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  1. Suicide Is A Sin...

    Trying not to be offended, but as someone whose brother committed suicide, I kind of feel like this thread is a mockery of those who have been through this. I think about my brother killing himself everyday. At least if your theory rings true, god knew that there was hope. My brother had no hope.
  2. You aren't a Christian, so what are you?

    I've started looking into Stoicism recently, and I actually find myself drawn to it. Why do you discount it?
  3. Well our country is being run by a man who definitely doesn't know what he's doing, so at least you have that.
  4. Sports stars praising God

  5. If you are going to come out to family and friends

    Good thoughts. I have not come out completely; as a former minister, I unfortunately have had a lot of impact when it comes to Christianity on a lot of people - especially being a youth minister for eight years. I know some people want to be more of an "evangelist" as an atheist and try to get people to give up their idiocy and leave religion; but I know that a lot of the students I had an impact on would be affected negatively by finding out I was no longer a Christian. I hope somewhere down the road I can; especially as America gets more and more secular. But for now, I just answer truthfully to people who ask me personally.
  6. A reality check to the newly deconverted.

    Good points. In my case, my Christian friends purged me but I'm ok with it.
  7. Well at least you're being honest.
  8. Hurt by this - am I being unreasonable

    One of the things I told our church staff on my way out the door for good was that they needed to stop seeing people as worthy only as long as they contribute something to the church: time, money, resources, etc. And to be there for people who have nothing to offer and no way to pay back. Of course, they didn't listen to me. When I found out that the guy who stepped into my shoes when I left - a good friend of mine, at least until a few months ago when he decided he would not be able to convert me back to Christianity and dropped me like a hot potato - wasn't getting paid by the church, even though he was promised some compensation, I went ballistic and emailed the whole leadership team and told them that they were idiots.
  9. Well, I was fired from my church - really long story - and I admit I also check out their website and see what they're preaching about because I feel they're pretty hypocritical, but I think you just have to give it time.
  10. "Ex"-Christian vs. "Post"-Christian

    I like the term post-christian as well. Even though I no longer believe, I do know that my years of being a Christian, and my 22 years of being a pastor, has shaped me for better or for worse who I am. I have shut the door on belief in a deity and an adherence to a religion, but I acknowledge that it's part of my past and some good things have come out of it.
  11. Easter Message

    I was thinking mainly about those tragedies where politicians say "our thoughts and prayers are with the families...." without any chance of them actually doing anything legislatively that would prevent the tragedy from happening. But I do get your point. It's like that recent SNL skit with Louis CK called "Thank you Scott" where he liked something on Facebook and feels like he did something.
  12. Expand your knowledge and deconvert better

    It's amazing how doing your own research as opposed to just taking someone else's word for it actually works. I'm amazed at how much bullshit I believed for years because I took someone's word for it.
  13. I heard David Fitzgerald talk about Atwill. He does not have good things to say about him. David Fitzgerald is a mythicist as well but he, Carrier, and Price seem to be the unholy trinity of scholarship where the jesus myth is concerned.
  14. How Do You Find Purpose In Life?

    A couple of thoughts: 1. Now that you know that there is only one life to life, and that is here on this earth until you die, you do have a purpose. It's to make this life the best possible. For yourself and for others. You don't have to wait until some promised afterlife in order to truly live. You can make a difference, right here, right now. And you know that your time is finite, so it should give you urgency to decide now to live for now. 2. You don't have to spend all your time trying to determine or discern what god's will for your life is. You can determine your own will for your life. You're unencumbered and no longer have to take orders from an invisible deity. You no longer have to question every decision if it's in align with god's plan. You determine your own course. You are the captain of your own soul.
  15. 97% of climate scientists agree that man-made climate change is real. Most of the 3% are corporate shills paid by energy companies to deny. I still don't understand how personal witness trumps science in your book. That's like me saying "There isn't a heroin problem in Ohio" because some junkie isn't shooting it up in my house or in my yard.