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  1. Nice!! I used to make my hair stylist promise not to report the 90% tip I always left in cash. She'd laugh. she charged WAY too little for a great cut and I always got an appointment
  2. Shit gettin real
  3. Stop being a pussy. Go debate
  4. Stop being a pussy. Go debate
  5. So insignificant and yet everything precious to me is represented by that bright pixel
  6. I love drinking alone. I had a lovely glass of Coopers Craft whisky neat last night while sorting through my jumbled thoughts from the day. Getting drunk alone is probably a bad sign though.
  7. Welcome. your parents were and are wrong. I'm sorry this happened to you.
  8. Actually severs times you have claimed you don't SEE it. We are not in an ice age anymore! That is a climate that is changing. You don't have to trust anyone to know that climate change is occurring. It always has and always will change.
  9. Dude! (Meaning BO not Dude) Climate change is a real thing. We aren't in an ice age anymore! You seem to mix distrust of the cause and severity of it. I'm with you there. I get that. But the climate does change! Even if we do every goddam thing Al Gore wants us to do it will. still. change. That's why this topic sucks so much. Facts and agendas mixing with a big ol pile of politics and grant money up for grabs. It's dirty all around but it is a thing.
  10. Oh is this where they prove that goats mated over rods will be born with stripes on them? (Something like that anyway)
  11. Please stop using the "B" word! even the immoral irreligious have standards.
  12. I am stealing this.