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  1. Uniqueness Points Towards Christianity

    The koran also has nuances. So does the bhagavad gita. Hell, even the Harry Potter series has nuances which are pertinent to life. Why don't I believe in mysticism? Why am I not a moor? Why did I never become a warlock? Nuances aren't meanings.
  2. Uniqueness Points Towards Christianity

    Everybody eats; that's why jesus said, "This is my body, which is broken for you, take it and eat it." Likewise, everybody drinks; and it's no coincidence that jesus said, "This is my blood..." Everybody also poops, which is why the bible is full of shit. You see what you want to see.
  3. Did God err in making Adam ruler over Eve?

    In this forum, I have a lot of fun going around and around in circles with guys like End3. I get plenty of opportunities to flex my logic muscle, as it were; and opportunities to poke holes in the religious mindset. I enjoy such conversations when I know all parties are being genuine and sincerely trying to make sense of life, the universe, and everything (42). But in the "real" world, my response to religious discussion usually does boil down to "put up or shut up". Most folk just aren't willing to look past the pat christianese apologetic. They have convenient little answers that satisfy them; and don't really want their little part of the vineyard disturbed. It's sad.
  4. An Atheist Argument for Objective Morality

    Grace and relationships; and everything is subjective.
  5. Did God err in making Adam ruler over Eve?

    Demonstrate that god did in fact make Adam and Eve, then we will talk about God's mistakes.
  6. Uniqueness Points Towards Christianity

    How can something be uniquely unique? How can we be unique when everybody is unique. Uniqueness is, itself, something that is very common and ordinary. Something that everybody has. It is a contradiction in terms, much like the love of god. In that regard, I suppose our un-unique uniqueness points to christianity. But that is surely the point. We are not unique; precisely because we are unique. There was a time when having piercings and tattoos made a person unique. Now everybody has them. To have a tattoo or a piercing is no longer unique. Neither is being unique. Sorry, End3, but even if you prove that we are all unique, as BAA has cordially invited you to do several times, you'd still only get so far as to demonstrate that we are rather plain and garden variety in our uniqueness. And you still would not have pointed to christianity.
  7. Uniqueness Points Towards Christianity

    So we started out as absolute, but not absolutely absolute. Now we are unique, but not uniquely unique. I must concur with florduh's assessment. WTF?
  8. Uniqueness Points Towards Christianity

    If End3 and Citsonga make the same association, wouldn't that speak against the notion of uniqueness? "Y'all are unique, so y'all should see it my way!"
  9. Uniqueness Points Towards Christianity

    Identical DNA is what makes identical twins identical. Are they still unique despite having identical DNA? Certainly. But even that doesn't point to god; it points to nature/nurture.
  10. Uniqueness Points Towards Christianity

    No. That is inaccurate.
  11. Uniqueness Points Towards Christianity

    End3, what makes identical twins... identical?
  12. Uniqueness Points Towards Christianity

    Our DNA is unique, as is our indigenous microflora; but, then, so is that of monkeys, potatoes, and Jews. That points to evolution (which is supported by evidence); not to god. And certainly not to the jesus version of god.
  13. Uniqueness Points Towards Christianity

    So, you're suggesting that people are absolute; but not absolutely absolute. And therefore god. I'm not sure that really works.