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  1. Is Righteousness a Mechanism

    Which is another way of saying that science is self-correcting. In other words, science admits when it's wrong and moves on in light of new evidence. When was the last time the bible said, "Verily I say unto thee, OOPS! I was wrong about that slavery thing"?
  2. Is Righteousness a Mechanism

    No. I'm sure I wouldn't need to.
  3. Is Righteousness a Mechanism

    Primitive science is not the standard by which reality is measured. That is why science is self-correcting and self-improving. When conclusions are proven to be incorrect, inaccurate, or incomplete, they are discarded for more correct, accurate, and complete conclusions based on new evidence. The sun did not rise in the "olden" days; it stayed fixed, just as it has since time immemorial.
  4. Is Righteousness a Mechanism

    That would certainly be a reasonable hypothesis based upon observation and historical data.
  5. Is Righteousness a Mechanism

    No. It does not. What science tells us is that the sun remains more or less in a fixed position while the earth revolves in a lateral planetary orbit around it. Moreover, the sun cannot "rise" over the earth; because there is no "up" or "down" in space. However, from our lowly vantage point, we perceive the sun to rise in the East and go down in the West. It is only our perception, though; it is not reality, nor a mechanism, nor a "fact". What BAA has been patiently trying to get you to see is that you are allowing your perception to interfere with, and take the place of, the reality as defined by science. Indeed, you are attempting to force science to conform to your perception. Just as you have done with the sun rising in the sky. You would like for science to support the claim; because the bible makes the claim, and you have pre-determined to believe the bible. Unfortunately, it doesn't work with genetics, epigenetics, or "righteousness" any better than it works with the sun. The sun does not rise; and "righteousness" is not written into our DNA.
  6. Is Righteousness a Mechanism

    End3, does science support the claim that the sun rises? The point is fixing to be "science exists because christians can't answer questions."
  7. Is Righteousness a Mechanism

    That's avoiding the question. Does science support the claim that the sun rises?
  8. Is Righteousness a Mechanism

    The sun also rises, and the sun goes down, And hastens to the place where it arose. Ecclesiastes 1:5 End3, The bible says that the sun rises and goes down. Does science support this claim? We're not going to get into epigenetics, or even genetics, until we establish some basic parameters about science versus belief. Thanks. Have a good day, TRP
  9. Is Righteousness a Mechanism

    Every fucking thing is fucking subjective, which fucking means fucking righteousness is fucking also fucking subjective. This is fucking why we fucking can't fucking place any fucking confidence in fucking righteousness like we fucking can in fucking facts. Un-fucking-less you fucking subscribe to the fucking idea of fucking objective fucking morality. This fucking can of fucking worms.
  10. Original Sin

    When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but then I became a Stranger in a Strange Land.
  11. Nobody pray for me at all. I'll act as the control of this experiment.
  12. Of course it's not brainwashing when christians do it. It's only brainwashing when jews and mohammedans do it... and buddhists... and hindus... and those flower-loving wiccans... But not christians; they're the only ones who don't brainwash their kids.
  13. They Told Me to Kneel, I Stood Up

    In truth, I suspect that the only people he "questioned" about the philosophy were other christians who simply regurgitated the same vomit as his preacher did on the subject. In which case, he did not genuinely question the philosophy; and to claim that he did is a misrepresentation of the truth.
  14. Original Sin

    But his lack of forgiveness is still righteous, though... right?
  15. They Told Me to Kneel, I Stood Up

    Hmm... If the answer to 2+2 depended on emotion, then I would think that "in love" would produce a sum of infinity, and feelings of love toward jesus would likely yield an imaginary number. Not trying to be a square, here; just being rational. In my more cynical days, I might have said that "in love" would produce the imaginary number; but I was still feeling negative because of my X. Anyway, y'all plot on to whatever plane of truth you're hoping to achieve.