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    Living in the foothills of the Appalachians in good ole Georgia
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    I am a new ExChristian deeply wounded at this point by my experience. I am happy to be a part of this community and look forward to talking to people who have/and are going through the same troubles that I am experiencing now.

    Being raised a Christian I was indoctrinated with very strong foundations in Christianity. In my teenage years I rebelled, practiced wicca for awhile, but eventually received "salvation" when I was 22. When I devoted my life to Christ I was on fire for God and eventually answered what I felt was the call to preach. I preached for ten years, had a radio ministry at one point, Did street ministry, was awana commander in one church, eventually was ordained a Bishop in the Church of God, the Gospel assembly(hence the screen name DarkBishop), and later was made assistant pastor at one of their churches.

    Its a long story but eventually I began to question my faith and back slid into sin. I tried for 4 years to reorganize my thoughts to a point that I felt I could go back to church but couldn't. My faith never came back.

    When my son made mention that he thought the bible was BS I tried to search for archeological evidence to prove stories from the bible and was greatly disappointed that there was none for the specific event I was looking for. This lead to other searches on the God EL who was the original God of the Israelites. that was when I found out that the original mythology of EL included a whole pantheon of other Gods and Goddesses.

    This destroyed what little faith I had left. I still believe in something. I just don't know what and I highly doubt any religion on earth knows either. To say the least at this point I am spiritually Broken.

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    I feel that there is something n no one knows what

