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  1. Trolling seems to be extent of the exchange on this website, peace out.
  2. Would love to stick to facts, but these trolls have nothing to respond with except personal attacks which I am more than happy to dish back at them. Secularism and Liberalism gets you castigated by default on this site, its pathetic.
  3. The Source of DNC Corruption: Debt

    You won't hear it, only happening in small numbers in like 2 or 3 cities. Not a big deal at all, just rightwing sources trying to attack the character of liberal voters.
  4. The Source of DNC Corruption: Debt

    It was reported on the headline as if this will be all liberals. These feminists are extreme to the Left and make a nuisance all the time, and they are not representative of all Liberals. I prefer countering rightwing trolls with facts, rather than screaming in the streets. Didn't think I would need to do that on an Ex-Christian site, but it appears little changed with your politics after deconverting.
  5. The Source of DNC Corruption: Debt

    Of course not, but Daily Caller and Washington Times are perhaps the worst offenders. The fact that you don't know that, reveals how much of an ignoramus you really are. Bet this is new information for you too.
  6. The Source of DNC Corruption: Debt

    Washington Times too, Jesus you really like your rightwing nut job sources, what's next Brietbart?
  7. The Source of DNC Corruption: Debt

    Every time someone disagrees with you morons you cry triggered, as I said earlier, typical rightwing troll behavior. I state my opinion clearly and freely, you and BO are the ones playing games. Notably where you find yourselves playing the role of the troll.
  8. The Source of DNC Corruption: Debt

    When do you ever respond to the substance of my material, and it is not my prerogative to refute every alt-right source cited on the internet, I just point it out so other sane people can take note. Here you go again with the age fetish too, very weird.
  9. The Source of DNC Corruption: Debt

    What a funny joke, I'm twelve. How about go fuck yourself and your alt-right sources.
  10. I've had plenty of life under my belt, but apparently being widely read is now the precondition to being a brainwashed buffoon. Contrary to our current president who boasts of his ignorance, everything is backwards now simply because one side is more belligerent.
  11. The Source of DNC Corruption: Debt

    Citing the alt-right Daily Caller now, we see what comes up in your search results.
  12. The Source of DNC Corruption: Debt

    They were used interchangeably by ignorant Republican administrations during the Cold War. They are not the same thing, and should not be used interchangeably.
  13. The Source of DNC Corruption: Debt

    LOL look at you defending Trump's "real estate" business, Trump is into the licensing business where after all his businesses failed and had to be taken over by state appointment. He then turned to signing up to have his name on many properties, and many other organizations in order to try and get any money he could. Trump University is a good example of their quality, and you're a good example of the quality of a Trump supporter.
  14. The Source of DNC Corruption: Debt

    I responded to the article, you ignored that rebuttal. Socialism and Communism are not interchangeable, Communism is the Russian promoted internationalist approach, called the Common Turn which took the name from Marx's Communist Manifesto. Marx thought the solution to Capitalism was some kind of workers take over of the means of production and his mathematical models. He was hardly the first Socialist political philosopher either, nor the last, so saying that the Russian failure is an interchangeable expression is ignorance on your part.
  15. The Source of DNC Corruption: Debt

    Ex-C is dominated by rightwing trolls, its official.