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    I am a library assistant at Vanderbilt University. Have been agnostic for several years now.

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  1. Has God gotten nicer over the years?

    My, the ol' fella certainly has mellowed out, lately!
  2. Aw, holy shit! Wotta lunatic....
  3. Friend lost his son

    Oh, that is really awful! Just a reminder of how random life (and death) can be. I hope that your friend is able to deal with this tragedy. I can't imagine how he must feel, right now (don't have kids).
  4. Missing Original Star Trek episode...just found.

    Hey, that was groovy!
  5. Introduction

    Hey, it is good to have you aboard! Welcome!
  6. Who Goes to Hell?

    Well, according to the church that I grew up in, anybody who wasn't a faithful "Church of Christ" member was on the highway to hell. So, almost everyone....
  7. "Christian homeschooling mother of 5?!?!

    Hey, welcome aboard! I hope that you will find some good support, here.
  8. Survey: What nationality is your personality

    Evidently I'm Japanese. Plus, the description of me is a bit off. Now, how the hell did that happen?
  9. I never had an interest in getting married, but it certainly wasn't because "women aren't women anymore". I'm not sure what that even means!
  10. I can't believe I'm here

    Hey, welcome to the club! Nice to have you here. I hope that we can help you on your journey away from Christian dogma.
  11. How Islam Infects

    I know! I'ma juss so darn awful, I tells ya.....
  12. How Islam Infects

    Goddammit! That fuckin' worthless piece of shit needs the same treatment he gave his daughter. After gettin' a damm good beatin'....
  13. Threatened by my pentecostalist father in law

    Is it your house? Hey, don't put up with this kind of shit if it is. Throw the bums out! You don't go to someone else's house and behave the way he did to you. A lot of people would have physically escorted the moron right out the door after an incident like that.
  14. Things Fundies Say On Facebook

    Ah, the good ol "Church of Christ"! That's my religious background. And what the sign says is true. Nailed it right on the head, they did.
  15. Things Fundies Say On Facebook

    Aw, holy shit! That's scary as hell!