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  1. Ha! jesus fucking christ. Yes, religion will ruin lives. Oh god save us un-predestined people. Fucking joke.
  2. Christians can go take their right hand and fuck themselves, like they already do anyway. Praise YHWH by slathering lube on your clittoris or phallus. Amen. Thank you jesus.
  3. I had a similar upbringing, but probably resisted my parents more than you did. During college I took to googling and reading a lot of PHYSICAL (not kindle or PDF) books about dating, small talk, study skills, quarter life crisises, psychology, etc. In my opinion and experience, it's best to be confident in who you are and have a strong sense of your direction and purpose. This means planning goals and sticking to them. Have a backbone and don't be a doormat (most younger guys I meet these days are pandering far too much to women and mainstream metrosexual culture). Study what it is to be a man and study hard to get a good job. Just some thoughts, like always.
  4. "You have to let god be god" (when they don't have an answer from the bible or a dead theologian) "No" (when they want you to stop talking about a certain subject) "I don't know" (when they really do know and want to be passive aggressive about the gossip being spread about you or the information passed on to them from their church spies)
  5. Heard that. Wish I didn't, though.
  6. I like the point that feminism usually means that women should be viewed as sexually ambiguous as if they can never have sexual attraction towards men in a demeaning way or they do not have sexual bias in regards to men at all. I think I heard Hitchens discuss this point. Feminism is another facet in today's fucked up American workplace where passive aggression, narcissistic sarcasm, and immaturity abound -- it's like high school except with management and HR scolding workers and holding the dumb and socially inept worker's hands... Which also brings up the fact that most public education systems and highly regulated labor facilities must regress to the mean --- or dumb everything down so that the most inept person can understand (and be efficient) or be happy (not hurt sensitive people's feelings). But I digress.
  7. Seems that way! I'll find myself thinking back about these people's behavior... I really don't know how fundamentalist christians live like that AND think they are god's elect called to treat people the way they do. It really fucks people up - I'm just one that finally left the cult. But (like my pastor told me), I have wisdom issues. So I shouldn't voice my opinion without his consent.
  8. Why is it so difficult for me to track the hundreds of separate conversations going on within each thread on this website? Wow, it gets confusing. In any case, this website is invaluable to me and my deconversion as it were. Other work or school I really do not know where people make friends when they are older, i.e. finished undergraduate studies. The age old adage, "good friends are hard to come by" holds absolutely true for our generation, assuming you're of my generation. For all ages in the workplace and schools, it seems that passive aggressive immaturity and narcissistic sarcasm have taken over. The mature and intelligent individual must adapt and suffer loneliness in order to make friends in this hostile social climate of ours these days.
  9. I just want the act of pumping ass to be rightly understood. I don't think that is too much to ask.
  10. Pumping ass can be in good taste when in the right company.
  11. No, I'm talking about pumping asshole as in anal sex or just ravaging an asshole in good fun... not vacuuming the gluteus maximus. My mistake. So much ass.
  12. You're on the bottom in doggystyle? Jesus, Mary, and Joseph that's repulsive. I guess you like a good ass pumping. Neat.
  13. This is a confirmation bias because you are assuming it is a missionary position
  14. Ha! Erection joke. Gosh I'm really backsliding into evil thoughts. Glad I don't have to ask for forgiveness for every thought I think anymore.
  15. Probz. But who's to say?