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  1. Bart Ehrman

    I dont know his current belief but he has clearly stated that he is no longer a christian in his writings. I believe that his main reason was due to the concept of eternal punishment and how incredibly unjust that concept is.
  2. Conundrum

    Write the letter and ask for a response from the child. Make them lie or be dishonest if they dont want to read it to the child. Truth is, the kid is gonna be religious but who cares. You saved a life.
  3. Today the music stops-Simon Black

    In the past I have put my 401k into no interest cash when I was worried so I could buy back in after crash. Never got hurt, but never nailed it either.
  4. Taco Bell Gospel

    They should just refuse actually. Or just be like . "Hey zoos? Tacos for Hey zoos?"
  5. Goodbye Everybody

    I wish they would. However so many "christians" do not fit the biblical requirements to really call themselves such, no one will likely notice.
  6. Taco Bell Gospel

    Way to make your brand pure shit genius 🙄
  7. Coveted

    I love this ^ beautifully said. (I will accept "sin" in the poetic sense if that matters)
  8. Congrats to Mrs Geezer

    Wow. So many years. Congratulations.
  9. Did Anyone Else Attend a Private Christian School?

    Yes thru 9th grade was physically paddled with a board in 3rd. Was told to walk to barber unattended in 5th grade as my hair was touching my ear... I refused. Was sent home. Great math and english education and great friends.
  10. LovelyChantel is Here

    You arent a burden. Stick around. Im lurking from work and cant read longer posts, but just stick around for s while. Welcome
  11. Hurricane Irma

    Oh Im good. We got some wind but no damage of any kind and the saw stayed packed away.
  12. "Original King James version"... lol you crack me up King james is pretty late to the party Stop typing pages and read some Bart Ehrman @Joefizz You would love him. He went to school to become the best in his field so he could prove the bible to be true.
  13. No Joe, it IS a simple yes or no. "No" is the correct answer always if you think a god is telling you to kill for it! - Anything else is Isis beheading infidels; religion publicly stoning adulterers; religion hanging gays; religion burning witches; and exactly what you are saying you are willing to do if you are convinced its gods will... killing due to gods will.
  14. Joe. let god do it then. I hope that upon reflection, you realize the gravity of your comments and why you should consider that your beliefs may be badly wrong and misguided. Try taking a year off from religion. At the least you should show this thread to people who love you, and get some wise counsel from them. Hopefully they are not as confused about right, wrong, and reality as you seem to be right now. I dont hate you. And im not your enemy. But you really are way out in the deep end right now.