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  1. Posted more than a few newie/op-eds from Mr. Black, man whose advise I have taken (and used) for some many years. Posted as usual For What It My Be Worth to reader. Financially interested investors I encourage to take his newsletter. kL Klinda-dinka
  2. Hey, Kevin, WTF happened here?!?!

    Folks, Thinking from other input that catastrophic of barrel steel in chamber area was cause. Slowing vid down going frame by frame one can see that barrel opens up from back to front all in the same few milliseconds. *POOF*!. Glad the bolt did not come loose from action in turn poking a large hole in shooters eye socket! Had several Kabooms prior, bad ammo, over-size chambers in old rifles, plain back "luck". Never anything this bad. kL
  3. Related: (My State Oregon has a few zillions in unsupported retirement debt in which is giving our current legislative "owners" fits trying to force a repair patch to a decades old set of problems. Not looking good for those in OPERS.) klinkaDinka to story, related info and ads.
  4. Manspreading

  5. Sure would like my State learn this lesson already.. Citi-ot Electoidials seems to ignore voices of electorate.... New England's Illinois: Connecticut's Budget Mess Shows That States Can't Tax Themselves to Prosperity Dems want higher taxes on e-cigarettes, cellphone bills, vacation homes, hospitals, cigarettes, hotel rooms, Uber, nonprescription drugs, and fantasy sports. Eric Boehm|Sep. 18, 2017 ...snipped rest of article and ads via above URL kL
  6. Figured it out! When trying to do "it" with someone so marked, sign(s) marked on lower back are preferences for that particular position. Mindya a still backed, half-legged, getin' on ancient scooter rider might not be able to do such.. Will suspect that marked person (????) ( I HATE furries!) will have those so inked as suggestions.. kFL
  7. I've wrapped my crank and been a Serial Rule 3 Violator most of my young -ish life. WHAT THE FUCK ARE ALL THOSE SIGNS, PISS POORLY EXECUTED TRAMP STAMPS????? Fuckin' A... So If I can't grok ink on what I'm boning correctly..... Uhh, W H U T then? Wasted a condom? kFuckin'L
  8. Breastfeeding is not natural.

    Guessing I'd have to see the little ladies titties before judging her words.. Just for scientific knowledge. Really! kL
  9. Congrats to Mrs Geezer

    AND YER STILL ALIVE???????? Congrats fer not wakin' up D-E-D dead man! kevinL
  10. How Islam Infects

    Dunno Brutha Fwee.. Dis tred duz gude stufs..
  11. Are Self-Help Books Too Long?

    I was thinking, isn't good self help found after every chinese meal in form of fortune cookies? "... you should not sail on any unsinkable large pleasure tour boat." circa 1912 kL
  12. Stephen King's, 'It'.

    I fucking HATE clowns..... kFL
  13. Posted link from NYT. Ads and text set out VMFWIMBW. The South Doesn’t Own Slavery
  14. Finally, something good from black lives matter.

    Jesus IS really cumming?????? Watchout that's not bird poop! kL
  15. How Islam Infects

    Damn, grateful rescued "refugee"..... Muslim patient in wheelchair kills Red Cross worker Link to story and ads. kFL