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  1. The comments... When I was a believer, I had no time for those who made up whatever god they wanted. Of course, believing in a made-up god from a book isn't truly any better, but if one is going to call herself a believer but not follow, it is like me self-identifying as a black woman when I'm a white man.
  2. What a terribly written article. And then the clickbait pics for other nonsensical articles... bah. She's damn gorgeous though.
  3. Most of those who were curious about my experience were not believers or atheists, but more of the New Age crowd simply curious about someone that used to be a fundamentalist.
  4. Sadly, there is little in the way of hacking the mind back so far. If she is willing to look at the Bible lies, that could plant seeds. But typically, she'll see you as an agent of the devil because she is already entranced by the seeming holiness of the group. They are anything but holy, but act the part to woo the gullible (including themselves). Our own minds then fill in the missing god with creative imagination, sometimes voices, sometimes other experiences that seem to confirm the reality of it. Not sure why it does that, perhaps following the intense desire to experience god. Knightcore is right in that the person's own doubts are the strongest force in finding freedom. It took me 30 years to quit making excuses for a non-existent god, ask genuine questions and want real answers instead of "trust him", or "trust the love you've already felt" (more common with new believers high on the new found imaginary friendship with Jesus). If you told her straight-out that you are an ex-believer, would she be curious or simply reject you? If the latter, at least telling her would give her someone to talk to if she ever wants out.
  5. Either works, but I like the feeling of Ex as more final and a definite reversal. Post-Christian seems more like a cultural shift, like post-modern. I've had some say that it should properly be called another conversion instead of a de-conversion, but having been through it I'd say that it is more accurate to see it as a return to normality instead of following a new system of thought.
  6. There are tens of thousands of little no-name cults like this, some even arise within standard denominations. I knew a girl that found a spiritual teacher who gently wrapped his tentacles around her mind and would simply suggest that she would do better not being around others that weren't following his path. I watched, I listened, he got what he wanted from her and probably still is. It's very common and has been going on for millennia. Others aren't after sex, per se, but control. Some believe what they sell, others know that it is bullshit, but are excellent cons. I have a friend who spent years with a cult in Montana, listening at length to a guy that calls himself Elijah. They are essentially Christian hippies, eschewing buildings-for-god (churches), and doing odd-jobs to make money. Some of the things they preached were more in line with Jesus than a lot of money-centered denominations, so they attract believers who are fed up with church. But this guy likes to get you thinking that he is a prophet. He won't push that, but gets off on people that believe and follow. He isn't as adept as some at getting wives to leave their husbands for him, but some ex-members say he tried. Your cousin feels like these people have something special. The long hair and covered heads feels like a secret element of holiness that opens the door for God to bless her. After all, the women there seem to be holy and close to God, so she will try to emulate them. Along with that kind of strict cult come several other forms of control and accountability (they will track your finances and even your confessed sins, all to be pleasing to god and make sure you aren't holding secret sins that will keep god's presence from them). Human minds are full of exploitable code, and con artists use these to great effect. Some cons are about money, but the vast majority are about control and stroking the ego (and more) of those in power, all the while claiming to be a closer walk with god.
  7. No. And yes, she does.
  8. Science for the win!
  9. Thanks! I spent a lot of time reading about this and going to hear small time authors speak about the process. Your approach seems to be in line with what they said to do. I wrote a book about my deconversion experiences and my life prior, but it loses the personal aspect and switches into deconstructing the daily life of a believer for those on the outside. I think it needs more of me in it to make it more of a draw. So I need to edit and re-write it before considering publishing. Then there are the remaining years I have where I can influence my niece and nephew, so I remain undercover around them and pretend. So it will be a while.
  10. Also, since someone mentioned the Mormons, nearly all cults will over-glorify their leader and make up stories about him/her. Some want to paint themselves as being the closest to him (John). I promoted an evangelist who has about 10 guys and their families working with him in the boonies of Mexico. They ALL claim fabulous miracles, including body parts growing back and the dead being raised. Early on, I took their testimonies as a sort of check and balance to his grandiose claims (his truck running under water in a river like a sub; being transported miles by the spirit of God; 21 dead raisings; etc). But after catching him making up a very involved story that never happened outside of his imagination, I recalled that cults with charismatic leaders tend to kowtow and seek his favor, so there was no way they would ever say anything against him. Some who left his ranch did, but had I ignored them because they seemed to have an ax to grind (legitimately, I learned later). Study how cults operate, even the modern ones like the Strong City cult where an ex Seventh Day pastor is regarded as Jesus incarnate. There is a great documentary on that one. Cult writings can almost universally be discounted as fabrications, exaggerations, and are written to convert more people, not to deliver facts and history. "These things were written so that you might believe..." Also, I had to conclude that this evangelist, like many in the pentecostal branches, tend to think of their imagination as either God or the devil depending on the scenario. So it isn't a stretch for him to invent stories and actually think they were true. He used to say he could feel the various demons of sin in a city and do battle with them. I think that means he was horny and that was clearly the devil. He may have had a variety of normal desires that he considered demons. None of it is real.
