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  1. Thoughts

    As far as what the actual term 'evil' might mean, I don't think either point of view can be proven right or wrong (believer or nonbeliever) because there are so many meanings the Hebrew word can have (morally evil, disaster, etc). That said, the word evil is used in opposition to the word good ('well-being' in Hebrew). Well being doesn't really have connotations of moral evil, well being means things like hearty, hale, healthy, whole, robust, etc. So it seems to me that evil used in this context means disaster, calamity, misery, etc, and only to the person who is rebellious against God. I don't think it is about creating evil in a moral sense. It's more similar to 'Dis-ease' being in opposition to 'Ease' than evil being in opposition to good. At least that's what I think.
  2. Thoughts

    Yes it's an example of what apologetics say, but I posted it because I'm interested in a non-apologetic point of view.
  3. Thoughts

    The Hebrew word for evil can mean a good few things, like disaster, calamity, etc. It can mean evil too, but not necessarily
  4. Thoughts

    A very interesting read TrueScotsman. I've been told by a psychologist that my brain has been 'conditioned' to react/act in certain ways and that I can 'remap' my synapses so that I approach things differently and thus react differently to them. Thank you again for this post.
  5. Thoughts

    Thank you for the advice, I'll read the Blind Watchmaker first and then I'll reread Misquoting Jesus.
  6. Thoughts

    Does the Bible specifically teach that God is all powerful and all knowing, or is that something we have assumed from the text?
  7. Thoughts

    Really thought provoking video Margee. The reason I was told that people do bad things and the reason God doesn't intervene is free will. Stopping the rapist takes away his free will. <-- Just saying what I've heard.
  8. Thoughts

    It does help, it all helps, the support, the videos, the advice, it all helps. If someone could recommend some good literature to read I'd be grateful. Here's what I have so far (not read the ones in red yet). Why I Became an Atheist (Loftus) The God Virus (Ray, PhD) Climbing Mount Improbable (Dawkins) The Blind Watchmaker (Dawkins) God Delusion (Dawkins) God is No Great (Hitchens) Misquoting Jesus (Ehrman) Godless (Barker) The first two I'm not even sure if they're good reads as I picked them out myself.
  9. Thoughts

    I'd never thought of it that way before.
  10. Thoughts

    Thank you very much for sharing your post Questioner, and for the advice. I can totally relate to it all. I agree that hell is so bad a punishment, so easily the worst punishment anyone could think up, it leads me to believe it must be human made. I like your explanation that you gave up belief in hell intellectually, but emotionally it still gripped you. That's me, totally.
  11. Thank you Geezer, I'm intending to watch it. So, are the lecturers Christian, atheist, do they use the lectures to promote religion?
  12. Youtube Yale lectures? Can you provide a link Geezer?
  13. Fear, depression, and more fear, with bouts of anger. How do I cope? Coming here and airing my problems. I could go to the Thinking Atheist website too, and I do now and again (thought haven't for many a month), but I thought where better to go than to a group of people who can directly relate to what I am going through. And prayer. Even though I try to leave Christianity by destroying my faith (because I can't abide with this horrible feeling of anxiety), I find begging for forgiveness alleviates my negative emotions somewhat.
  14. Some of it is a bit of a stretch though. Can't remember the details but there's one god-man figure they say was born of a virgin. But they born from a rock, or something. So sure, there was no motherly intervention but calling it a virgin birth is stretching it. As for any similarities, they can be accounted for due to the fact that there's only so many original ideas the human mind can come up with. There are bound to be similarities between Jesus' life and Horus, Mithras etc. For example, if I were to create a god-man, what powers would I give them? 1. Ability to heal 2. Immortal 3. Bring the dead back to life 4. Reward followers with eternal life