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  1. Do younger generations feel more entitled?

    Aww, I can't thank you 5 times like I wanted to.
  2. I never thought I would be here

    Welcome! I too thought I would never find myself in this place, but life is a strange yet wonderful thing. I think those of us who have had our eyes opened are the lucky ones, even though dealing with religious family members is far from easy. There are plenty of other parents here on this forum that I'm sure can help you out with some of the concerns you have, so ask away. Good to have you with us!
  3. I can't believe I'm here

    I can certainly relate to your story, in particular the parts about being so indoctrinated that doubting or questioning was somehow sinning (as you were told), and not being able to view the bible in any kind of critical, rational way. It's extremely difficult when you are indoctrinated to that extent. Welcome to the club, you have plenty of company here
  4. #Metoo

    @TrueScotsmanthank you for your efforts to make some difference and perhaps make people think. I have felt like giving up with this site lately due to the amount of crap like this, having a joke at others expense.
  5. White privilege?

    You know, the media, and I don't even want to say media here, because a lot of these are just trash news sites, love to over exaggerate the danger that migrants supposedly pose to Europe. And one of their favourites is "they're raping our women." I have walked the streets of Helsinki, yes there are a lot more migrants around, and no, I haven't felt any less safe there. "Savage lands"? Honestly, you sound like you're from the 1800s with this terminology, this is what the white Europeans used when they came to conquer north america and wanted to label the natives savages so they could dehumanize and oppress them. This is classic us vs them thinking and I try my damnedest as a human being on this planet earth to try avoid this kind of thinking, because it only results in division, misunderstanding, polarization and ultimately, conflict. If we try to have an ounce of compassion for people escaping what to us would seem hell on earth or at the very least, conditions in which it is highly difficult for humans to live and thrive, perhaps we could get somewhere with focusing more on solving the problems in this world instead of trying to protect ourselves from people who yes, are very much like us when you get down to it. Most of them are aware that they must live and abide by the rules of the land in which they find themselves. Unfortunately, sensationalism sells.
  6. The Actual History of Black Americans

    Thank you for proving my point so well 👏🏻
  7. What's causing the rise of GIRLIE MEN?

    As a cashier I can say youre bang on with this one. There's all kinds of people and yes you'll get to see their true nature.
  8. The Actual History of Black Americans

    It appears to be that you like to brand anyone who happens to disagree with you a whiny person, or a young person, or an ignorant person, while you yourself fail to consider their points in any seriousness. You win the day for classy behaviour here, BO. Generally, people of integrity don't stoop to petty insults and trying to get a rise out of others just for the hell of it, as it appears you do. Sorry, I had to say it.
  9. What's causing the rise of GIRLIE MEN?

    Nah, I don't believe for a minute evolution has programmed us women to go after those who are aggressive and who have brute strength. Some of us are simply turned off by it and it's as simple as that. Give me an intelligent man any day who would rather fight with words than with his fists.
  10. What's causing the rise of GIRLIE MEN?

    Well shit this is some logic here. Why don't you get on twitter and check how many feminists there are out there that you would label ugly. I can guarantee you will find they run the gamut in the looks category. And since when do feminists claim we don't need men? Feminism is many things today. Generalisations like this are simply stupid.
  11. Did God err in making Adam ruler over Eve?

    This is the verse. Or the verses. The verse that I read and told Christianity to go to hell, and that I was done with it. And this is the verse I shall quote when I hear about virtuous woman of the faith etc or about how women are subject to their husbands.
  12. Men can't control crazy women

    Do you seriously think a woman can't tell guys are checking you out from behind? I always know, especially when it happens with the door opening. That being said, I have no problems with polite behaviour and being a gentleman.
  13. I don't know how anyone who has ever read about Passchendaele and the sheer amount of waste of human life from 1914-1918 can not become a pacifist. You know, I went through high school with that nationalistic myth making still a large part of my interpretation, and by the time I was done with my history degree I had no trouble stating I would oppose war in any shape or form.
  14. One of the must powerful anti war poems ever.
  15. Men can't control crazy women

    And no I havnt looked at the video and don't intend to.