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  1. But a True Christian can never admit that they have no defense for their faith.
  2. Ohhhh joy, how my church always loved to spew this one out. What the fuck does that even mean?
  3. Make the choice however you think is necessary. And be thankful that you're unmarried, so you have the luxury of the choices to end these friendships only affecting yourself. Not all of us have that ability.
  4. Cheese and fucking crackers, this entire thread is wack as fuck. Hot damn.
  5. Well, at least you were both honest then. No misunderstood feelings there.
  6. Hahahahahaha. I'm laughing because this reminds me of bullshit. Seriously, though. When I was baptized in March 2015 (remember, my church experience was a 2-year "in and out"), about half the congregation (so about 125 people) came to witness the four people being baptized. After all four had shared their testimony and been dunked in the tub (my church was a "nu-church"), everyone began singing (chanting, more like) "I have decided to follow Jesus" over and over and over and over. I think even then I thought, holy crap. Yeah, it's some freaky cult-y shit.
  7. Ah, so this is what drive-by evangelism is.
  8. At this past Thursday night's small group, I finally made my discussion that I would no longer attend church or related events with my wife. I wasn't angry or upset; I just decided I could not stand listening to the babble-speak anymore. I told her as such on our way home that night, in friendly terms. She cried a bit in bed that night, but didn't make much noise on it since. This morning, she quietly went to church without me and without saying anything about it. Otherwise, we've been getting along as normal as before so hopefully that will continue. I did tell her I would let her know if I decide to accompany her, but that it will be only on my decision to. Hopefully that won't be cause for any wrinkles. I already feel more peaceful on this Sunday, not having sat through a frustrating and angering contradictory sermon. I am hoping this will continue and that hopefully my wife will join me and see evangelism for what it is: a load of crock.
  9. Hey, no problem man. If you already know how he's going to be and that it was on purpose, your feelings are perfectly merited. Didn't mean to make it seem like I was unsympathetic to your situation. I would also add, what a dick. The intentional fuckwadness of your "friend" didn't come across in the post about last night. So I apologize if I seemed to make light of it. I did not mean to.
  10. Before you cut ties, you should tell him why that upset you. If he is truly a friend, he MIGHT be sympathetic and back off. If not, you'll know that he doesn't care about YOU, just about adding to his "salvation score."
  11. All very good suggestions and all are about along the lines of how I feel. My issue might be more needing a stronger backbone so I don't get pulled into a personal lecture, which tended to happen anytime I even voiced mere doubts.
  12. I am personally at the point where if my Christian friends (if I can still even call them that anymore) can't respect my ability to make my own choice regarding the evidence for/against Christianity, then they can't be my friend because they can't respect that I am a person with my own thoughts and feelings. I think I've said this, but it says something that my closest friend from high school (who is not Christian and I still see every couple months) understands why people put their faith in Jesus, but thinks it crosses a line when those people try to control lives that are not their own. My "heathen" friend knows me better than these "brothers and sisters" ever did because I can speak my mind around him. I hope you can find people like this, skysoar, whenever you are able to break out of the clutches of this insidious group.
  13. ^^Pretty much this. As sincere as they come across, they are trained to win people to Jesus. They may actually care, but that tactic is ahead of any care they may have for you. This is probably a bad generalization, but I've seen people in my church trained this way. It's hard to tell whether they care because they do, or because their God/church/preacher compels them to seek the lost. And same, my old heathen friends are way more considerate and genuine than my church folk. Unfortunately, not everyone here has non-Christian friends.
  14. Hey everyone, Many of you probably know I still attend a church with my wife. My belief is dead and really, I don't know why I still attend. Especially since my wife (who knows I've fallen off) has given me the go ahead to stop attending church and small groups with her. Maybe it's so I can maintain a level of social construct even though I don't relate to them anymore. No one asks me about my relationship with God that often, so I don't have to deal with the issue much. Point of subject: last week (Sat 4/8), I texted one of the pastors (who had asked me to hang out) why I can't see him: because of his role in the church, if I speak honestly to him, I don't think he will be able to see me as anything other than a project to be saved. I told him that. I have only seen him at one church event since, and was able to avoid him. I expect that won't last forever. Eventually I'll have to confront him personally, he will tell someone else (or another pastor) and they will confront me, or I'll end up confessing to someone else and they'll confront me about my unbelief. I don't have a firm answer on why I no longer believe. I only know that the apologetic reasoning for the Bible is confusing as hell and makes no sense, and that is largely why I don't believe. And seriously, how can any of that stuff be real? Why the hell should you have to apologize or defend something if it were actually true? How can I sound sure of myself in a conversation if forced to, and not buck to them with an "I don't know, I just don't anymore" answer?
  15. I have yet to have the "conversation" with any church folks about my complete unbelief, so it's hard for me to tell you exactly what to do. But I don't think you should blame yourself for making an unwise choice. For me, I'm probably getting close to where it is eventually going to come out to someone. If they haven't been informed by the one pastor I texted about it last week (why I can't hang out with him anymore, because I can't handle talking about God anymore) already. The believers are going to eventually figure it, whether through you outright telling them or by you ignoring them. Frankly, I want them to find out on my terms and why. Even if they don't understand. I'm honestly waiting for someone to confront me about it and that will be the day I cut out of there. Again, I stray. But really, you cannot blame yourself for explaining yourself and them not excepting it. That is their problem. Not yours.