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  1. Yes, I'll be visiting that link soon.
  2. It's strange, we walked into the faith looking for guidance and a new heart. But we find out we have to leave for that very reason, and if we don't we end up worse.
  3. You're so right, most, maybe all don't choose to leave. Reason grabs us and drags us away, and from a position we desperately cling to. I can tell bibler this, it takes more strength and hope to stand on your own without God, than with.
  4. Learning to have fun again drives the spirit of head Jesus out.
  5. Don't be so easy on yourself.
  6. Bibler, No one is going to laugh at you or mock you later if you decided to turn your life over to reason. And you don't have to join any club, you can make up your own world view.
  7. Ok.
  8. I wish someone praised my meat balls. LOL.
  9. Is bibler French for something?
  10. Not if your a Mormon. Edit: Mormon doctrine states that everyone gets a second chance at redemption after they die, in the spirit world. So there's more of this in the next world, (Doing dodgy eyes)
  11. Only God knows.
  12. What's the best way of determining right and wrong without the good and evil religious mentality. If I throw out all concepts of good and evil, what do I replace them with when forming moral models?
  13. Can someone explain to me the basics of the human transitional fossil's, and stuff. Thank you kindly.
  14. I've got so many questions, that never get answered because I keep getting kicked out of Christan chat forums. So to start Why do Christians kick me out of their forums for just voicing my opinions, and challenging their views? If they know they are right, what does it matter if I'm wrong. I'm the one who is foolish not them, but they offend so easy and hold a grudge for a long time. WHY!
  15. Oh my God, a Christian? Thank you head God.