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  1. How to save 51 Billion Lives for $0.68.

    Yeah, I saw these inventions a few years back. Manufacturing really inexpensive lab equipment for field work in Africa, India, Bangladesh, etc., for the poorest countries and peoples around the world to save lives by enabling proper diagnoses of diseases then providing correct medications for those who need them. --------simple but great inventions.
  2. The great nutrient collapse

    The amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is .04 percent, not 4 percent, but 4 parts per 10,000 by volume, or 400 parts per million. Not very much. Yes, a little bit more can make a difference in temperature, so it has been asserted, but plants thrive on CO2 that all can observe based upon their faster growth when they border freeways, if they get enough water. Their argument of reduced nutrition from increased growth is possible, but IMO the difference in nutrition, if valid, would be small and nothing to be concerning about in the foreseeable future, nothing at all like the harbinger statement "great nutrient collapse."
  3. This cooperation between single celled bacteria appears to be the beginnings of cooperative same-cell behavior in animal organs like skin cells, the same kinds of cells with different functions, maybe even cooperative behaviors of ants within an ant colony, for that matter. Evolution has created amazing instinctive cooperative behaviors.
  4. This is cool in that they might find some new genera and species of plants and animals within a unique ecosystem. This is important information in that many moons, as well as one or more minor planets in our solar system, have water ice as a major component of their makeup, usually on their surfaces. Below that many are believed to have oceans of water, whether brackish or not. Some have volcanism as well as tidal heating if they orbit close enough to a larger body. These factors produce heat. Heat, a source of energy, and water are the primary ingredients necessary for life here on Earth, and could likely be the ingredients for life elsewhere in our solar system or other stellar planetary systems. So we do not always have to look solely at the Goldilocks zone of a stellar system as being the only possibility for life in that system.
  5. A "SEX WITCH"......

    Sounds like she's trying to sidestep prostitution laws. If she is successful without getting busted then I would expect others to do the same thing for the same reason, MONEY. I have no problem with it
  6. Ah, too bad. I hoped the signal would have had more exotic explanations such as real FRB's (fast radio bursts), GRB's (gamma ray bursts) absorbed by the atmosphere then re-emitted at a lower frequency, etc. But it's cool that scientists figured it out quickly enough to quell further wild speculation.
  7. Crash course in science

    Concerning Evolution theory, contrarian scientists do not specialize in evolution theory. Evolution theory is vastly encompassing, covering many aspects of a number of different and divergent sciences. For instance, the theory of natural selection has a mountain of evidence to support it. No respected theorist specializing in this field would ever disagree with the general theory of it. But Evolution theory as a whole has a vast reaching scope, which includes many disputable hypotheses. This fact does not detract at all from the theory itself since hypothesis can change over time without affecting the parent theory itself, concerning its validity. As to the Concordance model of the Big Bang, not only are its primary hypothesis in question, Inflation, dark matter and dark energy, the theory itself has been questioned by theorists concerning an expanding universe, and a universe beginning about 14 billion years ago. There is a wide difference of opinion involving theorists proposing other possibilities and competing theories. And countless other proposals. Although all of these theorists do not necessarily agree with each other, they all agree that the Big Bang model is probably wrong.
  8. Crash course in science

    Very good video concerning the scientific method, but IMO there is a problem with the astronomy video. Although very good in general, it ended by describing the Big Bang Theory as fact. A small minority of scientists in the field of cosmology around the world, believe the Big Bang model is wrong. Such alternative theorists do not agree with each other necessarily, but all of these theorists agree that the Big Bang theory is not fact.
  9. I believe, as you and your link imply, that the ball is slowly rolling in the "none" direction.
  10. Technical Paper on the Fine-Tuned Universe Argument

    IMO The problem with the fine tuning argument that we see coming from scientists, is that many scientists believe that the conditions of the universe could have been different. On the other hand, according to related theory that I promote, all of the possible variables in the universe, forces, energies, matter, etc. all are dependent on each other. If this is true then our singular universe could only exist in one condition, the one that we observe. No other possibilities would exist and the fine tuning arguments, whether coming from religion, philosophy, or science, as the one discussed in the link above, would accordingly all be bogus.
  11. I knew I wasn't a Nun, but didn't know I was a "none." Very interesting. Good article. My opinion is that the Christian, Jewish, and Buddhist non-religious movements are gaining momentum, but such a secular movement in Islam will probably take awhile. As you also suggest it will probably not be soon, not within the next, maybe 50 years concerning a similar movement as we presently see concerning other religions.
  12. Technical Paper on the Fine-Tuned Universe Argument

    Yeah, the cosmos fine tuned for life is generally a religions argument in that, according to the Abrahamic religions, God created the cosmos and other life generally for man's sake. I do know of theorists who have discussed fine-tuning, but, I myself consider fine-tuning a bogus argument with no meaning to it concerning science.
  13. Yes, interesting. I know a theorist who seems to specialize in these FRB's (fast radio bursts). I'll have to give him a hollar and see what his latest opinions are. To put the timeline of these FRB's in perspective, three billion light years distant means the bursts occurred about 3 billion years ago. During the time of these bursts only viruses and single celled life existed on Earth. It took another billion years after these bursts for multi-cellular life to evolve on Earth.
  14. Questions about Cosmogony and Cosmology

    No, no conspiracy at all. Inflation was a good attempt to save what I believe to be an ill-fated theory along with all of its hypotheses.
  15. Questions about Cosmogony and Cosmology

    Happy Labor Day my friend. If you were employed to develop an ad hac hypothesis to explain presently observed anomalies, wouldn't you consider what might be observed in the future, not only what is currently being observed? If you were good at what you were doing then your ad hac hypothesis would last for awhile and not be easily or readily refutable.