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  1. I like the term post-christian as well. Even though I no longer believe, I do know that my years of being a Christian, and my 22 years of being a pastor, has shaped me for better or for worse who I am. I have shut the door on belief in a deity and an adherence to a religion, but I acknowledge that it's part of my past and some good things have come out of it.
  2. I was thinking mainly about those tragedies where politicians say "our thoughts and prayers are with the families...." without any chance of them actually doing anything legislatively that would prevent the tragedy from happening. But I do get your point. It's like that recent SNL skit with Louis CK called "Thank you Scott" where he liked something on Facebook and feels like he did something.
  3. It's amazing how doing your own research as opposed to just taking someone else's word for it actually works. I'm amazed at how much bullshit I believed for years because I took someone's word for it.
  4. I heard David Fitzgerald talk about Atwill. He does not have good things to say about him. David Fitzgerald is a mythicist as well but he, Carrier, and Price seem to be the unholy trinity of scholarship where the jesus myth is concerned.
  5. A couple of thoughts: 1. Now that you know that there is only one life to life, and that is here on this earth until you die, you do have a purpose. It's to make this life the best possible. For yourself and for others. You don't have to wait until some promised afterlife in order to truly live. You can make a difference, right here, right now. And you know that your time is finite, so it should give you urgency to decide now to live for now. 2. You don't have to spend all your time trying to determine or discern what god's will for your life is. You can determine your own will for your life. You're unencumbered and no longer have to take orders from an invisible deity. You no longer have to question every decision if it's in align with god's plan. You determine your own course. You are the captain of your own soul.
  6. 97% of climate scientists agree that man-made climate change is real. Most of the 3% are corporate shills paid by energy companies to deny. I still don't understand how personal witness trumps science in your book. That's like me saying "There isn't a heroin problem in Ohio" because some junkie isn't shooting it up in my house or in my yard.
  7. What you are seeing? Are you still using the "well my Florida area isn't flooded yet so climate change must not be happening" argument? Would it be different if you lived in Australia and saw the bleaching of the coral reef or other areas of the world being dramatically affected by climate change?
  8. Really enjoyed this movie. Here's the review from my blog: I thought it would be interesting to do reviews of movies I find fascinating. If you know me, you know that I really like independent movies, usually in the sci-fi genre. Some of my favorite movies are low-budget movies that don't get a lot of press, don't get a lot of audience, but are way better (in my opinion) than most of the big-budget blockbusters that come out throughout the year. Here are some examples of some of my favorite movies in this vein: (These all star the fabulous and underrated Brit Marling, who also wrote a couple of these movies.) Also: I could add more to this list, but since most of you probably have never heard of any of these, I'll just stop haha. Anyway here is the movie I watched tonight. I wouldn't put it up with the five movies above, but it was very good. It's called The Discovery. As you can see, it starts Jason Segel, Rooney Mara and Robert Redford. The premise of the movie is probably more interesting than the execution, but after it was done I just sat there, with a few tears in my eyes, reflecting on what I saw. Here is the basic plot: A neuroscientist (Robert Redford) in the near future has proven to the world that there is actually a life after death. This has some disturbing consequences, one of the biggest being that millions of people across the globe commit suicide due to the now proven promise of a life beyond the grave. Because of this, the neuroscientist has withdrawn from the public life and has devoted himself to helping people get over thoughts of killing themselves. He shelters them and tries to give them meaning in this life. One of his sons (Jason Segel) has distanced himself from his father due to their mother's tragic death but decides to come visit him and his brother. On the ferry ride, he meets a young woman (Rooney Mara) and strikes up a conversation. We find out soon what her reasoning is for being on the ferry boat. The movie centers around two things. First is Robert Redford's "discovery": he has figured out how to record the afterlife through a machine. Simply attach the device to someone, flatline them, and the video records what happens as they die. Simply bring them back to life, and no harm no foul. However, it doesn't seem to work the way Redford believes it does.... The second thing is the relationship between Will (Segel) and Isla (Mara). They strike up a romance and also throughout the movie "discover" that perhaps they know each other beyond the chance encounter on the ferry. To say anymore about the plot would give away some massive spoilers. However, I found the premise fascinating and I thought there was great acting, clever dialogue and many extremely moving scenes where I stopped the movie to reflect on what I just witnessed. This movie actually does remind me of two of the above movies: Another Earth, and i Origins. The former deals with second chances and living with regret; the latter deals with evolution and the question of reincarnation or some kind of afterlife. The Discovery certainly brought up many questions in my head that I can't really come to terms with; these questions are questions that people throughout several millenia have wrestled with. Questions like: 1. Is there really an afterlife? 2. What does that afterlife look like? 3. If one knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that there was life beyond the grave, would it inspire them to live better here on earth, or would it make it worse? 4. For those who have a hope in the afterlife, does question #3 apply in equal measure even though there is no proof of life after death? 5. Does part of the afterlife involve some kind of a purgatory or karma-like state in which you get a chance to right the wrongs of your life, or perhaps deal with regrets or wishes? I'm sure other questions are floating in my head, including the implications of suicide - considering my brother took his life a couple of years ago - but that's enough for now. I love movies that cause me to think and examine myself, and The Discovery does that well. This movie is a Netflix original, so if you have Netflix, you can see it for free. I mean, you probably subscribe monthly so it's not necessarily free, but it is very accessible. Check it out!
