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    I am so happy, in a way that I was never happy in religion.

    I like honest discussion. You're not doing me any favors by not telling me the truth.

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  1. Cant wait till all know what their DNA history is... that should calm a few things down hopefully.
  2. Why not just chemically/physically castrate like eunichs in a harem? Dont want to?... No problem. You dont work with kids... go work at a desk. If youre vowing celibacy it would make life easier for those struggling to live with that decision and safer for the vulnerable. (Harsh I know)
  3. Welcome, welcome. You go ahead and do that deconversion thing! 👍🏼
  4. Sweetie 😘
  5. Hey there. Didnt realize how recently you joined! So You want to be the girl from the Will Ferrel movie, Stranger Than Fiction... "TAX MAN!!!!"
  6. I know that pasta is real... I feel it in my belly
  7. The gnostic stuff drives me crazy. Reading about it, and realizing how big a part of early christianity it was just makes early christianity just look absolutely wacky imo.
  8. Deliriou5 were as good as any secular band. I never heard anyone perform their songs and sond like the originsl.
  9. I try to act dumb and just look puzzled at people - make them explain what their doing and then if they still continue I say no thanks. Weirdness.
  10. Look, Im a big fan of getting ahead in life and not being wasteful with money. But I recall that you are going through a tough patch in your life no? If so, then you should enjoy yourself when possible as long as you go to work and do dishes etc. Take your drunken horseback rides with your friend and just enjoy it for what it is. Dont worry about purpose and meaning and future all the time. Get through the day and enjoy yourself. If it becomes detrimental to your life then deal with it. Until then enjoy.
  11. ^do not panic! When we were christians, my children were all homeschooled and they are all athiests or at least highly non-religious today. They got there before I did and just never told me until I joined them. Of course we actually did math and shit like that
  12. when you get to the edge and look out/over/down, what do you see? does it bother them that there are no photos of this huge gulf to gaze into?
  13. I cant believe I actually got my name there