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  1. Here comes Donnie: I love it

    Gotta wonder why the oldmedia is so pissed at Trumpsters twitters?
  2. Travi, Also consider that from 1430-2030 hrs local "booger picker time" happens. Kids gaming, home working, families chatting, Skyping, using bandwidth generally not used during daytime hours. I use daytimes for business things. Nights are given to my kid for his power multi-player games over Steam when that sucks up as much as they can. Do see that with quite a few customers who share many of your complaints, lack of "power" at times. May be worth looking at. kL
  3. Here comes Donnie: I love it

    When They Say Kid Rock Is Beneath the Dignity of the Senate, Show Them These Photos of Al Franken
  4. Here comes Donnie: I love it

    ..huge assed snippage. Vig great info, suckage for formatting. Got a source? Like to use this if possible. kL
  5. There is no theory of evolution, just a list of creatures Chuck Norris allows to live.

  6. Here comes Donnie: I love it

    Our Corrupt Media Is Now Haunted Our Corrupt Media Is Now Haunted By All The Precedents They Set While Colluding With Obama ByJOHN NOLTE @NolteNC July 17, 2017 Barack Obama trafficked guns to Mexican drug lords, secretly delivered pallets filled with billions in cash to Iran's America/Jew-hating mullahs, left four Americans to die in Benghazi and then lied about it, allowed his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to exchange government favors for hundreds of millions of dollars slushed into the Clinton Foundation, sic'd his IRS on everyday, law-abiding Americans, and used a trillion dollars in "stimulus" funds to pay off his cronies, like those behind a boondoggle called Solyndra. ...huge snippage kL
  7. How Islam Infects

    City of Ghosts The website Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently (RBSS) publishes firsthand accounts of the war crimes of ISIS in often horrific detail. City of Ghosts, a new documentary by Oscar-nominated director Matthew Heineman, tells the story of the citizen journalists who risk their lives to tell the world about the atrocities committed by the Islamic State. ...snipped kFL
  8. Here comes Donnie: I love it

    REBOOT WUZ RITE! The Bomb tickling under 'boots thong tan line has made it to the world! Trump’s Russian Laundromat How to use Trump Tower and other luxury high-rises to clean dirty money, run an international crime syndicate, and propel a failed real estate developer into the White House. BY CRAIG UNGER July 13, 2017 ..snippaged kL **************
  9. Brand New Redneck In Training

    Rattonman, y'all were a cute kid back when Fred and Flinstones were racin'! kL
  10. Here comes Donnie: I love it

    Wonder if all this donnie_bashing is contributing to the scrambled lack of direction for the D-party folks?. daLeezard says so...
  11. Elders react to 3D printers

    "I'm not Don, I am a 3-D print of myself!" kL
  12. Movies and TV shows Libertarian Style

    Loved it! kL
  13. Umm, wow. WTF, it's only a .gov giveaway done with YOUR taxes. "They" nevar make mistakes. ***************** Obamaphones Fraud As High As 65 Percent LUKE ROSIAK Investigative Reporter 10:43 PM 06/29/2017 A massive portion of Obamaphone recipients are receiving the benefit after lying on their applications, according to a new 90-page report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO). An undercover sting operation showed ineligible applications were approved 63 percent of the time, and a review that found that 36 to 65 percent of beneficiaries in various categories had lied in easily-detectable ways but were approved anyway. The fraud reached unheard-of proportions because the Federal Communications Commission let the task of screening for eligibility fall to phone companies that profit off of enrolling as many people as possible. GAO undercover investigators applied for free government phones 19 times using criteria that should have been rejected, and “we were approved to receive Lifeline services by 12 of the 19 Lifeline providers using fictitious eligibility documentation.” All someone has to do to apply for free cell phone service is say that they are on another welfare program, such as food stamps or disability, known as SSI. ...snippage kL
  14. Sometimes Weird Shit Really Does Happen

    With our relative low tech gear now what will our future reveal as exploration reveal? My Old Man, lifer USN, was TDY'd to Puerto Rico to assist in tuning our huge radio listening station antenna there. AS a ten year old kid being able to touch, listen, look at all that STUFF techs and scientists were using to EXPLORE SPACE! Was a rockethead prior, this cemented my interest in lifting bodies and near space exploration. Next generations of explorers building off this foundation of tools and information will find even more extraordinary places. We'll eventually find a way off this lil blue marble, exploration maps plotted by discoveries made today. kL