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  1. Woke up with Keith Green in my head

    Keith Green, Rich Mullins and Andrew Peterson were the three guys who I felt were the most authentic when it came to Xianity.
  2. A Better Life Documentary

    I listen to A Better Life podcast which is really good. I want to see the movie though. I think it's only offered through screenings though correct?
  3. Movie Pass

    It has to eventually fail right? I mean, they are planning on getting their money back by selling analytical information or something. But until it does, I say take advantage of it!
  4. I'm giddy with excitement, because in two weeks I'm going to sit down and have a coffee with a famous atheist. Can you guess who?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. hockeyfan70


      Hmm, maybe I hyped this up too much haha. Think "son of a famous Christian."

    3. LogicalFallacy


      After a google search I'm going to say:


      Bart Campolo



    4. hockeyfan70


      Ding ding ding!

  5. From Godless in Dixie

    I agree completely. The worst idea that has been foisted upon humanity is the idea of original sin: that we are born with an evil heart, a condition that someone else needs to remedy.
  6. Ex-C losing popularity

    I visited this site a lot before I became employed at two different places. I just don't have the time. But I do enjoy it when I have a few minutes to check in.
  7. Suicide Is A Sin...

    Trying not to be offended, but as someone whose brother committed suicide, I kind of feel like this thread is a mockery of those who have been through this. I think about my brother killing himself everyday. At least if your theory rings true, god knew that there was hope. My brother had no hope.
  8. You aren't a Christian, so what are you?

    I've started looking into Stoicism recently, and I actually find myself drawn to it. Why do you discount it?
  9. Well our country is being run by a man who definitely doesn't know what he's doing, so at least you have that.
  10. Sports stars praising God

  11. If you are going to come out to family and friends

    Good thoughts. I have not come out completely; as a former minister, I unfortunately have had a lot of impact when it comes to Christianity on a lot of people - especially being a youth minister for eight years. I know some people want to be more of an "evangelist" as an atheist and try to get people to give up their idiocy and leave religion; but I know that a lot of the students I had an impact on would be affected negatively by finding out I was no longer a Christian. I hope somewhere down the road I can; especially as America gets more and more secular. But for now, I just answer truthfully to people who ask me personally.
  12. A reality check to the newly deconverted.

    Good points. In my case, my Christian friends purged me but I'm ok with it.
  13. Well at least you're being honest.
  14. Hurt by this - am I being unreasonable

    One of the things I told our church staff on my way out the door for good was that they needed to stop seeing people as worthy only as long as they contribute something to the church: time, money, resources, etc. And to be there for people who have nothing to offer and no way to pay back. Of course, they didn't listen to me. When I found out that the guy who stepped into my shoes when I left - a good friend of mine, at least until a few months ago when he decided he would not be able to convert me back to Christianity and dropped me like a hot potato - wasn't getting paid by the church, even though he was promised some compensation, I went ballistic and emailed the whole leadership team and told them that they were idiots.