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  1. An Atheist Argument for Objective Morality

    Morality is entirely subjective. It changes with time and place. Most people have their own moral compass, however they came to get it, and naturally think they have quite objective morality and those who disagree are simply wrong. Those who are in disagreement think the same. To an individual it may look as if there is an objective morality and YOU have it, but a walk through history and a map of the world will show otherwise.
  2. Every fucking thing is politicized these days. Once you saw the NFL being batted back and forth between CNN and Fox you could have seen something like this coming. Our country, thanks mostly to the politicians, is not psychologically healthy or overburdened with common sense.
  3. .... because traditional mainstream religions aren't dumb enough.
  4. 5 things women don't realize about men

    Yeah, that's not so much of a secret. The people marketing the beauty industry can hardly pitch their products honestly. They have to say if you buy their stuff you will attract men, they can't very well say "buy this stuff and make the other women jealous. Men really just want you naked."
  5. Inconsiderate Christians

    Yeah, that sounds about right.
  6. On phone, texting, "Oh, if only I could hear your voice!"
  7. Using "the lords" name in vain.....

    I like to let people up front that they cannot use emotional blackmail on me, I won't accept it.
  8. Using "the lords" name in vain.....

    Amusing tactic. I like it a lot, but for me personally, I'd just have to tell the fundy anybody to grow up and deal with it.
  9. Jesus, kids. Get off the playground, recess is over, m'kay?
  10. The Right is going batshit crazy in NZ

    It seems political extremists are the same all over the world.
  11. What's causing the rise of GIRLIE MEN?

    Agree. Biology creates aggressive males but society is elevating women by essentially emasculating men. Guys just trying to meet and talk to potential dates/mates can now receive accusations of predatory behavior (Ooh, he actually hit on me! I wasn't in the mood to be hit on!). I'm sure people will eventually figure it out and things will normalize until the next upheaval. Meanwhile, date a Charlie Sheen but marry a Bill Gates.
  12. Maybe we're just hearing about it more but it seems we have an epidemic of people with social dysfunction. Social misfits of all varieties are everywhere these days. I must wonder if it doesn't have something to do with growing up without normal interpersonal relationships with real people face to face. A large portion of our communication with each other relies on things other than just our words; facial expression, body language and tonality are crucial. Reliance on texting would therefore inhibit and distort communications with other human beings.
  13. Threatened by my pentecostalist father in law

    Sorry to see such a sad story. The marriage is dead, don't let it kill you, too. You can never be okay as long as you let evil people rule your life and disrespect you to the extreme. I wish you well. Now, get out!
  14. White privilege?

    It's political because the right runs campaigns on "law and order" and the left runs on human rights issues. Conservatives these days are not known for their empathy. Liberals have plenty of empathy at home, but it's a different story with the civilians they bomb overseas. Hell, these days even football is political.