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  1. Not a fan of Tom Cruise as either an actor or a person. Rich Hall sums him up to perfection:
  2. I love this photo, a moment frozen in time. These men stopped work, but for a moment to have their picture taken. They would have finished their days work and gone home to their families, aching muscles perhaps, as they looked forward to their tea. They lived out their lives, both personal and professional and each one has gone, long gone to the dreamless silence of the dreamless dust. Yet how alive this picture captures them.
  3. A devout Christian gets cancer........ God will only send what He knows the pious can handle Gods ways are not our ways God is calling Him home A devout Christian loses his job...... God will send him a new opportunity God is giving him the chance to change direction God knows that the job lost was not right for the believer A devout Christian wants to start a family but is infertile...... God has chosen a different path for her A militant atheist wins the lottery.... God has given him his reward now so that when he goes to hell his suffering will be even sweeter for the Lord. A born again type loses his home and ends up on the street.... God is testing him, or punishing him like Job. If he truly believes, God will return to him.... Etc, etc, etc..... No matter what, there are countless reasons why everything is Gods will. Why can't they take their blinkers off and just accept that He isn't there.
  4. The first four adverts are for pro christian websites...... Grrrrrr
  5. You tube is full of ghosts pictures, ghosts videos and ghost story's. One could weep at the comments believing that's such stuff is real...... Why do ghosts usually appear at night in spooky locations and in front of shaky and poorly lit camera equipment. Same with aliens and quote the Simpsons......"close encounters of the blurred kind".............
  6. My job is fulfilling to be fair and I as I say, I do quite like it..... But life is so so short. The Universe is over 13 billion years old, if we are lucky we get about 75-80 years on average. Its nothing, we are gone like a blown out candle and 100 years after we die no one will remember us. Sometimes I will watch an old movie, or parts of one. The actors and actresses were big big stars at the time, yet those who lived and died decades before are barely recalled. Nancy Caroll was an American actress, a huge star, an A lister who was swamped with fan mail. If you could bring her back she would be unknown....ah , all is vanity. The Universe doesn't care if we live or die and given how brief "our wings" flutter in the sunshine, I am determined to spend far more time with my family than with my co workers.
  7. Well long story short...... I like my job, I really do, but I like being at home more. So I asked to go part time and it was granted there and then. No drama, no fighting for it, the manager was really helpful. Im dropping my time at work by about 30 percent. The time is what matters to me not the money. I will lose about £4000 ($5048) per year and I will be so poor I will actually drop out of the tax bracket, but I can and will live within my means. Ultimately time is what is so important. Very few people get to the end of life and wished they spent more time at the office. Does anyone else work part time.
  8. I live near a golf course, truly you have the gift.
  9. Why didn't he get a medal then at the same time as Han and Luke?
  10. I'm not going to get bogged down who was or not a real person in the Bible.... I'm treating the text flatly and dealing with what it says..... Paul never met an earthly Jesus (or did he *) The book of acts claims that apostles must have been with Jesus the whole time, which Paul wasn't. So was Paul, who really is the co-founder of Christianity worthy to be considered a full member of the team...... *who really knows what went on, the NT is written terribly in parts
  11. I know a Julian.... Oh yes, you were a bit quick there, I was just about to say Julian............ Julian is showing me a coin, possibly a medal, and a cap of some sort, has anyone in your family or possibly a friend or friend of a friend or a neighbor served in the military in the last 100 years, anyone at all.......
  12. OK, I am getting a message from my spirit guide, "Howling Alan". He tells me with the moon in junction with Walmart,, now is the time to open up the portal between our world and the next. I am being shown the picture of a cat, or possible a dog, no wait it might be a rabbit. Does any one reading this have a pet, or has owned a pet or knows any one who has owned a pet..... I am now being shown a picture of a car, the person who has passed, its not quite clear, but I think maybe they once owned a car, or maybe lived near someone who once sat in a car. OK, time to narrow it down. This next image is of a holiday destination. Has anyone in the audience ever been on holiday or had a deceased loved one who might have walked past a travel agents. The picture I am being shown is some where with sunshine, sea and the beach, its either in America, Europe or the Middle east...possibly New Zealand or Australia. The person who has passed is now showing me a cup of tea, possibly coffee. This person when alive would often drink hot tea/coffee or maybe chocolate. Lastly I am being shown a picture of a wallet. I think it is to show me that the person who passed had a wallet, maybe some money worries at some time in their life or perhaps were well off. Basically the message I am being shown is that the deceased at some time had money. Every medium, ever...........
  13. Not only do I use the predestined line, I actually sort of believe it totally destroys Christianity lies about free will. God knows all and creates all. He is the beginning and end claim believers, fine and dandy says I. So he creates people in the full and complete knowledge that they will lack faith and then sends them to Hell for being the way He created them. After all does not the Bible teach that He made some for destruction, that many will be called but few are chosen, wide is the path to Hell , but narrow the gate to Heaven, etc, etc , etc. The Bible makes it as clear as day that most people are going to Hell forever because that is simply how God rolls..... Not most modern Christians thou, nope, going to church once a week and subscribing to Christian You Tube videos is so totally enough for the Lord and they can be assured of a place in their Fathers Kingdom on high..... Idiots Footnote. There is nothing wrong with being unsure, I think its a sensible position to hold when one cannot have certain knowledge 100 percent. Despite what modern believers say they are most unsure of their faith otherwise their behaviour would be quite different. When a Christian gets fatal cancer does he rejoice for truly he will be with his saviour this night in paradise. Does he heck. he goes running off to the hospital for his dose of treatment. They chant of their desire to be with the Lord and move Heaven and Earth to hold that happy day off as long as possible. Look at Billy Graham, numerous health problems for which he receives treatment. Graham has been America's Pope for decades and is in no rush to see the face of his master.
  14. But it is very very doubtful.....very doubtful. Christians defend the Bible, yet hardly ever read it fully and reject everything in it they don't like. I am not a dogmatic guy, Jesus might be real, Zeus and Odin might be real, we might be merely sims in a very expensive computer games...but it is doubtful. I accept I might be wrong, do I sometimes have that cold fear that Hell might be real and I might be heading there, sure I do, although it is much weaker than it used to be. Christians, of the sterner type are often dogmatic. They know they are Heaven bound, they know that Jesus died for them, they know that The Bible is the true Word of God.........or so they think. They of course, do not know, they merely believe. I don't pretend to know, but I believe that religion is often cruel, very wasteful and tribal. Christians have killed Jews for worshipping the Father but not the Son. Christians have killed other Christians for worshipping the Trinity in a "heretical" manner. The whole thing stinks. Which branch of Christianity should we follow, which texts, which version of the Bible, was Jesus actually God, are they the same person, yes and no says the Bible. Why are prayers so rarely answered beyond statistical probability. Why does God care about a football game, but not a drought. Does the creator of time and space really care what we do with our time on a Sunday. Is he really listening in to all the hundreds and hundreds of millions of prayers offered all day on that holy day. And why is one day a week more holy than the other six. When will we stop begging the air to solve our problems.