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  1. Some people are just dicks, regardless of what they believe in. I know quite a few non religious people who glorify violence as an answer for everything, and believe that anything can be solved with a "good ass kicking". The hypocrisy of it though, is these same people will get mad when this violent stuff happens, then turn around and beget more violence in a never ending cycle. You can't get mad at people killing people when you are an advocate of a good ass kicking. Humans are good at two things: creating life and killing it. But since it can be used as a justifiable recourse, just yell in god's name and it all becomes alright in the eyes of a lot of people.
  2. While ISIL has claimed responsibility, they have offered no evidence to back up the claim according to an update I just got on my news feed. But let's face it, they would claim responsibility for you hitting a deer with your vehicle if they knew about it. If it turns out true that they are responsible, then my point from earlier stands. Regardless, I have heard that people are coming together to help one another out in this time, which is wonderful. Beats the hell out of the "every man for himself" outlook that some people have. Thoughts continue to go out to those affected.
  3. I don't think they ever left. If it does wind up being extremists, just shows how poisonous religion is that you kill others in the name of an imaginary friend.
  4. Nail bombs. Sounds like an old IRA trick that was used heavily during their attacks. Either way, thoughts out to those affected by this, especially the families who may have lost children who were just trying to enjoy a concert.
  5. First question I would ask her is why Jesus gave you the cysts in the first place? Or gave you depression? They are so quick to say he could heal those things, but never tackle the part about him giving them to you in the first place. From there, they will likely say it is either: A. Punishment for turning your back, which turns the benevolent god/jesus into a malevolent being. B. Satan did it, which means god/jesus isn't as powerful as people think he is, since he can't even stop his own creation from bringing suffering onto people. C. A test of your faith, which why would a powerful god/jesus need to test people in the first place? It's pointless, and barrels into the malevolent territory again. Bringing suffering upon someone to test them. According to these people, god/jesus is the most powerful thing in existence, they are also benevolent, loving, and see all. But yet, so weak to stop his creation if the case, or is actually rather spiteful and evil for making people suffer in the first place. If it keeps up, I would report her to your boss as harassment if she does not heed your requests to stop. It is making you uncomfortable, and that qualifies as harassment as it is making for a hostile work environment. I hope you feel better and can get REAL treatment for the cysts soon!
  6. To add to what LF said, I don't think there is any singular definition of success. What I consider successful in my life may not to another. You said you were ambitious, so my thoughts on success: roof over my head, bills paid, can afford luxaries if I want them, ample money in the bank, and seeing my retirement investments doing well - after struggling my entire life growing as a poor person, I made a conscious decision to make sure any future family I had would not have to go through what I did growing up. But that is only what I consider successful. For an ambitious person, that may only be considered being content and not "grabbing life by the horns" as they say.
  7. I think it's state dependent in most cases LF. Like in California, magazine sizes cannot exceed 10 rounds. In Kentucky, you can put a 2,000 round drum on anything and it's fine. (Sarcasm fully intended) I own two firearms, a handgun and a shotgun. I spent more time shopping than I did actually getting checked to buy them. The process of the check, at least in Kentucky, is a call on the phone to do the background check where they run your name, address, social security number etc, etc, Whole process takes about 30ish minutes. When I bought my handgun, I knew what I was going to purchase before I went, had it picked out, background check done, paid, and back to my car - I went inside at about 4:30pm, came out at 5:20pm (including flagging down a sales rep, filling out the application, running the aforementioned background check etc.) Even I was shocked at how quickly it is to purchase one legally. It does go hand in hand with the 2nd amendment that people have the right to own firearms if they so wish. That being said, if someone is ready to go out and murder his family today - decides to clean out his bank account on the firearm in question, there is no wait time in Kentucky. He can leave work early, go to the gun shop, buy the gun, come home - kill his wife, Timmy, and Sally, and then off himself, all before dinner time. Having no waiting period, or as I like to call it, a "cooldown" period, to me is dangerous ground to tread. Some states may be different in that regard, I can only speak for my own state. I have never been against firearm ownership since I am the owner of two and have been shooting since I was around 8 years old, but I definitely feel like the laws on the books could be better enforced, and some new regulations to at least make an attempt to curtail these accidental deaths and shootings. I've lobbied for a while that it should be treated like a drivers licenses: mandatory training courses every 2-3 years (or even every year), must pass a: written test, safety test, marksmanship test, safe handling course etc. Then issued a license (CCDW not withstanding) saying you are competent and able to safety and legally own firearms for whatever purpose you want (I keep mine for home defense). A CCDW already has these requirements, so I don't understand why those standards are not applied across the board. Biometrics have played a role recently in securing firearms in that it requires your fingerprint to unlock the trigger at all. If this became a mainstay, that would help some incidents of accidental child deaths, or the unhinged teenager getting Dad's shotgun and shooting up his school by requiring that lock be engaged at all times, and only unlocked by the owner. While this would not prevent private sales, I firmly believe it would help reduce incidents like this. Just my thoughts. The tired old arguments that criminals will get guns no matter what is true, as the black market will always exist and there isn't a damn thing anyone can do about it. Bad guys will do whatever it takes to do what they want to do, but if you can close a loophole or three (like the gun show loophole where you can go to a gun show and purchase a gun with no background check at all, and of course private sale), and potentially take some off the streets in the process would go a long way in my opinion.
  8. Another Sunday, another text from mother: "Want to go to church with me?"

