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  1. Well, if we assume a moral standard, the Bible, and look at the consequences of sin, yeah, it seems demonstrable.... And given we are so far removed from the original....there is no telling where society plots vs. the assumed standard/Standard.
  2. Yes sir, points I didn't consider. She had him in a very nice memory care facility. She took him out a month or two ago and he has declined significantly. It's easy to make the connection, valid or not, that she was running out of money and would rather he gone. Quality of life is not good certainly. But, the memory care doctors had no reason to put him on hospice when he was in the facility. When she moved him home, somehow he qualified quickly. Just cynical, but thanks for the outside view.
  3. One might speculate that we could get a more realistic idea of trends through computer data. They analyze shopping data, so surely we could search "moral" data....i.e. some particular "moral" crime. The data might suggest if a trend has a deviation on some set idea.
  4. Dad has dementia. He had a seizure last Wednesday. His wife and the hospice person gave him anti-seizure meds and he then laid there 5 days without eating or drinking. His wife was thinking death imminent until they backed off the meds a bit. He then opened his eyes and started eating and drinking again. Not a thing I can do as his wife has control. Legal action would just make things worse I believe. Just a little frustrating. Hell of a time for a learning curve.
  5. See you get it. The passages I referenced, paraphrased, "I am in you and you are in me".....communion....knowing the other.....praying....etc. The question is Prof, if you get the nuances, why did you give up on belief, or could you just not believe anymore even if you tried. I don't recall us having this conversation and I don't read the ex Christian confessions much. In other words, what happened.
  6. LF, I've tried to point out many many times on this site things I've noticed that points to the Bible. Would have to go look at some of the old threads from years ago when I was much more a zealot. I'll see if I can dig one up for fun.
  7. No, I believe in Jesus.
  8. I think so. If it can't be defined/tested/analyzed by some accepted scientific methodologies, then I think the logical assessment is: What do we observe on a very wide scale that is typical. Using my uniqueness example, what I observe and what is referenced in the Bible, is that we need to know others in order that we understand each other (because we are unique and other reasons).....which allows for grace and forgiveness, etc. Another example, I would probably be much more tolerant to immigration if I were to visit the immigrant's homeland. "Sure amigo, come on over, I don't know how you lived there honestly". Again, I must "know" the situation. Science can't yet define everything and I think it's not a good idea to throw what I think is about half of our understanding.
  9. Aware of your last three posts BAA. Thanks, these are just observations. . . . You're aware of my last three posts... but you're unaware that only math uses proofs. These are just your observations... but you've never observed any posts where we've explained to you that only math uses proofs. Really? I realize the math statement. I realize certainty vs. proof. Yes, I have observed your posts. But there are more times than I can count that you say, lay out your evidence. Truthfully, I was unaware of what anecdotal evidence was. But yes, because we don't have high certainty in all areas that would transfer anecdotal observations to high certainty, then we are left with math perhaps or accepting that anecdotal observations are either very typical or atypical. And yes, this doesn't mean they are true, but, when you put these observation together with science, I think it points to something there. Conversely, I think it can also help us question the paths science is taking. This reminds me our science fair discussion and the conversation asking about what can be tested. My mind takes anecdotal observations and says "let's test that" vs. a more strict adherence. And this is more how my mind works I think, than anything else. Lol, only took how many years to figure this out...10? Thanks BAA
  10. Just an observation LG.....take it or leave it...no biggie.
  11. Aware of your last three posts BAA. Thanks, these are just observations.
  12. S, I think it was you that brought up identical in the first place. Reasonably sure I never asserted identical. The "message" I'm referring to is John 17:21-23. Truth of the matter S, anecdotal evidence can suggest science has a problem. I'm not addicted to Christianity, but the book sure points time and time again to what we witness. But I'm the stupid one you compared my poor thinking to some philosopher... paucity...lol. Jackass.
  13. An Atheist Argument for Objective Morality

    Thanks F. Maybe my age and decreasing testosterone are working for me in a positive way. Every day is a challenge being this, whatever I am....but thanks again.
  14. Appears you have been drinking....