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  1. Yep. I would like your comment but I have met my like quota for today lol.
  2. Your the one that is to delusional to realise that the Hebrew word for mingle is Arab, and that the Hebrews had a similar word that they would have used for Arabians themselves. But the specific meaning of the word you ran with is in fact mingle just as it says in the bible. If you asked a jew to write down "mingle" in Hebrew then it would probable be "Arab" every time. You took a word out of context and ran with it to develope a whole line of bullshit. Nothing new. Been done for years. Blah blah blah. If I'm not smart according to your standards then you are completely fucked in the head according to mine.
  3. Ok let's add a massive amount of self righteousness to that mud hole you call a mind behind the brick wall and I will contend that you are not called by God. but if I was still a believer I would consider you a false prophet destined to burn with the devil and his angels. Just saying...
  4. Whatever I'm done trying to reason with the wall that is your mind. Josh, logical, I, and many others already debunked your personal interpretation and proved how what you are doing is what christians have been doing for centuries to no avail. You are blind to reason and logical. Thoroughly self indoctrinated by your own studies.
  5. LoL how ironic. You don't like it when your bullshit is debunked either SMH. This guy.......
  6. It hurts it really does. I'm gonna be honest when I think about it to much I still start to cry. But the deconversion process is still fairly new and raw to me. I'm hoping the sadness fades over time. I shed many a tear behind the pulpit while expressing my fervent belief in God and Jesus' sacrifice. I suppose I may have to shed just as many tears to get over the fact that it was all a lie and I was deceived. DB
  7. I prayed that prayer many times during my four year sabbatical from church before I fully deconverted. It is sad that a God that supposedly loves us so much that he let's his son die for us can't show himself to us when we have doubts. Not at all all powerful that's for sure. Disappointment is putting it lightly. DB
  8. Seriously? This is your answer? Then I would have to say you are almost there if you will open your eyes. Because here is the problem. The bible's foundations are in these first 5 books, allegedly written by non other than Moses. The passover itself comes from the story of moses. And also two other holidays. Passover A month later, on Nisan 15, the all-important Jewish festival of Passover (“Pesach” in Hebrew) begins. Historically, it is the first of the three festivals, and commemorates the Israelites’ escape from slavery in Egypt, as described in the Book of Exodus, and all of the miracles associated with that event. (One of those miracles is that in the final one of the 10 Plagues, the angel of death “passed over” the homes of the Israelites when it slayed the first-born sons of the Egyptians – hence the name.) It is a celebration of spring and of the rebirth of the Jews as a nation. Like Sukkot, Pesach lasts seven days (eight outside Israel), with its first and last days being holy days. During the entire festival, one refrains from eating bread, and by inference, an entire variety of other foods that have the potential to ferment, so as to recall the haste with which the Israelites left Egypt, with not enough time to allow their bread to rise sufficiently. That’s the reason we eat “unleavened bread” – matzo – both at the seder, the ritual meal observed at the start of the holiday, and throughout the holiday’s duration. Shavuot Seven weeks after the Exodus, Moses received the Torah – that is, the corpus of Jewish law, both written and oral -- from God on Mount Sinai, a momentous event commemorated by Shavuot (“weeks”), a one-day festival that also marks the spring harvest, when the first fruits were gathered and brought to the Temple as offerings. Shemini Atzeret and Simhat Torah Shemini Atzeret and Simhat Torah fall immediately after Sukkot. In Israel, the two holidays are the same day; outside the country, they fall on consecutive days. Shemini Atzeret (“the eighth day of assembly”) is of obscure meaning. Simhat Torah (“rejoicing of the Torah”) marks the festive end and the immediate restarting of the year-long cycle of reading the Five Books of Moses in synagogue. You may consider the story of moses an allegory. But to the Jews this was a very real event. If there was a Jesus it was very real to him because: 1. It contained prophecies that pointed to his coming and/or relate to his life which are referenced by Jesus and the apostles. Here is a website showing 8 out of 40 old testament prophecies of Jesus that were in the Penteuch. https://jewsforjesus.org/answers/top-40-most-helpful-messianic-prophecies/ 2. Even Jesus said he was the fulfillment of the law in Mathew 5:17. 3. Moses is mentioned in the four gospels 37 times, many of those times by Jesus himself 4. Moses supposedly appeared with Elias in front of Jesus and the apostles in Mark 9:4. No where in the bible are you going to find that the story of exodus was an allegory. It was believed to be a very real event. The only reason that you say it is an allegory is because of christian apologetics. Which came as a result of lack of evidence, they found out the exodus didn't happen and had to make an excuse so they could keep their faith. They wouldn't even have looked for the evidence if they thought it was only an allegory. Also think about this. The bible says Jesus was without sin and neither was guile found in his mouth. If you believe Jesus existed and you must or you wouldn't be a christian. You must believe this statement. Guile is deciet. So Jesus couldn't have presented moses as a person who lived and breathed, who was close to God, and in whom God trusted to give the law to the isrealites at Mount Sinai if he couldn't be deceptive. And if he was in fact continuing the deceptive lie that moses was real then he was in fact not a spotless lamb was he? No that would make him a liar. And if he was a liar he was a sinner. Now you may say that Jesus didn't know it was an allegory. That he thought it was real so he didn't know it was a lie. On that I would call bullshit. Hell we are talking about the almighty son of God here. The only thing God kept from him was