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  1. People that say this shit, like Mrs. MOHO (fuck me), are absolutely convinced that, if they don't utter this nonsense, that god will punish the liv'n shit out of them. Total and complete superstition this is. And superstition, in general, holds mankind back. I recon you (the Ex-C community) and I can sense this more readily (or have admitted to it) whereas the fundies in our lives have not. That must be why we are so uncomfortable with we hear that stuff.
  2. I don't pretend to know

    So when computer technology advances to the point were we can build computers that have consciousness will it constitute murder to turn them off?
  3. Screwing up my kids

    Welcome to the forum, @LostinParis. And welcome to the Unequally Yoked Club! Not a club one usually WANTS to belong to least we HAVE one, dammit! Your situation is rough but not uncommon and, yes, you can stay married, but things will likely be different. The most <sarc> pleasant </sarc> aspect is being regarded as a Parana by my family because I am an atheist. We're talking about folks who have a deep-rooted discontent with members of other churches! Catholicism - fogetaboutit! I've learned to cope by setting boundaries and adhering to them. 1. Going to church with Mrs. MOHO but NOT going into the sanctuary. (This will likely change soon due to my hyperactive GAG REFLEX!) 2. NOT even responding to requests to attend other church functions. ("Don't eve ASK!" is what I am truly saying) 3. NOT responding to the typical "Don't you just FEEL the lord!?" "Will you pray over dinner?" "Don't you understand that this country is suffering because it is turning away from the lord?!" 4. Pursuing friends outside of xiantity and motivating Mrs. MOHO to do the same. 5. Responding with clear, concise, documented and provable (mostly) evidence that xianity is B.S. - (big help here from Ehrman, Dawkins, Hitchens et. al) when they ask why I have made this decision. Sometimes they actually listen. Hope this helps and keep reading and visiting. - MOHO (Mind Of His Own)
  4. sermon titles that make you LOL

    The expectation that we sheeple would listen to the nonsensical verbal waist emulating from the pulpit, and suck it in hook, line and sinker, was, to me, the most intolerable, incredible, shocking and, at the same time, most enlightening aspects of being an xtian. This one coke-soccer guest wannabe pastor once told a of how he completely lost his vision due to looking at porn on the Interwebs. After several weeks of kneeling and praying god finally decided that he was punished enough and gave him his vision back. I noticed that the timeline seamed to coincide with how long unemployment lasts in Oregon. so, there you have it. You can claim a false malady, live on the public dole for a bit, then when you get tired of watching I Love Lucy re-runs you can claim that god healed you and resume your life. And YOU thought religion was useless!
  5. Threatened by my pentecostalist father in law

    @Smokey4352, Hire a good (aggressive) lawyer. Don't be a "good guy" and worry about the livelihoods of the rest of the fams (except any children you might have). No one should have to tolerate the crap you are dealing with. I am in a somewhat similar position. No in-laws (all dead) but Mrs. MOHO and her son (adult - not living with us) are over-the-top, uneducated fundies. I have dealt with this, so far, by setting limits and, believe me, it is a constant vigil to remind them of those limits and ensure that I don't get soft. I am tolerating this but your situation is far, far worse than mine. Get out but don't leave money/property on the table.
  6. More Lunacy from Pat Robertson

    Note the coughing when explaining the slavery in the O.T. Note that he avoids the positive references to slavery in the N.T. Matt 25:26 Matt 6:24 Ephesians 6:5~9 Colossians 4:1
  7. Things Fundies Say On Facebook

    Well, in the case of each and every scum-suck'n shit-bag wife beater, this is absolutely the truth. But this guy is Catholic so he has no wife. Is he defending alter-boy abuse!
  8. Things Fundies Say On Facebook

    I've always thought that's what REALLY went down - assuming the story is even true. You know those bronze age fuckers would have stoned them both if they had a child out of wedlock - because that's what brings sickness, earthquakes and famine.
  9. How to be saved

    Let's not forget that there is a third, and highly likely option, to the Heaven and Hell scenario. That options is NOTHING happens when you die. We have no soul. Our consciousness is the result of highly functional brain activity.
  10. How to be saved

    The most common method for entering the kingdom of god, that I encounter, both in the Bible and from fundies, is BELIEF. Total, complete and utter BELIEF that Jesus is/was god in the flesh and that he died for our "sins". The very fact that BELIEF is required seems to me to lend itself more to promoting the church and its endeavors (money, power etc) than "proving" to any omnipresent, omnipowerful being that one is worthy. But, there I go again, using logic, reason, and rational in relation to a doctrine that is specifically designed to control people. Doing so will frequently result in the unraveling of the doctrine.
  11. @Greatest I am You analogy has some interesting aspects and, for normal human beings the honor thing may play out. There are at least two more considerations: 1. There might be a leader who honestly thinks they can "WIN" a nuclear exchange. 2. For some leaders saving face is more important than honor. As the above relates to the current scenario - Trump and Kim Jong-un very likely subscribe to both.
  12. OK, I try to stay out of the political stuff as much as I can but am making an exception here. If Trump really said/tweated/wrote/communicated this in any way then he truly needs to go.
  13. Ignorance is bliss... until it isn't

    In the same boat, @Quark, but, in this case, it's Mrs. MOHO. The fundy think, expressed in such a pious, I am SOOOOOO much BETTER than YOU attitude, has brought me to the brink of hurling sometimes. Thats a bummer that it's your BFF in your case. I already know the answer but I have to ask anyway. Is there any change that Mr. BFF will listen and/or ponder any reality based information you could impart to him?
  14. Oldie-newie

    Hey, @Emme. If by "help" you mean ensure that you are not alone and, occasionally, provide marginal advice on how to deal with the fundy's then, yeah, we can do that. I am an official member of the Unequally Yoked Club who has come out but still attends on Sundays because Mrs. MOHO has asked me to. I don't go into the sanctuary and, instead, guard the door and patrol the parking lot/neighboring area for bums and active tweakers. I have to deal with Mrs. MOHO's religious addiction one moment then slink off to my home office or guest room, where I crash, and read Ehrman, Dawkins, Hitchens et al on my Kindle the next. Yes, grape juice helps tremendously with this daily regimen. The fact that the Mrs imbibes as well is also a huge help and makes the situation tolerable. We have a business (I work in IT management) but also live in a Christian community so I have to careful not to pis people off. I have had some degree of success here. The formula is that when subjected to "bless you", "god be with you", "can't you just FEEL the lord", or my fave "I prayed for you/it/them/this/that/the other thing and X happened!!!", I just keep my mouth shut and walk away. I know this will not always work and, upon occasion you/I may have to whip out our knowledge of theology in rebuttal. Don't expect any positive progress as a direct result but, sometimes I just have to give back. You know? Welcome to the forum and, as @padgemi says, it's good to be able to come here and get some exposure to sanity.
  15. Bart Ehrman

    Thanx for the link, @Geezer I LOVE Kindle Unlimited! And thanx for your rundown of the book.