death and then coming back to life again is not a sacrifice. God/Jesus didn't lose anything.
  10. Original Sin

    How is that even a sacrifice? A brief moment of suffering followed by becoming god isn't a sacrifice. It is merely a brief inconvenience.
  11. Original Sin

    How do you know that what he does is right, rather than just doing what he wants because he can and then calling it right?
  12. Original Sin

    It seems that Stranger is unwilling to give you a straight answer to your question. It shouldn't be that difficult to say, "If God had chosen to do it that way, his command would have been righteous". It could be that he doesn't respond that way because we could reach the conclusion on our own that his god would have been righteous (only if we assume that "God" is always righteous, as Stranger claims) in doing things in the ways described in your hypothetical scenario, BAA. If everything "God" does is righteous, then it would be reasonable to assume that if he had done things differently, it would still have been righteous, even if those different ways he could have acted would have been worse. If we did assume that everything "God" has done or might do is righteous, then we would have to wonder just what exactly makes this "God" righteous. If the only reason is that might = right, then admitting such a thing would be very difficult for a Christian, I imagine. It certainly doesn't make their god sound any better to admit such a thing. This could be another reason for his failure to provide a straight answer to your question.
  13. You completely ignored the fact that the person these verses are describing is intended to be ruler over Israel and defeat the Assyrians. Mica 5:2 and 5:3 are clearly not about Jesus.
  14. But all of his points are very important because they expose everything that is wrong in the Bible, demonstrating that it is NOT the "Word of God", but only of men. If you truly knew "the truth" as you claim to, then you would have a response and be able to demonstrate to us how Citsonga's points are wrong.