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  1. White privilege?

    I did not purposely misquote you or create a false narrative around what I quoted. It was an actual mistake. People make those.
  2. Finally, something good from black lives matter.

    Pretty sure you're mistaken, BO. At one point in history, black people were so advanced, they created white people... Don't believe me? Google, 'who created white people' . Then try the rest of these:
  3. Finally, something good from black lives matter.

    Gee! Wonder why we get all these "police brutality" stories in the news? https://i.imgur.com/JBYaP3K.gifv I know... Cuz we live in a police state and the cops are taking over... Seriously though, the animals filmed in the video above went ballistic once they got busted shoplifting. They look pretty well dressed for being poor people... In case the entire video clip does not play, that thing actually gets into a fight with a police officer and he has to tackle her to the ground before cuffing her. Then, after she is cuffed, she tries to kick the officer. But this is absolutely police brutality at its finest , I'm sure.
  4. White privilege?

    There is no shame in taking precautions to protect yourself. Doesn't matter who it is. But the media and minorities want you to feel shame for being this way. Because they don't give a shit if you're a victim of a crime or not. And to all of you purse graspers and door lockers out there, my first wife and I were robbed by 3 black guys. Two held me while one went through her purse and took her money. Another time, she was at an Arby's drive through and 2 black guys attempted to get in the car - she was alone at the time. My second wife, making her way home through Cleveland one night was literally and purposely followed by a car full of black guys that even pulled along side her and stared in such a way that she knew she was being followed. So to you women out there feeling shame over feeling threatened, thank an SJW for that! But from a person firmly grounded in reality, I'm telling you this -- to feel at ease in the situations you described is not only stupid, but could also be putting you danger if you put your guard down. You have every reason to feel the way you do.
  5. White privilege?

    As a man, I do not find this line of thought hurtful. I completely understand and even commend you for being this way. This is the smart way to be. There are men out there that you need to fear and there is no way of knowing which ones they are until it's too late.
  6. White privilege?

    Not a truer comment can be spoken! However, depending upon the level of hypocrisy with the SJW crowd here at Ex-C, be prepared to suffer severe backlash and outright, blatant lies about what you just said. If all goes as per usual, you will be labeled as an unreasonably racist bigot that hates all black people just because of your reaction to your own observation.
  7. How Islam Infects

    Ottoman model Islamic schools in Turkey traumatise children -- https://news.sol.org.tr/ottoman-model-islamic-schools-turkey-traumatise-children-173326 Parents report their children undergo psychological traumas in religious infant's schools
  8. https://i.imgur.com/kQesNUW.gifv
  9. How Islam Infects

    Saeed Ahmed... Nuff said... http://abc7ny.com/man-hails-cab-on-bqe-while-girlfriend-burns-to-death-in-car/2527340/?sf121922871=1
  10. How Islam Infects

    What were Caitlan Coleman and Joshua Boyle doing in Afghanistan? -- https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2017/10/14/what-were-caitlan-coleman-and-joshua-boyle-doing-afghanistan/764516001/
  11. The Actual History of Black Americans

    Hey, TS, since I'm one of the ones that doesn't seem to e grounded in factual reality, tell us, exactly whose Pockets do you think they're going to reach into to pull the money from for your magical economical reform for black people? They're going to go to the working white class. I feel so privileged.
  12. The Actual History of Black Americans

    And black people barely contribute to it.