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  1. abortion...

    Citsonga - Ok, I don't know why you picked on me to harp on. I indicated in previous posts that I found the issue much more difficult and complex than the simple, "killing babies is bad" vs. "it's the woman's body, leave her alone" dichotomy that most people want to argue it as. I also indicated more than once that I lean toward the pro-choice side. That does not mean, however, that I agree with all their tactics or talking points. It IS disingenuous to overemphasize the rape and medical necessity side of it when that is a tiny fraction of the abortions that actually occur. It IS disingenuous to downplay the real reason(s) most women get abortions, whether justified or not. I AGREE that the situation for women is far less than ideal. Birth control is not free. Women have many issues impacting their ability to live a self-sustaining life. They may already have kids they struggle to feed. They may not have support from the fathers of their children. They may not be using the birth control correctly. They may not be able to afford childcare. They may be trying to get an education that would be hampered by becoming a mother. I acknowledge ALL of these things! It is without a doubt better to not have the child than to have it and ruin both the woman's and the child's life. HOWEVER, that does not change the fact that the situation is highly complex, does not lend itself to talking points, and is not in any way resolved the way the two sides choose to characterize it these days.
  2. abortion...

    Perhaps we have differing definitions of disingenuous. Misrepresenting the truth is always disingenuous to me regardless of the motive behind it. Why don't they just emphasize that there is no higher brain function early in the pregnancy when most abortions occur? Probably because it sounds callous and clinical. The problem is that anyone who has gotten pregnant by choice - whether religious or not - views that "tissue" as a human being from the moment of conception, because that is what they want. Anyone who decided to abort along with those who performed it, wants to believe it is just tissue without any higher brain function, because that makes them feel better about what they are doing. When you get right down to it, every one of us had to go through the stage of "no higher brain function" to get to what we are today. So when can you really say it is ok to terminate? Isn't that ultimately a matter of opinion? For the record, I agree that abortion early on is acceptable, though unfortunate. After that, there needs to be restrictions.
  3. abortion...

    Citsonga - I really don't understand your argument with me. Of course I agree that PC folks also want fewer abortions and know that increasing birth control availability is a sure way to reduce them. I guess I don't see where I indicated otherwise. I was not saying that they want rape, incest, etc. to continue. It's very weird to me that you read that from my post. I keep rereading it trying to figure out how you got there. I was just describing the perfect world I wish existed but don't ever expect to witness. My beef with PCs is in their disingenuousness in trying to make it all about rape and medical necessity. I think they realize that using abortion as birth control when actual birth control fails them (for whatever reason) is a pretty difficult thing to defend and simply does not go over well with anyone. So, they use the much more rare instances of rape and medical necessity as their go-to for defending the practice. Of course the other side is equally disingenuous as they try to convince the world that abortion providers are bloodthirsty demons looking to "harvest" fetal tissue for some evil use, and women wantonly have sex without protection knowing they can just abort every time they get pregnant. The truth lies between (as it frequently does in politics).
  4. abortion...

    Here's another one: Each year, nearly 1.2 million American women have an abortion to end a pregnancy. The most common reasons women consider abortion are: Birth control (contraceptive) failure. Over half of all women who have an abortion used a contraceptive method during the month they became pregnant. Abortion-Reasons Women Choose Abortion - WebMD www.webmd.com › women › abortion-r... This one, however, puts the lie to my wish that birth control was easy to obtain. Apparently birth control fails more often than I realized. Or maybe these women are not using it correctly. Who knows!
  5. abortion...

    I beg to differ. Read almost any article written by pro-choice advocates and they will downplay the "convenience" factor in favor of the "hard case" factor. See the archive below for the actual stated reasons the vast majority of women have abortions. http://www.johnstonsarchive.net/policy/abortion/abreasons.html
  6. Well the writers weren't going to come right out and say that now were they, but what else is "not suitable" supposed to mean!? I mean, he did give us brains and using inductive reasoning (or is it deductive?), it is safe to conclude . . .
  7. I do have to say, though, that if god had his act together and wasn’t toking on celestial weed at the time, he might have gotten the specifications right in the first place and wouldn’t have pushed Adam toward bestiality before ripping out that rib. (My gawd the Bible is one messed up piece of crap the more you think about it!)
  8. Buwhahahahhahahahahahahahaha......!!!!!

    Oh that would be so perfect. Keep that thing covered in any white powder they can find until they get the message and take it down.
  9. As I recall, he did, but . . . um . . . the animals were not suitable? Hence the need to rip out a rib and create a hole to fit his peg?
  10. Survey: What nationality is your personality

    Took it again and now I'm British, which fits me better.
  11. Why are you on a quest? Just don't give a shit!
  12. Opioid Crisis vs Alcohol Non-Crisis

    Interesting thought exercise. People take opioids, at least at first, for pain relief. Alcohol is a social drug, only used for pain relief (usually) once the addiction has set in. Thoughts?
  13. Our town lies next to a river and near a dam and there are several neighborhoods lying in the old flood plain from before the dam was built. We had one of those "100-year" floods back in 1993 in which the floodgates had to be opened to keep the dam from overflowing. That took out many of those neighborhoods. A lot of the homes did not get direct flooding but instead had the ground water rise up as much as six feet in their basements. Of course insurance would not cover that, despite the fact it would not have happened but for the flood! Since then it is near impossible to get flood insurance here. Looking at a map of faultlines in the US, it is amazing how many areas are at risk!