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  1. Pray tell me how people in NK self imposed this on themselves? There are some people, sincerely believing in God, who live in hell on earth. What was their sin?
  2. It depends on your definition of "good" and "god". Many Christians says that whatever God does and allows is good, thereby allowing all suffering it be good. However this is dishonest in my opinion. Good is generally accepted that which increases our happiness or eases our suffering. Sam Harris in a Debate with W L Craig gave a very good rebuttal to the idea God is good - excerpts below but you can read the whole thing here, or watch the video below: http://www.thethinkingatheist.com/forum/Thread-Sam-Harris-The-Obscenity-of-Faith "Any god who would allow children by the millions to suffer and die in this way and their parents to grieve in this way, either can do nothing to help them or doesn't care to. He is therefore either impotent or evil." - Sam Harris Whenever anyone says God is good - he helped me buy a new house, I say that's great... perhaps his time would be better spent saving starving children in Africa? What's more, these people, born in circumstances they cannot escape from, are destined for hell because they have never heard of or accepted Jesus as their savior. Some Christians get around this by saying that God would never judge someone who has never heard. Again this is not supported by the bible, especially as the bible says that the truth of god has been put in all human hearts by God.
  3. Hi Rachel Yes my mental health has improved, but to be honest I was not in a bad mental health state anyway. I have mainly suffered from anxiety which is not at all tied to religion, though religion made it worse. Getting out of something you've spent so long in is always probably going to be bumpy. The measure of a true friend is when you can bitterly disagree with them on subjects, but still love and respect each other. Everyone else is just veneer. Yes, I am far far happier now than anytime in my life I would say... or perhaps more content... I'm not constantly trying to figure out if I've committed a sin and therefore going to hell this week. I don't have mental battles where I find myself not believing about something in the bible, but being told by the church that if I don't believe with all my heart I'm going to hell. Not worrying about those things automatically makes you happier. Hell no! I could not remain a Christian and say that I was honest with myself and with the world. I got to the point where I just didn't believe, and staying for the sake of relationships for me was not worth having to lie for the rest of my life. Now I am who I am. Anyone I meet actually gets to see the real me, and the real me is a friendly, somewhat shy, atheist guy who loves talking about topics most people don't even bother giving serious thought in their lives. I hope your mental health gets better, and that you find some help or solace here on Ex-C. Regards LF
  4. George Carlin Deciphers Hidden Political Language

    Good ol George Carlin. RIP
  5. Guess who's dead now...

    Dang nam it. In honor of them and a fitting song:
  6. Ex-Christian Chat Room on Discord

    Hi all. It is working again.
  7. Ex-Christian Chat Room on Discord

    Hi all Apologies, at the moment there are some issues and it's not letting us post. I'm looking into the issue whether it's us or Discord.
  8. Nawww he used to post all the time.
  9. Wait, I propose another solution: Hey Dude, good to see you again.
  10. #Metoo

    Freedom of speech - it underwrites everything that makes us free. I might not agree with you, you might not agree with me, but we are both free to say what we want.
  11. #Metoo

    This would make an excellent addition to the description!: It could read thusly: Totally off Topic: Almost anything goes including politics. Dipping into ANY places Off Topic section is going to find some deep deep liquid bovine excrement and mankee feces tossed about. Our ToT. Please confine political discussions to this area. Right - that's clearly sign posted. Fair n square. Who's with me!? Skip? Fwee? Dave?
  12. #Metoo

    I was thinking of something like that too as an alternative to locking.... but then I thought someone would stumble in and get triggered anyway. But I guess a Warning is less restrictive and requires people make a rational judgement about participating and thus some responsibility for their own reactions to content.
  13. SECRETS The POLICE Don't Want You To Know

    If you have a country in such a state that the majority of cops are arseholes you're fucked as a country! You guys have convinced me to never live in the us land of the free and home of the brave... where carrying firearms in public is touted as nessesary and cops are more bad than good. I'll stick with socialist lil nz.
  14. #Metoo

    Good points and I'm inclined to agree except I'm attempting to take into consideration the primary purpose of this site which is to help and encourge deconverting and ex-christians. Obviously the situation is catch22 because folks like you and I are attracted to these sorts of boards. However... yes there is a however... if I didn't know this part of the forum existed when I first joined I still would have joined because it's the top part that's most important to new members.
  15. #Metoo

    The first descriptive line of the ToT board is "Almost anything goes." That pretty much warns everyone that any topic could be here. I understand that people get upset seeing certain content. I do not understand why people then decide to engage in the threads which they find disturbing and expect others to nessesarily backtrack or abandon their positions. I really don't get it. I don't like reading Christian bullshit so when I see on Google or YouTube or a forum some Christian bullshit I don't read it. PS Mods I wonder if locking the ToT down so only members say of 3 months or older can see it might be an option considering some come here in quite fragile states of minds?