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    I am a practical atheist who sees no good evidence for the existence of god. I think the only argument one can make for holding the belief in god is through finding meaning existentially but not factually. The belief is bad when it begins negatively intruding on people's lives.

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  1. Being weird for Jesus

    It is referenced in Romans and 1 Corinthians. It is funny how Christians spiritualize everything. They ask if secular entertainment is ok when it's just entertainment that they are asking is ok because that is really just what it is lol.
  2. Being weird for Jesus

    Christian Passive-Aggressive behavior at its finest! "I am not saying you can't do it but if you do we can't fellowship because it disagrees with my spirit." It's petty childishness similar to god told me to date/break-up with you. Who needs a nature documentary when we have plenty of weird phenomena to be dumbfounded by around us.
  3. Much of what's been stated so far really resonates. I like Ficino's observation about Caplin's observation on Christianity having a convenient framework for answers that also cause guilt about feelings of doubt. Bhim also reminds me of a humble observation I had to heed about how we take the injustices we have experienced personally when there are other illogical and often more dangerous beliefs that speak to other's more deeply and that have more pressing consequences. Fuego while it might be just a helpful analogy I do wonder if religious mindset does sort of work as a virus from an evolutionary perspective too. Skysoar15 Just keep taking it one day at a time and yes exercise helps! Lastly does anyone know where the like button is for posts? I can't seem to find it.
  4. Sometimes the only thing more challenging than re-orienting myself to a healthy way of living after deconverting is trying to talk about issues of faith with believers without my head exploding! How did so many of you atheists remain so relatively calm when debating myself when I was a believer or any of the other believing whack-jobs lol. I am not saying you never let it rip at times but now it all seems so small in comparison to the lunacy that comes out of believers mouths. What I am trying (unsuccessfully admittedly) is to remember just how sure I was that I had the truth as a believer. To be honest doing so is kinda painful because I get embarrassed at how I could have been so blind. It reminds me to stay humble enough to be willing to engage with those who believe what I once believed. Cognitive dissonance, compartmentalization, these are powerful tools that have kept beliefs safe for a long time. Still it is tough to even know where to begin when some unknowingly arrogant believer spews a word-salad full of Bible quotations and personal anecdotes. I do better with the William Lane Craig types because they at least attempt to make the best rational case possible. What's worse is I don't like being placed in a position by believers where they assume that if I criticize the Bible that I therefore think every single thing in it is rubbish. This is where I think I see atheists make a mistake. The power of religion is that in spite of all of the horrific things in it that there are ideas that resonate with people that are enough to push past the terrible things it contains. That means something. I am with A.C. Grayling who also understands that religion is often where we used to do our deepest meaningful contemplations. Just look at Song of Solomon and it's beauty or at least some of the beautiful things said about love in 1 Corinthians 13. I am not fighting against love, joy, peace and etc. Far from it! I am seeing terrible things within Christianity that undermine so many of those principles that Christians hold dear. Lastly If there was any one cause of a religious mindset hyper-resilient to criticism it has to be fear and you all know specifically that I mean the fear of hell. This hovering blackmail in the background of the Christian mindset makes it almost impossible to truly be open-minded as to whether or not Christianity might not be true. The stakes are too high. It pains me that I and many of my fellow ex-Christians still every now and again feel the sudden terror of going to hell come to the surface of our consciousness from where it still has a grip deep within our psyches where it was drilled in from when we were kids. In fact I don't know if I ever truly faced fear on anything. Any courage I mustered was from a false belief that God was giving me a helping hand in trying, and was there with a loving embrace if I failed. This is the opposite of growing up. It is infantilizing and I still get angry about it in others and I get angry that such fear exists within myself. At this point I am not sure if any of my ranting comes to one main point. The frustration remains but knowing you are all out there helps me because I know I am not the only one feeling this.