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  1. Trying to Make Sense of it All

    Bingo! Fear is the power of faith. Without the fear factor, many would have abandoned the faith or never fallen for it. The "what if" of one religion grips the emotions and keeps him or her there. I'm fairly sure that is what was behind the 9/11 hijackers who were educated men, but still had this lingering fear that their secular lives were going to separate them from their god. Then came the promise of martyrdom and reward. Boom. It is a powerful motivation in all religions. Belief (not knowing, but still treating as obvious truth) is said to be critical for survival, and when the emotional mind believes this it will devote a lot of resources towards keeping that belief protected. Belief is needed because all of the evidence of history stands firmly against the beliefs. But pride is then taken in being fools for Christ and instead of actually seeing the beliefs as foolish, they make it seem spiritually "deep" by calling themselves chosen by God to believe, and they feel like part of the "in-crowd". And your quote at the end reminded me of an article I wrote for this site years ago. "Though he slay me, yet I will trust him." That is the attitude of an abused woman terrified of being without the abuser. But it is the highest calling of Christianity, the death of self on the cross. It is a perversion, and a disgusting and vile infection of the mind to call this the ultimate love and perfection of humankind. But to imagine that such a narcissist is in charge of reality, a completely silent one as you pointed out, is maddening. "I do not get the impression God is willing to show up and have an hour of Q&A", and yet believers are taught that they have an intimate relationship with their daddy in Heaven. It is entirely imaginary, like when a young boy or girl hugs and kisses a pillow imagining a crush at school. Only with religion, even the crush is imaginary. The Emperor's clothes, without even an emperor. Welcome to Ex-C! I hope you stick around. I'm here after 30 years of hard-core on-fire belief, and decoverted just about 10 years ago.
  2. I never heard in church that the Jews don't have a belief in Hell or damnation. That would be a problem for many believers, particularly when Jesus preaches about it and the Jews don't respond (in the NT) with a resounding "What are you talking about, some Greek or Roman religion?" The church also preaches that the gospels are eyewitness accounts, and therefore evidence. But they each read like stories and relate conversations between people that they could not have overheard, thus showing that they are not eyewitness accounts. They default to the claim that Jesus must have told them. The church uses the claim of eyewitness testimony to support the idea that the miracles reported actually happened. But then they have to resort to miracles explaining the "eyewitness" accounts of things they could not have heard, thus making a circular argument. So much simpler to explain it as entirely made up.
  3. Glad to be Back - reintroduction

    Welcome back Deva! About the wavering with belief, I still find my mind pushing forward Christian songs unbidden. Odd how I can be out of the church for 10 years and still have it burble up, but that comes from 30 years of conditioning.
  4. Dunkirk

    Saw it last night. I was struck by the many ways that one can be killed or ruined in a war. Mostly the film seemed to be about the choices we face, retreat or advance, sacrifice self or preserve self, kill fellow soldiers to survive or chance it together. Then there is the randomness of who will die and who will live, despite abilities and alliances.
  5. It's the cult conditioning that doesn't allow them to behave differently. The chant of "God is good all the time, and all the time God is good" over and over. My brother and sister in law have a dinner devotional to keep cramming this into their kids heads. God is faithful and keeps his promises!!!!! Why would you have to keep reminding them if it were obvious? Because it isn't true and therefore isn't obvious. No one made the promises, no one is there to keep the promises, but if you are taught relentlessly to interpret everything this way and to say out loud the falsehood, it becomes a felt reality even when it is a complete fabrication. (Just saw the felt fabric thing... ha!)
  6. Yep, we're supposed to turn the other cheek, but he demands payment for forgiveness, which means it isn't forgiveness. He can burn people alive because he's holy, but holy people are kind and good and don't burn others alive. Evil sadistic cruel people do things like that. God of the Bible is evil. Parents will spank a kid and send him/her to their room, or give them a time-out for disobedience. God of the Bible kills them. All of them. And ruins the planet. After setting them up for failure in the first place. God of the Bible is a vile bloodthirsty conniving shit. Centuries of believers have wept genuine tears of anguish over being normal humans after being promised that they were born-again, pure, incorruptible, shining like stars in the dark sky. Some have cut off their genitals to try and stop lusting, when lusting is normal and part of procreation of all sexual creatures on Earth. There is nothing bad about it unless used to harm someone. Normal isn't bent or broken or displeasing to some petulant shit in the sky, it is normal, as he would know if he actually created us. Church and religion in general is fucked up nonsense that destroys lives while having a veneer of respectable goodness. It is a mind virus that has polluted human kind for recorded history. Today it is responsible for untold cruelty, justified by the believers as destroying sin. We found our way out, and we need to find ways to unplug the faiths worldwide.
  7. The Reality of Transgenders

