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  1. Introduction

    If I hadn't committed to the support group, I would been gone already. The group meets weekly for another 4 meetings, then I can bow out. but this waiting period is torture.
  2. Thoughts About Sin

    I have been thinking about this a lot lately. If original sin does exist, isn't God an accessory to sin if not worse? If God made angels gave them free will and one third rebelled. Yet He didn't learn, He then made an even less trustworthy creature, mankind, gave him free will, put a temptation in his dwelling place, and then told him not to eat of it. But God is all knowing and ever present and all powerful, so the minute or instant, if you will, before Eve ate and Adam ate, God KNEW! So not stopping them is a sin of omission, is it not? Anyway, the above is predicated on Adam and Eve being real as well as the God of the Bible being real.
  3. Tired of it all

  4. Tired of it all

    Welcome SFA. There is a box on the bottom left that you check to quote text for a reply. And you can Like, Thank, etc by clicking on the heart icon in the right. I am new here too, and that's about all the tech advice I have
  5. Introduction

    These next few weeks is going to be like torture. I hate being hypocritical, so this will be a rough stretch. Should be able to exit after 12/11. Thanks for the welcome!
  6. Introduction

    Thanks MOHO. I am just providing mainly emotional support and practical advise to the group having gone through what they are going through now. No indoctrination. Mainly a shoulder to lean on, figuratively speaking.
  7. Introduction

    Just a quick introduction. I just joined this site in the last week and am in the process of leaving evangelical Christianity. After 54 years of hearing some form of Christianity preached to me, I have several reasons. The main two are the twisted logic that I have heard taught by pastors/preachers in explaining things Biblical, and the continuous, never ending sense of guilt and worthlessness that is preached. Yes, it is preached that there is salvation for our sorry butts, but that's because god made us with the ability to sin. So he made a mistake? Anyway, I have had enough. My difficulty is that I am involved with a small group and a support group of the church. I am just waiting for the support group series of classes to end before I depart. Why? I feel bad leaving people going through tough times after having committed to help them for a period. I know, I guess it makes me a hypocrite for a short time, but if that is the worst that is laid at my feet, then I am OK with that. Thanks!
  8. Will You implant microchip in your hand?

    I wouldn't accept a chip implant. Not because of any Biblical reasons, I just do not want to give out that kind of control or information gathering power .
  9. I am new to this forum and in tbe process of separating from Christianity, so my question msy seem a little simplistic. To me, Christianity now seems like classic codependency. We lowly sinful humans can't do anything without God, and God needs us to worship & glorify Him. So the Bible continues to remind us that we sin all day every day to keep us dependent on a God. Thoughts?