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  1. It's Chelsea :-)

    Hi Chelsea! Welcome to our community! This is a good place to be. I hope it will help with your questions and your challenges. Looking forward to hearing more about you.
  2. A Better Life Documentary

    No, you can buy or rent it here...
  3. I think that in order for the decline of religion in the West to continue, several things have to happen. The intellectual case against theism gains strength. This has been happening for about three centuries now, as science has gradually closed the Gaps for God to hide in. More recently, advances in scriptural history, archaeology and other fields have squeezed Christianity from other directions. This looks set to continue. What needs to happen next is the promotion of non-theistic alternatives to the human needs that are met by religion, and which lead people to stay with religion even in the face of the intellectual crumbling. There's little doubt that prayer makes people feel better, even if there is no god listening. Various forms of meditation or similar practices seem well positioned to replace prayer in many people's lives. And various forms of both Eastern and Western philosophies can help answer the question "How should I live my life?" This area in particular interests me a lot right now. I have started learning about different schools of Greek and Roman philosophy, and seeing that some of them provided valuable guidance that both predates Christianity and can outlast it. The pre-Christian Stoics and others didn't need Judeo-Christian teachings to help them live worthwhile, fulfilling lives, and neither do post-Christian westerners. And of course Eastern philosophies also offer lots of wisdom for living a "good" life. I look forward to a time when children are taught not to pray, but to meditate, and where the question "what church do you go to?" will be replaced by "what school of philosophy do you follow?". I guess this may seem utopian to some, but Christianity would not be the first religion to outlive its usefulness and become a relic of the past. And I hope it won't be the last, because Islam just as badly needs to meet the same fate.
  4. Damn Government!!!!

    I didn't know that ANY part of Florida was as much as 130' above sea level! Good luck with Irma, man... be safe.
  5. My Parents Still Love Me

    Wow Margee, that letter of yours is terrific! I hadn't read it before - thanks for linking to it!
  6. Is Jesus, god?

    Hi Bad2g4e, Since this is an ex-Christian community, you shouldn't be surprised that our overwhelming response to your question is a resounding NO! But if this is actually still a question in your mind then you're probably not ready to debate the issue with Christians. You may want to do some reading from those who study the Bible and the history of the period without a religious agenda. Bart Ehrman's book "How Jesus Became God" seems like a good place for you to start. Spoiler alert: Ehrman is not going to describe how a man became a deity, but rather how a man was turned into a god in the eyes of some, who were then able to propagate this unlikely belief. I should mention that while Ehrman accepts that a man named Jesus actually existed, there are others who are convinced that 'Jesus' is either entirely mythical or an amalgam of various Jewish figures from that era.
  7. Please View The Eclipse Safely

    We went to Greenville SC for the total eclipse. The forecast had been dodgy a few days out but at showtime, in spite of scattered clouds, we had perfect viewing conditions. At totality the ambient light was about what you'd get with a full moon. Fortunately the lights at the hotel pool where we were hanging out were on a timer, not a light sensor, so they stayed off. Venus was clearly visible for about 10 minutes and at least one other "star" could be seen. The drop in light between 95% and 100% was very pronounced. The view of the eclipsed sun and its corona was amazing. But the 2+ minutes of totality went by too quickly - we wished it could go on and on. Still glad we drove the seven hours each way to experience it though. And by the way, Greenville is a GREAT town! Looking forward to going back in a cooler season of the year.
  8. Please View The Eclipse Safely

    We're going to Greenville, SC for the full experience. I'm as excited to go to Greenville for the first time as I am to see a total eclipse! Keeping my fingers crossed for good weather, but the forecast looks good, four days out. It occurred to me that making a cross with the fingers for good luck is likely a vestige of Christianity...
  9. reputation feature

    Good questions. The answers are up for determination, as you would say.
  10. Joefizz/Joseph

    What is this, a game of Twenty Questions?
  11. Joefizz/Joseph

    Hi Joefizz. You didn't give much away in your introduction, but your profile identifies you as a believer. So, are you a committed Christian here to witness to us? Or are you thinking you are on your way to becoming an ex-Christian?
  12. I have to say that in the decades I spent as a Christian of one kind or another, I truly never experienced anything that could be considered supernatural: no voices telling me what to do, no presence of angels or demons, nothing like that. I guess I just have a rational mindset. And yet it took decades for that rationality to break through the floodwall that kept part of my mind in thrall to faith, a floodwall created by years of childhood indoctrination. At least my lack of a 'spiritual' mindset made my eventual deconversion much smoother than it has been for many others.
  13. Losing Faith = Losing Passion, Direction, Purpose, Consistency?

    Although military service is not for everybody, I can tell you from my own experience that it provides a sense of belonging and camaraderie that is hard to match elsewhere. And it doesn't require shared religious, political or other beliefs. Just wearing the same uniform and working together on common goals makes for a powerful bond.
  14. Ireland/UK based Ex Christian Support Groups

    Although I'm in the US, I know a little bit about some atheist resources in the U.K. and Ireland. Of course not all of these are ex-Christians but many would be. In the U.K. there are Sunday Assemblies in a number of cities. Go to to look. There is also a Help Line organized by 'Recovering from Religion' at 1-84-I-DOUBT-IT in the U.K. They can probably point you to other resources. If you're in Ireland go to Atheist Ireland at They have Sunday brunches around the country. Good Luck! Let us know what you find.
  15. Battling the BS doesn't end with religion

    Do you think this is true only in the west, or does it apply elsewhere too? Unless we can be everywhere at once, we are all to some extent dependent on others who curate the news for us. In any case, we now have access to more diverse sources of news and opinion (but also lies and disinformation) than ever before in human history, as long as we have uncensored access to the Internet.