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  1. Good question...why do we continue to search these issues
  2. There's no telling the correlations one could make.... seriously.
  3. The exact physiology necessary to re produce what we now label as angry, happy, etc
  4. The point I was trying to make....feelings/emotions are indeed, unless a God thing, factual.. At this point we don't know how to define them because our ability to measure in order to define is limited and probably be from now on in this area.
  5. Yes, a twofold answer here. One, there might be very useful reasons why the emotions, chemistry, urges are as they are....not just proving to be an unreliable guide. Secondly, I don't think that is what he was initially saying.
  6. Florduh was stating that a "feel" was not a fact. All I was saying was in the absence of a God explanation, a feel, regardless of whether we understand the chemical mechanism, is a fact.... as you have said here, that feelings are suspected of being a given set of reactions.
  7. No, if there is no God, then all there is, is objective...including us. This would narrow a feeling down to an chemical mechanism. It's gaps alright, gaps we don't understand, but several of you are saying that the filling the gaps with something we suspect is totally without merit.
  8. You are saying there feelings are not factual information. I'm saying, by default, without a "God" or "Soul", yes they are. We may not be able to pin down the billions of instantaneous chemical reaction that produce those feelings, but yeah, it's a fact. The problem you have is you are trying to rule out what we don't understand in favor of what we do and throw the rest out....rigid old bastard.
  9. By default, you opinion here is wrong C. Without an outside Source, there is nothing left but physics and chemistry. It may be facts we can't get a handle on, yet they are certainly fact.
  10. Well if God is love, then what your statement tells me is we ARE truly individuals as described in the Bible.....because you say love is absolute, but each person's religious experience unique, is that God has a plan for each of us to be "finished".
  11. Let's go down your path for a moment....disregarding a "soul". This would mean that feelings are essentially instantaneous facts. And what I hear you saying is that if we understand facts, sure, that's a good thing, but if we don't, bad thing. You really can't make that judgment with these instantaneous urges/facts because they might certainly be telling your mind to move into or away from said circumstance.
  12. Ill get there please....not ignoring you.
  13. yeah, I think you are understanding what I was trying to convey. Yes, to take an individual and they have absolute love is a great idea, but our situational reality combined with not understanding the reasons for the situations disallows us to not consider the situations as well. I we did understand, then we might be able to say, yes, ultimately I am treating you in your best interest or not, loving or not.
  14. No, but I also don't think it's wise to throw it all out because our understanding is incomplete.....I'm sorry ma'am, I can't love you, I don't have the hormonal/chemical mechanisms that describe love.....peer reviewed of course.
  15. Our understanding of our objective reality is wonderfully incomplete.