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  1. Jesus Did It!

    Very creative. I thought you were going back to christianity for a second there. Whew. christianity really is a charade. In my experiences both the nondenominational-hyper emotional crowd and the orthodox-fundamentalist-biblical literalist crowd are just fucking nuts. There's really no other way to put it. And I've tried sincerely many many times to live the way they do.
  2. Pumping Ass

    No Reconciliation without rectumciliation!
  3. Sh** christians have said to you

    Because all feelings, emotions, actions, and words need to be subjugated into biblical verses and/or pseudo-christianity systems in order to lower the populous' blood pressure and schizoid tendencies about the impending doom of death and decay. Because the bible does not speak about everything, but speaks about everything indirectly. Right? Fuck that.
  4. Pumping Ass

    You know what? I think that is the definition of ass pumping I was looking for. #ConfirmationBias #AdHominem #Rectify
  5. @Stranger, Have you ever given yourself a "stranger?" It's when you sit on your hand until it goes numb and then masturbate with that hand. Please advise. Yours, EP
  6. Ha!!

    What an asshole! I would play along and email back: "Reverend, We have prayerfully decided that this year we will be giving exclusively prayerfully and not financially. Warmly, Nutrichuckles"
  7. A hypothesis

    Bibler, Welcome! I'm curious, what is your purpose for interacting on this site? Best regards, EP
  8. Isn't "she" wonderful?!?!

    Looks like a nice guyrl
  9. One Word Game

  10. Pumping Ass

    This country needs some christian revivalism, ya hear? A good ol' ass pumping of the Lard. Amen.
  11. I expect loyalty

    That's like a quart of ropey jizzum
  12. What is a scientist?

    Great points by all. I want to point out that science is 100% less sexy than it can be portrayed. It is complex and often confusing. The terms "genius" and "scientist" are overused. I would say a scientist is a anyone with a Masters degree in physics, biology, or chemistry related field, or a PhD or MD. The said scientist must practice and/or do research regularly. Note, this does not include PharmD or DO or PA. These are not scientists, but basically the MD's bitches.