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  1. <sarcasm> This woman cannot be a true xtian because she is completely diluted. </sarcasm>
  2. That's a clever, but scary, way to look at Murka, eh?
  3. R.S. Not only do crities not live up to their own standards but the crities in my family are hypocritical in other ways as well. For example when I announced my non-belief almost 3 years ago both Mrs. MOHO and her son admonished me to read the entire bable. I asked them if they had and they both replies " I read the parts that are relevant." or "I read the parts that pastor fuckhead tells me to." Maybe I'm being hyper critical here but it seems to me that no one should tell anyone to read a book that they themselves have no read. It would be one thing to say "Read chapter 4 of some book." or "Read Mathew in the bable." It's something entirely else when they indicate that I should read the whole thing when they have not and have no intention of doing so. But yes, I believe that many xtians are not seeking the truth in the way that I am. I have, however, met some, seemingly devout xtians, who probably have read the bable in it's entirety and are even more pumped now. I cannot appreciate that.
  4. SeaJay, For some of us It takes a bit of time, more for some, less for others, to get over the fear. Consider the illogicality of a so called loving creator sending you to such a place. Then consider how instilling such a fear in people helped ancient rulers and wanna-be's control people. Still further - consider how dirt-bag pastors use that fear today to keep people in the fold and stuffing their hard-earned greenbacks into the offering basket. Consider all of this, and other well thought-out points that Ex-C members have posted here. Do this on a DAILY basis. Pretty soon the fear goes away - along with the brain washing. - MOHO (Mind Of His Own)
  5. I'm OK with broken if it means accepting the truth. Now. If I could just break Mrs. MOHO in a similar manner.
  6. Geezer might be able to help you out but I think he was pretty young then. Sorry. Couldn't resist. I'll shut up and let the smart folks hash this one out.
  7. Welcome, Athelred! There's still a ship-load of entertaining stuff here - even though you sound pretty well over the god virus at this point. As for your crack about us sounding pretty'll get over THAT belief too. - MOHO (Mind Of His Own)
  8. No one would notice the difference in the stench in the room.
  9. Welcome, Prowl, Stick around. We're here for 'ya regardless of sexual orientation, religious background, racial ethnicity, spelling challenges, or feeble minded attempts at humor.
  10. "This is your brain on drugs!"
  11. EXACTLY, Lucy! Mrs. MOHO firmly believes that non-xtians have absolutely 0 (zero) morality or sense of right and wrong (was that redundant?). When I opined that those who have to learn how to treat others by reading a book must be sociopaths I got a stare from her suggesting she was pondering that point. Let's hope. When I point out all the murdering by David and others in the old testicle, supposedly at the command of god, she exclaims "Of course! Because god is a vengeful god!" No shit Sherlock! "So tell me how can he be vengeful and good and just all at the same time?" Asked I. "Because sometimes you have to be vengeful to be just!" Replied the lovely young lady to whom I am related by marriage. I sleep just fine...with one eye open.
  12. The question Vig, The concept of questioning science is a thing with fundies and a flat earth is just one of many "issues" that are brought up to "illustrate" that "science COULD be wrong". As we know those who need to believe in lies must minimize the impact of the facts that prove they are believing in lies. Inserting a "reasonable" doubt that the earth is round lends itself to the idea that evolution, and other concepts that disprove xianity, cold be false as well. So, yeah, its a thing now - but only to fundies. I remember the day I had the flat earth conversation with Mrs. MOHO... Mrs. MOHO: "Well, the earth COULD be flat. How do we KNOW it's round?" MOHO: "Because we have circumnavigated the thing - starting at a point, and arriving back at SAME POINT." " Also we have pictures from the space program." Mrs. MOHO: "That could all be made up information from SATAN!" MOHO: "Don't talk to me anymore."
  13. Good on 'ya, chuck! As I've stated here I quit going for about a year then started up again (sit outside the sanctuary and bolster my knowledge of the old and new testicles while Mrs. MOHO goes in) due to the festering tension. If not for the amusement that finding ridiculous claims, contradictions, and further indication that the bable was written by controlling old shit-heads , that 2 hours would be a complete waist of my time. As a sort of consolation, for the past 2 weeks, pastor bullshit has been back on his "the end is coming...NEXT WEEK!" routine again. I notice this time around that fewer people are moved and/or taking about it afterwards.
  14. Sorry B.O. I know you are making a good point here but I cannot stand to watch or listen to this coke soccer for more than 20 seconds w/out losing my lunch.