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  1. *doesn't visit the board for two days* *comes to visit this thread and sees ten new pages* Holy shiiiiiit. This is some of the most ignorant, incomprehensible crap I've ever seen. I agree with Florduh's earlier post. This is freaking depressing if this is your true mindset and way of looking at reason, Stranger.
  2. So he created people that he knew would never become his (aka heaven vs damnation). Clearly you do not wish to see how royally screwed up that concept it is, because it would mean admitting that your god created people to damn just because he wanted to, despite how they might feel or think.
  3. So essentially you freely admit that you understand that your god enjoys fucking with peoples' fates and predetermining them to damnation.
  4. Seriously, I'm from the US and I've never seen or heard of people, large group or no, holding hands while praying unless it was in a pre-designated prayer circle. That is really odd. Supposed to indicate brotherhood, I guess.
  5. Christians don't think. This is nothing new.
  6. I love how you say this as if you know for a fact it is going to happen to any/everyone. You do not. Neither you nor any of your Christian buddies knows any of this is going to happen to anyone. You only have an ancient book telling you so. That is a very weak basis to make such a lofty claim. You merely believe this; that does not make it fact. Though you clearly have expressed no interest in that, only in your own indoctrination-infused opinions.
  7. Have you ever seen those "I Am Second" videos? They are pretty much a collection of stories like this. People who were addicted to sex/drugs/etc, and suddenly Jesus fixed all their problems. Even when I believed, I thought, "Yeah, but he only isn't going to solve the problem."
  8. If he is so capable of making himself understood, then it would be clear to everyone he exists because why on earth then would he not desire to make himself obvious. It's all too convenient for the christian to say that god merely makes himself known to few, or that you must wait for him to reveal himself. All to explain away why no god is even there at all.
  9. What proof do you have that prayer is how you know god's will? How do you know the difference between what "god is saying" and whatever else may be going on in your mind at the time? Frankly, it's that kind of stuff that made me realize god's voice was simply whatever I wanted to hear going on inside my head.
  10. If he did that to any of your unsaved family members, how would you feel? That he killed them before they could be saved?
  11. Of course, you can pick and choose for words to mean whatever you want them to mean at a moment's notice. Hey! That's exactly what pastors do!
  12. "I know it is true because it is true." That is the most asinine thing you've said yet. I agree with others; there is no point to talking to you because you aren't even willing to open your mind to actual discussion. Just a bombardment of your feeble minded points.
  13. So you are choosing to believe something that every evidence outside of the bible points to christianity being not true. This is getting nonsensical. I hope you can see how irrational that viewpoint is.
  14. You only believe it is true because you were raised/told it is true. That does not make it true.
  15. Even when science is overwhelmingly in favor that god did not create the earth, I take it.