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  1. Coveted

    Thanks Jeff.
  2. Manspreading

    Christ, don't women know that "manspreading" is a function on not wanting your gonads mashed. How offensive to give your stuff some room....good god.
  3. Non-religious ranting

    I can't give an upvote God...but I've put more money in the plate as the appropriate sacrifice for such wisdom. You da man....or at least 1/3rd.
  4. Non-religious ranting

    You must be younger D. At some point my energy level just excuses these behaviors and they mean less. I used to burn many calories internally and often externally in those "moods". Not sure how to help...but if you need to argue, I'll see if I can whip up my old self and give it a go. #Ivetakenbathsdeeeper
  5. Coveted

    Your voice is pleasing to my ears Your body is beautiful Your laugh is brightening I love your spirit, maybe your soul You are someone else's wife and I just sinned.
  6. Is The Fine Tuned Universe (Argument) Leaky..?

    But when we define "universe", are we not defining the scientific constants, to the best of our ability, within that definition? Does the "space" have different properties? Or do we know this? Or am I thinking off path? Edit: Wouldn't we assume because light travels x speed and matter moves at x speed, then the "space", the "void" has some measureable properties? 'Thx.
  7. Is The Fine Tuned Universe (Argument) Leaky..?

    Here's a question please. If there is expansion, wouldn't we assume that the greater volume....that this would mess with the conservation aspect?
  8. Breastfeeding is not natural.

    She's a natural idiot...
  9. Is The Fine Tuned Universe (Argument) Leaky..?

    Pretty mind bending stuff at the observable edge....light can't outpace the expansion? I don't have any acid to drop to open my mind that far...
  10. Deliverable Salads

    Started working out at the gym... Most folks seem like me, too busy to go eat lunch really, and want to eat healthy during lunch to maintain mental speed and productivity rather than the digestion blues/nap time. Most fast food is not too healthy and takes time to go participate. And you can only eat so many Subways before you can't. Looking for the pros and cons of a salad bar restaurant or food truck that delivers custom salads.....very high quality. Immediate cons appear to be freshness, temperature, price, seasonal, population. Ex C is famous for being direct. Just looking for very direct criticisms (or pros). The biggest pro is there are a lot of big women.....end of story. Thanks as always.... I think I have talked myself out of this idea before....but I don't remember...lol.
  11. Hurricane Irma

    Not quite as hellish as you might imagine....except for our accents....
  12. Hurricane Irma

    C, you go pick up Ms. D and y'all road trip here to west Texas and I shall buy the beer and barbeque until times get better. Ms. D can photograph the indigenous birds while we watch mud wrestling...
  13. The Question of Objective Morality

    End3 wrote... I think when it comes to morality, we may find morality, but we can't distinguish found and made because found is not absolute in our findings... . . . Why would found morality have to be absolute in order for us to distinguish it from made morality, End? I expect we might find made morality routinely. I was understanding you as saying found morality as being synonymous to an undiscovered cosmic constant. In retrospect, we would have to have the ability to measure.....
  14. The Question of Objective Morality

    I think when it comes to morality, we may find morality, but we can't distinguish found and made because found is not absolute in our findings...
  15. The Question of Objective Morality

    I agree. How may truly understand if an action is moral if we don't have a defined purpose. Did our actions ultimately achieve the purpose even though they were instantaneously moral or immoral. Sounds like a legitimate thought to me S. Thanks.