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  1. But all of his points are very important because they expose everything that is wrong in the Bible, demonstrating that it is NOT the "Word of God", but only of men. If you truly knew "the truth" as you claim to, then you would have a response and be able to demonstrate to us how Citsonga's points are wrong.
  2. I am quite interested in seeing what Stranger has to say in response to posts 537 - 544, which Citsonga posted.
  3. Based on everything that Stranger has said so far, I get this idea that in his version of reality, his god creates living things for his own personal entertainment, rather than because he has any love for them. It is as if we're all just puppets playing out some show, with "God" pulling the strings all for giggles. It's as if he is going through a list of the people he plans to create and then groups them all into two groups. The people in Group A are his chosen people who will get to live in Heaven, kissing his ass forever, while those in Group B are created for the sole purpose of being sent to Hell. For all of these people, no amount of effort could ever get them into one group or the other, they are simply destined for a purpose before they ever exist. For all of those people in Group B, there could be many that at one time in their lives had a sincere belief in this Almighty Psychopath, but despite the intensity of their faith and all of their efforts to seek him, their faith never bears any fruit simply because they were not chosen to be in Group A before they were born. If such a creature truly is God, then there can be no hope because that would mean that we are here for his own personal entertainment and no other reason, despite the word games he plays with his "prophets" and their scriptures.
  4. The people that have not been predestined to be "His" will never be saved because he never intended them to be saved. Those individuals were created for no reason other than to be damned. These people also cannot save themselves through any means, no matter how hard they try. Do you agree with this?
  5. Lol, the moment those ushers arrived and tried to get me to go anywhere, I'd have said, "I was stretching you dumb asses. Fuck off."
  6. My username here on this site was already taken, but I joined discord. ex-C: crazyguy123 discord: crazyguy1234 Not much of a change, but it works lol.
  7. If you're not a believer, but know the Bible better than most Christians........ then you might be an ex-Christian!
  8. Imagine how many more people could be saved if he made himself to known to everyone before the day of judgment, by offering those who are unable to rely on faith the evidence that we need. I guarantee that if he offered to us all of the evidence we need, that the vast majority of, if not all of, the members of would believe again. We might not willingly bow down to him right away, but eventually we would develop Stockholm syndrome and go back to being Christians again. The speed at which such a thing occurred would vary. It seems like he only makes himself known to the gullible (but not in any detectable way, it's just a feeling of being certain about something, which can be wrong, and it gives believers the illusion of having special knowledge), but to the critical thinkers out there, he simply chooses to remain hidden from them and roasts them merely for not being gullible enough. Once again, how do you know that Yahweh hasn't always been the devil all along? What if you are deceived by this "God" you worship and do not know it?
  9. In that case, it would be best if he never left.
  10. Those verses are only assertions and cannot be true unless they are backed up with evidence. As far as I can tell, they don't demonstrate anything, but serve only to make believers think that their belief is special and that it somehow has been given to them. It is an extraordinary claim made by fallible humans that can be wrong or are simply lying. It requires extraordinary evidence for me to believe that they are correct. I realize that this is not the case for you, which is fine, but as a result, there is not much more that I can add to the discussion. I would say that at this point, everything we have each said should be left to the lurkers on this site to do with as they feel best, whether it leads them to or away from Christianity.
  11. I must ask, how exactly does your religious belief have more validity than others, merely because it requires faith without any effort in order to obtain its promised afterlife? How does it make your religious belief more true?