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    I like honest discussion. You're not doing me any favors by not telling me the truth.

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  1. The Very Definition of Badass...

    ... also runs with scissors Im guessing
  2. "...go on... tell me all the details my son.." sick bastard
  3. Ex-C losing popularity

    Yet people still lurk here annonymously and then sign up and tell their story. It still helps people deconvert, so this is good.
  4. So Painful...

    Hang in there Mich. You are not alone. Welcome.
  5. Scared

    Margee. Im sorry youre frightened. I hope all is well soon.
  6. The mix of church and Trump may just be the bump needed to push many off of the fence and into the reality that they really dont believe. Cultural christianity (and any other cultural religions) needs to wane. We need a more secular culture.
  7. You dodged their comments about the article. You are arguing like IH here.
  8. Wanting To Screw A Christian

    omg that vid pic lol
  9. Im sorry your family suffered such a terrible thing.
  10. Christians dont care. However a couple of people starting to deconvert will find this very useful as one more brick in the wall hopefully. Good catch there.