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  1. Happy Easter, End.

    1. end3


      Thank you! Hope all is well.

  2. For me D, I can't make myself do a big woman....but a gold digger can do anyone.
  3. Wash yourself in the blood of Jesus End, and all of this guilt will go away.

  4. Coveting on Passover....that can't be good.  Dammit....crap, now cussing on Passover...


  5. Lol, thanks M. I think that a good strategy from here on out.
  6. Not sure where my mind was going this day....I think I was thinking along the lines of behavior vs. some genetic "norm"......some average. Obviously I have absolutely no grasp of genetics, but was just an inquiry. thanks.
  7. So there was the Wednesday night "Sunday School" class for older adults.....this guy's message was not "What Would Jesus Do" but "What DID Jesus Do", that Christians should follow. His first example was Jesus and the Leper. That we needed to reach out and "touch" the "diseased" because we are all sinfully bias and label people errantly. But, BUT, in my mind he also led the whole class that somehow we have the same miracle healing ability as does Christ and it's ok to touch someone, that on our way to healing them spiritually, that some how God makes us immune from shit like leprosy and ebola and all those nice things. I called him on it and the a good third of the class started shaking their heads like I needed praying for. Oh no, no, he said AFTER describing how he was physically healed and appealing to that aspect as well, that he was only talking about spiritual healing and that I was the ONLY person out of 100 that had this concept. Hell, he made this huge deal about Jesus touching the leper PHYSICALLY. I asked him if we were making disease synonymous to sin.....could he explain that? I also asked him why did he(leper) have to tell everyone he was "unclean" in the first place.....where did that come from. The jackwad told me the leper was a Gentile and didn't fall under the Law. Ok, so why does the Gentile have to say unclean when approached. But then Jesus tells him go account to the Levitical Law. I told the guy he hadn't thought about this very much and was standing in the shallow end of the theology pool. Maybe I will give him the meat vs. milk verse next week. He's an advocate of the old covenant God gone and replaced by this totally new God, Jesus. End of rant, but I'm afraid many of you are accurate when describing the attitude of these folks.....he would not hear a bit of what I was trying to convey....said I was twisting everything. I guess I could have been the proper Christian and nodded with approval .....happy happy love love joy joy, pass he koolaid. Fuck me, this is a little bit irritating....
  8. Is there a genetic norm, an average? Pardon the ignorance, but does humanity have some genetic averages and deviations from the averages? Thx.
  9. No, I think I was much more sure back then and then became increasingly less sure after coming here. Now I'm back to comfortably sure.
  10. The story suggests an end goal of holy. The creation ingredients would need to result in holy if this is in fact what God is aiming for. In the mix he has humanity. Ultimately, if the holy cake is not achieved with ALL the ingredients, the non-"body" ingredients will be thrown into the dump.... Sounds like a story I've heard.
  11. I was trying to put the pieces together.....the apparent times where God's mind was changed, yet changed by favored people if my memory is intact.....to achieve the same end goal.
  12. I would think that self governance with God would depend if one was governing with the same qualities and attempting to achieve the same goal God desires as an end goal for the experiment. The question in my mind then would be, why would God put a sentient being in the mechanism. Actually, this is a decent line of thought. Why would I want a random generator in my process.....and one that constantly and progressively fucks itself as well.
  13. No would be the correct answer imo. I assume you guide RNJr and there are times when you don't explain things thoroughly because one, he won't comprehend, and two, he lacks wisdom, despite a relative morality...
  14. The story says God was the creator...you going to respond to post 97?
  15. I didn't know we were popping in and out of the story...