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  1. Very nice! Once I split from Christianity, I pretty much lost the Russian pentecostal friends I had. We still view each other with affection, but we don't interact anymore.
  2. Gnosticism, as I understand it, basically is a view that the physical world is illusion or simply inconvenient and gets in the way of true being (spirit). Jesus was seen as a spirit being or angel that came into this realm to help people be aware of their spiritual nature, and to reject the flesh that hinder their knowing this (gnostic is "knowing", agnostic is "not knowing"). Spirituality is then something that happens inside, a "knowing", rather than the Jewish laws which made people pay attention to tiny details of how they looked and behaved. From this viewpoint arises a religion with different levels of spirit, and a lower level of the physical world and flesh. With just those ideas in mind, one can see how the writings of Paul about the split between spirit and flesh, spirit and law, would be seen, and the backlash arguments from James saying that true spirituality has to show itself in physical acts of kindness. Gnostics despised the Judaic law (and any god like Yahweh that would create a physical realm) as going in completely the wrong direction. When Paul says that Jesus was "put to death in the flesh and was raised as a life-giving spirit", this is often seen as a Gnostic influence (and is current teaching in Jehovah's Witnesses) since Jesus was transcending the physical realm and becoming once again true spirit. But current Christianity is rooted strongly in anti-gnostic concepts and so apologetics bring out all of the other verses where Jesus was raised physically, showing triumph over the grave with a new body (such as when he goaded Thomas to stick his finger in to the nail holes). There is some thought that the later gospels were written specifically to combat Gnostic teachings. Gnostic believers were slaughtered by the early church who saw them as heretics corrupting the truth. So eventually their teachings became a background thought instead of a major part of the church.
  3. The song is a false dichotomy of one or the other and no other options. I recall my brother saying after his son's fatal accident "I don't know how I would have made it through without the Lord". But he did make it through without the lord, as did your friend. Jesus is a distraction for the mind to follow, up to the point where one needs the great and precious promises to actually happen consistently. Then the excuses for god's failures start (devil, a test, not a cosmic vending machine, you have to do your part, just trust, has a better plan, your own weakness and sinfulness). Her choices are what changes her, but she's trusting in something imaginary to deliver her currently. Be a friend, but know that she is on a very hard road. Genuine addiction is a ruinous path that claims many lives daily.
  4. I've been running Ubuntu since about 2007 when I went to reinstall XP on a laptop and it refused to accept the software key on the bottom of the laptop. Pissed me off that they assume by default that I'm stealing their software, so downloaded Ubuntu on another PC, installed it on the laptop, worked flawlessly and I was sold. Just recently upgraded from 14.04 on my desktop to 17.04 and didn't like the interface at all. I loaded Gnome 4 as the desktop and hated how they by fiat changed the locations of the save buttons and such. It was fine for years and then they changed it to suit their whims and didn't give a fallback method. I installed Xfce desktop over Ubuntu 17 and have been using that for about a month. It is mostly the way I like things to work, with a few annoying things. Graphics look fine, but I get some serious screen lockups now under both Gnome and Xfce that didn't happen with Ubuntu 14. Happily they are easier to work around in Xfce than in Gnome where I had to power off the system! All the the usual tricks for restarting X-windows or using terminal to kill a process were also locked up. Hardware is only about 10 years old and was top of the line when I built it. I am considering getting a new mobo since the audio portion of this one has gone evil and started making weird electronic sounds. I keep Win7 on a secondary boot disk if I need to download music charts or do taxes. Not a lot of vendors support Linux, so have to keep it as an alternate. Be sure to update this week if you do run Win7-10, a lot of critical patches released.
  5. Phil Keaggy is an outstanding guitarist with work both in and out of Christian music. Steve Taylor is a wordsmith with lyrics, and his tunes tend to be catchy. His song "Take Me To Your Leader" that he wrote for The Newsboys is an amazing example of word play. Larry Norman had some nice rock back in the day. That's about it. I liked the vocal blending of the original Silverwind also. But now all of the music is an awful reminder of the mental/emotional captivity of my prior path. And the VAST majority of "praise and worship" music is charismaniac mantra phrases with a covering of simple band music. Any syncopation is "really cool" and almost guaranteed to be a hit due to being uncommon. As you can tell, my "contemporary" is mostly from the 80s-90s, with the latter being Hillsongs and some other lesser known charismatic-leaning groups that I can't recall.