  11. Didn't watch, but can't imagine Marilyn Monroe being anything but female, unspeakably pretty to me. Damn brilliant human also.
  12. Cool. Thanks for the leads. I'm glad someone with a humanist perspective is creating art like this. It helps to shape humanity and get people asking deeper questions than pop culture. There are some people that I've met who seem like very old friends, and there is almost a recognition when we meet. Other people seem to be very "young" and rather shallow. Perhaps this is where the idea of reincarnation comes from. I find that in dreams I can have seemingly complex relationships with people I've never met here, but they seem to have complete personalities. Some authors tap into this shared experience to create characters for books. There is even a book called "Ensouling Language" that tries to teach how to do this by working with the subconscious which is a fountain of intense creativity. This isn't to say that these relationships were or are genuine, but it doesn't discount the possibility. I remember one guy I met at a political event and as soon as our eyes met, we both lit up and were just certain we had met before. We were like old friends very pleased to see each other again. But we had no connection at all here. We both acknowledged the oddness of our reactions, which were mutual. I've thought about karma quite a bit, and have never liked the idea that there is a panel of judges of sorts. But it is clear to me that there are some people who are intensely connected to a healing/loving/life-giving way of being, and others that are so very not, and they can even come from the same physical family and upbringing. I do wonder about that. I look at my own family and wonder why certain choices were made and how we each ended up the way we did. I think perhaps that we "judge" ourselves and try to find ways to experience life that will help us make choices that are more "good". Or maybe all of this is a creative abstraction, perhaps our greatest human ability, and we simply live and die and all the seeming recognitions are just pattern-matching to elements of personality that we like. I do analyze my own choices a lot and wonder at my own thoughts/desires/and motivations. I do think that our choices are what show who we really are (with a nod to Professor Dumbledore).
  13. Hi Rick, welcome to Ex-C! Christianity is a kind of mental/emotional programming that gets hooks into the basic survival mechanisms of the mind. You are told that certain silly myths hold life and death importance, and that normality is completely broken and you are in need of a cure that is only found in Jesus. This was a lie, but because of the people that were around you at the time of your programming, it seemed like it could be real (at least on a subconscious level). Anything that can hook into our survival instincts is much more difficult to undo than a simple like such as Blue Is Really Red. There is a social pressure to fit in, and the mind usually will conform instead of pushing away the new group. Once this happens, undoing the programming is often a matter of purposeful action. The subconscious needs to be assured that there is no god watching and waiting to burn you alive for being human (and there is not). Some on these forums wrestle with old fears for several years. Alpha is a concentrated form of mind control, programming the subconscious to fear, and selling a cure through behavioral conditioning and high-pressure sales tactics. My best release from the lie of my faith (very strong for 30 years) came through the form of a dream when my subconscious tested me to see what I would do when confronted with "the devil". He appeared as a laughing little boy in the dark. I felt myself freezing-up. I first started to try and eek out the name of Jesus, but then realized what I was doing and spoke clearly, "No, I don't need Jesus, I need to do this". He taunted me "Careful, you're about to sin", and I replied "There is no sin" and then realized that this little boy running around wasn't evil, he was me, my imagination free and playing, running around in the moonlight. The mind works through things and tests boundaries to see what is important and what isn't. It didn't need to play the part of god reminding me of bible verses, and didn't need to feel bad like it was evil for liking sex and such. Normal went back to being normal. You may want to consult a secular therapist to help you work through this. You already consciously realize that Christianity is a lie, and that you don't want to follow it. But part of you was made to be afraid of the god and devil it invented, and as I said, that can take longer to re-program.
  14. On the zip tie one, both times before the tie breaks, the camera cuts and comes back on. Not willing to try this on my own wrists. I'd also like them to show which part broke or if it was partially cut for the sake of the camera. The other one only has garbled sound for me.
  15. I still go back to the claim that these were eyewitness reports, but they include conversations between people that they could not have overheard; they report fantastic public incidents that NOBODY else recorded besides the cult; they aggrandize their leader and give him godlike powers just like most cults; nobody knows who wrote the gospels - the names were added long after they were written; and lastly they tip their hand in saying "These things were written so that you may believe". They are not writing facts, they are evangelizing. All of these are reasons to not believe the gospels.