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  1. The answer is multi-faceted, I'm sure. It has to do with the "us vs. them" instinct; coupled with the arrogance of god's divine destiny.
  2. What Travi said. Also, if you'd like help with spelling and grammar, we'd be happy to oblige.
  3. What about sins (known or unknown) which are committed after the moment of conversion? Are they also covered by the conversion experience? Or are they dealt with on a sin-by-sin basis? Keep in mind, whichever answer you choose, you're going to open the Calvinist/Armenian can of worms.
  4. Thanks Dave. It seems to have worked.
  5. My biggest disappointment in christianity was myself... which is the main point of the religion, isn't it?
  6. Maybe it's just me, then. I get notifications that tell me that "somebody" liked my post in whatever thread; and under the actual post, there's just a little bar that says "1 person likes this". I've tried clicking on various things; but to no avail. @webmdave is there something wrong with my account?
  7. They're jealous I get more likes than they do.
  8. Raise your hand if you use Chrome.
  9. See, this is why I'm asking. I'd hate to think I've been waiting all these years to "like" mod posts, only to discover that the mods can't tell I "liked" them. It might not bother you; but I'd wager florduh cries himself to sleep over it.
  10. The answer to both questions would be, "no".
  11. I'd be leery.
  12. Is it possible to see who has "liked" a particular post, like it used to be? If so, how?