  6. Believers live in an odd netherworld of belief in beings of fantastic magical powers while living in a world that is so clearly void of any such interventions outside of the stories they endlessly quote as evidence of power. The book becomes the measure of reality instead of the other way around. Fools for Christ becomes a badge of honor instead of a head-shaking shame. Then each congregation tends to live apart from other congregations, sometimes idolizing a particular pastor. This insular behavior can lead to some odd conclusions about things like history, purpose, the will of God, what is sin, what is important in life, and so on, even when they have scriptures that speak fairly clearly about amassing wealth, what happens to those who ignore the poor, and so on. These are simply humans with normal desires for sex (and a statistical number of homosexuals caught in belief that condemns them, leading to some terrible frustrations with their own existence), who want wealth AND the blessing of god, who want power and fame while preaching the opposite. Also, it was exposed in the news this last week about how the Southern Baptists were essentially founded on the idea of the Curse of Ham (not pork, but a son of Noah) who they believe was turned into a black man, and thus being black is a curse. They only publicly rejected this concept this week, though some congregations and pastors rejected it previously. But they removed any reference to the curse doctrine from their repudiation of racism, which could be seen as either an embarrassment of their past, or an unwillingness to actually reject it completely.
  7. Interesting approach. It was also interesting to read some of his blog and his conflict with Carrier over the concepts.
  8. That last one went over my head
  9. Skysoar15, that was the 2nd motivation for me. I first believed out of fear of monsters (I was 11 and saw an advert for the Exorcist, on top of years of monster movies, the only way to beat a demon was Jesus, so...), but then in High School I went to a Nazarene church down the street and began attending after thinking I needed to be baptized. Nicely dressed folks welcoming me and including a long-haired teen that was roundly ignored or bullied at school. I fit in with the college crowd because they were serious about Jesus, as I was. Some of the college crowd were pretty women, so getting hugs from them was a 180 from my lonely school days. I wasn't attractive at all, but they liked how I was "going for it" with Jesus. So they really helped me come out of my shell and begin doing things socially. I learned to shelve difficult questions in favor of keeping my perceived relationship with Jesus, and undoubtedly my new friends played into my emotional decisions. So I wasn't led into belief by those I trusted, but as those relationships grew, they were as deceived as I was about the faith so I can't lay blame. But that trust thing was used on several of them coming out of AA or OA and trusting a sponsor to help them beat their addiction led them into Christianity, and then to trust despite legitimate questions that couldn't be answered. And then to ignore those questions in favor of staying in the love of our imaginary friend and each other.
  10. I thought about it and looked into it for a while. But when I learned that the Chinese have supercomputer farms dedicated to nothing else but bitcoin mining, I gave up starting.
  11. Cool! I've been hearing good things about it.
  12. May's 2nd point under how the gov't intends to respond is to monitor all Internet activity, require back doors on VPNs, etc. We'll keep you safe from all that nasty terrorist-causing freedom.
  13. The tragedies that hit all life on Earth are part of the dice roll, not a cosmic judgment. The weight of such an argument lies on the one suggesting that we were all protected at one time and now are not. The destruction of the dinosaurs was just about Earth-shattering, and much of life on this planet died, but not all. The following climate change also killed off a lot. Today we see bus loads of ardent Christians drive off cliffsides, or young believers like my nephew and his girlfriend who slid on ice and over a cliff to their deaths. It was unfortunate and preventable, but in this case they died due to the physics and timing of the situation (F=ma, icy curve, no barrier, rocks below in river bed). No curse, no reason, no capricious god still pissed over ancestors eating magic fruit from tree he planted in front of them (still pissed even after killing his son, still pissed even when people do believe in his son and he "lets" them die tragically). Most killings in nature are by one creature eating another, typically without rendering it unconscious first. They catch and start eating and the death happens in the course of eating. Eagles can even kill mountain goat by knocking them off their ledges and then dining on the carcasses. Tragic from the point of view of the goats, free food from the point of view of the eagles. Rapists often get away with rape, and have since mankind was in primitive form. Punishments only come through others intervention or after the fact if he is caught. If he happens to be in power, then he's likely to get away with whatever he wants to do. That has been very common indeed through all history. No evidence at all of divine intervention, just other humans if they care to do so.
  14. Very important video and book. I will read it.
  15. This also displays a primitive mindset of "up" into Heaven. Now that we know we are a planet floating in essentially infinite space in all directions, there really is no "up". Building a tower to reach Heaven, and ascending above the clouds was impressive before skyscrapers, airplanes, and spacecraft.