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  1. Thanx, @Vigile. I just peed myself!
  2. @R. S. Martin, If you are the only ex-crity in your family then YOU are the smart one! You now it. We know it.
  3. @R. S. Martin, Having ignoramuses act condescendingly towards me pisses me no end as well. In my case, and I'm sure in other's too, the fundy I most often spare with (Mrs. MOHO) is down-right abusive! When I quote a passage of the bable that she should THINK about I get "You are taking that out of context!" When I point to scientific research or technical/historical evidence that refutes her religion I get "You need to stop listening to Satan!" All of her responses are done in a tone that I personally would not use unless I am about to strike someone physically (has only happened once or twice in my lifetime and in self-defense) or I am about to contact the authorities and have someone arrested. This causes me to back off because, as far as I am concerned, communication has broken down at that point. In turn I'm sure Mrs. MOHO has declared a victory in "shutting me down." What was it that said arguing with crities was akin to playing chess with a pigeon. They kick over the pieces, crap on the board, then fly home to brag to the flock about their "victory". in My case it's more like attempting to advise a ruthless dictator against believing in something they really want to believe in. "Because I SAID so! And if you keep defying me I'll have you beheaded!"
  4. Off the topic a little but xtians think OK in most situations. They seem to experience a laps of critical thinking, just like you and I did, when it comes to certain fairy tales, however. That's the frustrating part.
  5. You know, @TruthSeeker0, I just don't get it. Mrs. MOHO experienced the "I am woman, hear me roar!" era as an impressionable young woman (10 years older than me) and still buys into the misogyny in both the old and new testicles. She's actually often frustrated that I refuse to treat her as a subordinate. If I wanted a puppy I'd go to the pound and pick one out. Sheesh!
  6. Glass of "grape juice" each and every night. One of the few things Mrs. MOHO and I do together - sighting our unequal yokes.
  7. I had a doxie a number of years back that went crazy over ANY beer. She would bring her dish (plastic, she could carry it in her mouth) to me when I cracked one open.
  8. I think I get what you are saying here, Faithfulless, Examining one's past can be helpful but if they use their past as an excuse not to change that's a whole different conversation. About right?
  9. Waaaaay to heavy for any kid (any person) to have to experience. Sorry you went through this.
  10. If you find yourself saying things like "Xiantiy is really only as popular as it its because that Constantine fella thought it would be politically expedient for him" upon hearing the xtian dogma - you MIGHT be an ex-xtian. Then again - you might just be a thinker.
  11. Ran out of up-votes for the day but, yes, I react with relief when I meet folks that are not xtian or fundamental any religion.
  12. I'm not a psychologist but I suspect a BRIEF examination of upbringing/parents can be useful to understand some of the reasons for current behavior but dwelling on it is not helpful. @Faithfulless wrote " At the same age, I dont think change is impossible! (But I do think some tactics work better than others)." You mean like taking action instead of wining about it on social web sites?
  13. @jimmys, Welcome to intellectual freedom. Now get better so you can enjoy more of it.
  14. I was just lamenting how I wound up with a screem'n fundy to begin with. @55 it's too late to fix that.