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    I've been an apathetic Lutheran, tongue-speaking, slain-in-the-spirit Pentecostal, and a New Age Jesus follower who did energy work and interpreted astrological birth charts.

    Now I'm done with all religion. I am trying to find my way out of my past and into a life that is truly mine, not dictated by someone else. It's scary, but it's also wonderful.

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  1. Also if someone talks about, say, their late grandma, going "she was a good lady, wise, smart, active..." and you nod along, but when they say "...and a good Christian too!!" you have to pause for a second and remind yourself to choose your battles wisely, you might be an ex-Christian.
  2. You might be an ex-Christian if it seems new to enjoy a sensible amount of alcohol or something without guilt. (Edit: Oops, essentially the same as BO's comment about porn... Sorry I missed it!)
  3. Yeah, as someone who is in therapy right now, I find that it's not the reciting of what exactly happened that helps, or even absolutely has to be done. What matters is how you feel about it now, and whether the narrative of the old story that to this day interferes with your well-being is still from the POV of a small child/young person, or if there has developed a more mature understanding and acceptance (and possibly insight of how you won't remain living the same story over and over again).
  4. *raises hand* Debian user here, since early 2004 (I switched from the nightmare of Windows 98, haha). I do also use Windows 7 these days, but I don't think I'll ever want to give up on Linux.
  5. I created a Discord account too, though due to time zone differences I think I'll have to log in at night to see most of you. I'm new to it so I might need some tips!
  6. About a couple months into being "filled with the Holy Spirit", I got intrusive thoughts that said "everything's just lies". Of course, those were attributed to satan attacking me because I was so important to Jesus, lol.
  7. As far as illness and diseases go for me, I used to be able to pray my symptoms away and think I was cured. In one case I had an infection in my mouth that very nearly turned extremely dangerous for me. It'd been developing for a long time, but I had a severe dentist phobia and prayer always took the pain away so I thought God was handling the situation for me. When I was finally ex-Christian, it flared up once more. I had to have emergency surgery done on me, but I was just in time and didn't need a long hospital stay. If I'd have waited for any longer though, the infection could have spread down my bloodstream and into my chest. So I'm glad I wasn't a believer anymore. No one was there to watch over me supernaturally, so I had to RUN (ok, get a ride, but you know) to the doctors myself. I also recently watched my man have a piece of clotted blood in his leg travel up to his lung. Life-threatening as well and scary as heck, but neither of us prayed (he used to be spiritual). I do find myself missing the comfort of "knowing" there'll be an afterlife where we all rejoin. Still, medical science is pretty awesome these days. Let us know how your mouth is, ok?
  8. Welcome to Ex-C, Ataraxia!
  9. LOL, looks like I'm going to buy a car with the lisence plate "EXC-(number)". hahahaa!

    1. Travi


      Mr. Burns: Exxxxxxxccccceeeellent. 

    2. RealityCheck


      Doesn't quite mean the same in Finnish though.

    3. yunea


      True, though we don't get funny Finnish words in our lisence plates anyway due to laws, so funny English will have to do. 

      My other option was a car with the plate "ZIT-(number)". I laughed at that too, though it seemed like a bad omen. Now I'm glad I'm getting the EXC one lol.

  10. I think I recognise some of this. I didn't feel particularly "sinful" when I was a Christian, nor did I feel salvation was primarily from my own sins. I wanted salvation to be from my previously horrible life of poverty and illness. I wanted to be in guidance and be granted all the promises of the Bible. Getting everything I need without having to worry about it or plan much. Being guided by the King of Kings who knew everything better than I. What's not to like about that? Later when I was a more New Agey Christ follower type, I went ahead and performed attraction rituals to get things, continually checking with Jesus that I had his blessing. It seemed to work. I got countless clothes and other small items that were exactly as I pictured. A lot of them were handed over to me for free, the rest were for tiny money. However, what I think actually worked in those rituals was focusing on what kind of stuff I wanted so I could recognise it, and then actually getting to know people who ran charity stores full of random stuff, free for me to dig through! I originally thought I had tapped into something supernatural there, but when I started inviting people into my life with the rituals, thought I found the ones I needed, and they abused me in return, I had to admit that what was going on wasn't what I thought. Now that I live away from those charity stores, I don't have access to free stuff, so I end up with less stuff. Not that mysterious now, looking back on it. What I see in people who succeed (without inherited wealth) is dedication. Working smart rather than hard. Knowing it's you doing the job, not anyone else. And also knowing the right people to help you along if you need it.
  11. I haven't noticed any vileness or toxicity coming from you in our exchanges, but I know the crippling feeling that all I touch turns bad somehow and I can only hurt people. Hugs.
  12. Sorry to hear about it, LB. I hope that things will be OK.
  13. Lol exactly. I've been inviting more money, careful to not invite lack of money. Fun thing is that when I do, my boss contacts me for more work (I work when she asks me to) and offers to pay extra if it's an annoying gig. It totally woooo-ooorks. Or maybe I just do my job well and actually deserve more gigs and extras. Which is it?!
  14. Some of the New Agers I used to hang out with believed something to this effect. Like, mentioning something "bad" aloud (and even thinking of it too much) could invite it into your own life, so focus on positive things and invite those instead.
  15. I fell for this when I was younger. An unknown woman would come up to me in church and start prophecying fancy promises because god "saw my pain" and my bad past and wanted to make it all up to me. I thought it was a true miracle. Come to think of it, at that age I hardly knew how to dress myself prettily or shower enough, I hated the way I looked and held my chin down when I walked, etc, so you probably could see from a mile away that I had "pain". Not terribly miraculous after all, I can pick up that much from random people on the bus too. But at the time, for my little heart so eager to get "signs", it was huge.