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  1. I was thinking how even their j***s told them to use subtlety when dealing with people.
  2. Could anybody recommend some books please that would be particularly useful for an ex catholic. I've read Stephen Uhl. I like hearing people's stories, but also anything looking at the doctrines and teachings. Also any websites,youtube sites, videos or podcasts.
  3. Thanks Akheia, this is so true. I was only thinking today about how Mags seems to turn the conversation and make it personal whenever the subject of religion comes up I've also noticed the quite marked change in her countenance and demeanour towards me when this happens, which she denies. Unfortunately it does start to cause me to have self doubts and lose my peace.
  4. Thank you so much for all the feedback and the humour as well. Ficino you make some excellent points which I found really helpful, thankyou to all of you. There is a lot from all your comments for me to take away
  5. Hello, until recently I considered myself a Catholic Christian, I was also involved with fundamentalist Protestantism for a number of years. I found that my Catholic faith caused me a lot of fear and condemnation. I put this down to the dogmas and doctrines and the representation of God in the bible. I have read many atheist books and come to an agnostic/atheist position. I have been disturbed recently because my best friend Mags a catholic lady, told me that the reason I am atheist is because I am rebellious against God, that I want to do what I want, I want to do my own will and I don't want to be accountable to God. That when I point out the odious character of God in the bible and other awful things in it, she keeps saying it has to be rightly interpreted and read in context. That these things are metaphors. That right from the early days of the church, citing Origen this was taught. She says that the reason I have such a negative view of God and Catholicism is because my Dad abused me( which he did) and because of my very damaging childhood( which it was). And that this is the lens through which I am interpreting these things. She says that it's understandable that I am rebellious, don't want to do his will or be accountable to him because these things have given me a wrong image of God. Whereas she seems to get a great deal out of her faith and seems unaffected by the things that bothered me. Anyway for some reason her comments about me being rebellious etc have really got to me and I'm not sure why, or what to do about it. Could you please give me some feedback. Steve