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  1. I'm interested!
  2. I really related to this article, I think many of you will too. I've tried so hard for so long to maintain an increasingly shaky faith, but I never thought it wasn't genuine or that I'd wind up agnostic. I planned to endure until the end but over a decade or so the evidence just hasn't been adding up.
  3. I'd like to but can't get the ticket page to load yet. Also, he may well not come to the West, we tend to miss a lot of international speakers.
  4. He's coming to Australia too!
  5. It feels shitty to live a lie. Unfortunately neither Mr Chimp or I can see a way out at the moment. We are telling people we are taking a 'sabbatical' from church for the time being to buy us a bit of time I guess. He is worried about his aging parents and would prefer to see them gone thinking that he's still a believer but I have pointed out to him that his mother at least may live for another 20 years if she's lucky so he better be prepared for a really long fake sabbatical . I am trying to figure out how much I can stand to lose in the way of relationships, even if they are conditional, it feels better than being isolated and alone. And because my friends are people I run into frequently and our kids are friends, if they dump me it will be nightmare for my family. On good days I think it will make no difference to them what I believe, but there's no way to know in advance. Absolutely!! Have yet to take the plunge and I can't see it happening anytime soon. I try to avoid all conversations with my Christian friends that revolve around religion, or just nod and smile and try to change the subject. It's kind of ruining social interactions eg. we are going to lunch with some ex church friends on Sunday and Mr Chimp and I have to 'get our story straight' before we go. I am a pathologically open person, I have very few secrets, so this is super hard for me. Good luck with it!
  6. Yes! Ive been backsliding properly for about a year now and I've never felt so free. It's like a burden has been lifted, hallelujah!!
  7. Yes, three between 4 and 11. I've had to tell her in the past that talk of demonic stuff or praying for deliverance is not ok. I had a lot of nightmares over that stuff as a child. We have decided not to come clean all at once with the kids because it will be very upsetting to the sensitive middle child. We'll probably break it slowly as they get older. Well that's the current plan.
  8. Yes! It's just such a major logistical nightmare. We are in the most isolated major city in the world or something. It may yet come to that. Mr Chimp (hee hee) thinks we can fly under the radar forever, but not with my family. Waiting for the inevitable sh*t storm.
  9. Hi, yep I think evolutionary theory finally won out, turns out I love it and find it even more awe inspiring than creation. Thanks, I think I will have to say that bible stuff is off limits.
  10. "Life is a Highway"! Cause your life goal shouldn't be to make the most of it with little thought to anything but pure enjoyment. Apparently.
  11. Oh gawd, I just need to vent. I haven't posted before so I guess I'll include a bit of background. Both my husband and I were raised in Australian fundamentalist style churches, just in the last year both of us have had serious doubts and quit church a few months ago. We live in a small city and 99% of all our friends and family are Christian so we have been keeping very quiet on this as it's incredibly hard to come out and especially as we have kids at a christian school, two of which are fervent believers and only very young. Anyway, my Mum is a pentecostal and loves to share via any source possible her latest insights and spiritual breakthroughs. It's well intentioned and I love her dearly but it's doing my head in. Her latest 'guru' is Joseph Prince, a very wealthy pentecostal pastor of a mega church in Singapore. Apparently he has all the answers. Well I'm over it. I kinda dropped some subtle hints last time I was there when she puts on a video of him, and I said I kinda don't trust JP and I'm not big on pentecostal beliefs in general. Well that made her give me a book to look at and ask if I was having problems with 'unbelief' and I promptly started crying. Damn! I clammed up then and said it's not something I can talk about and we got on with our visit. Epic fail really. Yesterday she texted me another JP video. I ignored it. So she facebook messaged it today. Sometimes I think we could go on forever pretending, but when this stuff happens I am tempted to just make one big friggin facebook announcement and leave town haha.