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  1. Goodbye Everybody

    Just to let you know the end of the world has been put back four weeks, this time they are REALLY really sure.....AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!! I won't start packing my stuff up and moving into my bunker just yet.......
  2. Goodbye Everybody

    As you might be aware, tomorrow has been declared the end of the world (again). This time some Believers are very very totally sure that it is the rapture and the godly are going to fly away to be with the Host...... So as they seem really really really certain this time I just that I'd say bye........ Although having lived through many end of the worlds predictions , I suspect I shall be here on Sunday to laugh at yet another failed Armageddon
  3. Muslim convert to Christianity dies

    A Christian explains why god did not heal a stricken Christian....... naturally there is a link to donate money.........
  4. Muslim convert to Christianity dies

    Other things that struck me...... He obviously did not want to die and I can't blame him, but isn't death supposed to be a great thing for a Christian, they are going to paradise. He also clearly loved his family very much, yet doesn't the NT warn that you are meant to hate and leave your family and only love Jesus, cant recall the exact passage.
  5. Muslim convert to Christianity dies

    To add...... In one video he said that if he died all his work would become anti work as Muslims would use his conversion as proof of his punishment for heresy, effectively use his death as proof of Islam.
  6. Muslim convert to Christianity dies

    As I say, I'm not mocking the guy, he seemed very sincere in his faith......... however...... in one of his last vlogs on you tube he talked about his faith that God would heal him, that he loved a living God who performed miracles and that God would not let him die and leave his daughter without her father. He got a bit choked up, understandably. Over and over he talked and prayed about his faith that God would heal him. At one point he said that some might say that a God would heal him in the next life, but he added he thought that was a cop out and he expected to be healed in this one. It was all a bit sad. Again I'm not laughing at him at all, he really caught my sympathy but all those prayers came to naught. He he did not want to die, calling it " if it came to the worse", but still he did and God did not heed his prayers. Naturally, after he passed away, the comments where filled with stuff about him going home, meeting Jesus and that they would meet again.....
  7. That I could use telepathy to ask the invisible creator of the universe to solve my first world problems
  8. I do not want to mock this man's death, he was a father and husband and little doubt he was well loved....... He converted from Islam to Christianity and became a minister and author and debater. He got cancer in his early 30's and it killed him...... My point is this....his facebook page was filled with prayers for his healing..those prayers went unanswered as they so often do......why do people still pray and totally expect the prayers to come true. The standard answers are usually of course: Gods way are not ours He was called home Again, I don't mean to be unkind but you might as well claim that Allah gave him cancer as punishment for leaving Islam. The face book post is here: For those that do not want to wade through all the comments, here is sample: "We are shocked to hear this but we are believing for a miracle. Jesus will heal you and Satan will be defeated." "Brother Nabeel, this is unexpected news, but not surprising knowing all the wonderful blessings God has worked through you. It is just another step He will stand beside you in." "Commanding the power of cancer broken.every cancer cell cease existing in the name of Jesus.we declare a testimony through the Victory of the cross! It is God will for you to be healed." "I will seek Christ and pray for your healing. You have encouraged me so much with your life, ministry and friendship. Even though Christ has allowed suffering and cancer at this present time, we will persistently knock and ask our Father to supernaturally bring restoration to your body." Over and over again, "We are praying for you, we are fasting for you, you will be healed...." And he still died Thoughts?
  9. Really............

    I have watched Rick Scott give an interview in which the Governor thanked people for their prayers and said he was praying himself regarding the hurricane.......... Presumably God sends the hurricane God knows all God controls all God allows the victims to die through no fault of their own Pray to God for, just wow.......... How about praying for God to send angels to fix the damage and allow preachers to raise the dead back to THAT would be impressive
  10. Acting and/or suggestion........I note that at no time does the camera actually film a real demon leaving the body.........strange that, almost as the demons are not really there. Surely demons would be more interested in wearing Presidents, Prime Ministers and Popes rather than average Joe six pack..........
  11. No actual Demons were harmed in the making of this video
  12. Don't know very much about him, other than the fact he hosts Info wars and is rumoured to actually be the late Bill Hicks (Hahaha) Guy seems to have several screws lose.........
  13. From Godless in Dixie

    Just a share......but thoughts and replies are invited......... On Christianity: “That good news is predicated on some very bad news despite the deliberately deceptive way they spin it to make it sound positively beautiful. Beneath that pretty face there lies a controlling, exploitative belief system that thrives on indoctrinating people from their youngest years to believe that their worth is derivative, that their value comes from what Someone Else did for them, not from within themselves. If you can convince people of that, they will give everything in order to redeem their own usefulness in the world.”