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    God pushed me away by not answering my prayers. If God is love, I have never experienced that love or warmth from him. Cried everyday for years and prayed. Didn't get even a single answer. The more closer I became to the God of the Bible, the more weirder I got.
    Proverbs 3:6 didn't happen to me.

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    A God created this world, might not be Jesus.

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  1. How useless is prayer

    Lol! Didn't expect that!
  2. I lost good friends I lost the opportunity to love 2 different men I lost my peace fearing God's punishment and that made me bow down to man made rules that ruined my life I didn't meet my Boaz even though I served and loved Jesus I feel like crying now
  3. Don't worry about keeping it a secret. None of my family members know I walked away from Christianity. Maybe because I sit for the prayer service conducted every Saturday in my house. Why do I go for that service? Because I don't want to create arguments in the house. It only lasts 2 hours anyway-the Saturday prayer. I told one friend of mine- a crazy Christian who misled me in so many ways in the past- I told her I doubt the existence of Jesus and that I don't think it is possible for a God no matter how powerful he is to create a fruit that can give you knowledge and the awareness you are naked the moment you eat it. She replied saying both the holy books of Islam and Hinduism talks about Jesus. That confused me. I knew Muslims believes Jesus was a prophet. But, I didn't know Hindus accepted his existence. Not sure how true her statement is. But, I wondered how can 2 other religions accept his existence if he didn't live on earth. This friend of mine has a Hindu dad and a Christian mum. This friend also said that maybe Adam and Eve and the tree of knowledge could be a metaphor. And might not have exactly happened like it says.
  4. Sh** christians have said to you

    You are too funny.
  5. Sh** christians have said to you

    Thank you Sir for your service.
  6. Sh** christians have said to you

    Joyce Meyer teaches you can mishear from God. That woman fucked up my life.
  7. But why would someone write AN ENTIRE BOOK (IN THIS CASE THE BIBLE) and make up stories about God, his rules, the coming of his son and so on? What could someone possibly gain by writing a book of lies? I stopped believing in the Bible a few months ago, but I keep wondering who the heck went to wtite all that stuff in the Bible if it weren't true. How on earth did they come up with all the names in the Old Testament? If you think that the Bible is a fabrication, do you think one person wrote the whole thing or different people?
  8. No. The lady whose daughter got healed spoke to me and my mum in July this year..2017..that is not even 3 months ago....she herself told me her daughter got healed when a pastor prayed for her...the daughter got healed as soon as the pastor prayed for her...the daughtet is married now and is working in Ireland..
  9. I find it hard that a God would create a man and woman and create all necessary food for them on earth and then give them 500 rules to follow. I doubt the existence of Jesus. Not of God. No one can convince me there is no God. I will never believe in evolution. My mum and right now Google told me the disciple of Jesus - Thomas came to India and spread Christianity. BUT, if Jesus never came and died and said all those things, how can a follower of Jesus come to India and spread Christianity? If there is no Jesus, how do you explain pastors healing people with physical problems? I met a lady whose sister poked her eye with a key when they were kids and years later a pastor prayed for her and she got a new eyeball and her damaged eye was healed. I met a lady whose daughter had boils all over her body and she got healed after a pastor prayed for her. I am confused and scared. If Jesus does exist, will he hate me that I stopped believing in him?