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  1. It always amazes me how christians try to start a conversation about god or jesus. Like they have special knowledge that makes every conversation about god and about how they can leave the conversation on their terms or leave the conversation with a satisfaction of impressing another onlooking christian. Even running into them at the grocery store is deemed "a god thing" and "providential." The lunacy just makes me nauseous.
  2. "god is in this, just like everything else" "this could be god's providence"
  3. "we don't know why you come" - pastor and church officer referring to my bible study and prayer meeting attendance Hey thanks, dumbfuck! Me neither!
  4. It's a trap!
  5. **Messiah-complex-antagonist oral capsules sold separately at participating locations
  6. Actually, pastor, you're telling me this to accuse me of wrongful living. Isn't Satan also the accuser?
  7. It seems that all belief groups are very strong examples of groupthink, including its nasty symptom of deindividuation based upon suffering for obedience and reward.
  8. "I wonder how glorifying to god that would be"
  9. "exercising too much is just a microcosm of trying to save yourself"
  10. It's true. Pastors will sell the 'only by faith' and 'only by scripture' messages, but then the actual doctrine of grace will come to light -- all will have to be judged, even if you believe in jeebus. Sealed by the spirit? Nope! Sorry folks! We're all screwed!
  11. "I feel like..." ...I can't stand when anyone says that.
  12. "Encouraging"
  13. Made me laugh audibly πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