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  1. Today the music stops-Simon Black

    Just read today that the derivatives market is up to a mind-boggling $250T now, double what it was in 2007 before the crash. To put this into perspective, the US government debt is $17T. No predictions from this. But it sure sounds like monopoly money -- as in the game -- is floating around the system doesn't it?
  2. Omniscient god knew from the beginning of time that homos would one day congregate in SF and Key West, where he sends hurricanes instead as he's diverse like that.
  3. Manspreading

    Exactly. I've heard some loopy stuff from feminists over the years, but this one takes the cake.
  4. Taco Bell Gospel

    Or, you could just embarrass him by giving him the 3rd degree: Is that your legal name? Then why are you asking me to use it? Well, that's weird don't you think? Suit yourself buddy, if you want to announce to the whole restaurant you're a freak, who am I to stop you? Strange cat who asked me to write JIL, your coffee is ready!
  5. The Recipe Thread

    Sure, feel free. But I'm only Mexican in spirit.
  6. The Recipe Thread

    Idaho. Close. I grew up around a large Mexican community.
  7. The Recipe Thread

    Yeah, when friends or family visit, I always ask them to bring me corn tortillas and Tapatio' hot sauce.
  8. Manspreading Manspreading LOL The oligarchy gave us a whopper of a choice between these two clowns. Holy cow.
  9. The Recipe Thread

    Sounds awesome. I love tacos. Unfortunately, I can't get most of those ingredients here. :sad:
  10. Feels like you're being obtuse.
  11. I don't see you posting any memes showing white people doing shitty stuff, even though we all know there are plenty of them out there. I can only assume from what you've presented here that you are trying to show one race behaves particularly badly in comparison to other races. This tells me that you have a poor understanding of stats, in particular causal relationships, and that you think your own life experiences are representative of a broader reality (you've said as much). I'm not personally offended that you are a bigot (if you were a cop, or a person with some other power over others, I'd be offended). But I see bigots as victims of a lack of education and victims of a political strategy that seeks to divide people over petty issues keeping people's focus off those issues that really do matter and that really do impact their lives in truly meaningful ways.
  12. These memes say a lot more about you than black people in general Fwee.
  13. Breastfeeding is not natural.

    She's got them crazy eyes that come out in folks when they are dealing with cognitive dissonance. Between the fallout from the last election and identity politics, half the nation seems to be experiencing the same type of mass hysteria that occurred in the 80s when people were convinced that satanists were torturing kids in day care.
  14. Taco Bell Gospel

    In that case, I'm less embarrassed. The dude probably knows it's cheesy as hell but also knows this type of vid will keep the donations rolling in from the faithful.