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  1. So, what if there is a God...

    Don't forget slavery, rape, and infanticide....
  2. Duggar daughter suddenly bumps up wedding date

    Too bad, too, cause a couple of the daughters are hot.
  3. So, what if there is a God...

    and he's a sadistic SOB? Not the kind of kid who fancies an ant farm, but the one who burns ants with a magnifying glass? How would we know? Let's say he has the omniscience that christians assign him. Would he not be the perfect liar? Capable of fooling christians and atheists alike? Could he not devise a story in which the sheep praise him, and the wolves avoid him? A predator on the top of the food chain? Does it not seem more likely that an omnipotent, eternal being would create life as a playtoy, rather than a companion? Would he, perhaps, get bored, and ignore his playthings as we all do, leaving them to collect dust for months and months (and in his case, millenniums and millenniums)? How many fucks would he give if a super-ant he created suffered on a cross? Well, i for one, don't believe such a god exists, cause he'd sure as hell would have done a better job writing his manifesto.
  4. Some familiar handles...

    Yes, I still stop by from time to time, but once you learn all their arguments--which have been passed around for decades--and why they are wrong, and there is nothing new to learn, it gets old.
  5. Some familiar handles...

    Yup, you guessed it. My favorite band for 20+ years. I've got tickets to see them at my favorite venue in a few weeks. Can't wait. ;-) Thanks for the welcome, all.
  6. Sh** christians have said to you

    That, unfortunately, is not limited to the church. I've been single my whole life...don't want to get married. But I love kids. Teaching, enriching, encouraging, etc. I would love to become a little league, or youth soccer coach, but the HOOPS that someone like me would have to go through, is quite humiliating. But I agree that churches handle it particularly poorly. My former church does not allow Sunday School to be taught by a male for ages below a certain age (I forget the actual requirement), unless there is also an adult female in the room.
  7. Some familiar handles...

    Saw a few handles I recognize...Some of you may know me as 46and2 on christianforums.
  8. My 25+ year de-conversion

    So...the intellectual side of me understands this. I'm not actually afraid of the shit after death. Of course I'm not going to give any fucks. But I LIKE my consciousness. The ability to think, feel, reason, love, hate, etc. I don't want that to end. And knowing that it WILL end, sucks.
  9. Holy Spirit where art thou?

    Thanks for that interesting study. I, too, would like to see a similar study done with better control.
  10. Holy Spirit where art thou?

    I didn't want to make it too hymnal.

    I forgot to add the last paragraph, and can't see an edit button at the moment (noob). If you are seeking truth, and if god is truth, then you will likely be led back there. So the question is not whether it was a good decision to walk away; it should be, "Is it a good decision to become an open-minded seeker of truth?" And the answer to that, of course, is a resounding yes.

    I wasn't ever convinced by the charismatic preachers, even when I was a believer. Prophetic visions and healings are BULLSHIT. Think of them as magicians, like Chriss Angel. They have their schtick, and they are very good at what they do. Do you ever believe that Chriss Angel, or David Blaine ACTUALLY perform supernatural tricks? It's the same with these preachers. However, I do know what you are feeling. It's why it took me the better part of two decades to finally accept my atheism. Which brings me to what I really want to address. Your question, "Did you ever doubt that walking away was a good choice?" For me, it was not a choice, but an acceptance of conviction. Whether I wanted to leave (I didn't) or not, was completely irrelevant. That is not to say that I did not have doubts about that acceptance at times. Of course I did. But it gets easier over time. ESPECIALLY, if you stop accepting invitations to go to church. ;-) Look at it this a truth seeker, without regard to where that might lead you. If an argument or event on one side seems convincing to you, ALWAYS balance that with counterargument. Let those comparisons lead you down tangents to other topics, and research both sides of THAT, also. THE biggest reason religion is so pervasive, imo, is that the vast majority never allow themselves to be exposed to data from the "other side of the coin." Indeed, religion is specifically designed to make sure that is true. That is why it is so devious.
  13. Holy Spirit where art thou?

    Aaron Hernandez's Murder Victim's Family Reacts to His Suicide: 'This Is God's Will' I realize that people deal with grief, anger, and vengeance in different ways, but this is an epic example of Christians having no clue what their god wants. The parent of one of Hernandez's victims says, “Any loss of life is a shame. I believe in leaving things in God’s hands.” Another parent of a victim, says, "“Only God has the right to take somebody’s life.” and "It’s very painful to me when somebody takes their own life" However, the lawyer for a third parent says, "“She believes - as she is an extremely religious woman - that this is God’s will,”
  14. What about those times when I felt Gods presence?

    I struggled with this for a while until I realized that the joyous rush I felt when a friend had accepted Christ, was not unlike the feeling I experienced when watching the movie Rudy--yes, i'm a huge sports fan. That's just one of a few examples. Our thoughts and emotions can trigger some interesting effects with the ability to release certain chemicals (dopamine, serotonin, etc.) at conditioned times.
  15. Things Fundies Say On Facebook

    Oh, no, it is MUCH more vapid than that.