  9. Remember that not just Jesus was risen, but according to Matthew, many dead people also rose from their graves. Matthew 27:51-53 51At that moment the curtain of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom. The earth shook, the rocks split 52and the tombs broke open. The bodies of many holy people who had died were raised to life. 53They came out of the tombs after Jesus’ resurrection and53 Or tombs, and after Jesus’ resurrection they went into the holy city and appeared to many people. You would think that with something of that magnitude, that someone would have recorded that. "Holy shit! My dead uncle came to our house after Jesus died. It was insane!" But of course no one did, because it's all utter bullshit.
  10. Thoughts and Prayers = we give no fucks.
  11. I consider this my first Easter as an atheist as well. I find it to have been rather nice to not have been at the church for 80 hours the week leading up to Easter doing all the preparations (I was a worship minister and before that a youth minister, for 22 years). So even though I had to work a lot at my two jobs, it wasn't for shit I don't believe in anymore. I slept last night for eleven hours (my usual amount is 3-4), cleaned out my car, and my family and I are going out to Red Robin. I thought that perhaps my wife would ask about going to a church service, but I think she is ambivalent towards church now, which is fine with me. I also read some Ingersoll and I'm beginning a book by David Fitzgerald about Jesus being a myth. Nice way to celebrate in my opinion!
  12. Interesting. I might have to get this book. I think Richard Carrier has done some interesting research as well. I'm about 60 percent Jesus is a myth/ 40 percent he wasn't right now.
  13. It is not being compared with Arrival; it's definitely a religious type of a movie. It's about two Jesuit priests who go to Japan during the great persecution of Christians there to find their fellow Jesuit priest who has been rumored to have "apostatized" his faith. It deals mostly with the main character (Andrew Garfield) and his struggle with the idea that so many Christians were suffering and being persecuted and yet god was silent (hence the name of the movie). Two of my favorite quotes: "These people are the most devoted of God's creatures on earth. I confess I began to wonder: God sends us trials to test us and everything he does is good and I prayed to undergo trials like his son but why must their trials be so terrible. And why when I look into my own heart do the answers I give them seem so weak?" and "You would say that their deaths were not meaningless, that god surely heard their prayers as they died, but did he hear their screams? How can I explain his silence to these people who have endured so much? I need all my strength to understand it myself." By the way, it's directed by Martin Scorcese. It stars Andrew Garfield, Adam Driver and Liam Neeson.
  14. I read it right after my brother died, so I was still a Christian but I have had my doubts for years. What I liked best about it is C.S. Lewis was allowed to struggle with his faith through his wife's death, something that churches pretty much frown upon.
  15. I don't know if any of you saw this movie directed by Martin Scorcese, but I highly recommend it, whether you're a Christian or an atheist. It asks some of the same questions we all ask, without providing answers. And it shows the madness one descends into when the realizations that (1) the closer one becomes to "god", that there is nothing there but one's self (as in when we pray we are basically carrying both sides of the conversation); and (2) in the midst of extreme persecution and suffering and loss, whether it be to one's self or to a loved or cherished one, there is silence from god. It comes out on Tuesday on video. I'm gonna get a copy that morning. I watched Arrival, LaLa Land, Moonlight and Manchester By The Sea and I would say that Silence beats them all. Even as an atheist.