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  1. Concerning Belief

    "I don't know if there is an afterlife." Any child could figure it out. Magic is not real therefore a magical 2nd life is impossible.
  2. ag_NO_stic Your non-stop animation is distracting and disgusting.
  3. The Importance of "Full Deconversion"

    "It hardly needs saying that making the transition from being a True Christian to being an Ex-Christian does not happen overnight." It depends on how intense was the brainwashing, aka child abuse. It would be easier for Christians who want to throw out their cult to just understand this simple logic: Magic is not real therefore magic god fairies are impossible.
  4. I would just tell them you figured out the god fantasy is not real. That's all you have to say. If they complain that's their problem. Accepting reality is something to be proud of. If they don't get that who cares. If the abuse is too much then stop visiting your family. It's not your fault they're insane.
  5. What Atheism Has Done For Me

    "Atheism robbed me of a belief in a Heaven wonderful beyond description that was waiting for me after I died." Not something I would wish for. Imagine the eternal boredom. I prefer reality because it's interesting and because it's real. I know I'm lucky to have one life. I'm not greedy for something more.
  6. " Father was a pastor, evangelist in a charismatic Penticostal denomination." Horrible. What bad luck! Does he know you threw the insanity out? Welcome to the 21st century.
  7. Well done what you wrote. You had what it takes to realize the Magic Man is just a fantasy. Thank goodness you were able to figure it out. People waste their entire lives believing in ridiculous nonsense. I liked this: "the ridiculous rules of Christianity". Now you are a free person instead of slave. I was a brainwashed Catholic. When I realized it was a business and the customers were suckers I threw it out. I became an agnostic which is almost as bad as being a theist. Now I am 100% certain magical beings are not real. I'm a real atheist. In a perfect world where everyone is normal, the word atheist would not be necessary because there would be no theists. Since you plugged your website (which I will be reading) I should plug my new blog which virtually nobody knows about.
  8. Story Of An Ex-Pastor

    Interesting story you wrote. I noticed you like to read books about the subject. I highly recommend "Faith versus Fact" by Jerry Coyne, University of Chicago biologist. In this very interesting book Jerry Coyne repeatedly kills all the moronic religious fantasies including the ridiculous god fantasy. How do you replace what is really a totally worthless career with a real job? Not sure about that. Good luck with it. Perhaps working hard to develop skills that are in demand might solve the problem. In the meantime how do you survive? The government might be able to help you. Not sure about how to do that. Is the Magic Man real? Most people don't realize how simple this is. My explanation requires just a few words. Here it is: God is just another word for magic. Magic is not real. Therefore magical deities are impossible. That's it. Notice I don't bother with the obvious fact that science has repeatedly chased the god of the gaps out of its hiding places. Science kills the childish god fantasy but we don't need the science to show god fairies are not real. This is all we need: Magic is not real. Period. One more thing. I believe theism and agnosticism are a mental illness. Even the agnostics are insane. Is magic real or not? Apparently the agnostics can't figure it out. Another thing about agnostics: They are full of it. Their excuses for not being certain about the stupidity of the god fantasy are pathetic. God was the human race's greatest mistake. Here we are in the 21st century and we still have religious stupidity, religious brainwashing, a religious war against science education, and out-of-control religious violence. The time for sucking up to religious scum is over with. Religions must be eradicated. Being nice is not going to get us there.
  9. "While there may be a god or force responsible for existence, it most certainly (or likely) is not the God of Christianity." Congratulations for throwing out the ridiculous Christian death cult. You probably already know this but a magical god or a magical force is a childish fantasy that couldn't possibly be real. Science has repeatedly shown a Magic Man was never necessary for anything, and even without the science the idea there's magic in the universe is insane. "If he wanted to, he could of made a world where suffering does not exist and would of been perfectly happy with that." If I wanted to throw out all of reality and pretend a magical master of the universe was real, I would not expect to give a crap about suffering here or at any of the other countless trillions of solar systems. "Yet, my mind still craves that safety net of promised paradise." Yuck. I would not wish for a magical 2nd life. What a disgusting idea. Imagine the eternal boredom. Yet this is the reason religions exist, so feeble-minded cowards can pretend their magical souls will magically fly to a magical paradise after they drop dead. The stupidity, it burns.
  10. Deconverted Seminarian

    Sorry, just one more thing. Evolution is the strongest fact of science. Biologists understand in great detail how new species develop and they know the Magic Man had absolutely nothing to do with it. Since the fairy's magic wand was not necessary for something as complex as evolution, it's ridiculous to pretend the fairy's magical powers were necessary for anything else.
  11. Deconverted Seminarian

    One more thing. A quote from a book you should read. Hitchens wrote about "faith" in his masterpiece "god is not Great, How Religion Poisons Everything". "If one must have faith in order to believe something, or believe in something, then the likelihood of that something having any truth or value is considerably diminished."
  12. Deconverted Seminarian

    "It has been roughly 5 years since I dropped out of Seminary and leaving the Evangelical faith. It's been a winding road, but ultimately I do still believe in God." I read the whole thing. You are obviously a very intelligent person. Congratulations on throwing out most of the ridiculous bullshit. But you are not done yet. This not rocket science. It's not necessary to write a book about it. Just a few words you need to understand before you become a free person, and not a slave to a moronic childish fantasy. Here it is: God is just another word for magic. Magic is not real. Therefore magical beings (Allah, Zeus, Easter Bunny, tooth fairy, Santa Claus, God) are impossible. Period. There is nothing more to say about it.
  13. Were you mostly disappointed with God or more angry with God just before you left? Both before and after figuring out the magic god fairy is just fantasy for cowards, I most certainly wasn't angry at it or disappointed in it. That would be childish not to mention ridiculous. It was easy to throw out the Catholic death cult when I realized it's just a business and the customers are suckers. Because of intense brainwashing it took me longer to be 100% certain the magic fairy is not real. I had to realize god is just another word for magic and magic is not real.
  14. "I concluded that god wasn't the best explanation for anything, not the laws of nature or even the beginning of the universe." You got that right. Most people don't realize how simple this is. A belief in a god is a belief in magic. Magic is not real therefore magic god fairies are not real. Period.
  15. Well done what you wrote. Christianity is a mental illness. Unfortunately the victims don't realize how sick they are. The disease is usually incurable. It was easy for me to fix the problem. Throwing out the insanity made my mother very upset but her reaction made me realize I was doing the right thing. I tell the theists this: Atheism is an acceptance of reality. Theism is a denial of reality. Take your pick. The best video I have ever seen about reality: The Feynman Series - Beauty