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  1. Added to my favorites. Thanks.
  2. Nixon created the desperately needed EPA. Donnie wants to get rid of it.
  3. I do believe you hit on their end game, Bed. This administration can't abide the light of day or a record of what was said and done. Worst I've ever seen, and I go all the way back to Nixon. Damn, I miss Nixon.
  4. Yes, physiology is real. The question is what is the practical value of the resulting feeling?
  5. I still don't know what you mean by factual. Feelings and emotions do in fact exist. They arise in response to other, usually real, things. One's feelings or emotions about a given thing typically turn out to be irrelevant at best and harmful at worst. Why anyone would prefer feeling to thinking when a decision must be made is beyond me.
  6. What do we believe and why do we believe it?
  7. I don't know how else to say it. I think comprehension problems arise when one frames everything with religious dogma. Feelings, emotions and opinions are not factual information. People have feelings and emotion and reactions, and those are real things but they provide no information. One simply cannot give emotion and the cognitive process equal weight. Emotions often lead us to wrong conclusions and inappropriate response. Have you ever been mad at a friend over a misunderstanding? Your emotional response to what you think they said or did could cause years of estrangement because no actual facts or information were sought because you just had that feeling.
  8. I guess I am not expressing my thoughts well enough. Please be specific and I shall do my best.
  9. Welcome to Ex-C!
  10. Okay, we can experience pain. There are causes for pain, be they physical or psychological. The pain is real. Pain is not an emotion the way swooning over the love of Jesus is an emotion. I already stated that love may be a genuine emotion one feels, or real if you prefer, but that love does not provide any factual or even helpful information about the object of your love or the practical ramifications of pursuing that love relationship. Thinking gives us a logical way to deal with factual information, emotions are spontaneous feelings or reactions. I am not dismissing or devaluing emotions, we all have them. I am maintaining that emotions are not a reliable guide to decision making.
  11. Filling the gaps with what we suspect and infer that may be true is how science works. Then we test the hypothesis to see if it holds water. That's the step some people skip.
  12. Feelings are NOT factual information. They are how you feel, not what is true, untrue, real or imagined. A feel is not a fact. I'm not ruling out anything just because I don't understand it. Explain it to me so I do understand. This sounds like a not even thinly veiled God of the Gaps argument.
  13. What does that even mean? That there are unknowns therefore "Source?"
  14. No, not at all. Feelings are not factual information, though it may be a fact that you have the feeling. Perhaps you'd like to have me say that in the absence of factual information and the immediate need to take action, we are left to rely on our intuition, instincts, best guesses.
  15. I mean that a feeling is a feeling and a fact is a fact. You may feel the emotion of love for someone, even want to marry him, and that love is "real." However, the object of your emotional outpouring may be some loser who is on the market now after five failed marriages, may be a convicted child molester, or may even currently be in prison. Love is real, but is it by itself something to base important decisions on? Christianity spreads as either being handed down by family/society or it is adopted via an emotional hook. Decisions based on your current emotional landscape can lead you to join Christianity, Scientology, or buy a $1,000 vacuum cleaner from the door to door salesman. Critical thinking leads to better decisions.