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  1. Guess who's dead now...

    Is he sick?
  2. #Metoo

    I don't see it as joking about sexual assault. The jokes are aimed at those who are bandwagoning behind those who have experienced real assault, and there seem to be many today who have convinced themselves that they have been terribly assaulted because they got their ass slapped in HS, someone whistled at them on the street, they regretted sex the next day after drinking too much the night before, they were subjected to a crude joke in the breakroom, etc... I may be wrong, but I sense culture shock in your reaction to this thread. Maybe you're just not used to this board. Maybe you'll never get used to it. What I do know is everyone here would never make fun of someone who had been actually raped or genuinely traumatized.
  3. #Metoo

    I agree with that, I also think that those who have challenged religion find themselves challenging life's other sacred cows. A place to freely do that is as much in support of the mission of this site -- supporting exers -- as anything else. For folks like myself, it was vital in helping me work out the residual kinks I had been carrying around with me for years following my deconversion until I found this place. I can't believe I'm alone in this. The rules we've been forced to adopt over the years by people who can't seem to get over being offended at the littlest things have crushed much of the spirit of this site already. I've always been outspoken against the rule mongers when they come in waves around these parts. I don't think this place can handle any more before it turns into just another vanilla site that leaves a certain segment of deconvertees out in the dark.
  4. SECRETS The POLICE Don't Want You To Know

    As I mentioned above, with the aggressive nature of US cops, these are dangerous tactics these days. But it's the cops who are being the assholes most of the time. They want to go further than their mere duty of keeping people safe and are looking for ways to get you on something, anything. Shutting up and not giving them access to your car, which is your right, is protecting yourself, it's not being an asshole. Making cops miserable with paperwork is a tactic and one of the few ways people can fight back against the police state and the US is absolutely a police state. Again, that makes the cops the assholes.
  5. SECRETS The POLICE Don't Want You To Know

    I'd be afraid of getting shot or at least tased these days. Seen way too many vids to realize that cops are looking for an excuse to escalate things.
  6. #Metoo

    Please, no more board rules. Haven't we had enough of accommodating people who get their panties in a twist even yet? As for not letting new members see this, here's my .02. The open nature of this board where all subjects were on the table was what first attracted me to this site and what has kept me around all these years.
  7. The Source of DNC Corruption: Debt

    Semantics. Outcome has the same efficacy. I think the most improbable, surprising thing about these types of discussions is that so many refuse to see the world for what it really is. They see a fantasy version of the world in a sense and call reality a fantasy.
  8. The Source of DNC Corruption: Debt

    It seems to me you think a conspiracy claim represents a nefarious group in the back room making secret deals. People making the claim that the banking system is rigged aren't making anything close to that argument. One tiny example. Until the year 1970 (iirc) banks engaged in a system called red-lining. Districts on the wrong side of the red lines wouldn't qualify for loans. This was done all over the country and those who were on the wrong sides just happened to be primarily black and/or other racial minority. That's a rigged system and that requires a conspiracy. None of this took place in some dark room where secret handshakes were exchanged. This was done right out in the open by politicians and banking leadership all over the country. This was a huge conspiracy against racial minorities that kept them in their place. It's beyond dispute that it occurred and was real. If I am the CEO of Goldman Sachs and I lobby (read, bribe) select members of congress to get a bill passed that benefits my company at the expense of others, especially the voters, that's a conspiracy and that's system rigging. We all know this goes on as a matter of business. Of course the banks are rigged; as is the regulatory commissions and justice department, which is why we don't see high level prosecutions for outright fraud. Hell, the federal reserve, a private organization that controls money supply, conspires out in the open to rig the system for the benefit of the group they belong to at the expense of large masses of people. This is beyond dispute. Any dispute is only in how these facts are spun.
  9. The Source of DNC Corruption: Debt

    All well and good if it really is. But when we start calling the media, political influence, et al cigars, we have a problem.
  10. The Source of DNC Corruption: Debt

    I find it mind boggling that smart people are out there that still believe there are no conspiracies in this world. But, then we have a world where a majority still believes in god/s. We have a majority in the US that still believes voting makes a difference, that the press is free and that the government, while making mistakes from time to time, generally has the interests of the good of humanity at heart as opposed to being a criminal organization that preys on said humanity for the benefit of the top 1% of 1%.
  11. The Source of DNC Corruption: Debt

    We can all be myopic and pretend that ad rev and contracts have no influence on the upstanding 4th estate, but I've seen way too much to ever believe that. I'm sure that our politicians, who only receive a paltry few hundred thousand from oil companies worth billions/trillions, etc... are not influenced and are under no obligations for such paltry sums either. If it's not obvious to some here, there is probably nothing that can be said on a message board that would convince them, so why bother? My personal opinions on this subject are the result of not one simple thing I can provide a link to to support, but from decades of research and paying attention. Heck, look how easy it was, with zero evidence, to convince virtually every single Clinton voter that Russia hacked the election.
  12. Most Hilarious and Awkward Names Ever!

    I dated a girl who had a brother named Mike Hunt.
  13. Stossel: Who Owns Your Body

    Seems it's not just the religious that are all over this one. Feminists love to legislate morality too.
  14. The Source of DNC Corruption: Debt

    It means what it means.
  15. The Source of DNC Corruption: Debt

    Yeah, sorry, typo/brain fart. As for WaPo being influenced, IMO, it's pretty clear for anyone who simply reads it with a critical eye.