    Le sigh.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Travi


      You are correct, and I have absolutely no issue spending time with her. But I will not attend church with anyone, end of story. I lost a good chunk of my life to that BS, and I refuse to lose anymore. 

    3. LogicalFallacy


      Preach it brother... and I should start to live it!

    4. Travi


      Part of the reason is because I am the only one in the family not going. My brother recently decided to believe in god again, and started going to church along with my nieces. So now, I'm the black sheep as he and I switched. He used to be the agnostic atheist, now I am. 


      Mom wants us all to go as a big happy family, but I'm done. I gave it a second chance a few years back, and it failed me just as badly as it did the first time. I'll do family gatherings, baseball games, etc. But I WILL NOT step foot inside of a church again unless it's for a wedding or funeral. 

  9. lie. I was touched by his noodley appendages, and had the ramen fill my soul. Look at the human nervous system when laid out, and look at the FSM! Checkmate! Okay, I'm done with my attempt at humor.
  10. Anything to deflect blame away from their god. I have heard this argument as well: "God isn't throwing you in hell, you're throwing yourself there by not believing in him." Reverse argument that comes back to the original questions: Why was it created in the first place? And where is my free will to believe in him if the alternative is eternal torment?
  11. I dunno. Anytime someone tells me to go to hell, especially if their an asshole - I always tell them to say hi to Lucifer for me if they make it before I do. They rarely have a comeback for that. Then you have a friend of mine, who has this accent about her that she can tell you to go to hell in such a way that you'll look forward to the trip. In all fairness though, if such a place exists, I'm sure I'll meet many of my so-called Christian coworkers and associates there. They tend to have this about being "in name only" Christians, but indulge in sin DAILY.
  12. Stevie, I'll pop in with the same two cents I gave SeaJay (hopefully it helped @SeaJay): First logical question, as has been noted: why a loving, all powerful God would create such a place to begin with? That is what always bothered me, especially when he didn't want you to go to hell (or so I was told to say during my ministry days). Why create a place if you don't want us to go? After a while, you just look at it from a perspective of the so-called free will argument and how there technically is none since not believing is a ticket to hell. Now I just joke that if such a place exists, it can't be all that bad. Lucifer is a good guy if you look into his deeds. He's probably made the place into a paradise with booze and concerts. I hear the Devil's Fingers band is pretty good. In all seriousness, for me it was just the absurd nature of such a place when I finally took off my rose colored ministry glasses and realized the fallacy behind the argument and it's destination. Why would a loving god make such a place to begin with? It comes with the Free Will argument and Problem with Hell inquiry. You get some research, not sure how credible, showing that some bishops and so forth coming forward with saying it was something invented by the early church to keep butts in the seats, and therefore power of the church over the people, along with money for the coffers.
  13. I delve into some tenants of taoism due to my interest in martial arts, when looking at the spiritual side of life. I, too, have some spiritual tendencies that I explore mainly through meditation and chi breathing, and aligning the chakras. Some people are hardline, anti-anythingthatcan'tbequantified ;others are bit more relaxed. You can be spiritual and get away from the demons in religion and phony gods. If it is something you feel would help, then you should definitely pursue it.
  14. Bluegrass Skeptic and I met up a couple years ago for shenanigans at Scarefest (horror genre convention) and it was awesome to meet a like minded individual this deep in the Bible belt. Like TF said, we seem to have people from all over the world here, so odds are someone is likely in your neighborhood.