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  1. #Metoo

    I see what you're saying and I understand that this whole thing tbh is hard on more than just women who have been assaulted, and the #metoo movement has given way to bad as a side-effect. Even today I heard a guy getting on a public shitlist for a crime he didn't commit. There's some fucked up stuff happening also as a result of this hashtag, which I don't condone in any way. And yeah, like you said, the definitions of what actually make pun "assault" are getting stretched just because people want to jump on a bandwagon. You are right. I'm not used to the stuff going here, but I'm not going to get caught up as I have because people have informed me about how this place works. I've participated in forums and moderated some myself since around 2004, so while I'm not new, this does function differently to most I've frequented but this is the internet, so whatever happens happens, lol.
  2. #Metoo

    Its cool. I just want to get on with what I originally came here for; It was never my intention to come here to argue. People have outlined to me now (thank you sincerely those who have) and I want to just leave them to it here. I still think some kind of info about what goes on and what's permitted here would only be fair to help avoid any further issues with people in similar situations. I was actually advised by my therapist to seek out other ex-Christians who had also struggled with similar issues. For me, those issues are mostly sexual, so I joined up here for that reason, only to find a bunch of people happy to joke about the very issues I'm trying to recover from. Nm. I just need to find the right place. All is good now.
  3. #Metoo

    I absolutely judge and denounce people who joke so casually about sexual assault. Especially in light of the #metoo movement; - so, so many people are victims of sexual assault and this is an important time for people who are finally seeing some justice and having the seriousness of that addressed. Also, as I've already said, I've been assaulted. It shouldn't be rocket science that not everyone is cool with these kinds of jokes, but eh.. I get what this part of the forum is about now. I think the majority of people ARE better than some of the behaviour going on here. Not just me. It isn't exactly a high standard to be "holier" than. .
  4. #Metoo

    Yeah I think there might be a few people who are taking "recovery" (or rather, what it means to be recovered) a bit far, or a bit off, when it comes to that. It seems really obvious to me now I've had some heads-up about this area of the forum, but I remember a lot of people, mostly young people deconverting from Christianity, going through this around 2010 - 2013? especially when people like Dawkins and HItchens were very active and huge deals in the atheist movement. A lot of people especially took it way too far when it came to arguing with Christians for example. They argued with Christians like it was their mission in life as atheists to deconvert Christians, laugh at them and their "Sky Daddy", and basically just shit on them verbally until they submitted. Somewhere along the line though, people started to learn that actually, they were just behaving like assholes whether they were right about the existence of god or not, being as they started to learn over time that if they were assholes, Christians would NOT listen to them, and just think of atheists as assholes. I remember a lot of atheists stopped behaving like that once Dawkins himself landed himself in hot water for some drama around this. It was so trendy to love Dawkins - and then it wasn't. Atheists started more to cool the fuck down, and got on with their lives. I find it kind of odd that that behavior is still going on, but many years after a lot of people learned from the past, and going on among people who frankly should know better for how old they are. There seem to be parallels between deconverting, and then deciding that "hey! I'm not a Christian anymore, I don't have to be a good little boy anymore! In fact, I'm going to be a bad boy 'cuz I can! Fuck god, and fuck you all! Freedom of speech bitches! THERE IS NO HELL ANYMORE! FUCK YOU ALL!! You can't censor me! Stop being offended lool!" - It's like some kind of religious hangover. But anyway, yeah, the rest of the forum and its participants seem way, er... healthier? so I'll just leave this bit in future. I'd definitely say though, change the description of this bit to suit its contents.
  5. #Metoo

    Also nope. I've stayed here long enough to know this isn't going to serve my purposes and I've said all I want. Please delete my account. If you're a mod, I'm out.
  6. #Metoo

    Nope. If you want to behave like an asshole and make asshole jokes, prepared to be treated as such. WHERE you choose to conduct yourself like this is irrelevant. You don't get to choose how people react to your shit behaviour. How you've managed to exist for so long on this planet without learning how there are basic consequences for your actions is disturbing. You clearly get off on conducting yourself like a cunt on forums. I hope you also make jokes like this in real life, where the consequences could be a well-deserved punch in the teeth.
  7. #Metoo

    Go fuck yourself. I'm a sexual assault victim. I hope fuckwits like you get ass-raped by men with enormous dicks. Hopefully that will teach you what's funny and what isn't. Then we can all post jokes about that.
  8. #Metoo

