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  1. @dirwid, The entire post was well thought out and you obviously put a great deal of time and effort into it - over a period of time. The questions in the bullet points were so spot on that I copied them and squirreled them away for later use. Not to plagiarize but to present to those who question my deconversion - whatever may be their intent. They reflect everything I have asked myself and others, over the years, and are organized in a useful manor. Regarding the part of your post that I quoted above: I have often heard people refer to xianity and the three (one ?) gods/men/super-humans (whatever) as kind, loving, all-knowing beings who's only purpose is to love their creation. Mrs. MOHO, a scream'n fundy in her own right, will contradict them in a manor that leaves no grey area regarding her feelings. She has often said that god/jesus is more vengeful and hell bent on punishing "those sinners" than worrying about being loving or forgiving or showing grace or compassion. So, welcome to Ex-C and I hope to "hear" more from you... - MOHO (Mind Of His Own) She will say this with a gleam in her eyes which conveys that she has a direct line to god and will tell him EXACTLY who to punish and that he/they will vanquish her entire list of enemies - especially those who question xianity, criticize The Donald, or have done ANYTHING to her personally.
  2. Wifey Worries.......

    Hey @JenniferG, I have read the parts of the book that are posted on the JourneyFree website. I recon it wold be prudent, at this juncture, to read the entire thing. yes, the unequally yoked gig is a bugger - especially when one spouse uses the scripture (real parts or imagined sections) to mentally abuse and control the other.
  3. Even as a young boy in grade school, back in the days of yore, when men were men and the sheep were nervous, I thought it odd that statues were erected honoring those who would tear this nation apart and support such a horrendous practice as enslaving another human being. I understand that, just after the Civil War, some in power sought to smooth the transition to peace and a unified nation by appeasing the South. These statues, as well as the confederate flag, have become symbols of a particular race attempting to assert domination over all others and they need to go. <sarcasm>No one saw THAT coming 200 years ago! </sarcasm> I guess hind-sight is 20/20.
  4. "Jebus came, not to circumvent the law, but to fulfill it." So, I guess he would rip Mr. Hart's dick off. The OT commands that the offending body part be removed, eh?
  5. Confirmation Bias from Pentecostals

    Thanx for writing this, @dirwid. Interesting experiences you had and you communicated them well. Looking forward to more from you.
  6. Hello again, friends

    Seeing through the BS and deconverting is a journey. You're almost there, @Joefizz. Keep studying. The best book for discovering the BS of Christianity, according to many folks here, is the Bible.
  7. My father is not in a good way

    Sorry to hear about your Pa, @Burnedout. Don't let a potential opportunity for a possible last talk slip away. Took care of my folks (Mom's Alzheimer's and Dad with post polio and botulism) when both were very ill - at the same time. Took years of mine and Mrs. MOHO's lives. I hope your Dad gets back on his feet.
  8. Wifey Worries.......

    Mrs. MOHO did that too. Bible studies, women's din din night once/month ( I called it Critie Bitty night) Singing warship songs around me. Trying to coerce me into only having crity friends. Just made it worse. Pushed me away WHOLESALE!
  9. Wifey Worries.......

    @DarkBishop DB, My heart goes out to 'ya, Bro! That lump in gut/throat can impact the entire day. It got better when I started going to church with Mrs. MOHO - even though she is apparently more intuitive than I thought. When praying over din din the other day she made reference to my lack of belief. Thought I had her duped. My bad. My point is the relationship is good even though she knows something is not "right" so, I'm guessing, your situation will get better too. Time will reveal that you are not an evil monster with three heads and an insatiable appetite for xtians. I know it's a bitch (nothing implied by that) in the meantime but most relationships find a kind of happy medium and the tension smouldering just under the surface dies down to almost nothing eventually. Maybe you could work something out like I have where I do not go into the sanctuary - preferring instead to assist the security crew (church members) in patrolling the parking lot and manning the main door into the sanctuary. Keep us posted, Grizzly Dude! - MOHO
  10. Japan -- such a nice place to live!

    I have had conversations with some of the fams related to why, in the U.S., we generally give the benefit of the doubt to the accused. They are beside themselves with this and insist that we should change this so that there is more pressure on the accused to defend themselves and the the district attorneys should be given any such benefits. I have asked them the inevitable question: "What if YOU are accused of something you did not do and are subjected to difficulties in your defense?" "I would NEVER be accused of anything. How dare you ask that!" was the reply. Can you say "E GO CENTRIC boyz and girls? " " I KNOW you can!"
  11. New Christian Viral Video

    Toss out a few intellectuals who state that some of he Bible is history. Quote the Bible regarding a few events that, likely, did not happen. Quote the Bible again that people who may or may not have even existed converted to Christianity. State the science can only deal with what can be proven or disproved via science. Top it off with a threat (that's were they went at the end, right? What IF? Then you go to HELL!) Nope. No attempts to coerce or cajole the week of mind here, eh? Clearly aimed at those looking for any reason to believe in a fairy tale. Any attempt for me to be more intellectual or concise than that would take weeks of research regarding what intellectuals believe what about the stated claims as well as to compare Bible history with other written accounts of the times. Not today.
  12. Ex-C losing popularity

    ...and then I'm going to pick up a 200lb red-hot whatchyacallit that scar my forearms for life....just to show that I"M NOT INDOCTRINATED!
  13. Turn the other cheek

    That is SERIOUSLY messed up, @JenniferG ! I am very sorry that shit happened to you.
  14. Caution: Graphic language...
  15. Sh** christians have said to you

    So many frigg'n religious station in OR, eh! Congrats on the new truck. Got a new (old) truck this spring.