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    Now I'm done with all religion. I am trying to find my way out of my past and into a life that is truly mine, not dictated by someone else. It's scary, but it's also wonderful.

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  1. 8 injured, 2 dead in a stabbing incident in my town. Narrowly missed being right there myself.

    1. buffettphan


      Glad your safe.  I had a similar experience with the DC Sniper several years ago, so I have at least an inkling of how you're feeling.  ((hugs))

    2. yunea


      Thanks Buffettphan.

      The first person to die was a JW who would often stand there next to the sign "what does the bible really say?". So many times I'd thought up discussions I could have with her about what the bible, in fact, really says. 

      Never wanted harm on her though.

  2. I have seen and done things I don't completely understand, but I'm pretty much convinced that no gods are needed for such things to happen. Some of my senses are heightened due to having grown up in an unpredictable environment. I may subconsciously pick up stuff that is unsaid, and have mistakenly called it prophecy before. Even now it sometimes happens and I still feel that the information doesn't come from "me". However, I now know I have DDNOS and sometimes I feel parts of me are not really me, if that makes any sense, lol. It seems some of my parts do the more careful observing and relating the ideas to me, but back then it made believing in angels or guidance of the holy spirit seem so natural. There's a big but, though. It's a huge trap to focus on this information as "the truth" even when people present evidence that conflicts with it. It's still only human observation and as such prone to error, even if it's a bit more sensitive than usual. The heat, buzzing and tingling in my body that I felt during prayer is trickier to explain but with that I'm actually even less convinced that it needs gods. It's probably part self hypnosis (or should I say hyperfocusing), part something that many living things can do or feel, but many also can't, or they don't pay attention to it. Every "healing" I thought I experienced was actually pain removal. In some cases, where the illness was likely to go away anyway, it seemed like true healing but now I know it was just the power of the mind and the body's natural processes, and they possibly supported each other too, like what happens with placebo. Something serious such as tooth decay was a different deal, it landed me in emergency surgery even though I was able to pray my own pain away from even that. I know it's definitely not biblegod doing this because I've made sure to blaspheme the alleged holy spirit multiple times.
  3. Scared

    Margee, (((hugs))) You said she has been very sick, how does it show other than the blood test? Just a couple short days and you'll know more. I did a super quick google search now too and that stuff there in the first hits is real scary, but remember that the most dramatic stuff always jumps out at us. Thinking of you, Y
  4. You did that? That's like exposing a clairvoyant, serves them right!
  5. You might be an ex-Christian if you want to facepalm when someone says "science cannot explain god!" as if that's somehow supportive of belief in one.
  6. Yup @Lydie... A very sad detail here is that this young minister had already (with much grief) settled with the thought that he wasn't going to have a family, when the woman who later became his wife met him. She felt that God was telling her to marry him. She told him that, he believed her (and thought it was the answer to his "problem" of homosexual desires), and they got married. And now this. The wife appears to have completely disappeared from public websites, I hope she's ok.
  7. This wasn't told to me specifically. Recently, a local very young minister founded his own church and got a lot of media attention. He was this annoyingly happy guy who had many followers. Many also thought he was in the wrong. Then people figured out that he was having an affair with a guy from his own praise and worship group, and everything went downhill for him super fast. He attempted suicide by driving his car off the road, and ended up in a mental hospital (rumour has it he lost his marriage too). He's now trying to pick up the pieces and somehow make sense of his life, and also not lose his faith in the middle of all this crisis. I follow his blog, because these days I really feel bad for him. What I see in the comments in his blog? Lots of stuff that I'm sure is not helping him get better (but homosexuality IS A SIN yadda yadda etc). But today I saw a gem. "I rejoice in my heart. I see the kiss of failure has made you turn back to Jesus."
  8. Welcome to the forum! You will earn the ability to "like" posts once you've been around a little longer (maybe 20 posts or something?), so just keep posting. If you feel like it, we'd love to see a little introduction post too, in the Testimonies section.
  9. Yeah, I too would have thought that she is so brave, or something.
  10. Wow I'm out of likes for today...that meme is absolutely horrible.
  11. Living without absolution

    Hey DD To be honest it seems unfair to me that your hubby keeps reminding you of the old mistakes. What is he hoping to gain? It is not perfectly normal to keep doing that to other people's faces. Especially ones you want to stay in your life. As for the guilt.... I was raised to fear my own anger too and to force myself to pretend my own emotions weren't there. I only very recently understood that the person who most crucially needs my forgiveness is me. Earlier versions of me need it too, right from the age that I learned what guilt is, and also the past versions of me whom I resent for having done things that hurt me. I understand the physical exhaustion, getting out of bed is a big thing on those days, eating something sensible even bigger. Try to keep up some kind of basic nutrition, but obviously you need to rest now. My own periods of being stuck in bed always end in me having an epiphany. I don't know if it's the same with you. One thing you can try in case it helps you see can look at a memory of yourself, and say out loud, "I, DD of today, forgive you, younger DD. May you be free and may i be free". See where you get stuck, what is the resistance you feel. See if it is reasonable or exaggerated. I do that sometimes to see why I can't forgive me, it gives me new data to work with. I hope this helps, hun.
  12. Some days, I want to go back.

    I understand very well. A part of me still feels this way. I similarly went through quite a shock a few months ago when reading through some old journals. I knew what I was doing and still it really, really got to me. I wish I could tell you when it ends, but I'll sit with you as we work through all these feelings. *hugs Ag*
  13. A True Ex-Christian Anthem

    Extremely powerful, thanks for sharing.
  14. This, and also when they say that a skill you took years to learn is a "gift from God".