    And similarly, if I find a bunch of people who with roar with laughter every time I say the "bumbum", I too, am funny. I'm entitled to think that the jokes here are lacking in any comedic merit. This isn't solely about if anyone is offended or not, (although I'm absolutely sure that's the desired outcome of many of these posts, so I'm not surprised at it being brought up). I'm just as entitled to say whatever I want about these jokes as the people who make them. That's an extremely basic part of sharing humor. - If you want to make jokes about sexual assault and rape, then people not finding you bone-breakingly hilarious because you've shared some nothing meme about a fruit being assaulted, don't be absolutely astonished (or offended, lol), that you aren't being hailed as the next big comedian.
  9. #Metoo

    Usually people who assume that they can play at being comedians regarding subject matter like assault and rape have a sense of entitlement to laughs and positive reception. As though if people don't laugh at them, they decide that it's everyone's fault but theirs - everyone is "triggered" and "sooo sensitive!" - because they didn't get any laughs. How convenient, lol... Yup, it's not their fault they aren't funny - it's the audience for not laughing. I think such people ought to try their hand at going on stage and making such jokes in front of an audience. They'll swiftly realize, as professional comedians do, that no one gets to decide that they're funny, because going around making jokes about sensitive subject matter will do you way more damage in an offline situation than the safety of some online forum. Making jokes like this in other situations could land you in positions in which there are negative consequences for you. Whether you're funny or not is not up to you, it's up to your audience. Fortunately for the men here though, this part of the forum appears mostly populated by men of much the same ilk, so maybe I should back out and leave you all to your weird memes so that you can just gratify one another with the sense that there's just sheer comedic gold here.
  10. Sh** christians have said to you

    I was at my dad's uncles funeral service. A Christian comes up to me and asks me if I'm a Christian. I respond, "No. I'm an atheist". She replies, "Oh... So, where do you think <he> (my dad's uncle) is now then?" I wanted to reply: Well, obviously, he's in a fucking incinerator, but I'd probably have wanted to simultaneously cry and rip her head off.
  11. #Metoo

    It's interesting that people are still getting caught up in debates that were happening a very long time ago about censorship, free speech, dark humor, etc. All of you men here who are posting memes and jokes about sexual assault: Are you yourselves victims of sexual assault? Are you using this humor to cope directly with the issues you have faced from it? Or, are you just using this subject as a convenient bandwagon for cheap giggles at the expense of others who have experienced sexual assault and this is nothing more than a joke to you? Freedom of speech and censorship are rights. Making jokes about something like this just because you want to make silly jokes, is a decision you make when you decide that your desire to exercise your freedom of speech, overrides your care for the feelings of others. I understand the point of dark humor, but you can't choose to acknowledge that without at some point also realizing that timing and diplomacy are also qualities, and things you need if you want to be funny. - There are comedians who do make jokes out of the darkest subjects, and do so successfully, but please remember - those people are professional, talented comedians, and most of them understand that it's distasteful to make jokes about a scandal that hasn't even blown over yet. There are professional comedians who have attempted to joke about Harvey Weinstein - to be booed off-stage. If they can't get away with it, honestly what hope do you think you have of managing to bypass the filters of decency, unless your secret intent is to offend and "trigger" people, so that you can then make jokes about how you've "triggered" someone and cause unwanted drama? Countless people everywhere right now are seriously and personally affected by the sexual assault scandal - probably many of us here as ex-Christians abused by people in positions of religious authority - and many of us who are sexual assault and rape victims feel pressured to speak out about what we went through as an act of solidarity and to spread awareness about the sheer scale of this issue. This ain't a good time.
  12. #Metoo

    Thread contains weird memes I doubt you'd find many places just because: - They're not funny - Women are starting to come out about sexual assault and everyone is realizing how widespread an issue it really is. Who wants to joke about this? - Again, they aren't even funny? Even if sexual assault were somehow a downplayable, lighthearted issue, (no), pictures of socks, animals, fruit, etc, being sexually assaulted, is like the caliber of humor you'd expect from a hysterical 12 year old.

    This thread is weird af.
  14. Getting Into Sexuality forum?

    Thanks a lot!!
  15. Getting Into Sexuality forum?

    Ah! I figured the sexuality part would be the place to do that if the people running the forum want to age-protect the subject. I was advised by my therapist to speak to other ex-Christians to help me recover from that part of my religious trauma issues. It's a huge part of how religious indoctrination has contributed to my mental illness, so it'd be cool if I knew properly where to post for that. Cheers!