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    I am a library assistant at Vanderbilt University. Have been agnostic for several years now.

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  1. How Islam Infects

    Oh, good! maybe they decided to "play nice", for once...
  2. So Painful...

    Welcome to the board. What you have been through is deeply unsettling, and I hope that you can find help and sympathy here.
  3. Oh, I remember that "What Would You Do?" segment. Interesting and entertaining!
  4. How Islam Infects

    I hope she won't be executed for this. Oh, how I hate those scummy intolerant fools! Wotta buncha crazies...
  5. Brand New Redneck In Training

    Okay, that was both cute and creepy at the same time...
  6. More Gun Control

  7. Thanks for sharing your experience! I have always been interested in UFOs and other seemingly-paranormal phenomena. Have no idea what they are, but it is an intriguing subject. One of my favorite authors on the subject of UFOs is Jaqcques Vallee : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jacques_Vallée
  8. Hey, I'm glad that everything worked out well for your child. i can't imagine going through all that! Fascinating post!
  9. Asshole Makes Me Stand Up In Church

    Wow! That must have been uncomfortable.
  10. The blinders are off....

    Good for you for choosing the "nothing is true" option. (At least as far as biblical inerrancy is concerned.)
  11. Sh** christians have said to you

    YIKES!! Well, that's scary!
  12. Deconversion research

    Hey, that sounds like a fascinating topic. Good luck with your dissertation!
  13. Did Jesus Fail to Return?

    Yes, that would be tremendously exciting!
  14. Did Jesus Fail to Return?

    Well, they have found quite a number of at-least-slightly earth-like rocky planets orbiting other stars. Perhaps eventually, we will be able to confirm an extra-solar earth-analogue!