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  1. Preference for Altars?

    You admitted yourself that you don't worship or pay tribute to them? Display isn't meant to mean that they're lesser than altars. I have several icons around the house that are just displays and they mean a lot to me. So much of faith is personal, and I believe altars are the same? Altars are really just a dedicated space to celebrate or beseech or meditate. If your displays are that to you, then I would consider them an altar but in the end it's up to you what you consider them, Personally I think you need to maintain an altar for it to continue to hold weight, but that's just from my personal experiences with faith. The bible no longer seems sacred to me, and neither do most churches. But to many people those are tools or places of worship because they intend them to be so. If an older altar inspires a sense of awe and worship in you, then it still holds weight. If not, it no longer bears significance to you. By this I also mean that my altars could just be displays to you, but you don't have to be worshipful to be respectful. It's why I still covered when I visited mosques, even though I personally did not believe in their god. I think I sort of answered your last question. I think everything with regards to worship, religion, and faith is subjective. My altar is not always going to be an altar to everyone, my mom sees it as a simple gathering of things when she visits me. But I know its importance to me and I hold that intent within myself.
  2. I can't, god made me this way just so I could go to hell and I can't defy his creation. I don't have a grip on my divine powers yet, it's too unsteady.
  3. It's true. Every time I daydream about a boy god smites another country.
  4. Preference for Altars?

    That's interesting, I repurpose stuff a lot too in that way ahaha. I can't burn incense in my house (roommates are allergic and I love them so I forgo it) but that's why I do the candles in a similar tribute.
  5. Preference for Altars?

    I think that the main difference between a display and an altar is intent personally. You could make anything an altar, but you would have to intend for it to be so. Also I'm aware! I was just curious about the practices on this website specifically
  6. Is The Fine Tuned Universe (Argument) Leaky..?

    I know you wanted to keep this really academic BAA but I just wanted to say those are really solid explanations. I have a really hard time wrapping my head around more scientific things and that actually made a whole lot of sense to me so thank you for that!
  7. Narcissism and Christianity

    Personally I think that abusers gravitate towards religion because it gives them a way out. They can always pray it away or they can hide behind the church which protects them.
  8. Telling the parents.

    I think overall it's really hard to get over the mental block that you owe your parents everything and that you don't deserve your own happiness. For me it was really amplified because I was constantly told I had a servant's heart and that was my spiritual gifting. I still really struggle with not constantly being "selfless" aka letting people do whatever they want at my expense. Even though I regret how I did it, I don't regret leaving the church when it was giving me a panic attack every week, and every time I saw our pastor I wanted to throw up. If you can, absolutely find a way to have a conversation with your parents but sometimes ripping the bandaid off is the only option.
  9. Thoughts On Crying?

    Oh jeez I cry all the time. I used to be afraid of it, seeing it as being weak or too emotional but it's honestly the most cathartic thing. I cry over things if I'm happy or sad now, and if I'm really really tired it can even be something like a cute video that makes me tear up. As for like full blown sobbing, I don't usually do that. That tends to come around more when I'm deeply hurt or having a panic attack.
  10. Telling the parents.

    I blurted it out to my dad on the way to school and he told my mom. It was a huge mess and my parents still haven't really recovered from it in some ways. I really regret how I did things, but I was young and under a lot of stress at the time. It was a huge relief but my parents have grieved it ever since and are constantly trying to lead me back. I live away from them now, so we don't have to talk about things like me being a non Christian or gay. It's convenient not to.
  11. I need help

    I second sdelsoray's sentiments, but I do want to say sometimes you don't have to love your parents. And that does not make you a bad person by any means at all. Sometimes parents will hurt you by doing what they believe is best, and sometimes it isn't always the best thing for you. Do what you need to in order to survive and know you're not alone.
  12. I honestly can't remember if I've asked this before, but do any of you have altars? I have a small one in my room that I keep clean and set up. I think that the ritual of changing it every couple of months or so keeps me grounded honestly. I tend to feature a lot of rabbits in it even outside of spring because it's an animal I really resonate with, and I also have several dishes I use for offerings. I keep it pretty simple when I do those, just whatever snacks I have and I sit down and have a little chat with whatever might visit before lighting a candle and going about my business. I guess I'm just interested in anyone else's habits if they have them!
  13. I had no idea that's why some Christians covered! I knew about other religions but it always baffled me why Christians did it as well. Is it specifically during prayer or is it when you set foot in a holy place?
  14. I used to believe that if you bowed your head your prayers went downwards to Satan instead so I made a very conscious effort to never do that. I also resolutely believed that one house we lived in was possessed by demons. I still believe it had bad vibes but that was because the owner and his family were batshit crazy, and my dad moved us there for the wrong reasons. I used to believe that sometimes when I held my hands out while singing that I could feel my praises rising up out of them. And it was also very similar where I couldn't point them downwards. I also fasted regularly in the summer and had devotion days where I would eat nothing and focus as much as I could on the bible because I though that god would give me some kind of clarity if I did. I don't think I got much other than heatstroke, low blood sugar, and an eating disorder.
  15. Political Views of ex-Christians

    There weren't really any huge shifts in my political beliefs. What did change though is how vocal I was about it, or how much time I put into actually looking into things. Without fear of church discipline or being shot straight to hell it was a lot easier to express myself. I still don't firmly align with any party as any political party is corrupt.