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  1. Micro Aggressions, a Lack of Sacrifice

    Hence the fighting among the thousands of Christian sects, each of which has the Truth.
  2. Ex-C losing popularity

    Yours is a common complaint. Political spewing is now strictly limited to the TOT forum. Those who can't stand to read the wide variety of political opinion around here can easily avoid doing so now. Just an FYI.
  3. Southern Pride

    Of course they all began as citizens of the United States but by the time war was declared, they were citizens of the Confederate States, not the United States. Anyway, there are plenty of people alive today who have family who were slaves only two or three generations ago. Some just can't empathize with that and stick with the "but it was so long ago" argument or insisting the war wasn't, at its root, about slavery.. “Probably 90 percent, maybe 95 percent of serious historians of the Civil War would agree on the broad questions of what the war was about and what brought it about and what caused it,” McPherson said, “which was the increasing polarization of the country between the free states and the slave states over issues of slavery, especially the expansion of slavery.” https://psmag.com/education/of-course-the-civil-war-was-about-slavery-26265
  4. I'm just wondering when "they" get to the reporters. Is it when they are in journalism school? At their first local TV job? Another interim job as they work their way up? While they're embedded in areas of conflict seeing and reporting the news first hand? Is it as they pore over records, documents, emails and phone records? Are they all given drugs, electroshock or hypnosis? Is there one group of conspirators doing mind control on all the journalists who end up at Fox and another group for those who go to CNN? And what insane, syphilitic monkey is indoctrinating the folks with Alex Jones and Breitbart? I just have practical questions on how the controlling of thousands and thousands of journalists is accomplished.
  5. Please View The Eclipse Safely

    Be safe. Take a selfie with the sun behind you. You're welcome.
  6. Micro Aggressions, a Lack of Sacrifice

    end3, buddy, I love you but I confess sometimes I have a difficult time understanding your point.
  7. So....... CNN has an agenda, Fox has an agenda, Breitbart has an agenda, Alex Jones has an agenda, The Christian Science Monitor has an agenda, the BBC has an agenda, RT has an agenda, all politicians have an agenda, and they all lie and are equal in their deception. Except for the one you want to believe. Got it. Honestly, I have not seen "MSM" acting as a monolith regarding military action. Some promoted the WMD scenario while others urged caution and fact checking. Vietnam, of course, had everyone including media outlets and individual reporters divided. There was diversity of coverage during the civil rights movement as well. Sometimes we see the majority in disagreement with our own view and assume there must therefore be a conspiracy and cover up of the truth mounted by thousands and thousands of people aligned against us. That's probably not accurate, just saying.
  8. Southern Pride

    Why is it so hard to understand why victims of the Confederacy don't want their own country venerating them? The current United States honoring the people that went to war with them is unique in the world. Clearly, many descendants of slaves might have an issue with honoring their great grandfather's owners, and it really doesn't make sense for mainstream America to honor a former enemy. Even worse, many such memorials to Confederates are quite recent! Here's how the rest of the world handles symbols of an unpleasant past: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/worldviews/wp/2017/08/15/how-other-countries-have-dealt-with-monuments-to-dictators-fascists-and-racists/?utm_term=.f0bbd12e9333
  9. Everybody has an agenda and everybody lies to promote that agenda. Hell, I can't even believe what I see with my own eyes, according to the recent UFO thread!
  10. Wait.... you have to bribe people to go against Nazism these days?
  11. Southern Pride

    That is true in any war. Currently American soldiers don't own any oil companies or care about enriching bankers and arms manufacturers yet they fight for their masters anyway. And they are enthusiastic!!! Our Civil War was about states' rights. What rights? Primarily the right to use slaves to make their single cash crop profitable. The south built an untenable and shortsighted economy while the north diversified into manufacturing and finance. Southerners, other than the land/slave owners, were not as successful as northerners and were pissed off about it as if it were the fault of the northern states rather than their own poor decisions and planning.
  12. After receiving complaints, the offensive "cartoon" and its repost were deleted. A little common sense and decency is called for when people are losing their lives, m'kay?
  13. Yeah, politics. I get it. You want your guys revered and honored and even more you want your enemies condemned, with or without valid reason. Whether or not you're happy with a statue of Bill Clinton, MLK, GWBush or Rush Limbaugh has no relevance to the discussion about Civil War memorials. On the one hand is simply blind partisan politics in America, on the other is a nod and wink to a country that went to war with our country essentially for the purpose of maintaining enslavement of an inferior race. Those symbols of the Confederacy have been eagerly adopted by white supremacists who are not necessarily southern themselves, along with Nazi symbolism precisely because they represent racism. The tactic is now to flaunt those symbols of racism not as the racist symbols they have become, but rather as venerated history of our country and all the honorable men who fought for the Confederacy. Essentially, bullshit.