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  1. If they never see the signal again in the same location I would expect the mystery will never be solved.
  2. Result of global flood on air pressure

    I'm with you on this one. The atmosphere would all be above sea level and the atmospheric pressure would be dependent on its thickness as it is now. The temperature would not be below the sea temperature on average, but could be hotter depending primarily on the extent of solar radiation and cloud cover as it is now.
  3. More like the low-level functioning brain of an individual who is blind to alternative ideas relating to areas of thought where that person has been indoctrinated and brainwashed. This condition has been called by many "dumbassism." This condition could be a phase lasting only a few months or years, or it might be a condition that could last for a decade or even a lifetime unless educated ideas start to penetrate a numb scull. Sometimes a well trusted person with alternative ideas is able to convince the individual that hedging might be wise, accomplished by the individual studying alternative ideas in case the individual's own convictions become less certain some day.
  4. 200 Environmentalists Were Murdered Last Year

    Wow, having children? Who knew Haven't heard environmental activists harping on this one yet. Having maybe 1 or 2 children should be OK, right, otherwise humanity having no children at all would mark the end of humanity, but a big win for the environment?
  5. Fwee would have a lot of competition if he really wanted to go on a one-way trip to Mars. "One-Way Mars Colony Project draws 200,000 volunteers." Mars One Foundation non-profit venture. The funny part about it is that there could be no guarantees of any kind other than they will try to send them off on a one way trip to Mars hoping to get them there safely, land safely, use the spacecraft or build or bring a shelter of some kind, etc. Hope that one can find water and grow food, etc. etc. etc. A huge risk with a promise of no return? "The best laid plans of mice and men .........."?.still 200,000 volunteers but only 40 final candidates will be chosen to undergo astronaut training for a number of years, and only 4 "lucky candidates" would be the first to go on this one way trip. I hope at least one of the first 4 chosen will be a woman
  6. 200 Environmentalists Were Murdered Last Year

    Environmentalists are mostly well-meaning people. The problem is when you are an activist that endangers peoples livelihood or pocketbooks you are doing something very dangerous since those who feel endangered can strike back to the extent of causing injury or murder.
  7. As for me, just a small portion of the military budget of the US and other countries, and/ or mutual co-operation could get us there "tomorrow." That would be one of my campaign promises if I were elected president of somewhere The sad fact is that many or most don't care that much about it and are not willing to pay for it. Yes, in the US maybe the majority would rather see NASA get the money than an increased "defense" budget.
  8. I want to get to Mars too, ASAP, but the possible part of the ASAP is always budget dependent. If not I expect man would have already been to Mars and would be presently colonizing it. The US probably could have done it as well as Russia, and Europe may also have been able to go there by now, but none were willing to pay the huge cost of it. The present well-being of the people is usually a higher budget priority for all of these countries. Since there is a new budget every year in most countries, I think this is just NASA's way of pointing out that their budget, as usual, is not enough to presently plan in detail for a manned Mars visit, a "gentle" reminder to the White house and congress that more funds will be needed annually to accomplish this goal. .
  9. Nice. It is great to listen to multiple sides of a science issue, especially when it is available from a respectable source. Prevailing theory, by its zealous promotion, is often a disservice to science by squashing other points of view, alternative ideas and hypothesis, not considering other possibilities, dismissing contradictions without consideration, mainstream publishers dismissing out-of-hand papers reaching alternative conclusions, etc.
  10. Ice Age Conundrum: Factors Contributing...

    Interesting stuff. There are a number of theories related to natural, regular cyclical climate changes over the many dozens of millennia but this model in the link more relates to probably unpredictable cycles of cometary pollution, really Cool !!!! As to the disappearance of very large ice age animals, one of the most accepted possibilities is that the first men in the Americas crossing from the Bearing straight, during their proliferation in the Americas, ate these big animals into extinction.
  11. Natural Global warming and cooling involves many cycles often involving scores of thousands of years. Man-made additions to global warming is the real question. Human pollutants can block the sun and reflect heat via smog as well as producing atmospheric particulates and gases that can absorb heat. Scientists are paid to find problems; if they don't they may not be able to keep their job. Some of their work is not controversial such as controlling the extent of smog. This is certainly a human health and pollution problem rather than just a global warming issue.
  12. This is assuming that Martian Life would be based upon DNA with a similar construction as life here on Earth. I do expect it will be related to life here on Earth if it had the same origin. But 2030 sounds like a time frame where to bring it back "alive" would be much easier than reconstructing it here on Earth from its DNA profile IMO.
  13. Sometimes Weird Shit Really Does Happen

    There are only a couple of dozen known ringed galaxies according to what I have read. I expect they are all within our local Virgo super-cluster to be able to observe such detail. It might be realized that there may be two or three times more ringed galaxies at these same distances but their observation angle may not be adequate for our realization concerning what kind of galaxy they really are. Ones that are almost clearly orthogonal to our line of site, as the one posted by BAA, are not only very rare but more beautiful from our perspective. As to the hypotheses concerning how such galaxies may have been formed may be interesting with a possibility of being valid, but IMO such hypotheses are hardly better than pure speculation.
  14. Nice, it could be valid, but, satellites produce data which humans interpret. The exact same data, for instance, has been used to support the extremely well-known hypothesis of global warming, as well as the little-known hypothesis of global cooling -- that is also real, if not valid, which can also be found on the internet
  15. Very excellent, but a little bit too long, but