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  1. Young Priest Gets Creepy- Bounced

    Excellent point! And yeah, I wonder about this, myself -- why would anyone nowadays sign up for this sick institution? Perplexing....
  2. Muslim convert to Christianity dies

    Yeah, i'm sure that you're right about this!
  3. Did Anyone Else Attend a Private Christian School?

    I attended David Lipscomb High School ( "Church of Christ" institution) in Nashville, Tennessee from 1977 to 1979, my junior and senior years. The people were generally very nice and friendly. The classes were academically good except for the emphasis on Creationism and the tendency to take the Bible literally.
  4. Catholic hospital blocks ExC

    I was upset (well, not really) to note that I could not get to my "Deviant Art" page while using the WiFi at Krystal, a few years back. I could get to it at the Subway in Walmart, however.....
  5. When i was little, i thought that retarded children were the result of unmarried people having sex.
  6. So much guilt...

    Hey, it is great to have you aboard. Thanks for sharing your story.
  7. Things Atheists Post On Facebook

    Yeah, this was one book in the Bible that I thought was the most fucked up, ever! Weird, wild, crazy shit!
  8. Things Atheists Post On Facebook

  9. How Islam Infects

    Goddammit! I hope that the worthless piece-of-shit motherfucker dies screaming!
  10. Opinions on transgender

    Wow! Fascinating!
  11. Yoga is Demonic says Ex-Witch Turned Christian!

    Well, in my old church (Church of Christ) there were some folks who basically thought that everything was demonic. Yoga, dancing, cards, "Dungeons and Dragons", martial arts, rock music, alcohol and drugs, pizzas, movies, TV, books that weren't the Bible, carpet, other denominations, air, pretty much everything. (Sports were usually seen as okay, though.) I do remember that while I was at David Lipscomb College in the early 1980s, one guy gave a "chapel talk" about the dangers of yoga. The mindset is "Ye ol' Debbil izza everywheer, an' he out ta gitcha ya!"
  12. Reboot out

  13. Confirmation Bias from Pentecostals

    Yeah, that attitude always floored me, as well.
  14. UFO's aside, any one seen a ghost?

    Yeah, I really have no idea what it was. I have never liked the term "supernatural", because that implies something spooky that we can't possibly ever begin to understand. I think that just because something seems currently unexplainable, that does not mean that we will never understand it if we approach the matter in a calm, objective manner. And I really doubt that we do survive physical death, but I just might be wrong about that. (We would need rather extraordinary evidence to verify continued survival of the human consciousness, of course!) And if we do, the fact of survival would in no way validate any of the so-called "revealed religions" with all their weird outdated dogmas.