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  1. Wifey Worries.......

    I'm in somewhat of the same boat. I wonder how much my wife's church people (I don't go anymore) are telling her to double down on the godly presence around me. She's starting to have bible studies in our home, as if having more of it around me is going to bring me back in the fold. It could be worse, I guess.
  2. Sh** christians have said to you

    Haha, really? Cuz my involvement with Christianity has caused MORE anxiety than any other thing or period in my life.
  3. Some Light Entertainment For The Lions

    #18, #19, and #20 are the best/worst. They are hilarious and nauseating, in equal amounts.
  4. They'd probably tell you something in the vein of "We, in our feeble human minds, cannot fathom the ways of god. We have the tendency to forget when we get caught up in the minute details of our lives." Anything to avoid considering that they may actually be morally averse to something their god did. And even merely disagree with him.
  5. I'm having a panic attack

    I agree. After a certain point, there's nothing you can do to get someone to stop believing what they believe. Any goading on your part may result in damage to a relationship. As hard as it is, you can't live your entire life going mad at how people can believe such obvious bologna. You won't have any time to live for yourself.
  6. Being weird for Jesus

    This, this, this, this, this. Or especially when the single guys were deathly afraid of appearing to favor one particular woman by talking to her slightly more than the others. Having to pray away those thoughts (that they probably didn't have; they were probably just talking) so as to lead a "pure" non-favoritism walk. What a horrible, self-hating way to live when it's sinful somehow to even befriend someone in a platonic way.
  7. Strategies for debating Christians

    I had an interesting conversation with my ex-pastor last night. Anyone who has seen my post about him emailing me for money will know who he is. I agreed to meet with him for ice cream last night to see if I could still talk to him as a friend even though I'd stopped attending church. I was half right, half wrong. Once we had exhausted "catching up" topics, he pounced on my thought processes for having left church. He is a younger pastor (33, I think), so I at least didn't have the problem of speaking to someone twice to thrice my age. I had explained to him why I stopped having faith in god and he listen patiently. Then he made it seem like my responsibility to ask him and his colleagues questions about god's validity (using apologetics, I'm sure). Instead of them having to explain to me why their god is the true god. He likes to claim that christianity is the thinking man's religion, as if listening to both christian and atheist viewpoints (as he does) somehow makes his religion more credible because he chooses christianity in the end. Christians truly do love shifting the burden of proof.
  8. New Game: You Might be an Ex-Christian if.....

    I don't have enough "fuck yous" for this quote.
  9. Well, I'm sorry if I offended you. I don't believe I said that religious = lower intellect. I believe I said they are intelligent and rational in the aspects of their lives not concerning religion. Which is what makes the choice to follow religion, when not having already been heavily indoctrinated as a child, an emotional one rather than a rational or reason-based one. I admitted even I wasn't perfect, having said I fell for it briefly as well. Maybe I stated some things incorrectly. I'm sorry that it came across the wrong way or if I spoke out of turn.
  10. As a millennial myself (23 1/2 years old), it baffles me truly how many otherwise intelligent people in my age group actually would fall for this. And I'm not talking about those indoctrinated from birth and home schooled with no outside influence. I'm talking about people like me who went to regular school and learned the modern sciences, and still got suckered in because god "spoke into their lives." Granted, I did too. *raises guilty hand* Thankfully it was only for a short period. It is purely emotional. No one came to religion by looking at the evidence. Come to think of it, it is saddening how many otherwise intelligent people who are 30+, 40+, 50+, etc. who turn their eyes from the obvious reality to maintain the illusion.
  11. Maybe not fun exactly, but per Logical Fallacy's point: once I remember I'm not going to get anywhere with Stranger, it is still amusing in a sad way to see him fall over himself repeatedly in his "reason."
  12. Didn't realize how hard this would be...

    QFT. And because I have no more likes. Finally starting to develop the will for that myself.
  13. Original Sin

    I'm not going down the road of a political debate regarding guns. I will return when this has moved/returned to another subject.
  14. Original Sin

    Oh, so you're reducing this to childish insults now. Lovely.
  15. And I somehow thought he couldn't get more ridiculous. I was wrong again!