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    I don't know if god is real or not, but the evidence that he listens to prayers and cares for the earth appears to be very very weak

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  1. After & Before

  2. Here comes Donnie: I love it

    I still like IKE
  3. Jesus Did It!

    Brilliant, simply brilliant.... As Jesus said to the Roman...... "You nailed it"
  4. Here comes Donnie: I love it

    I never thought he wanted the job, and why would he. His campaign looked like a marketing ploy for money and air time. As I say, don't like him at all, but he had a cushy life, compared with what must be a lot of stress now. And no matter how tough he might be, the presidency is a very tough gig even for a fit 50 year old battled hardened politician, or former military man.
  5. Here comes Donnie: I love it

    I don't think trump is a well man. Look at videos of him, say from the early 90's and compare him to now. I don't like the guy at all, but that said, I really do think there is something mentally wrong with him now. Back then his speech patterns were normal and focused. Now he seems a rambling mess. I've seen interviews with him and have literally no idea what he is talking about and judging by the reactions of others, nether do they. I doubt he will be removed thou.
  6. Not a fan of Tom Cruise as either an actor or a person. Rich Hall sums him up to perfection:
  7. I love this photo, a moment frozen in time. These men stopped work, but for a moment to have their picture taken. They would have finished their days work and gone home to their families, aching muscles perhaps, as they looked forward to their tea. They lived out their lives, both personal and professional and each one has gone, long gone to the dreamless silence of the dreamless dust. Yet how alive this picture captures them.
  8. A devout Christian gets cancer........ God will only send what He knows the pious can handle Gods ways are not our ways God is calling Him home A devout Christian loses his job...... God will send him a new opportunity God is giving him the chance to change direction God knows that the job lost was not right for the believer A devout Christian wants to start a family but is infertile...... God has chosen a different path for her A militant atheist wins the lottery.... God has given him his reward now so that when he goes to hell his suffering will be even sweeter for the Lord. A born again type loses his home and ends up on the street.... God is testing him, or punishing him like Job. If he truly believes, God will return to him.... Etc, etc, etc..... No matter what, there are countless reasons why everything is Gods will. Why can't they take their blinkers off and just accept that He isn't there.
  9. The first four adverts are for pro christian websites...... Grrrrrr
  10. Ghosts are not real

    You tube is full of ghosts pictures, ghosts videos and ghost story's. One could weep at the comments believing that's such stuff is real...... Why do ghosts usually appear at night in spooky locations and in front of shaky and poorly lit camera equipment. Same with aliens and quote the Simpsons......"close encounters of the blurred kind".............
  11. I've taken a big pay cut

    My job is fulfilling to be fair and I as I say, I do quite like it..... But life is so so short. The Universe is over 13 billion years old, if we are lucky we get about 75-80 years on average. Its nothing, we are gone like a blown out candle and 100 years after we die no one will remember us. Sometimes I will watch an old movie, or parts of one. The actors and actresses were big big stars at the time, yet those who lived and died decades before are barely recalled. Nancy Caroll was an American actress, a huge star, an A lister who was swamped with fan mail. If you could bring her back she would be unknown....ah , all is vanity. The Universe doesn't care if we live or die and given how brief "our wings" flutter in the sunshine, I am determined to spend far more time with my family than with my co workers.
  12. Well long story short...... I like my job, I really do, but I like being at home more. So I asked to go part time and it was granted there and then. No drama, no fighting for it, the manager was really helpful. Im dropping my time at work by about 30 percent. The time is what matters to me not the money. I will lose about £4000 ($5048) per year and I will be so poor I will actually drop out of the tax bracket, but I can and will live within my means. Ultimately time is what is so important. Very few people get to the end of life and wished they spent more time at the office. Does anyone else work part time.
  13. Proof that I can talk to dead people

    I live near a golf course, truly you have the gift.
  14. Was Paul a real apostle

    Why didn't he get a medal then at the same time as Han and Luke?