    I see it as a balance of nature thing. I don't understand why some are the way they are, but they do seem to be "wired" that way, despite genetics giving them a specific gender. I have a beautiful gay female friend who was from a strong Christian background, married to a man, and later realized for the first time that she was actually drawn to butch women. She is now married to a woman that is a bit chunky and wears her hair very short, and dresses in plaid logger shirts. It doesn't compute to me why someone would want certain aspects of maleness in a mate, but underneath to be a female. I still don't "get" it after several years, but I've come to see it as nature tweaking things here and there for variety, just like we have differences in skin colors, hair types, some guys lose their hair as they grow older, others don't, etc. I have a friend who is trans. He's been a male for 60 years, but since he was a kid felt drawn to be in frilly pink outfits and speak in a higher voice register. He's married to a woman who is very understanding. Again, he seems to be wired that way from an early age, but culture would not allow it to be expressed without his being harmed physically and more. He says the indigenous people of America simply saw them as a third gender and let it go at that. So, I see nature at the root of it, and rather than classify it as an illness, it is just a difference that I can see and accept as that, much as I can see an East Indian man wearing different clothes and a dot on his forehead and not freak out about him being weird. I'm not being asked to have sex with trans people, I'm not being asked to promote and glorify them, just see them as yet another very common difference in our species. It seems weird in some ways because it is "new" in the news, and was always mocked as I was growing up. Cultural change is hard, much like deconversion, because a strong "rule" seems to be in place that is being challenged. Seeing a person who is chromosomally (?) a male in makeup and a dress is still jarring, but I haven't been around many. It doesn't require a comment or look from me, just an "oh, I see" internally.
  8. The bots are in full gear in the comments. Glory!
  9. I see about 50/50 good and lousy parents as I look around at life. They really are just plain people, some trying to figure out what the hell to do with these kids, and some doing great and others not as great. Then there are the lousy ones that wish the kids weren't there, or would robotic-ally do everything they are told. Then the really lousy ones that use them like toys or punching bags. My parents wanted kids and did the best they could with us. They really didn't have anything to do with my conversion at age 11. Mom was an atheist with odd hangups about anything sexual. Dad was agnostic. They had previously gone to a Nazarene church out of social obligations (early 60s), but left when the pastor took a special offering and gave it to his kids. I was a very superstition kid, extremely shy and quiet, no friends, scared of monsters and knew each one's weakness (vampires, the flying omelettes from Star Trek, the bone sucking creatures of Terror Island, etc). Then I saw an advert for The Exorcist. Scared the shit out of me. We had all watched the TV special "Jesus of Nazareth" (TV specials were big entertainment back in the 70s), so I knew he was the fix for demons. That childish decision was my conversion point. Superstition got me there, and 5 years later church gave me my first social interactions where I felt comfortable and fit in. That's powerful stuff for a kid like I was. Hugs from girls!!! Parents were tolerant of my new found faith. Oldest brother converted the same time I did, due to a navy chief who wanted to be a preacher. Years of he and I being in a special club of belief finally got my middle brother to convert after years of despising religion. I left the Naz and went to a Bapti-costal church (a mix of stalwart Baptists and pentecostal types) due to a lady I liked. Stayed there for years, then left due to them rejecting the concept that God could still interact with people. I got hooked up with an "extreme" belief crowd following a preacher/missionary from the south who claimed God was healing and raising the dead. I promoted him for 9 years until I finally caught him first-hand making up the incredible stories. That was a slap in the face and started me questioning why he would have to make them up if the Bible is true. A year later I found this website and you all, and a month later posted my own deconversion. Brothers are still ardent believers, as are some extended family.
  10. New Yorker video on Facebook (have to be logged into Facebook to view probably) In this documentary short, an elderly Jewish woman who has recently become an atheist decides to try bacon for the first time. But first talks about her journey to becoming an atheist.
  11. The Handmaids Tale

    It felt overplayed in the previews. I understand the feelings behind the storyline, and there are sadly a lot of people that would love for the church to be in control. The imaginary friend syndrome is still very powerful around the globe, with Islam being the strongest in enforcement. That is why they so strongly oppose actual learning, because it can free the mind with facts instead of beliefs. Judaism is an odd one. On the one hand they can be amazingly bright, but are so completely indoctrinated and controlled that they can't-not conform without losing everything they've ever known. Most people won't leave such strong control. The myths are so clearly myths, and the Exodus is known to be fictitious, but still they cling to it and continue to make it important.
  12. Update

    I find that the empty feeling comes and goes, and does the joy and satisfaction feelings. Knowing that helps me ride out the times when it feels like something is wrong. Right now all of the things I really love to do have been on hold for weeks and will be for more weeks while I work on house stuff. It has to be done, and there is some satisfaction in seeing the good changes to the house. But I don't get to sing or practice my music during this time, and that leaves me feeling like something is off. (Hey, I'm a maintenance guy for local gov't!)
  13. Finding life purpose is hard!

    I look at nature to see what other animals do about meaning. They don't appear to look for meaning, they just live and do what they need to and what they like. Some people create a meaning or a life's work, I spend most of my time at work or asleep, but would prefer to be wealthy instead of a wage-slave so I could spend most of my time on what I like to do: Singing. But I work to pay the bills, I'm up early to get to work early to get a parking spot, I go to bed early because I have to get up early. All of that is what I currently have to do because we bought houses, one of which we are trying to sell after renters left us in a lurch. I feed birds in the parking lot at home and work, and they are just trying to survive and feed their young, hopefully mate next season, and dodge predators in the meantime. I also see them play and enjoy life sometimes. Humans abstract everything and look for patterns, and sometimes imagine a being or beings "in charge" to whom they can appeal for a better life or some kind of direction. I think we need to ask ourselves instead. Is there something that drives me, something I really enjoy, something that must be changed or created, and so on.
  14. An unanswered prayer

    Ouch, and you're in the Bible Belt. Stress is a big passion killer in our marriage, and sadly, she is under stress almost every day from work, us trying to sell a house, money being very short, etc. She is emotionally and thus physically drained most nights. I keep trying to find ways to help, and I am good at fixing house issues. But I can't change her job, and to top it off she is a "sensitive" meaning she picks up on other people's stress (and anger, lust, happy, etc) and feels it like it is her own. Still she is my best friend, so we stick together through all the shit and are still going. I sometimes envy those with kids, other times I can't imagine having to deal with them on top of the rest. Hope you find solace in the midst of it all.
  15. Expect vandalism. The 2nd Ten Commandments says "Break down their altars, smash their sacred stones and cut down their Asherah poles." So believers will gladly do so even if they have to go to jail "for Jesus".