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  1. I messed around with a few settings this evening, downloaded a tool that tests the servers for me. While none of them are top quality, the best came in at 69 (out of 100), from Dallas TX. I managed a stable stream at 1900 earlier, testing 2000 right now with no issues. Granted, it is test streams - but it is testing the bandwidth. ISP is still coming out to inspect the lines and the pole to make sure everything is in good shape - but if it was something simple like this, I am simultaneously relieved and somewhat irked that it WAS something so simple. So far, the 2000 bitrate stream has lost zero frames and is running quite smooth. If that is case, I may be back in business and my stubbornness actually paid off for once in my life.
  2. Yeah, in my area, they are the only provider.
  3. Haha, excellent guess mwc. I have another tech visit tomorrow. I called Spectrum today and pleaded my case to them: I use a lot of bandwidth, I realize this. If I am being throttled or my data is capped, what can I do to rectify this? They sent me a copy of the memo saying that throttling and caps do not exist in their service. They don't have the means to do it. And after speaking the very attentive and friendly CS representative, he transferred me to a tech support guy who immediately checked into my modem. It is not transmitting its 5ghz signal, so that is problem one. Second problem, I explained to him that my neighbor to my left of me is having similar issues with slow speeds, and he said: Yeah, this is definitely a line issue. I explained the tech that came out yesterday checked the box, but found nothing. He immediately replied: "The box may be fine, but what about the lines to the box? From the pole? The pole itself? See, these are things that need to be checked. The problem may not be in the box, it has to be traced back. You are paying for a service, you deserve to have it." So, he scheduled another tech visit and this one will hopefully be thorough. The CS rep noted that since it is the second call this week to the same address, it will likely be a supervisor making the visit as well to do a whole unit check, and try to trace the problem outside if need be. Here's hoping,
  4. When I ran the tests, I tested the PC and the PS4 separately. Both produced similar results (the PS4 automatically checks down and up speeds when you configure a new connnection). The tech said the signal coming through the lines and my modem are both strong (he showed me on his troubleshooting screen), and if the ISP is throttling me - that is a violation of their own agreement since they do not cap or throttle. I will be calling CS again this afternoon, and likely filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and perhaps the Federal Trade Commission if that is the case.
  5. More specifically, this question goes to people who may work in IT or similar lines of work dealing with ethernet and networks, and potentially ISPs. As many of you likely know, I am a Twitch streamer and therefore, a heavy bandwidth user. My ISP claims in their fine print that there are no data caps on service, no matter how much you use. However, my upload speeds have been in the tank since last Friday. Using my broadcasting software that used to run a 2000 bitrate at 720p output with no hiccups, I found it is now stuck at a 1000 bitrate with a max of 540p output (it usually fluctuates between 360p, 480p, and 540p). This is the "stable setting" at the moment. Any adjustment to the output, or bitrate going up causes frames to drop, buffering, and sometimes complete disconnects. I have 60/5 net. Understanding that I likely will never pull in the full rates just due to network usage, I also understand that on most days - I should be able to reliably get around a 3-3.5mb upload. My last speed test via (supposedly better than any flash based test) showed an unstable pattern. While it would scrape 2.9 upload, it would also bottom out to around 0.98 (980kbs). I expect some variance in the line just due to congestion, but a 2mb difference? So, my question is: What would be causing such a large swing in my speed? I have already done the following: New modem provided by ISP when I upgraded my internet Friday night. Adjusted some settings on my end with the broadcaster, as noted above. Called ISP, had them reset the modem, and had a tech visit yesterday. Only thing he found was my ping was a little high, which he reset. An ethernet switch was attached to try and help filter traffic out, but doesn't seem to have made any difference. Cleared the DNS and DHCP caches Set to Google's DNS servers Replaced the ethernet cables with new Cat6 (up from Cat5e), and have tried different cable outlets in the apartment. I'm using Windows 10 (required for my capture card to function), and my rig has an i7 3.9ghz processor, 16 gigs of RAM, a GTX680 GPU, all drivers updated and installed, and virus and malware scans were clean. If anyone has any insight, it would be greatly appreciated. This Twitch streaming has really helped compliment martial arts as a means to keep my mind occupied while I try to change my mindset and not hit as many lows as I normally do. The less time I have to think on trivial stuff, the better off I am. Thanks in advance everyone!
  6. Hiya

    You totally made me blush and smile @TruthSeeker0 with your comments. It is much appreciated as I told you once before. Everything else, I am working on.
  7. Exciting stuff on the way for me. I received my affiliation on Twitch, got my first subscriber, and am doing mt first giveaway to followers on Saturday. 


