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  1. Being weird for Jesus

    Auuuuugh this!!!!!! Absolutely this. I'm still terrified to this day to date, it's a major block for me after having it drilled into me that so many people need to approve of them. We had so many rules of how women could interact with guys and vise versa. My parents still enforce some of these even though they make even less context out of the environment we were in at the time. They're so worried about how my siblings' and my relationships affect how the family is perceived even though they won't admit to that. There's so many rules surrounding relationships that it makes them completely artificial and fake. It makes it so hard for me to even have platonic friendships now.
  2. I think that was talked about in the article too, with the woman who felt like she just got greenlit the whole way without any accountability. I think it is really a case by case thing. Different people have different needs, and you can't reduced the trans experience down to one solid thing. Just like anything else. The medical field has a lot of blind spots and trans health care, including mental health care, is grossly overlooked still. That's part of the protest, that's part of what we're fighting for right now.
  3. Looks like you guys covered a lot of ground while I was at work ahah. I noticed detransitioning came up once, and I have been thinking about it all day because that's something that is a major controversial issue. By chance a friend told me about an article after work that talks about it in honestly the best way I've seen that isn't biased and gives multiple narratives. I think you all may appreciate it as it covers a lot of the issues we've talked about so far. Also @Citsonga, thank you for sharing that. I hadn't ever seen the fully story on here just the bits you've shared. I'm so glad our son is able to live more happily now and again, very glad that you've been there to support him the whole time. Having your family's support is really a gift.
  4. Gonna try and tackle a couple of things! "In my opinion, if I were trans, I would not want to deal with the attention or publicity of the controversy. I would want the limelight off me so that I could pass. I wouldn't want to grapple with my painful past all the time or give my "token trans" opinion, you know?" You're right, I do want to pass and not have attention constantly on me. But unfortunately as someone who does not pass and cannot afford to at the moment, I have to be vocal if I want to be acknowledged. The thing is, we're in a changing time right now where a lot of rights that are very crucial to me are being threatened or withheld. I can't really afford to be silent on those either. I want to be able to transition, I want to not constantly be worried about getting fired, I want to not have to worry about my very obviously transitioned friends whenever we go out. In order to do that sometimes I have to be vocal, and be that token person as much as it grates on me and my introvert personality. "it has a lot more to do with compassionate and objective things like not wanting these people to have to mutilate their beautiful bodies how it was born" I know you mean this kindly, but it's not. I'm going to try to be as reasonable as I can throughout this whole post but I'm sorry if I do come across as emotional. I don't like my body. I think a lot of people don't like theirs, but for me there's a lot of social pressures that are put on me to pass and to not be who I appear to be if I want to be recognized as the person I know I am. I think it's kind of ironic of you to talk about how you would just want to pass and then talk about how it's mutilating your body when we try to. I know you probably didn't mean it this way, but again I'm just trying to provide more perspective. I agree with a lot of what you're saying, and honestly I think you're on a good path to understanding. But without people who are willing to educate and have those discussions with you, you probably wouldn't look into it much right? I guess that's why I offer my quote unquote token experiences. I'm not always in the mood to do this, but in an online forum it's much easier. So you're right in a lot of senses. I don't disagree with you that a lot of it is being pushed on kids in some places. But I also think that in just as many cases, kids are able to realize who they are and they have the language and words for it that I never did. And that's amazing.
  5. Thoughts on Christianity

    Not to speak for Josh but I believe what he's trying to say is that it's an allegory like a lot of the bible is.
  6. Another easy way to make money on the side

    ubereats is getting to a lot more places as well. I'm not a huge fan of uber but it is a convenience and a lot of people can pick it up especially when you live in a college town like me.
  7. I think that this is a pretty good point honestly, it is a lot harder to discern how you identify now. I think sometimes things are pushed on kids by adults, but that's also always been the case hasn't it? Personally I view my journey through gender as chapters. I didn't always know I was a boy, I didn't have the knowledge or capacity to understand that as a kid. Did I have conflicting feelings though? Of course, I wouldn't have started questioning otherwise. I really don't like comparing religion and being trans but honestly it's a good analogy. A lot of you all talk about the long path it took you to fully understand your disbelief, how sometimes you backslid into what you were brought up with, how sometimes emotion overrides reason and what you know to be true about yourself. It's not really that different. It's all a matter of identity. It's painful when people try to push Christianity on you, it's painful when people try to push my birth gender on me. It's hard for you to come out, it's hard for me to come out. There's a lot of parallels and I know I'm going a little off topic here but I thought this might put things into perspective of why it's so hard on people when you don't "agree" with their gender. It's like they're saying they don't agree with an intrinsic part of who you are. Kinda getting deja vu, I may have posted something similar on the forums before. Sorry for spinning very far off of the OP, but I've seen a lot of discussions about transness her lately and thought that the opinion of someone who is actually trans might be of some note
  8. When I saw this article the other day when I was scrolling through my feed I thought it was The Onion or Clickhole. I really shouldn't be surprised and yet!!
  9. How did you let go of bitterness?

    I think honestly, it's something you need a lot of time and self reflection for. Coming to terms with bitterness can either help you let it go or at least live with it until you can let it go. I still haven't been able to let some of it go. It's a journey like anything else.
  10. Why deconversion is hard on a lot of folks

    @Margee You are such a truly encouraging and wonderful person, I am so sorry you've been struggling with this so much. You've helped us all along when we've been depressed and in despair, I hope that we can do the same for you.
  11. Honestly this isn't anything new. I've heard all this and more I don't know how many times. The reason nothing changes is because people who stay in the church always wind up coming to the same conclusion: I'm the one who was wrong and I need to conform to the church rather than the other way around. It doesn't matter how many people talk about how the church needs to reach out more when the majority is just going to adhere to how it is. Also some of y'all are honestly... so fucking callous sometimes. I know you're bitter about the church, I think we all are, but the alleged high ground you guys take sometimes is really grating. Most of the people I knew who were advocating for change in the church were ultimately people who left the church, mocking people who are questioning the cores of what church is based on is only going to hinder their journey. We were all there at some point.
  12. If god is so loving why did he give me a kidney infection??? Seems pretty unloving to me! (sarcasm)

    1. sdelsolray


      The god is a fiction.  Your kidney infection was caused by something else.

    2. Fuego


      1. "It's a test"

      2. "The devil has an inroad due to sin in your life"

      3. "He has a better plan for you"

      4. "Just trust the love you've already felt"

      5. "Cast away your medicine and put your trust in the Lord!"

      6. "You need to bind the devil and the spirit of infection, anoint your home with olive oil prayed over by the pastor"

      7. "Proclaim yourself healed and well. Speak in faith! Proclaim your freedom in Christ!!!111!"

      Probably 1000 more excuses and non-cures from the believers.

    3. Lilith666


      He is teaching you a lesson through pain. He's not going to give you any hints about what that lesson is, though.

  13. Hi This Site Is Awesome

    Welcome welcome!!! Hope you're able to find a good community here.
  14. I can see ways they could still get around it but I'm so glad steps are finally being taken. It's been a long time coming.
  15. New Game: You Might be an Ex-Christian if.....

    You might be a an Ex Christian if you've encouraged church people to talk mad shit about each other because you're tired of hearing "well I shouldn't gossip, it's not godly". (Everyone likes to gossip like... church ladies need to get over themselves they talk so much shit about everyone and anyone)