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  1. This is the answer to how the ancients were able to build pyramids and all the other things we currently can't figure out. Had that ancient knowledge been preserved, I think we would discover that there really isn't anything new under the sun.
  2. Non-religious ranting

    God? Are you aware that your ghost is stalking you?
  3. Goodbye Everybody

    We just planted three new trees in our yard today and I'm exhausted. I'm going to be really pissed if it was a waste of time! 😡
  4. Ha! He realized he was about to make a monumental fool of himself!
  5. I've heard this before that western society is showing all the signs of an imminent collapse - and not from nutjobs either, but from people who really know their stuff. The transgender mania, the overprinting/devaluing of money, the increasingly large gap between the haves and the have nots, etc. But what will the collapse look like?
  6. Oh, that's a good thing! The more publicity such stupidity gets, the better to show how stupid and out of touch with reality Christianity is.
  7. Every time I see the phrase "you know it's true", I hear that 80's song in my head: Girl, you know it's true Oo oo ooo, I want you And those guys were proved to be false as well, lol!
  8. Goodbye Everybody

    If they're really serious, they should sell all of their stuff - no, wait, they should GIVE all their stuff away since they won't need money where they think they are going. The idiots claiming the prophecy should be the first to do this if they really believe it. Now why don't they do that . . .
  9. Taco Bell Gospel

    Let me guess. He did this in an area that is already predominately Christian so he knew he would get away with it. Try that in a Muslim area if you really want to "proclaim the word of god to the unbelievers"! Would actually love to see that!
  10. Taco Bell Gospel

    And everyone in the restaurant suddenly said, "Oh my goodness! I need to become a Christian right now!" Not.
  11. Another sad story

    "What causes a great many people to still have love and faith in a god that obviously fails so much?" In a word - rationalization. Without that magic ability of the human mind, religion would already be dead. Must be some evolutionary development that keeps us from throwing ourselves off of tall buildings.
  12. Hey, Kevin, WTF happened here?!?!

    Fwee, you bastard! That actually made me smile. 😆
  13. Hey, Kevin, WTF happened here?!?!

    Hubby says blocked barrel or spiked ammo or crack/weakness in the metal. I have no idea what that means, lol!
  14. Non-religious ranting

    Oh gawd! 🙄
  15. Non-religious ranting

    Well if I stopped reading crap social media, that would definitely help. The 13-year-old, I can only hope will grow out of it. The rest, eh, just in a bad mood, although better now after reading all these responses!