    Next up for it: A charity stream to help a friend's daughter battle against cancer. All of this, plus a new mindset to set my path forward. 


    I feel great ya'll. 

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    2. knightcore


      Nice nice!!!!! Congrats!

    3. Travi


      And of course, as soon as I posted this - my steaming capabilities took a hit. My upload speed went into the tank, and I was unable to stream at all this weekend. Tech is coming out Monday to look at it, but it is extremely weird as to why I am having issues all of a sudden.

      My streaming days may be over soon if this cannot be resolved. My ISP is being a complete asshole. 

    4. crazyguy123


      Hopefully this problem can be fixed. We'll just have to wait and see what happens.


  8. Hiya

    Thanks for the kind words @AlienGoddess. I wouldn't consider myself a Taoist, but a lot of its philosophy and principles apply to my life. I am working on changing my mindset for the better now thanks to some advice from trusted friends and advisors. I have also doubled down in reading more about it and seeing how I can clear my mind on a more regular basis.
  9. Yearly update - short hand version

    This happened yesterday.
  10. And due to technology, things that used to go unreported (like a tornado out in BFE), are now able to be so because radar would see that tornado. 50 years ago, that same tornado would likely have never been known to exist.
  11. Yearly update - short hand version

    Yeah, that would be afternoon for me, around 4-5pm. That would be perfect.
  12. Yearly update - short hand version

    Absolutely man. I know we're on opposite sides of the globe - but maybe we can set a time up sometime. Just let me know.
  13. Put my yearly update up in my blog.

    TL;DR version, complete with shameless plug.

  14. Shorthand version of my 2017 thus far: -Passed my belt test for my 1st degree black in martial arts, and am working on the Okinawan Sai form. -I'm working on changing my mindset for the better. This has involved some heavy time management and making time for things instead of just brooding with my thoughts. -I'm lining up additional physical challenges to press myself to the limits in conditioning and endurance, in an effort to be better prepared for the 2nd degree test in a year and a half. -My financial situation has greatly improved and stabilized. -My time is now being devoted to the following, in order of importance: 1. Martial arts 2. Kickboxing 3. Twitch streaming 4. Work Onto my new activity: Twitch streaming. For those of you that may not know about it, it is a streaming website of people who play video games. Through a good friend of mine who recommended I give it a shot, I started in May. I've had some mild success and am enjoying it. It is also helping me with the keeping my mind occupied thing. So, if you are interested in video games, comedy, general hanging out and chatting, (WARNING: SHAMELESS PLUG AHEAD) please give me a follow and stop in sometime at: My streaming times are Monday, and Friday-Sunday, usually around 6pm EST. Sometimes earlier, sometimes later. It is not required to sign up if you don't like (though I have made some good friends and they all stream great games). I'd enjoy the chance to hang out with you all while I play some games and sometimes fail spectacularly at them, I am also working toward an affiliate status (where I can earn royalties from streaming, and have greater streaming options and so forth), and I need to average 3 viewers for that. Right now, I'm 2.5. Soooooooo close! But mainly, the twitch thing fills a social void for me. As someone who doesn't go out anymore, it is a means for me to hang out in the comfort of my own home and everyone else theirs, while we all chit chat, hang out, and just generally get some good laughs at my failures in gameplay, haha. Again, it is not required that you all do this - but it would be cool to hang out with like minded folks who enjoy video games, and fellow Ex-C'er's. Thus concludes your yearly update on Travi. Thanks for reading everyone!