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  1. Maybe god causes the talks because he knows disaster is about to strike. Or maybe we live in a random universe where infinite possibilities exist and therefore, by simple dint of probability, talks and disasters occassionally coincide by pure chance.
  2. Could we maybe not use the N word?
  3. Job also sought an audience with god. god showed up in a hurricane and told Job he had no right to question god or his "will". Do you think you are more special to god than Job, who was called "righteous" by god himself? If so, you may add pride and arrogance to the litany of sins of which you are already guilty.
  4. It's not as unlikely as you might think. A lot of scenarios similar to this happened in both Bosnia and Kosovo during the 1990s. Christians from Serbia attempted to rid their land of the Muslim hordes and horror and atrocity ensued. Of course, our resident apologists would tell us to believe that they weren't "real" Christians; but I've also heard one or two of said apologists calling for Muslim blood over the years on this very website. Perhaps, Joe's answer concerning killing children is what makes him "unique" among other Christians who say they'd only do it if God gave them a good reason... Like the ones in Serbia.
  5. What if, given the choice between being raped or the village being slaughtered, the girl consents? Is it still rape?
  6. Oh good! Another "unique" christian... We haven't had one of those for a while.
  7. In their case I'm willing to grant neither pardon not punishment. I just hope they've learned their Fucking lesson.
  8. What if, as in my case, it is the parents doing the indoctrinating?
  9. Something or someone had to create the universe... Ergo god... But nothing or no one had to create god; he's just always been there. Occam's Razor?
  10. Micro Aggressions, a Lack of Sacrifice

    We should start a pool on what the overlords will throw out at us next. I'm betting it will be the gays again; it's been a few weeks since they were in the hate-light. $10 gets you in.
  11. Micro Aggressions, a Lack of Sacrifice

    Do you remember two weeks ago when everybody was up-in-arms about transgenders being kicked out of the military? Or two weeks before that when everybody was having a right royal bowdy-how over North Korea? This is nothing more than divide and conquer instigated by those in power to keep us all from actually being united. Because genuine unity in this country would be a thing of such awesome power that we'd eventually slough off the shackles of our "government" and make America what it should be. But we are kept divided so that we can't achieve the greatness of the American ideal. This is achieved by distracting us with sideline issues, like trannies or North Korea. This week it's Neo-Nazis; next week it will be somebody else. It doesn't matter which group gets picked on at any given point in time; no serious harm will be done (what's a few cracked skulls, or even a death or two, when you've got an entire country to deceive?). So long as we're focused on one another, we can never truly focus on one another. The bitch of it all is that we are stupid and gullible enough to fall for it, every single time. So, yeah, the idiocy does seem to mirror the christian concept.
  12. Micro Aggressions, a Lack of Sacrifice

    Dude... Seriously. Stop yelling.
  13. The Mechanism for Absolute Morality

    I'm not sure how you jump from "I'd rather not wear the chains of a slave" all the way to "I'd rather not wear clothes at all"; but, even if we made that leap, how is it hypocritical?
  14. The Mechanism for Absolute Morality

    It is not the natural state of your mare to be bridled and harnessed. Who could blame her from bucking against being manipulated into a condition that is not her natural state. Now imagine your mare represents humanity and the bridle and harness represent the christian ideology of sin, hellfire, and "redemption". Again, you will see that it is not the natural state of humanity to be bridled and harnessed. We're not angry at god; we just don't feel like his people have any right telling us how to live or what is, and is not, natural. Especially not when we get lectured on absolutes and objective morality by people who are anything but objectively moral. jesus might be an okay guy; but his bride is a complete cunt.
  15. The Mechanism for Absolute Morality

    I'm not sure I agree. If something were an absolute, wouldn't it be complete within itself? And, if so, wouldn't it not need a mechanism to produce it? As an absolute, love is capable of producing grace and forgiveness; but I don't see it operating the other way around.