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    30 years old. Someone who tries to find the facts, not truths. Spent 24 years in the chains of religion, am now in the process of healing from those years. Martial artist, philosopher, comedian, and part time shoulder to cry on.

    I am a twitch streamer. If you enjoy video games, consider stopping by sometime:

    Reminding myself everyday that my life is much better without religion in it.

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  1. Goodbye Everybody

    Of course the world is about to end, I found a gal who is mutually interested in a relationship. So yeah, Trav potentially being off the market? Hell is definitely freezing over, meteors are going to land, and super volcanos are going to explode. ... Yep.
  2. Woah

    Welcome, I don't have much time to respond - but you have come to the right place. Your feelings are similiar to how the vast majority of us were; you're in very good company. Stay a while and listen, read, and have your mind open. Welcome once again.
  3. And another one gone, another one gone, another one bites the dust!
  4. Hurricane Irma

    But then, of course, the hurricane kills their kids and the response will be: "Well, it was just god's will. He needed them more than we did..." Heads? God wins. Tails? God wins.
  5. Hurricane Irma

    Late to the party, but stay safe everyone. Like Vigile, I wish I could do more than just hope for the best.
  6. Common sense is someone be able and allowed to love whomever they wish. My cousin is gay, yet is a devout believer. He obviously read what the bible supposedly said on the topic, yet - he is a man of god. You are really grasping at straws here.
  7. I view you as a disgusting piece of scum who should not be walking free, unsupervised, and unmedicated. The mere fact you will entertain the idea is enough that you are a waste of oxygen and blight on this world. You, sir, are a sick fuck. I fear for your children now.
  8. So, you're okay with killing your kids as long as your god says its okay. As Jeff said, you are fucking sick and should be sent to an insane asylum immediately. Disgusting.
  9. What is it with people's fascination on destruction of Earth prophecies?
  10. Request regarding registration

    It did not do this to me. I'm not entirely sure.
  11. Going through one of my spells where I lose my zeal for life. Have not been right for two weeks, between illness, fatigue, and depression. 


    Fixed my twitch link in my profile if anyone ever tried to visit.  

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Travi


      Yeah, I think it usually requires me disrupting my routine somehow. It's weird, I'm very routine oriented, yet - if I let it go stale, that is when this happens.


      So, I am brainstorming some ideas to break things up, just may take a while. Thanks for the advice, End. 

    3. JenniferG


      Hi Travi,

      I have suffered from depression and anxiety for decades and it has gotten better by healing my mind. The brain is "re-wireable" through cognitive behavior therapy - through "reprogramming" the brain to not follow the negative thought patterns it had been programmed with. I dropped the link to a free App called The Panic Pit Stop that is good for both anxiety and depression. This psychologist has extended his research and services to people world wide who suffer from mental illness but are cannot afford the help they need. Check it out. You may find it helpful. Best wishes


    4. Travi


      Thank you for the resource, @JenniferG. I will most definitely check into it. 

  12. I'll be in Long Beach starting October 20th. So, I may have a front row seat
  13. You aren't a Christian, so what are you?

    People ask me what I am, I simply reply: "I am a human being. Just like you." That usually leaves an abruptness that ends the conversation.
  14. Scared

    Love and hugs to you and her Margee. I hope for the best for her!