the due date for his second coming. Without the first five books of the bible everything falls apart. We know now that not only was the penteuch not written by moses but that it was written and edited by at least four different people. They are designated as "J, E, H, and P. J- was the writer that brought in Yahweh as the name for the diety that isreal worshipped. E- is the writer who referred to diety as EL or Elohim. If you will do some googling on ancient Canaanite beliefs you will find that the EL mythology will explain a lot of things in the old testament. EL was originally believed to be ruler over a whole pantheon of God's. You will remember some of the names of his children from your bible studies. I'll let you look it up. It's a very breathtaking read for a christian. H- is the author of deuteronomy which was a book that was "found" during the reign of king Josiah. This book conveniently reflected all of the kings own personal beliefs which he then put into governmental law after it was read before the people. P- lastly P was the priestly source that organized the Torah and added their own views which gave reason for why God turned his back on them and why the Temple had been destroyed. They had sinned against him therefore they were being punished. As you can see Bibler not only did the exodus not happen, not only was Moses not a factual figure in history, it also wasn't an allegory. It wasn't An allegory because it was a lie. It isnt a beautiful poem or story that captivates the mind and reflects God's inspiration. It is a rule book presented as an actual event in history and an actual act of God for the Isrealites. To strike fear in their hearts so that they will Obey what God has said. I mean seriously if you were brought up as a child reading about the plagues of Egypt, God opening up the ground and swallowing disobedient Isrealites, God splitting a red sea, God destroying the armies of Pharoah, God making manna fall from heaven and water to come from rocks. I mean seriously who wants to piss off that guy? Now let's fast forward to Jesus, the apostles, and their teachings. What do we have now to keep us in line? HELL! Now think about all those teachings of Jesus, love, and all that jazz. But once again if you don't do what God says (believe in Jesus) not only will you die like all those people in the old testament. You are gonna fry after death for all eternity. It is just a rule book enforced by fear. And it is indoctrinated into people's minds from birth. I didn't question Santa clause until I found proof that he wasn't real. I also didn't question the bible until I didn't find proof that it was real. Well I take that back. I had begun to question certain things for awhile before I fully deconverted, things just weren't adding up. I do not accept your answer bibler and your answer will in no way lead me back to God. He isn't real. He's chilling at the north pole with Santa now. It's time to open your own eyes. You've entered the lions den of Exc and you will find that most of us believed in the bible at one time, probably more so than you. We did not turn our back on God. God disappeared from our lives. We can't turn our backs on something that doesn't exist. Ironically in some cases it was through our bible studies that we came to this knowledge. Here's wishing you the best, Dark Bishop
  9. Lol fuck'n aye. I can't use substitutes and be an Exchristian because it's not the real word and I can't be a christian and use substitutes Cuz I might as well be saying the real thing. So I'm just gonna say Fucking hell God damn golley gosh son of a biscuit eater mother fuckers Lord please forgive me bitch, so I can cover all the bases. Lmao. DB
  10. OK bibler, I have a question. I know a lot of christian belief is faith based. Meaning a person just has to believe without proof. However there are many instances in scripture where there is physical proof. IE there are places mentioned in the bible that either still exist or have been excavated through archeological efforts. On a side note here in America we have excavated many many ancient Indian settlements and can see where holes were dug for fire pits. Posts for tepee etc. We can find where they chipped arrowheads. We can find pot shards etc etc etc. However in the bible. Possibly the most important story of the bible is told concerning Moses. Who according to christian belief wrote the first five books of the bible. He laid the foundations that even Christ was set on. Yet Archeologists tried for years to find the foot print that 2 million people, plus cattle, plus all their belongings would have left behind in such an event only to abandon the search as it was considered to be a fruitless effort. Now could you please explain why this is? Why can we find areas where Indians chipped out arrowheads with much much smaller groups of people. And we can't find evidence of that specific multitude of people? Please spare me the excuse that God erased the evidence or that a couple of supposed wagon wheels in the red sea are proof. How did such a vast multitude of people live in the desert for 40 years without leaving a massive amount of evidence? Thank you Dark Bishop
  11. Oooo well maybe bibler will know the answers I seek 😄
  12. Dang! And I was really wanting to know how 2 million people, Plus all their cattle and livestock wandered in a desert for 40 years and didn't so much as dig a hole to crap in................ now that he left I may never know 😟 woe is me! Woe is me! Now I will have to continue believing it didn't happen at all and be doomed to hell because sight failed to provide the answers to save our souls! LOL 😂 ok ok........ sorry couldn't keep a straight face any longer. DB
  13. I apologise for not posting my reversal yet. I've been super busy at work and havent had the time. Plus my wife had her surgery so I've been helping her also. Went for our second follow up today and she is healing nicely he said. DB
  14. I completely agree! LOL easier said than done though. They really take that blind faith thing seriously around here. But at least the churches can't get laws like a blasphemy law even mentioned in Congress. (Thank you forefathers for separation of church and state!) DB
  15. Texas??? I've never heard of a blasphemy law buddy, not even in the bible belt. So I guess that means NZ are bigger bible thumper than the southern United States lol.