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  1. Uniqueness Points Towards Christianity

    Anecdotes are not evidence. I meant no offense; I simply think that your argument holds little value; that it is a non-sequitur, from which no conclusions can be made.
  2. An Atheist Argument for Objective Morality

    Yes, but are there topics which are objectively detrimental to society? And is defining morality as that which is beneficial/detrimental to society a valid proposition?
  3. I've recently been thinking about what morality means to me. Where it came from. How it is determined. At first, I thought it was subjective in nature. This is evidenced by the fact that for all humans, what is deemed moral changes as society progresses; for theists and atheists alike. Moral law, as it were, is determined by society through discourse and ultimately governmental decree. In my opinion, where morality came from has to do with evolution. Populations of species who worked harmoniously were able to survive better, and reproduce more. This lead me to believe that moral good is nothing more than that which, in the way others are treated, helps a society to survive. It was my argument that even things which are ubiquitously seen as immoral, like murder (if defined properly), are still subjective in that long ago, before we had the intelligence to recognize that murder was detrimental to society, murder had no immoral value. For example, we don't typically consider murder among other species as immoral, as they have not developed morality in their environment. The more I thought about it, though, if I define morality as treatment of others which is beneficial or detrimental to society, there are three outcomes when considering whether a topic is moral or not. 1. It's beneficial to society, 2. It's detrimental to society, and 3. Neutrality. I think it can be argued that there are topics which objectively fall into categories one and two, and can be quantified, which makes morality itself objective with regards to these topics. Things which cannot be objectively placed in category 1 and 2 are necessarily in category 3, and are subject to subjective morality, I think. Help me out here...would appreciate input about where my reasoning fails or succeeds. Thanks.
  4. Uniqueness Points Towards Christianity

    In which case, your entire argument is anecdotal in nature, rather than logical, and renders your "checkmate" claim rather vapid.
  5. The Problem of Evil: Crash Course

    Thanks for the video. I've watched that guy a lot on his other Youtube show "Scishow." As I am much more of a "backyard" philosopher--having no formal training in philosophy, rather just my own musings--it's cool to put formal definitions and structure to conclusions I have made about issues I have had, logically, about Christianity since I was 10 years old. Issues that I used to push aside through faith, until that faith was no longer strong enough to do so.
  6. Uniqueness Points Towards Christianity

    End, Even if we, for argument's sake, take your claims at face value; that we are all unique, and the Bible teaches something which correlates with that... It STILL says nothing about the veracity of the Bible as a whole. For 1. It could be just as easily speculated that human authors with no divine authority are the source of that correlation and 2. Much like history and archaeology, the fact that the Bible correctly records these things in some cases, does not mean that ALL claims in the Bible are true.
  7. The Crazy Baker Gospel

    I agree. To me it seems patently obvious that it is written by men to elicit emotional responses; most notably love, guilt and fear. All of which seem counter-intuitive in relation to what one might expect from an infinite god. My purpose for writing this parody is to attempt to explain how arbitrary the rules which god allegedly created seem to be. One cannot enter heaven unless pure. Why? Therefore a sacrifice is needed in proxy. Again, why? And how does that make one cleansed? Simply because that's what he arbitrarily decreed, or rather, what the writers decreed in order to elicit the feelings of love, guilt, and fear.
  8. The Crazy Baker Gospel

    The Crazy Baker Gospel Hey look, I made this cake for you to share with me. It's the best cake ever. Really? That's sweet. Thank you. Only problem is that in order to eat this cake, you have to say the magic word. *giggles* Please? No, unfortunately, the magic word is something you can't possibly pronounce. *nervous chuckle*Okay.... No worries, I've got you covered, there's another way. I'll just gift it to you. Really? I thought that was the point in the first place? Oh, it was, but you know, the magic word. Can you pass me that knife over there? Sure... *Chop* "AAAAAAHHHH" OMG! WTF? Why did you do that? *whimper* I told you, the magic word needed to be said, but instead I'm gifting it to you. What the fuck does that have to do with chopping your goddamn hand off? It covers for the magic word, of course. *sprinkles blood on the cake. * Ah, perfect. You're fucking crazy. I'm out. Tell your friends!
  9. So, what if there is a God...

    Don't forget slavery, rape, and infanticide....
  10. Duggar daughter suddenly bumps up wedding date

    Too bad, too, cause a couple of the daughters are hot.
  11. So, what if there is a God...

    and he's a sadistic SOB? Not the kind of kid who fancies an ant farm, but the one who burns ants with a magnifying glass? How would we know? Let's say he has the omniscience that christians assign him. Would he not be the perfect liar? Capable of fooling christians and atheists alike? Could he not devise a story in which the sheep praise him, and the wolves avoid him? A predator on the top of the food chain? Does it not seem more likely that an omnipotent, eternal being would create life as a playtoy, rather than a companion? Would he, perhaps, get bored, and ignore his playthings as we all do, leaving them to collect dust for months and months (and in his case, millenniums and millenniums)? How many fucks would he give if a super-ant he created suffered on a cross? Well, i for one, don't believe such a god exists, cause he'd sure as hell would have done a better job writing his manifesto.
  12. Some familiar handles...

    Yes, I still stop by from time to time, but once you learn all their arguments--which have been passed around for decades--and why they are wrong, and there is nothing new to learn, it gets old.
  13. Some familiar handles...

    Yup, you guessed it. My favorite band for 20+ years. I've got tickets to see them at my favorite venue in a few weeks. Can't wait. ;-) Thanks for the welcome, all.
  14. Sh** christians have said to you

    That, unfortunately, is not limited to the church. I've been single my whole life...don't want to get married. But I love kids. Teaching, enriching, encouraging, etc. I would love to become a little league, or youth soccer coach, but the HOOPS that someone like me would have to go through, is quite humiliating. But I agree that churches handle it particularly poorly. My former church does not allow Sunday School to be taught by a male for ages below a certain age (I forget the actual requirement), unless there is also an adult female in the room.
  15. Some familiar handles...

    Saw a few handles I recognize...Some of you may know me as 46and2 on christianforums.