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  1. Aaaaaaawww! Another poor cunt. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/02/14/millionaires-wife-refused-divorce-judge-rules-beratement-affair/ The wife of a multimillionaire mushroom farmer was refused a divorce after a judge ruled that her husband's constant berating about her affair was to be "expected in a marriage". Tini Owens, 65, claimed she was "locked in" to the 37-year-old marriage with Hugh Owens, 78, after a divorce judge rejected her petition to leave in a highly unusual decision last year.
  2. Aaaaaaawww! Poor cunts. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3575744/The-agony-50-50-mother-Oh-s-called-equality-fathers-deserve-share.html Just when you think the modern gender debate can't descend any further into toe-curling incredulity, something else emerges to surprise you. So you can imagine my delight when I read yesterday's article in FEMAIL about the 'agony' of women having to consider their children's fathers as equal parents. No doubt struggling to be heard over the swell of sympathy violins, three mothers all bemoaned the inconvenience of 50/50 access, implying that dads should be neither seen, nor heard - except when coughing up child support, of course.
  3. http://waterfordwhispersnews.com/2017/03/28/man-receiving-body-of-christ-reckons-he-must-have-gotten-the-arsehole “YEAH… yeah, there was definitely something up with that communion” mused Sean Geherty, a devout catholic on his way home after Sunday mass last weekend. Unable to pinpoint exactly what was wrong with his latest portion of the body of Christ, the Ballycahereen native could only state that it ‘tasted off’, with a strong sweaty-gritty-corny aftertaste that was unpleasant and not up to the usual Godly standard.
  4. What really blows ass is paying over 3 hundred bucks a month (cheap by most standards, I know. I consider myself fortunate) for health insurance and you still have to go out of your way to not use it because you just know that the bills you're going to acquire by doing so are going to bury you for at least a year or two. Give me my toys. I'm dying anyway. And so are those overpaid doctors, nurses and pharmacies.
  5. The closest I care to get to China is that bowl of Ramen I had the other day. Thanks for the story though. It was written well enough to almost take us there.
  6. Apecockolips taint heer yetz!
  7. The way I see it, if a complete strangers is in your home, he's either there by mistake (very unlikely), there to take your stuff or there to harm you. One, single warning should be enough to clarify the situation and determine his reason for being there before pulling the trigger.
  8. I saw him a while back when he was in Cleveland. Very nice talk. I'll see him again if he ever comes back around.
  9. Right now, I have a boss that has no idea what all my job entails. This boss has also been told time and time again by her own boss that she is to get training to do my job so she can fill in when needed time-to time-to. She thinks doing my job is beneath her and has not shown one, single iota of interest in learning it. Our department is literally in shambles personnel wise (I.e. all time low morale and attitude), and she doesn't even realize that she is mostly to blame. She basically sits in front of her computer and sends emails all day. And when she's not doing that, she's either in meetings or socializing. I've had bad bosses in the past that make Satan look like fucking Barney the dinosaur. She is by far the worst.
  10. I can use my cell phone to not only show me what one looks like, but also how to use one.
  11. Oh now now. We all know that anyone with a gun is automatically the bad guy.
  12. I can't believe I didn't notice this one until today. I moved this to the Lion's Den and unlocked it just for the fun of it. Just in case any others want to join in and add a few words.
  13. I really liked Arrival. I'll have to check this one out if it's being compared with it.